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Listings of Protechnic by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
MGA8012HB-A15MGA8012HBA15Protechnic Refurbished MGA8012HBA15 Magic 12v 0.18a 2-Wire 80x15mm Fan MGA8012HB-A15
MGA8012HS-A15MGA8012HSA15Protechnic Refurbished MGA8012HSA15 FAN 12VDC 0.18A 80mm x 80mm x 15mm 2 WIRE CABLE
MGT7012MS-A25MGT7012MSA25Protechnic Refurbished MGT7012MS-A25 12v 0.17a 70x25mm 3-Wire Fan
MGA8012HBProtechnic Refurbished 12V 0.24A FAN-2 WIRES
MGA8012HB-A20MGA8012HBA20Protechnic Refurbished MGA8012HBA20 FAN 12V DC 80MM BY 20MM 2 WIRE
MGA8012HSProtechnic Refurbished Magic 12v DC 0.24a 2-Wire 2-Pin 80x25mm Fan MGA8012HS
MGA8012MSProtechnic Refurbished FAN Protechnic MAGIC MGA8012MS DC12V 0.15A 80x25mm
MGT5012MB-W10MGT5012MBW10Protechnic New MGT5012MB-W10 Replacement Fan for Nvidia Quadro NVS420 Graphics Card DC 12v 0.
MGT8012ZR-W25MGT8012ZRW25Protechnic New MGT8012ZRW25 HP Magic 12v 0.54a 80x25mm 4-Wire Fan New MGT8012ZR-W25
MGT6012HSProtechnic MAGIC 12V 0.35A FAN

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