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Listings of Remington by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
R2-405LBR2405LBRemington New R2 Rotary Shaver Micro Flex (R2405L)
SPF-300SPF300Remington New Triple Head Spare Part (SPF300)
CI96W1DRemington New TStudio Silk Ceramic Curl Wand (CI96W1)
H9096DRemington New TStudio Silk Cer Heat Clip Set (H9096)
HC4250ARemington New Shortcut Clippr ProHaircut Kit (HC4250A)
XR1430Remington New Hyperflex RotaryShaver (XR1430)
D5950Remington New Ionic AC Prof Hair Dryer (D5950)
SPR-PRASPRPRARemington New 360 Degree Rotary Rplcmnt Head (SPRPR)
PF7200Remington New OPP Mens Foil Shaver PF7200 (PF7200)
MPT3600CRemington New Btry Operated DB Pen Trimmer (MPT3600)
S7330Remington New Wide Wet2Straight Straightener (S7231)
S7310Remington New 1" Slim Wet2Straight Straight (S7211)
NE3200ARemington New Nose and Ear Trimmer (NE3200)
PF7400Remington New F4 Comfort Series Foil Shaver (PF7400)
PF7300Remington New F3 Dual Foil Flex Shaver (PF7300)
EP7030DRemington New 40 Tweezer Epilator (EP7030)
PR1235Remington New R3 Pwr Flex 360 Rotary Shaver (PR1235A)
MB4040ARemington Precision. Lithium. Ion Mustache Trim (MB4040A)
NE3250Remington New Ear and Nose Trimmer (NE3250)
PF7500Remington New F5 Dual Foil Intercept Trimmer (PF7500)
SP390Remington New Remington Replacement Foils SP390
SPRCDNRemington New Replacement Head SPRCDN
PR1240ARemington New R4 Lithium Power Series Rotary (PR1240A)
F5-5800A / F5-5800BF55800AF55800BRemington New F5 Recharge Foil Interc Shaver (F55800A)
S9500PPRemington New Pearl Pro 1" Straightener (S9500)
WPG4020ARemington New Body and Bikini Grooming Kit (WPG4020)
S9620DRemington New Tstudio Silk Cer. 2" Straighte (S9620)
BHT600APSRemington New Remington Body and Back Groom (BHT600)
F3-3900BF33900BRemington New F3 Recharg Pivot Flex Shaver (F33900A)
CI96X1DRemington New TStudio Silk Ceramic Curl Wand (CI96X1)
S-8590CDNS8590CDNRemington New Keratin Therapy Straightener (S8590)
AC9096Remington TStudio Silk Ceramic Hair Drye (AC9096)
HK28URemington Refurbished 6VOLT 15MA POWER SUPPLY
R3-4110AR34110ARemington R3 Cordless Rotary Pivot Flex (R34110A)
R95CDNRemington The Remington Dual Flex travel rotary shaver has two Dual Track
AS8095Remington Triple Infusion Air Styler
HC1050USARemington 14Piece Precision Haircut Kit
S6500DRemington Ultimate Smooth Straightener
S7740Remington Triple Infusion Straightener
S8700Remington T Studio PROtect Straightener

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