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Listings of Russound by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
3175-5351303175535130Russound New 6.5" Angled InCeiling HR Speaker (RSA635)
3175-5350863175535086Russound New 6.5" AP In Ceiling Speaker (RSF610)
3175-5351163175535116Russound New 6.5" In Ceiling Speaker (RSF610T)
3175-5350933175535093Russound New 6.5" 2 Way In Ceiling Speaker (RSF620)
2300-5264592300526459Russound New 2300526459 The ISH1 Hub is the central controller for ComPoint. It contains_
2460-5337782460533778Russound New 2460533778 RUSSOUND BLUETOOTH SOURCE KIT FOR C-SERIES SYSTEMS... THE BSK-1
1550-5342941550534294Russound New C Series 2 Gang Keypad (MDKC6)
3165-5328563165532856Russound 2-Way Outdoor Speaker White (5B65-Watts)
3165-5328633165532863Russound 6.5-Inch Outdoor Speaker White (5B65SWhiteTE)
3165-5328943165532894Russound 2-Way Outdoor Speaker Black (5B65B)
3165-5336003165533600Russound New 2Way Weathered Rock Speaker (5R82W)
3615-6040273615604027Russound New 3615604027 4 Pair 4 Source Speaker Switch
3699-5209143699520914Russound New 3699520914 Automatic A B Selector
6500-1141136500114113Russound New 6500114113 Weatherproof Volume Control 126 Watt with standard plate and kno_
3175-5359563175535956Russound New 8" EdgelessSquareGrille Speaker (RSG8SW)
2800-5362672800536267Russound New 2CH Dual Source 75W Amplifier (P75)
6100-5362816100536281Russound New 126W Impedence Volume Ctrl (ALT126R)
1200-5304181200530418Russound New 4 Zone 4 Source Control Kit (CA4KT1)
1200-5296891200529689Russound New 1200529689 CA4 MULTIZONE ControllerER KIT... RUSSOUND CA4 MULTIZONE Controller
2000-1158822000115882Russound New 2000115882 4 Zone 4 Source Hub
2000-5345912000534591Russound A-K4 Amplified Keypad White (AK4WhiteTE)
2000-5346692000534669Russound A-K6L Amplified Keypad White (AK6LWHT)
2300-5254072300525407Russound New 2300525407 ComPoint Door Sta Antique Br ISK3AB
3615-6040343615604034Russound New 3615604034 6 Pair/2 Source Speaker Switch
3165-5328703165532870Russound New 4" Outdoor Speaker Black (5B45BLACK)
3165-5334713165533471Russound New 2-Way Sandstone Rock Speaker (5R82S)
3165-5328873165532887Russound New 2Way Outdoor Speaker Black (5B55B)
5300-5364965300536496Russound New Univ Slim Surface Mount IR Kit (SLM1K)
3165-5334643165533464Russound Russound OutBack Rock Loudspeaker. Granite Color 8 coaxial dr
3165-5328323165532832Russound New 4" Outdoor Speaker White (5B45WHITE)
2800-5332802800533280Russound 50W 2 Channel Power Amp D250LS
1210-5283471210528347Russound 6 Zone 6 Source Control
3175-5359493175535949Russound 8 EdgelessRoundGrille Spkr

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