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Listings of Pulse by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
PE302-001-1PE3020011Pulse Refurbished PULEO PE302-001-1CROSS CONNECT PATCH PANEL PULEO PE302-001-1
E139761Pulse Refurbished PCI NETWORKING CARD
2TO-GT2TOGTPulse Refurbished Pulsecom 2TO-GT TO-GT D4-2W T/0 Channel Unit D4CTSB09AA Pulsecom CLEI D4CTSB09AA
2FXO-2L32FXO2L3Pulse Refurbished Pulsecom 2FXO-2L3 D4FX27V8AB D4-2WVFXO Channel Unit Pulsecom 2FX CLEI D4FX27V8AB
2FXO-3L12FXO3L1Pulse Refurbished Pulsecom 2FXO-3L1 D4F1CEMCAA Module D4 -2W FXO Channel Unit Puls CLEI D4F1CENCAB
116188-001116188001Pulse Refurbished PCI 10/100 BASE TX LAN NETWORK CARD
DS0-DPL3DS0DPL3Pulse Pulsecom DS0-DPL3 D4 DS0 DAPR Channel Unit D4DPY60WAA B105383-1
DS0-DPL4DS0DPL4Pulse Pulsecom DS0-DPL4 D4DAZT03AA D4 DS0 DP Channel Unit Pulsecom DS0
DS3-EXPRESS-RUDS3EXPRESSRUPulse PULSECOM DS3-EXPRESS-RU DS3 over 4 twisted Pairs_ Remote Unit_ T
PWN14Pulse Pulsecom PWN14 S9CP92K3AA SLC -Multplxr MXU Pulsecom PWN14

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