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Listings of Samsung by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
SM-T817PZKASPRSMT817PZKASPRSamsung New Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 97 Sprint Black
JC96-06292AJC9606292ASamsung New CLP-365W CLX-3300 3305 Intermediate Transfer Belt 5 000 Yield
JC91-01131AJC9101131ASamsung New CLP-415NW CLX-4195N 4195FN 4195FW Fuser 110V 50 000 Yield
CLT-R809CLTR809Samsung New Samsung CLX-9201 Drum Unit
CLT-K809SCLTK809SSamsung New Samsung CLX-9201 Toner Black 20K
JC95-01638AJC9501638ASamsung New CLP-680ND 680DW CLX-6260FR 6260FW Transfer Roller 100 000 Yield
JC66-02842AJC6602842ASamsung New ML-3312 3712 SCX-4833 4835 5635 5637 5639 5739 Transfer Roller
JC66-02939BJC6602939BSamsung New CLP-415NW CLX-4195N 4195FN 4195FW Reverse Transfer Roller 100 0
M378B1G73EB0-CK0M378B1G73EB0CK0Samsung New DIMM 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800U 1600MHz 240-Pin Unbuffered 2Rx8 CL11
JC91-01128AJC9101128ASamsung New CLP-680ND 680DW Fuser 110V 100 000 Yield
MLTD303ESamsung New Samsung M4580FX Toner Black 40K
CD-608CD608Samsung Refurbished CD608 8X32 DVD ROM DRIVE
CF0540-BOSHCF0540BOSHSamsung Refurbished CF0540BOSH COOLING FAN
CF550-B10M-CO22CF550B10MCO22Samsung Refurbished CF550B10MCO22 FAN
CLPR350ASamsung New Samsung CLP-R350A OPC Drum Toner Cartridge. CLP-350N CLP-351NK
CLPW350ASamsung New Samsung CLP-W350A Original Waste Toner Box OEM
CLT-C606SCLTC606SSamsung Toner Cartridge - CYAN - UP TO 20000 PAGES
CLT-C659SCLTC659SSamsung CLX-8640/8650 CYN Toner 20000 YIELD
CLT-K659SCLTK659SSamsung CLX-8640/8650 Black Toner 20000 YIELD
CLT-M659SCLTM659SSamsung CLX-8640/8650 Management Toner 20000 YIELD
CLT-W659CLTW659Samsung New CLX-8640 Waste Toner BTL CLX-8650 - 20000 Yield with 1-2 day lead
CLT-Y659SCLTY659SSamsung CLX-8640/8650 Yellow Toner 20000 YIELD
CN17VSSamsung Refurbished Parts for CN17VS Date: 01.03.08 BN41-00086A
CVM4963TSamsung Refurbished CVM4963T DISPLAY
CVM4967TSamsung Refurbished 14-Inch MONITOR
CY-TE65LCC/ZACYTE65LCCZASamsung New Samsung CY-TE65 IR Touch Overlay
MLT-D115LMLTD115LSamsung New Samsung 115 Black Toner Cartridges MLT-D115L
D6492Samsung Refurbished MEMORY 256MB 1Rx16 PC2-4200U-444-12-C3 KR M378T3354CZ3-CD5 D64
DC025031100Samsung Refurbished LTN141XF-L05 14.1 LCD Video Cable DC025031100
DCH070ADESamsung Refurbished BATTERY CHARGER 4.2VAC 800MA 6 Feet CABLE FOR Lithium-ion Li-ion BATTERIES WA
DDOKT7LC303Samsung Refurbished LTN150XD-L02 15 LCD Video Cable DDOKT7LC303
DDR2512MBSamsung Refurbished DDR2512MB 512MB PC2-4200UNonECCNon REG C6B4-B4-2CO
DRUM-8DRUM8Samsung New DRUM8 FINALE 8000 DRUM IMOT 1631037
E1920Samsung Refurbished Samsung E1920 19-inch LCD Monitor
E-H011-03-0676EH011030676Samsung Refurbished EH011030676 40GB IDE SLIM HD DATE: 2004.02 LBA: 78165360 REV: A F/W: 100-1
EK739AA-SGEK739AASGSamsung Refurbished EK739AASG
EPB0003249Samsung Refurbished EXTERNAL CONVERSION BOARD FOR 96570
GH43-03615AGH4303615ASamsung Refurbished GH4303615A SAMSUNG GT-P6200 LI-ION BATTERY
GH59-11217AGH5911217ASamsung Refurbished GH5911217A SAMSUNG GT-P7510 Power KEY CBL+VOL KEY
GT-7275GT7275Samsung Refurbished GT7275 72PIN SIMM
H4700Samsung Refurbished LTN154P1-L04 - 15.4 WSXGA+ Notebook Laptop LCD SCREEN FOR DELL INSPIRON
HD083GJSamsung Refurbished Samsung Spinpoint H.D.D. Series HD083GJ 80GB Hard Drive 7200RPM 8MB SATA 3.5-inch H CLEI NPOE
HD161GJ/DHD161GJDSamsung Refurbished HD161GJD HARD DRIVE 160.0GB
HM040HCSamsung SPINPOINT 40GB 5400RPM 8M PATA Hard Drive REV.A
HM321HI/MHM321HIMSamsung Refurbished 2.5 INCH SATA DRIVE
HM511000AJP7Samsung Refurbished MEMORY MODULE 30-PIN 1323-01
HT32620FR-HWS0HT32620FRHWS0Samsung Refurbished HT32620FRHWS0 SAMSUNG HT32620FR-HWS0
HYMD512E726B4U-HAA-AHYMD512E726B4UHAAASamsung Refurbished HYMD512E726B4UHAAA 1GB DDR1 266HMZ PC2100R-25330 CL2.5 ECC
HYMP125R72MP4-E3HYMP125R72MP4E3Samsung Refurbished HYMP125R72MP4E3 2GB DDR2 400 ECC
HYMP525P72CP4-Y5HYMP525P72CP4Y5Samsung 2GB PC2-5300P 2rx4 667MHZ
ICP553450RSamsung New Samsung 3.7v 900mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery P/N: ICP553450R
ID-0U2002ID0U2002Samsung Refurbished ID0U2002 CD-ROM Drive CD-Master 48E SC-148 DELL ID-0U2002 REV.A00 Black
IFC-EIFCESamsung Refurbished IFCE Ethernet I/F SRP275 500
JB73-00052AJB7300052ASamsung New JB7300052A SCX-1110 ADF Automatic Document Feeder RUBBER
JC33-00014AJC3300014ASamsung New JC3300014A SAMSUNG ML- 3050 SOLENOID MPT
JC44-00027AJC4400027ASamsung Refurbished JC4400027A ML-1650 HVPS High Voltage Power Supply
JC66-00931AJC6600931ASamsung New JC6600931A ML-3560 PRESSURE ROLLER
JC66-01218AJC6601218ASamsung New JC6601218A ML-2850 TRANSFER ROLL
JC72-00727AJC7200727ASamsung New SAMSUNG CLP-500 FEED ROLLER
JC72-01231AJC7201231ASamsung New JC7201231A ML-1740 SPONGE ROLLER Pickup
JC73-00127AJC7300127ASamsung New JC7300127A ML-2150 PICKUP ROLLER
JC73-00141AJC7300141ASamsung New JC7300141A ML-1740 RPR PAD CASSETTE
JC73-00302AJC7300302ASamsung New Pickup Roller Dell/SA 11/1610
JC90-00932AJC9000932ASamsung New JC9000932A SAMSUNG ML-3050 ROLLER PICK UP
JC90-01032AJC9001032ASamsung New JC9001032A Samsung ML-3312 Cassette-Roller Retard
JC91-00924AJC9100924ASamsung New JC9100924A Samsung SCX-5835 Fuser 220V
JC91-00925AJC9100925ASamsung New JC9100925A Samsung SCX-5835 Fuser 110V
JC91-00929AJC9100929ASamsung New Samsung SCX-5635FN Dell 2335DN2355DN Fuser Core
JC91-00946CJC9100946CSamsung New About This ItemActual item from lot is shown. Used pull
JC91-00947AJC9100947ASamsung NEW SAMSUNG ML-3471 FUSER UNIT 110V
JC91-00968AJC9100968ASamsung New JC9100968A SAMSUNG CLP-670 FUSER 110V
JC91-00977AJC9100977ASamsung New JC9100977A Samsung CLP-325 Fuser 110V
JC91-01029AJC9101029ASamsung New JC9101029A Samsung ML-4512 Fuser 110v
JC91-01104AJC9101104ASamsung New SAMSUNG ML5510 / ML6510 SERIES FUSER - ALSO XEROX 4600 SERIES 12
JC92-01301AJC9201301ASamsung Refurbished JC9201301A JC92-01301A ML-1651N LOGIC BOARD JC41-00088A
JC92-01314AJC9201314ASamsung Refurbished JC9201314A JC92-01314A ETHERNET MODULE
JC96-02194AJC9602194ASamsung New JC9602194A SCX-5112 FUSER
JC96-02682AJC9602682ASamsung New JC9602682A ML-2151 RETARD UNIT
JC96-03021AJC9603021ASamsung New JC9603021A SCX-6320 FUSER
JC96-03210AJC9603210ASamsung New JC9603210A Samsung SCX-4520/4720 Fuser Core
JC96-03406BJC9603406BSamsung New JC9603406B ML-3560 FUSER - 220V
JC96-03414AJC9603414ASamsung New JC9603414A SCX-4521F FUSER
JC96-03420AJC9603420ASamsung New JC9603420A ML-3560 ELA UNIT-FEED2
JC96-03422AJC9603422ASamsung New JC9603422A ML-3560 ELA UNIT-PICK UP
JC96-03533AJC9603533ASamsung New JC9603533A SCX-6345 PICK MPT ( Multi-Purpose Tray )
JC96-03799BJC9603799BSamsung New JC9603799B SAMSUNG SCX-5530 FUSER
JC96-03964AJC9603964ASamsung New JC9603964A Samsung ML-3051 Fuser Core
JC96-03990AJC9603990ASamsung New JC9603990A CLP-300 TRANSFER UNIT
JC96-04239AJC9604239ASamsung New JC9604239A CLP-600 FUSER
JC96-04304AJC9604304ASamsung New SAMSUNG CLP-650 FUSER UNIT 110V
JC96-04534AJC9604534ASamsung New JC9604534A ML-3471 FUSER UNIT
JC96-04544AJC9604544ASamsung New FUSER ASSEMBLY
JC96-04840CJC9604840CSamsung New JC9604840C SAMSUNG CLX-3170 TRANSFER BELT
JC96-05133AJC9605133ASamsung New JC9605133A SAMSUNG SCX-4828 FUSER UNIT 110V
JC97-01848AJC9701848ASamsung New JC9701848A SCX-6320F ADF Automatic Document Feeder ROLLER
JC97-01926AJC9701926ASamsung New JC9701926A SCX-4720 PICKUP UNIT
JC97-01940BJC9701940BSamsung New JC9701940B SCX-5530FN
JC97-01962AJC9701962ASamsung New JC9701962A SCX-4920 PICKUP UNIT
JC97-02233AJC9702233ASamsung New MEA UNIT-P/UP_HOUSING
JC97-02259AJC9702259ASamsung New JC9702259A SCX-6345N FEED ROLL
JC97-02619AJC9702619ASamsung New JC9702619A Samsung CLP-300 Waste Toner Container
JC97-02681AJC9702681ASamsung New JC9702681A SAMSUNG SCX-6345 GEARSUPPLY;SCX-6345N/X
JC97-02779AJC9702779ASamsung New JC9702779A SAMSUNG SCX-5330 HING
JC97-03038CJC9703038CSamsung New JC9703038C Samsung SCX-5835 Hinge DADF Left
JC97-03062AJC9703062ASamsung New JC9703062A SAMSUNG ML-2850 PICKUP UNIT
JC97-03070AJC9703070ASamsung New JC9703070A SAMSUNG SCX-5835 / XEROX PHASER 3635MFP ADF PICK ROLLER
JC97-03249AJC9703249ASamsung New JC9703249A SAMSUNG SCX-5835 RETARD PAD CASSETTE
JC97-03439AJC9703439ASamsung New JC9703439A Samsung SCX-5635 Holder Pad
K4S281632E-TC75K4S281632ETC75Samsung Refurbished K4S281632ETC75 TSOP
K4S510832BTC75Samsung Refurbished K4S510832BTC75 TSOP
KBN94-00775PKBN9400775PSamsung Refurbished KBN9400775P Samsung Video Board Card KBN94-00775P HA15AS Normal Ver:1.1E Mag
KM41C1000BJ-8KM41C1000BJ8Samsung Refurbished KM41C1000BJ8 1MX1 FAST PAGE DRAM
KM41C1000CJ-7KM41C1000CJ7Samsung Refurbished KM41C1000CJ7 1MX1 FAST PAGE DRAM
KM44C1000BJ-7KM44C1000BJ7Samsung Refurbished KM44C1000BJ7 30-Pin SIMM WITH PARITY
KM44C1000BLJ-7KM44C1000BLJ7Samsung Refurbished KM44C1000BLJ7 CLEI 9411
KM44C1000CJ-7KM44C1000CJ7Samsung Refurbished KM44C1000CJ7
KM44C1000J-8KM44C1000J8Samsung Refurbished KM44C1000J8 30-Pin SIMM WITH PARITY
KM44C2356AJ-8KM44C2356AJ8Samsung Refurbished KM44C2356AJ8 30-Pin SIMM 80NS WITY PARITY
KM44C256AJ-10KM44C256AJ10Samsung Refurbished KM44C256AJ10 30-Pin SIMM WITH PARITY
KM44C256AJ-8KM44C256AJ8Samsung Refurbished KM44C256AJ8 30-Pin SIMM WITH PARITY
KM44C256BJ-7KM44C256BJ7Samsung Refurbished KM44C256BJ7 30-Pin SIMM WITH PARITY
KM44C256BJ-8KM44C256BJ8Samsung Refurbished KM44C256BJ8 30-Pin SIMM WITH PARITY
KM44C4104CK-6KM44C4104CK6Samsung New KM44C4104CK6 8 X 32 60 NSEC Memory EDO SIMM
KM44CI000CJ-7KM44CI000CJ7Samsung Refurbished KM44CI000CJ7 30-Pin SIMM 3 CHIP
KM48V8100CS-6KM48V8100CS6Samsung Refurbished KM48V8100CS6 32MB SODIMM 8MB x 32-60 Stick 72-Pin 1 Side 4 Chip Gold 2.5
KM4ICI000CJ-6KM4ICI000CJ6Samsung Refurbished KM4ICI000CJ6 72-Pin SIMM 24 CHIP
KMM1683CS256Samsung Refurbished 256MB 60NS ECC DDR1 MEMORY
KMM3144C1683CS2-6SKMM3144C1683CS26SSamsung Refurbished KMM3144C1683CS26S DIMM 60NS ECC DDRAM 256MB
KMM3144C883CS36SSamsung Refurbished KMM3144C883CS36S 256MB Kit 2x128MB 60ns 200-Pin ECC DIMM Memory for Sun
KMM366C410AS-6SKMM366C410AS6SSamsung Refurbished KMM366C410AS6S 32MB Memory module pulled from Sparc 5 Model 544
KMM366S424BTL-G0KMM366S424BTLG0Samsung Refurbished KMM366S424BTLG0 32MB Module SDRAM PC66 CL=2 Non-ECC Memory 66MHz 3.3-Volt 4MB x 64 Mfr P/N
KMM366S823CTS-GLKMM366S823CTSGLSamsung Refurbished Samsung 64MB PC100 100MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL2 3.3V 168-Pin DI
KMM372C400AS-6KMM372C400AS6Samsung Refurbished KMM372C400AS6 32MB FPM 4X72-60 Buffered Memory 4K
KMM372F1600AK-6UKMM372F1600AK6USamsung Refurbished KMM372F1600AK6U KMM372F1600AK-6U DELL 128MB 168p 60ns 18c 16x4 4K Buffered ECC R
KMM372F3200CK4-5KMM372F3200CK45Samsung Refurbished KMM372F3200CK45 168-Pin EDO-256MB-ECC Buffered Memory
KMM372F400BK-6KMM372F400BK6Samsung Refurbished KMM372F400BK6 32MB Module EDO ECC Buffered Memory 50ns 168-Pin 3.3-Volt 4MB x 72 Mfr P/N
KMM372F803CK5Samsung Refurbished KMM372F803CK5 64MB DIMM EDO ECC Memory Mfr p/n KMM372F803CK-5
KMM372V1680AK-6UKMM372V1680AK6USamsung Refurbished KMM372V1680AK-6U 128MB 60NS Memory EDO FPM 168-PIN ECC Buffered 8K DIMM
KMM372V1680CS3-6SKMM372V1680CS36SSamsung Refurbished KMM372V1680CS36S 168-Pin FPM-128MB-ECC Buffered Memory
KMM372V413BK-6KMM372V413BK6Samsung Refurbished KMM372V413BK6 32MB Module EDO ECC Buffered Memory 50ns 168-Pin 3.3-Volt 4MB x 72 Mfr P/N
KMM374F803CK3-5KMM374F803CK35Samsung Refurbished KMM374F803CK35 RAM MODULE FOR AAC-9000MD AAC-364/DELL2
KMM374S1623BT-GLKMM374S1623BTGLSamsung Refurbished KMM374S1623BTGL 128MB SDRAM Memory ECC 100Mhz Mfr P/N KMM374S1623BT-GL
KMM37756428T3-GLKMM37756428T3GLSamsung Refurbished KMM37756428T3GL 256MB Memory Module
KMM377S1620CTQ-GHQKMM377S1620CTQGHQSamsung Refurbished KMM377S1620CTQGHQ MEMORY 128MB PC100 168P 306431-002 KMM377S1620CTQ-GHQ 377S16
KMM378S332OTQ-GHKMM378S332OTQGHSamsung Refurbished KMM378S332OTQGH DIGITAL 20-ES40-09 256MB Monitor MS610-DA
KMM379S803AT-G0KMM379S803ATG0Samsung Refurbished KMM379S803ATG0 SEC KMM379S803AT-G0 9940084 8MX72 64MB - MEMORY MODULE
KMM466F804CS1-L6KMM466F804CS1L6Samsung Refurbished KMM466F804CS1L6 64MB SODIMM
KMM466S424AT-F0KMM466S424ATF0Samsung Refurbished KMM466S424ATF0 144P-SDRAM-SODIMM-32M
KMM5321000AVG-8KMM5321000AVG8Samsung Refurbished KMM5321000AVG8 Simm Stick 72-Pin 1 Side 8 Chip Gold for NCD 88k 141517c
KMM5321000BV7Samsung Refurbished 9334 Sec 4MB 72-Pin SIMM
KMM5321000BVG-7KMM5321000BVG7Samsung Refurbished KMM5321000BVG7 1X32-70-8C
KMM5321200AW-7KMM5321200AW7Samsung Refurbished KMM5321200AW7 72-Pin TIN SIMM
KMM5321204BW-6KMM5321204BW6Samsung Refurbished KMM5321204BW6 72PIN TIN SIMM
KMM5322000BVG-7KMM5322000BVG7Samsung Refurbished KMM5322000BVG7 Simm Stick 72-Pin 2 Side 16 Chip Gold for NCD 88k Base
KMM5322000BVG-8KMM5322000BVG8Samsung Refurbished KMM5322000BVG8 Simm Stick 72-Pin 2 Side 16 Chip Gold for NCD 88k 141517c
KMM5322104AU-6KMM5322104AU6Samsung Refurbished KMM5322104AU6 8MB Module Memory EDO non-Parity 60ns 5 Volt 72-Pin 2MB x 32 Mfr P/N KMM53
KMM5322200AW-6KMM5322200AW6Samsung Refurbished KMM5322200AW6 8MB Module FastPage non-Parity 60ns 5 Volt 72-Pin 2MB x 32 Mfr P/N
KMM5322200AW-7KMM5322200AW7Samsung Refurbished KMM5322200AW7 72-Pin Simm 70ns Tin leads non-party 8mb
KMM5322204AW6Samsung Refurbished KMM5322204AW6 8MB Module 2x32-60ns non-Parity Memory EDO 5 Volt 72-Pin Simm Mfr P/N KMM53
KMM5324100AV-7KMM5324100AV7Samsung Refurbished KMM5324100AV7 16MB 4x32 72-Pin SIMM M600 WORKSTATION
KMM532512A-7KMM532512A7Samsung Refurbished KMM532512A7 70NS SIMM DRAM
KMM532512AWG-7KMM532512AWG7Samsung Refurbished KMM532512AWG7 Simm Stick 72-Pin 1 Side 4 Chip Gold for NCD 88k 141517c
KMM532512BG-8KMM532512BG8Samsung Refurbished KMM532512BG8 2MB 70/80NS SIMM DRAM
KMM532512CVG-7KMM532512CVG7Samsung Refurbished KMM532512CVG7 Simm Stick 72-Pin 2 Side 16 Chip Gold for NCD 88k Base
KMM5328004CSW-6KMM5328004CSW6Samsung Refurbished KMM5328004CSW6 SIMM PULLED FROM OPTIPLEX GXM5166
KMM5361203AWSamsung Refurbished 72PIN TIN SIMM
KMM5361203BWG-6KMM5361203BWG6Samsung Refurbished KMM5361203BWG6 KMM5361203BWG-6 SEC / MEMORY
KMM5362203AW-6KMM5362203AW6Samsung Refurbished KMM5362203AW6 8MB Module FastPage Parity 60ns 5 Volt 72-Pin 2MB x 36 Mfr P/N KMM5
KMM5362203BW-6KMM5362203BW6Samsung Refurbished KMM5362203BW6 MEMORY 60NS 72-P
KMM5364105CKSamsung Refurbished KMM5364105CK-5 16MB 4MX36 50NS SIMM MEMORY 7825P/8540V
KMM5368005CSWG-6KMM5368005CSWG6Samsung Refurbished KMM5368005CSWG6 60NSEC Memory EDO RAM 8X36
KMM5368103AKG-7KMM5368103AKG7Samsung Refurbished KMM5368103AKG7 72-Pin SIMM
KMM5664100AFG-6KMM5664100AFG6Samsung Refurbished KMM5664100AFG6 32MB Memory module pulled from Sparc 5 Model 544
KMM581000AN-8KMM581000AN8Samsung Refurbished KMM581000AN8 DRAM MEMORY MODULE
KMM581000B-8KMM581000B8Samsung Refurbished KMM581000B8 DRAM MEMORY MODULE
KMM58256BN-8KMM58256BN8Samsung Refurbished KMM58256BN8 DRAM MEMORY MODULE
KMM591000AN-8KMM591000AN8Samsung Refurbished KMM591000AN8 DRAM MEMORY MODULE
KMM591000CN7Samsung Refurbished KMM591000CN7 30-Pin SIMM 3 CHIP
KMM59256B-10KMM59256B10Samsung Refurbished KMM59256B10 30-Pin SIMM 256K-100NS
KMM718V122H4-65KMM718V122H465Samsung New KMM718V122H465 CACHE COHERENCY FILTER
KMM764V39G-15KMM764V39G15Samsung Refurbished KMM764V39G15 72-Pin GOLDLEAF SIMM 15NS
KMM965G512BQN-G0KMM965G512BQNG0Samsung Refurbished KMM965G512BQNG0 4MB VRAM Video Notebook Laptop Memory - iMAC
KMMKMM5361000B-7KMMKMM5361000B7Samsung Refurbished KMMKMM5361000B7 Memory module pulled from SABRE MFP ( Multifunction Printer )/425 S+
KMMR18R84AC1-RK8KMMR18R84AC1RK8Samsung Refurbished Samsung Rambus 64MB PC800 800MHz 45ns ECC 184-Pin RDRAM RIMM Mem
KT0J650-SAD75KT0J650SAD75Samsung MEMORY SAMSUNG 256MB 168PIN PC133 KT0J650-SAD75 9992187-143.A00
KT3G830-SAKT3G830SASamsung Refurbished KT3G830SA 512MB PC133 DIMM
LJ41-0440A-ELJ410440AESamsung Buffer Logic Scan Board
LJ41-04441LJ4104441Samsung Buffer Logic / Scan Board
LJ44-00025ALJ4400025ASamsung New Power Board MAXENT PDP42V1 Plasma POWER SUPPLY LJ44-00025A PDP-PS-421S
LMS246GF06Samsung New Blackberry LCD-11059-010/113/114 Curve 3G 9300 Replacement LCD L
LP141WX3TLR1Samsung Refurbished LCD PANEL 14.1 WXGA 1280X800 185NIT
LRA03MNFSamsung Refurbished 40GB IDE HD REV A F/W 100-06 DATE 2001.10
LT094V2-X0PLT094V2X0PSamsung Refurbished LT094V2X0P Samsumg LCD
LT121S1Samsung Refurbished SAMSUNG 12.1-Inch LCD 800 x 600 SVGA
LT121S1-103LT121S1103Samsung Refurbished LT121S1103 LCD Size 12.1Resolution SVGAResolution Pixels 800X600Type TFT CLEI 98/43
LT121S1-105WLT121S1105WSamsung Refurbished LT121S1105W TFT-LCD Size 12.1Resolution SVGAResolution Pixels 800X600Type
LT121S1106Samsung Refurbished LT121S1106 LT121S1-106 12.1-inch LCD SCREEN
LT121S5105Samsung Refurbished LT121S5105 12.1-inch TFT SVGA 800X600 FLAT SCREEN LCD DISPLAY TP380XD
LT121SS-105LT121SS105Samsung Refurbished LT121SS105 LCD 12.1-inch
LT121SU-123LT121SU123Samsung Refurbished LT121SU123
LT133X4122Samsung Refurbished 13.3-Inch TFT LCD SCREEN
LT141X4-124LT141X4124Samsung Refurbished LT141X4124 SAMSUNG LT141X4-124
LT141X4156Samsung Refurbished LT141X4156 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LT141X5-124LT141X5124Samsung Refurbished LT141X5124 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LT141X6-124LT141X6124Samsung Refurbished LT141X6124 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LT141X6-22LT141X622Samsung Refurbished LT141X622
LT141X7-124LT141X7124Samsung Refurbished LT141X7124 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LT141X8-L02LT141X8L02Samsung Refurbished LT141X8L02
LT150X1-151LT150X1151Samsung Refurbished LT150X1151 LCD DISPLAY SizeResolution:15 XGA Pixels:1024 x 768 Backlight:
LT150X2-124LT150X2124Samsung Refurbished LT150X2124 DELL 15-Inch XGA LCD LT150X2-124 009286C Inspiron 7000 7500
LT150X3124Samsung Refurbished LT150X3134 15-Inch XGA TFT LCD DISPLAY -
LT150X3-132LT150X3132Samsung Refurbished LT150X3132 15-Inch. Xga Lcd 1024X768 Ag Raw
LT170E2-131LT170E2131Samsung Refurbished LT170E2131 TFT-LCD Panel Type TFT-LCDSize 17Aspect Ratio 5:4Gray time 70
LT205E9LSamsung Refurbished 40GB IDE HD DATE 2002.02 REV A PUMA
LTB0K1KLSamsung Refurbished 40GB IDE HD LBA 78242976 DATE 2002.11 REV A
LTB190E1-L01LTB190E1L01Samsung Refurbished LTB190E1L01 LCD Panel
LTM150XL-P01LTM150XLP01Samsung Refurbished LTM150XLP01
LTM150XS-T01LTM150XST01Samsung Refurbished LTM150XST01 LCD
LTM170E5-L03LTM170E5L03Samsung Refurbished LCD TFT DISPLAY SCREEN PANEL 17 LJ96-00540A LTM170E5-L03
LTM170E6-L04LTM170E6L04Samsung Refurbished LTM170E6L04 LTM170E6-L04
LTM170E8L01Samsung Refurbished LTM170E8L01 LTM170E8-L01
LTM179ET01Samsung Refurbished
LTM190M2-L01LTM190M2L01Samsung Refurbished LTM190M2L01
LTM200KT03Samsung New This sale is for a Samsung LTM200KT03 20.0 CCFL-2L panel with a
LTN101AT03-301LTN101AT03301Samsung New LTN101AT03301 Samsung LCD Screen
LTN101NT07-W01LTN101NT07W01Samsung New LTN101NT07W01 Samsung LCD Screen
LTN116AT01-801LTN116AT01801Samsung New LTN116AT01801 Samsung LCD Screen
LTN116AT06Samsung Refurbished LCD PANEL 11.6 1366X768 HD LED
LTN121AP04Samsung Refurbished LED PANEL 12.1 WXGA
LTN121AT03Samsung Refurbished IBM/LENOVO TP X200/X200x/X201/X201x 12.1 WXGA CCFL BACKLIGHT 1
LTN140AT01Samsung Refurbished 14-Inch WXGA GLOSSY TFT LCD Screen
LTN140AT05Samsung Refurbished Refurbished Samsung.LCD Panel 14" WXGA (1366 x 768) Matte Backlight LED, Widescreen
LTN140AT07Samsung Refurbished LENOVO TP L410/L510/L412/L512/SL410/SL510/THINPAD EDGE 14/EDGE 1
LTN140AT20Samsung Refurbished SAMSUNG LTN140AT20-301 14.0-Inch WXGA HD MATTE LED Notebook Laptop
LTN140AT21-002LTN140AT21002Samsung New LTN140AT21002 SAMSUNG 14 LCD SCREEN
LTN140AT26Samsung New PNL RAW 14.0 HD AG LED SVA
LTN140W1Samsung Refurbished Samsung 14.0 in. 1280 x 768 WXGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop lcd
LTN140W1-L01LTN140W1L01Samsung Refurbished LTN140W1L01 14-Inch WXGA MATTE LCD SCREEN
LTN141AT02Samsung Refurbished 14.1-inch 1280x800 WXGA TFT Glare Notebook Laptop LCD screen
LTN141BT08Samsung Refurbished LCD PANEL WXGA+ 14.1 1440 X 900
LTN141P4L02Samsung Refurbished TP T4X 14.1-Inch SXGA LCD -
LTN141P4-L03LTN141P4L03Samsung Refurbished LTN141P4L03 LCD 14.1-inch SXGA MATTE DISPLAY P
LTN141P4-L04LTN141P4L04Samsung Refurbished LTN141P4L04 14.1-inch SXGA+ TFT LCD SCREEN
LTN141P4-L05LTN141P4L05Samsung New LTN141P4L05 SAMSUNG 14.1 LCD SCREEN
LTN141W1-L06LTN141W1L06Samsung New LTN141W1L06 1280x800 WXGA 14.1-inch TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD
LTN141W3-L01LTN141W3L01Samsung New LTN141W3L01 1280x800 WXGA 14.1-inch TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD
LTN141WD-L01LTN141WDL01Samsung Refurbished LTN141WDL01 14.1-inch 1440 x 900 LCD Screen WXGA+ TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD
LTN141WD-L05LTN141WDL05Samsung Refurbished LTN141WDL05 14.1-inch 1440 x 900 WXGA+ TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD
LTN141X4-156LTN141X4156Samsung Refurbished LTN141X4156 LCD 14.1-inch
LTN141X4-L01LTN141X4L01Samsung Refurbished LTN141X4L01 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LTN141X6-122LTN141X6122Samsung Refurbished LTN141X6122
LTN141X7-124LTN141X7124Samsung Refurbished LTN141X7124 .
LTN141X8L02Samsung Refurbished LTN141X8L02 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LTN141XA-L01LTN141XAL01Samsung Refurbished LTN141XAL01 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LTN141XA-L02LTN141XAL02Samsung Refurbished LTN141XAL02 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LTN141XA-L04LTN141XAL04Samsung Refurbished LTN141XAL04 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LTN141XE-L01LTN141XEL01Samsung Refurbished LTN141XEL01 14.1-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LTN14XB-L02LTN14XBL02Samsung Refurbished LTN14XBL02 LTN14XB-L02
LTN150P1-L03LTN150P1L03Samsung Refurbished LTN150P1L03 15-inch 1400 x 1050 SXGA+ TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD
LTN150PG-L01LTN150PGL01Samsung New LTN150PGL01 15-Inch SXGA LCD MATTE 2 PRONG
LTN150U2-L02LTN150U2L02Samsung Refurbished LTN150U2L02 15-inch 1600x1200 UXGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD
LTN150X3-124LTN150X3124Samsung Refurbished LTN150X3124
LTN150X4-L01LTN150X4L01Samsung Refurbished LTN150X4L01 LTN150X4-L01 - 15-Inch XGA 1024x768Laptop LCD Display Screen
LTN150XCL01Samsung Refurbished LTN150XCL01 15-inch 1024x768 XGA TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD s
LTN154AT07Samsung Refurbished 15.4-Inch 1280x800 LCD Screen WXGA TFT Active Matrix with High Gloss Surface
LTN154AT09Samsung Refurbished 15.4-Inch 1280x800 LCD Screen WXGA TFT Active Matrix with High Gloss Surface
LTN154MT02-001LTN154MT02001Samsung Refurbished LTN154MT02001 15.4-Inch WSXGA LCD SCREEN MATTE
LTN154P1L01Samsung Refurbished LTN154P1L04 15.4-Inch WSXGA+ LCD PANEL
LTN154P1-L04LTN154P1L04Samsung Refurbished LTN154P1L04 15.4-Inch 1680 x 1050 WSXGA+ TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD
LTN154P2-L05LTN154P2L05Samsung Refurbished LTN154P2L05 IBM/LENOVO TP T61/T61P 15.4 WSXGA+ 1680X1050 LCD PANEL
LTN154P3-L02LTN154P3L02Samsung Refurbished LTN154P3L02 15.4-Inch WSXGA+ LCD SCREEN
LTN154U2 L06LTN154U2L06Samsung Refurbished LTN154U2L06 samsung lcd Notebook Laptop 15 wuxga ltn154u2 l06 w inverter
LTN154X1-L03LTN154X1L03Samsung Refurbished LTN154X1L03 15.4-Inch WXGA TFT LCD 1280x800 GLOSSY
LTN154X1S4LV1.2LTN154X1S4LV12Samsung Refurbished LTN154X1S4LV12 LTN154X1-L03 - Notebook Laptop LCD SCREEN LTN154X1S4LV1.2
LTN154X3-L05LTN154X3L05Samsung New LTN154X3L05 15.4-Inch 1280x800 LCD Screen WXGA TFT Active Matrix with High Gloss Surface
LTN154X3-L06LTN154X3L06Samsung Refurbished LTN154X3L06 15.4-Inch 1280x800 LCD Screen WXGA TFT Active Matrix with High Gloss Surface
LTN156AT24Samsung Refurbished SAMSUNG LCD SCREEN 15.6-Inch 1366768 WIDESCREEN HD USED IN K53E
LTN156KT02Samsung Refurbished Samsung 15.6 HD LED LCD Screen LTN156KT02 / CBXYF01E21I79Q.
LTN170WX-L08LTN170WXL08Samsung New 17-inch (1440 x 900) WXGA+ TFT Active Matrix Notebook Laptop LCD
LTN170X2-L02LTN170X2L02Samsung Refurbished LTN170X2L02 17-inch 1440 x 900 LCD Screen WXGA+ TFT Active Matrix with high
LTN173KT01Samsung Refurbished 17.3 Glossy 1600900 LED 40 LH raw panel only
LTN173KT02Samsung New SAMSUNG 17.3 Glossy HD+ LED LCD Screen Panel LTN173KT02
LTS220QC-E08LTS220QCE08Samsung New LTS220QCE08 NEW 2.2-Inch Color LCD LTS220QC-E08 Sendo
M312L2828DT0CB0Samsung Refurbished M312L2828DT0CB0 184-Pin DDR-1GB-PC2100 ECC Registered Memory
M312L2828DT0CB0Q0Samsung Refurbished M312L2828DT0CB0Q0 184-Pin DDR-1GB-PC2100 ECC Registered Memory
M312L2828ET0-CA2M312L2828ET0CA2Samsung Refurbished M312L2828ET0CA2 1GB Memory PC2100 DDR ECC CL2.5
M312L2828ET0CB0Samsung Refurbished M312L2828ET0CB0 1GB Registered ECC Module Compaq Proliant ML 370 G3 For Memory M
M312L2920BG0-CCCM312L2920BG0CCCSamsung Refurbished M312L2920BG0CCC 184-Pin DDR-1GB-PC3200 ECC Registered Memory
M312L2920CZ0-CB3M312L2920CZ0CB3Samsung Refurbished M312L2920CZ0CB3 Samsung 1GB PC2700 DDR-333MHz ECC Registered CL2.5 184-Pin DIMM
M312L2920CZ3-CB3M312L2920CZ3CB3Samsung Refurbished M312L2920CZ3CB3 184-Pin DDR-1GB-PC2700 ECC Registered Memory
M312L2920CZ3CCCQ0Samsung Refurbished M312L2920CZ3CCCQ0 1GB Module DDR PC3200 CL=3 ECC Registered Memory DDR400 2.6V 128MB x 7
m312l3223dt0Samsung New 256MB PC2100 CL2 9-chip ECC Registered Memory 184-pin DDR266
M312L3223ETS-CA2M312L3223ETSCA2Samsung Refurbished M312L3223ETSCA2 256MB 184-Pin PC2100 CL2 9c 32x8 ECC Registered Memory DDR DIMM-RFB Korea
M312L5128AU0-CB3M312L5128AU0CB3Samsung Refurbished M312L5128AU0CB3 184-Pin DDR-4GB-PC2700 ECC Registered Memory
M312L5128AU1-CCCM312L5128AU1CCCSamsung Refurbished M312L5128AU1CCC 4GB PC2700 DDR-333MHz ECC Registered Memory CL2.5 184-Pin DIMM
M312L5128AUO-CB3M312L5128AUOCB3Samsung Refurbished M312L5128AUOCB3
M312L5128MT0-CB0M312L5128MT0CB0Samsung Refurbished 4GB PC2100 DDR-266MHz CL2.5 ECC Registered 184-Pin DIMM Samsung
M312L5128MT0-CB3Q0M312L5128MT0CB3Q0Samsung Refurbished M312L5128MT0CB3Q0 4GB 184-Pin PC2700 CL2.5 36c 256x4 ECC Registered Memory DDR DIMM T027 RFB
M312L5128MTOSamsung Refurbished
M312l5128MTO-CBM312l5128MTOCBSamsung Refurbished M312l5128MTOCB 4gb pc2700 Memory Module
M312L5128MTO-CB3Q0M312L5128MTOCB3Q0Samsung New M312L5128MTOCB3Q0
M312L5128MTO-CBOM312L5128MTOCBOSamsung Refurbished M312L5128MTOCBO
M312L512AUO-CB3M312L512AUOCB3Samsung Refurbished M312L512AUOCB3 4GB PC2700 Memory Module
M312L5628BT0-CB0M312L5628BT0CB0Samsung New M312L5628BT0CB0 2GB DDR PC2100 ECC Memory M312L5628BT0-CB0
M312L5628BT0CB0Samsung Refurbished M312L5628BT0CB0 2GB DDR PC2100 ECC Memory M312L5628BT0-CB0
M312L5628BT0-CB0Q0M312L5628BT0CB0Q0Samsung Refurbished M312L5628BT0CB0Q0 2GB PC2100 DDR-266MHz ECC Registered Memory CL2.5 2.5-Volt 184-Pin
M312L5720CZ0-CB3M312L5720CZ0CB3Samsung New 2GB SERVER DIMM DDR PC2700333 REG ECC 2.5v 2RX4 184P 256MX72 1
M312L5720CZ0-CCCM312L5720CZ0CCCSamsung New M312L5720CZ0CCC 184-Pin DDR-2GB-PC3200 ECC Registered Memory
M312L5720CZ0-CCCM312L5720CZ0CCCSamsung Refurbished M312L5720CZ0CCC 184-Pin DDR-2GB-PC3200 ECC Registered Memory
M312L6420DT0-CB0Q0M312L6420DT0CB0Q0Samsung Refurbished M312L6420DT0CB0Q0 512MB 266Mhz PC2100 ECC DDR Registered Memory Module
M312L6420ETS-CB0Q0PM312L6420ETSCB0Q0PSamsung Refurbished M312L6420ETSCB0Q0P SAMSUNG 512MB DDR PC2100 DIMM M312L6420ETS-CB0Q0
M323S3254CT3-C1LS0M323S3254CT3C1LS0Samsung Refurbished M323S3254CT3C1LS0 232P-SDRAM-512MB
M323S3254DT3-C1LS0M323S3254DT3C1LS0Samsung Refurbished M323S3254DT3C1LS0 MEMORY 256MB 501-5030-03 SPD REV 1.14 M323S3254DT3-C1LS0
M323S6459CT2-C1LC1M323S6459CT2C1LC1Samsung Refurbished M323S6459CT2C1LC1 232P-SDRAM-1GB
M328L2920BT0-CB0M2M328L2920BT0CB0M2Samsung Refurbished M328L2920BT0CB0M2 1GB DDR1 266HMZ PC2100R-25330 CL2.5 ECC
M328L3310ET0-CB0M2M328L3310ET0CB0M2Samsung Refurbished M328L3310ET0CB0M2 256MB 32M X 72 DIMM 208 PIN
M344C1683CT2-C60S0M344C1683CT2C60S0Samsung Refurbished M344C1683CT2C60S0 256MB 200-pin ECC FPM DRAM Memory Mfr p/n M344C1683CT2-C
M344C1683DT2-C60C1M344C1683DT2C60C1Samsung Refurbished M344C1683DT2C60C1 200P-SUN 256MB Buffered Memory
M344C1683DT2-C60E0M344C1683DT2C60E0Samsung Refurbished M344C1683DT2C60E0 200P-SUN 256MB Buffered Memory
M344C1683DT2-C60S0M344C1683DT2C60S0Samsung Refurbished M344C1683DT2C60S0 256MB 200-pin ECC FPM DRAM Memory Mfr p/n M344C1683DT2-C
M344C1683DT3-C601CM344C1683DT3C601CSamsung Refurbished M344C1683DT3C601C 1 pair Samsung 200 Pin 256MB Dimms M344C1683DT3-C601C
M344C1683DT3-C60C1M344C1683DT3C60C1Samsung Refurbished M344C1683DT3C60C1 M344C1683DT3-C60C1 256MB MEMORY
M366S0823DTS-C75Q0M366S0823DTSC75Q0Samsung Refurbished M366S0823DTSC75Q0 MEMORY M366S0823DTS-C75Q0 64MB SYNC 133MHz CL3 140132-001
M366S1623DT0-C1LM366S1623DT0C1LSamsung Refurbished M366S1623DT0C1L Package includes 1 stick M366S1623DT0-C1L Memory 128MB
M366S1723ATSC75Samsung Refurbished M366S1723ATSC75 128MB SDRAM PC133 CL2 Non-ECC Memory Unbuffered 133MHz 3.3-Volt 168-Pin DIMM
M366S3253CTS-C7AM366S3253CTSC7ASamsung Refurbished M366S3253CTSC7A 256MB 168-Pin PC133 CL3 8c 32x8 SDRAM Memory DIMM T018-RFB Korea
M366S3253ETS-C7AM366S3253ETSC7ASamsung Refurbished M366S3253ETSC7A MEMORY M366S3253ETS-C7A PC133U-333-542 256MB SYNC 133MHz CL3
M366S6453DTS-C7AQ0M366S6453DTSC7AQ0Samsung Refurbished M366S6453DTSC7AQ0 MEMORY PC133U-333-542 M366S6453DTS-C7AQ0 512MB SYNC 133MHz CL3
M368L1624DTM-CB3M368L1624DTMCB3Samsung Refurbished M368L1624DTMCB3 Package includes 1 stick of M368L1624DTM-CB3 128MB DDR
M368L1713DTMCB3Samsung New M368L1713DTMCB3 184-Pin DDR-128MB-PC2700.
M368L2923BTM-CCCM368L2923BTMCCCSamsung Refurbished M368L2923BTMCCC MEMORY 1GB DDR/PC3200U/400
M368L2923DUN-CB3M368L2923DUNCB3Samsung New M368L2923DUNCB3 Samsung 1GB DDR PC2700U 333MHz CL2.5 Dimm M368L2923DUN-CB3
M368L2923GLN-CCCM368L2923GLNCCCSamsung Refurbished 1GB 184p PC3200 CL3 16c 64x8 DDR400 2Rx8 2.5V UDIMM RFB
M368L3313CT1-CB0M368L3313CT1CB0Samsung Refurbished M368L3313CT1CB0 184-Pin DDR-256MB-PC2100
M368L6423ETN-CB3M368L6423ETNCB3Samsung Refurbished M368L6423ETNCB3 184-Pin DDR-512MB-PC2700.
M368L6423FTN-CB3M368L6423FTNCB3Samsung Refurbished M368L6423FTNCB3 512MB PC2700 DDR-333MHz Non-ECC Memory Unbuffered CL2.5 184-Pin
M368L6423JUN-CCCM368L6423JUNCCCSamsung Refurbished M368L6423JUNCCC MEMORY PC3200U-30331-E0 512MB DDR PC3200 CL3 M368L6423JUN-CCC 0
M368L6523BTNCB3Samsung Refurbished M368L6523BTNCB3 512MB PC-2700U DDR DIMM 8 Chip
M368L6523CUS-CB3M368L6523CUSCB3Samsung Refurbished M368L6523CUSCB3 SAMSUNG DDR 512MB/333 64X8
M374F0803CJ-C50M374F0803CJC50Samsung Refurbished M374F0803CJC50 EDO UNBUFFERED 64MB ECC MEMORY
M374S1623DT0-C1LM374S1623DT0C1LSamsung Refurbished M374S1623DT0C1L MEMORY 128MB PC100-322-620 M374S1623DT0-C1L 168P
M374S1623FTS-C1LM374S1623FTSC1LSamsung Refurbished M374S1623FTSC1L 16x72 128MB PC100 Memory ECC 8x8 K4S640832F-TC1L
M377S2858DT3Samsung Refurbished 1GB RAM module 100Mhz CL2
M377S3320CT3-C1HQ0M377S3320CT3C1HQ0Samsung New M377S3320CT3C1HQ0 256MB PC100 Memory ECC CL2 168-Pin
M37872953E23-CE6M37872953E23CE6Samsung Refurbished M37872953E23CE6 1GB DDR2 PC5300 667MHZ
M378B1G73BH0-CK0M378B1G73BH0CK0Samsung Refurbished M378B1G73BH0-CK0 DDR3-1600 8GB CL11 Samsung Chip Desktop Memory
M378B2873FHS-CH9M378B2873FHSCH9Samsung Refurbished M378B2873FHSCH9 Samsung 1GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL9 240-Pin
M378B2873GB0-CH9M378B2873GB0CH9Samsung Refurbished M378B2873GB0CH9 1GB DIMM DDR3 PC3-10600 1333MHz 1Rx8
M378B5173QH0-CK0M378B5173QH0CK0Samsung New M378B5173QH0CK0 Samsung DDR3-1600 4GB/512Mx64 CL11 Memory
M378B5273CH0-CK0M378B5273CH0CK0Samsung Refurbished M378B5273CH0CK0 Samsung DDR3-1600 4GB/256Mx8 Samsung Chip Original Memory CLEI 2011
M378B5273DH0-CK0M378B5273DH0CK0Samsung Refurbished M378B5273DH0CK0 Samsung 4GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL11 240-P CLEI 2011
M378B5673EH1-CF8M378B5673EH1CF8Samsung Refurbished M378B5673EH1CF8 2GB DIMM DDR3 PC3-8500U 1066MHz 2Rx8
M378B5673EH1-CH9M378B5673EH1CH9Samsung Refurbished M378B5673EH1CH9 Samsung 2GB PC310600 DDR3 CL9 1333MHz NON-ECC 2RX8 PIN DIMM
M378B5673FH0-CF8M378B5673FH0CF8Samsung 2GB 240p PC3-8500 CL7 16c 128x8 DDR3-1066 2Rx8 UDIMM
M378B5773CH0-CH9M378B5773CH0CH9Samsung Refurbished M378B5773CH0CH9 Samsung DDR3-1333 2GB CL9 Samsung Chip Original Memory CLEI 2010
M378B5773CH0-CK0M378B5773CH0CK0Samsung Refurbished M378B5773CH0CK0 2GB DIMM DDR3 PC3-12800U 1600MHz 1Rx8 CLEI 2012
M378B5773DH0-CH9M378B5773DH0CH9Samsung Refurbished M378B5773DH0CH9 SAMSUNG M378B5773DH0-CH9 DDR3; 2G; PC3-10600; NON-BUFFERED; DIMM
M378B5773DH0-CK0M378B5773DH0CK0Samsung Refurbished M378B5773DH0CK0 Samsung DDR3-1600 2GB CL11 Desktop Memory CLEI 2012
M378T2863RZS-CE6M378T2863RZSCE6Samsung Samsung.Memory 1GB DIMM 240-pin Connector DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz (PC2-5300) Unbuffered Non-ECC
M378T2863RZS-CF8M378T2863RZSCF8Samsung Refurbished M378T2863RZSCF8 DDR2 1GB/800 LONG DIMM MEMORY
M378T2953CZ3-CCCM378T2953CZ3CCCSamsung Refurbished M378T2953CZ3CCC 1GB PC2-3200U-333-12-E3 GX280
M378T2953CZ3-CF7M378T2953CZ3CF7Samsung Refurbished M378T2953CZ3CF7 Samsung 1GB PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHz SDRAM Module
M378T2953GZ3-CE6M378T2953GZ3CE6Samsung Refurbished 1GB 240p PC2-5300 CL5 16c 64x8 DDR2-667 DIMM T007 RFB
M378T3253FG0-CCCM378T3253FG0CCCSamsung Refurbished M378T3253FG0CCC 240-Pin DDR2-256MB-PC3200.
M378T5663DZ3-CE6M378T5663DZ3CE6Samsung Refurbished M378T5663DZ3CE6 SAMSUNG 2GB/667 LONG DIMM
M378T5663QZ3-CE6M378T5663QZ3CE6Samsung Refurbished M378T5663QZ3CE6 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667MHz Non-ECC Memory Unbuffered CL5 240-Pin
M378T5663RZ3-CF7M378T5663RZ3CF7Samsung Refurbished Samsung 2GB DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz 240-pin M378T5663RZ3-CF7
M378T6453FG0-CE6M378T6453FG0CE6Samsung Refurbished M378T6453FG0CE6 SAMSUNG 512/667 LONG DIMM
M378T6553BZ0-CCCDSM378T6553BZ0CCCDSSamsung Refurbished M378T6553BZ0CCCDS 512MB PC2-3200 400MHz 240-Pin
M381L1713DTLCB0Samsung New M381L1713DTLCB0 184-Pin DDR-128MB-ECC-PC2100.
M381L6423ETMCCCSamsung Refurbished M381L6423ETMCCC 512MB PC3200 DDR-400MHz ECC Unbuffered Memory 184-Pin DIMM Memory
M383L1713CT1CA0Samsung New M383L1713CT1CB0 184-Pin DDR-128MB- ECC Registered-PC2100.
M383L1713CT1-CA0M383L1713CT1CA0Samsung Refurbished M383L1713CT1CB0 184-Pin DDR-128MB- ECC Registered-PC2100.
M383L1713DTS-CB0M383L1713DTSCB0Samsung Refurbished M383L1713DTSCB0 16x72 128MB DDR PC2100 ECC Registered Memory
M383L6420CT1-CA0M383L6420CT1CA0Samsung Refurbished M383L6420CT1CA0 512MB PC1600 ECC Registered 184-Pin DDR DIMM Memory
M383L6420DTSSamsung Refurbished 512MB DDR PC1600 CL2 ECC
M383L6420DTSCA0Samsung Refurbished M383L6420DTSCA0 Samsung 512MB PC1600 DDR-200MHz ECC Registered CL2 184-Pin DIMM
M383L6420ETS-CA0Q0M383L6420ETSCA0Q0Samsung Refurbished M383L6420ETSCA0Q0 512MB DDR PC1600 ECC Registered MEMORY
M390S2858BT1-C75M390S2858BT1C75Samsung Refurbished M390S2858BT1C75 1GB 168-Pin PC133 CL3 36c 64x4 ECC Registered Memory SDRAM DIMM T011 1.75i
M390S3320AT1-C75M390S3320AT1C75Samsung Refurbished M390S3320AT1C75 256MB Module SDRAM PC133 CL=3 ECC Registered Memory 133MHz 3.3-Volt 32MB x
M390S6450CT1-C7AM390S6450CT1C7ASamsung Refurbished M390S6450CT1C7A 512M RAM: 133MHz ECC
M391B1G73AH0-CH9M391B1G73AH0CH9Samsung Refurbished M391B1G73AH0CH9 SAMSUNG DDR3 8GB/1333 ECC
M391B1G73BH0-CH9M391B1G73BH0CH9Samsung Refurbished M391B1G73BH0CH9 Samsung 8GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Unbuffered CL9 240-Pin DI CLEI 2011
M391B1G73BH0-CK0M391B1G73BH0CK0Samsung Refurbished M391B1G73BH0CK0 Samsung DDR3-1600 8GB/1Gx72 ECC Samsung Chip Server Memory
m391b2873dz1-cf8m391b2873dz1cf8Samsung New 1GB 1Rx8 240P PC3-8500E CL7 DDR3-1066Mhz ECC MEMORY
M391B2873EH1-CH9M391B2873EH1CH9Samsung Refurbished M391B2873EH1CH9 1GB PC3-10600E 1x Rank ECC Memory
M391B2873FH0-CF8M391B2873FH0CF8Samsung Refurbished 1GB 240p PC3-8500 CL7 9c 128x8 DDR3-1066 1Rx8 1.5V ECC RDIMM RFB
M391B2873FH0-YH9M391B2873FH0YH9Samsung Refurbished 1GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 9c 128x8 DDR3-1333 1Rx8 1.35V ECC UDIMM
M391B5273CH0-CH9M391B5273CH0CH9Samsung Refurbished M391B5273CH0CH9 4GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 18c 256x8 DDR3-1333 2Rx8 1.5V ECC UDIMM
M391B5273CH0-YH9M391B5273CH0YH9Samsung Refurbished M391B5273CH0YH9 Samsung 4GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Unbuffered CL9 240-Pin DI
M391B5273DH0-CH9M391B5273DH0CH9Samsung Refurbished M391B5273DH0CH9 4GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 18c 256x8 DDR3-1333 2Rx8 1.5V ECC UDIMM
M391B5273DH0-CK0M391B5273DH0CK0Samsung New M391B5273DH0CK0 4GB 240p PC3-12800 CL11 18c 256x8 DDR3-1600 2Rx8 1.5V ECC UDIMM
M391B5273DH0-CK0M391B5273DH0CK0Samsung Refurbished M391B5273DH0CK0 4GB 240p PC3-12800 CL11 18c 256x8 DDR3-1600 2Rx8 1.5V ECC UDIMM
M391B5273DH0-YH9M391B5273DH0YH9Samsung Refurbished M391B5273DH0YH9 Samsung 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz PC3L-10600E ECC 2RX8 CL9 1.35V Unbuffe
M391B5673DZ1-CF8M391B5673DZ1CF8Samsung Refurbished M391B5673DZ1CF8 SAMSUNG 2GB 2RX8 PC3-8500E DDR3-1066 ECC NON REG Memory
M391B5673DZ1-CH9M391B5673DZ1CH9Samsung Refurbished M391B5673DZ1CH9 Samsung 2GB DDR3 1333 MHz PC3-10600E ECC 2Rx8 CL9 1.5V Unbuffere
M391B5673EH1-CF8M391B5673EH1CF8Samsung Refurbished Samsung 2GB PC3-8500 DDR3-1066MHz ECC Unbuffered CL7 240-Pin DIM
M391B5673EH1-CH9M391B5673EH1CH9Samsung New M391B5673EH1CH9 Samsung 2GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Unbuffered CL9 240-Pin DI
M391B5673EH1CH9Samsung Refurbished M391B5673EH1CH9 Samsung 2GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Unbuffered CL9 240-Pin DI
M391B5673FH0-CF8M391B5673FH0CF8Samsung Refurbished M391B5673FH0CF8 SAMSUNG 2GB/1066 ECC
M391B5673FH0-CH9M391B5673FH0CH9Samsung Refurbished M391B5673FH0CH9 2GB 240P PC3-10600 CL9 18c 128x8 DDR3-1333 1.5V ECC UDIMM CLEI 2011
M391B5673GB0-CH9M391B5673GB0CH9Samsung Refurbished M391B5673GB0CH9 Samsung 2GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Unbuffered CL9 240-Pin DI CLEI 2012
M391B5773DH0-CH9M391B5773DH0CH9Samsung Refurbished M391B5773DH0CH9 M391B5773DH0-CH9 SAMSUNG 2GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Unbuffer
M391B5773DH0-CK0M391B5773DH0CK0Samsung Refurbished M391B5773DH0CK0 Samsung 2GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz ECC Unbuffered CL11 240-Pin D CLEI 2011
M391B5773DH0-YH9M391B5773DH0YH9Samsung Refurbished M391B5773DH0YH9 Samsung 2GB DDR3 1333 MHz PC3L-10600E ECC 1Rx8 CL9 1.35V Unbuffe
M391B5773DH0-YK0M391B5773DH0YK0Samsung Refurbished Samsung 2GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz ECC Unbuffered CL11 240-Pin D
M391T2863QZ3-CF7M391T2863QZ3CF7Samsung New M391T2863QZ3CF7 Samsung 1GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800MHz ECC Unbuffered CL6 240-Pin DIMM
M391T2953CZ3-CE6M391T2953CZ3CE6Samsung New M391T2953CZ3CE6 HP # 384705-051 667Mhz PC2-5300 ECC Unbuffered Memory
M391T2953CZ3CE6Samsung Refurbished M391T2953CZ3CE6 HP # 384705-051 667Mhz PC2-5300 ECC Unbuffered Memory
M391T2953CZ3-CE7M391T2953CZ3CE7Samsung Refurbished M391T2953CZ3CE7 1GB PC2-6400 ECC NON-REGISTERED
M391T2953GZ3-CE6M391T2953GZ3CE6Samsung Refurbished Samsung.Memory 1GB DIMM 204-pin Connector DDR2 SDRAM 400 MHz (PC2-3200) Unbuffered ECC
M391T5663QZ3-CE6M391T5663QZ3CE6Samsung Refurbished M391T5663QZ3CE6 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300E ECC Unbuffered Samsung Original - Stoc
M391T6553EZ3-CE6M391T6553EZ3CE6Samsung Refurbished M391T6553EZ3CE6 512MB PC2-5300 ECC NON-REGISTERED
M391T6553GZ3-CF7M391T6553GZ3CF7Samsung New M391T6553GZ3CF7 512MB 240p PC2-6400 CL6 9c 64x8 DDR2-800 1Rx8 1.8V ECC UDIMM NOB
M392B1K70BM1-CF8M392B1K70BM1CF8Samsung Refurbished M392B1K70BM1CF8 8gb PC3-8500R 2R x 4 DDR3 Memory Module
M392B1K70BM1-CH9M392B1K70BM1CH9Samsung Refurbished 8GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 18c 2x512x4 DDR3-1333 2Rx4 1.5V ECC RDIMM
M392B1K70CM0-CH9M392B1K70CM0CH9Samsung New M392B1K70CM0CH9 Samsung DDR3-1333 8GB/1Gx72 ECC/REG Samsung Chip VLP Server Memo
M392B1K70CM0-YH9M392B1K70CM0YH9Samsung New M392B1K70CM0YH9 SAMSUNG 8GB PC3L-10600R DDR3-1333 VLP REGISTERED ECC
M392B1K70CM0-YH9M392B1K70CM0YH9Samsung Refurbished M392B1K70CM0YH9 SAMSUNG 8GB PC3L-10600R DDR3-1333 VLP REGISTERED ECC
M392B2G70BM0-YH9M392B2G70BM0YH9Samsung Refurbished M392B2G70BM0YH9 Samsung 16GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Registered CL9 240-Pin D
M392B5273CH0-CH9M392B5273CH0CH9Samsung New M392B5273CH0CH9 M392B5273CH0-CH9 SAMSUNG 4GB 2RX8 DDR3 PC3-10600 1333MHz CL=9 24 CLEI 2011
M392B5273CH0-YH9M392B5273CH0YH9Samsung New 240P-DDR3-4GB-PC10600-ECC-REG-2Rx8-LV-1.35V
M393B1G70BH0-YK0M393B1G70BH0YK0Samsung New M393B1G70BH0YK0 DDR3.1600.LV.RDIMM.8GB.PC3L.12800R
M393B1G70DJ1-CF8M393B1G70DJ1CF8Samsung Refurbished M393B1G70DJ1CF8 8GB DIMM DDR3 PC3-8500R 1066MHz
M393B1G73BH0-CK0M393B1G73BH0CK0Samsung Refurbished Memory M393B1G73BH0-CK0 8GB DDR3 1600 ECC Registered DRx8 1.5-Volt
M393B1G73BH0-YK0M393B1G73BH0YK0Samsung New M393B1G73BH0YK0 Samsung DDR3-1600 8GB ECC/REG CL11 Samsung Chip Server Memory
M393B1K70BH1-CF8Q4M393B1K70BH1CF8Q4Samsung Refurbished M393B1K70BH1CF8Q4 SAMSUNG 8gb PC3-8500R 2r x 4 DDR3 Regd memory
M393B1K70CH0-CH9M393B1K70CH0CH9Samsung New Memory M393B1K70CH0-CH9 8GB DDR3 1333 ECC Registered Bare (7 D
M393B1K70CH0-CH9M393B1K70CH0CH9Samsung Refurbished Memory M393B1K70CH0-CH9 8GB DDR3 1333 ECC Registered Bare (7 D
M393B1K70CH0-CH9Q4M393B1K70CH0CH9Q4Samsung Refurbished 8GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 36c 512x4 DDR3-1333 2Rx4 1.5V ECC RDIMM R
M393B1K70CH0-YH9Q5M393B1K70CH0YH9Q5Samsung Refurbished M393B1K70CH0YH9Q5 SAMSUNG 8gb PC3L-10600R DDR3 Regd Memory
M393B1K70CHDCF8Samsung Refurbished M393B1K70CHDCF8 SAMSUNG 8GB/1066 4RX8 ECC REG
M393B1K70CHD-CH9M393B1K70CHDCH9Samsung Refurbished M393B1K70CHDCH9 SAMSUNG M393B1K70CHD-CH9 DDR3; 8G; PC3-10600; NON-BUFFERED; DIMM
M393B1K70CHD-YH9M393B1K70CHDYH9Samsung New M393B1K70CHDYH9 8GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 36c 512x4 DDR3-1333 2Rx4 1.35V ECC RDIMM
M393B1K70CHD-YH9M393B1K70CHDYH9Samsung Refurbished M393B1K70CHDYH9 8GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 36c 512x4 DDR3-1333 2Rx4 1.35V ECC RDIMM
M393B1K70CM0-CF8M393B1K70CM0CF8Samsung Refurbished SAMSUNG DDR3 8GB/1066 ER VLP MEMORY
M393B1K70DH0-CH9M393B1K70DH0CH9Samsung Refurbished M393B1K70DH0CH9 Samsung DDR3-1333 8GB ECC/REG Server Memory
M393B1K70DH0-CH9Q8M393B1K70DH0CH9Q8Samsung Refurbished 8GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 36c 512x4 DDR3-1333 2Rx4 1.5V ECC RDIMM W
M393B1K70DH0-CH9Q9M393B1K70DH0CH9Q9Samsung Refurbished M393B1K70DH0CH9Q9 - HP 8GB 1X8GB PC3-10600 REGISTERED -CAS 9 DUAL RANK
M393B1K70DH0-CK0Q8M393B1K70DH0CK0Q8Samsung Refurbished M393B1K70DH0-CK0Q8 8GB 240p PC3-12800 CL11 36c 512x4 DDR3-1600 2Rx4 1.5V ECC RDIMM
M393B1K70DH0-YH9M393B1K70DH0YH9Samsung New M393B1K70DH0YH9 Samsung 8GB DDR3 ECC REG Server RAM Memory
M393B1K70DH0-YH9M393B1K70DH0YH9Samsung Refurbished M393B1K70DH0YH9 Samsung 8GB DDR3 ECC REG Server RAM Memory
M393B1K70DH0-YK0M393B1K70DH0YK0Samsung New M393B1K70DH0YK0 Samsung 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz ECC Registered Sever RAM
M393B1K70DH0-YK0M393B1K70DH0YK0Samsung Refurbished M393B1K70DH0YK0 Samsung 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz ECC Registered Sever RAM
M393B1K70EB0-YH9M393B1K70EB0YH9Samsung Refurbished 8GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 36c 512x4 DDR3-1333 2Rx4 1.35V ECC RDIMM
M393B1K70QB0-YK0M393B1K70QB0YK0Samsung Refurbished 8GB 240p PC3-12800 CL11 36c 512x4 DDR3-1600 2Rx4 1.35V ECC RDIMM
M393B1K73BHD-CF8M393B1K73BHDCF8Samsung Refurbished M393B1K73BHDCF8 SAMSUNG 8GB/1066 4RX8 ECC REG CLEI 09+
M393B1K73CHD-CF8M393B1K73CHDCF8Samsung Refurbished M393B1K73CHDCF8 8GB PC3-8500R ECC Registered Memory M393B1K73CHD-CF8 - OEM CLEI 2011
M393B1K73CHD-YF8M393B1K73CHDYF8Samsung Refurbished M393B1K73CHDYF8 Samsung 8GB DDR3 1066 MHz PC3L-8500R ECC 4RX8 CL7 1.35V Register
M393B1K73DH0-YF8M393B1K73DH0YF8Samsung Refurbished M393B1K73DH0YF8 Samsung 8GB DDR3 1066 MHz PC3L-8500R ECC 4RX8 CL7 1.35V Register
M393B2G70AH0-CH9M393B2G70AH0CH9Samsung Refurbished Samsung 16GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Registered CL9 240-Pin D
M393B2G70AH0-YH9M393B2G70AH0YH9Samsung New M393B2G70AH0YH9 16GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 36c 1024x4 DDR3-1333 2Rx4 1.35V ECC RDIM CLEI 2012
M393B2G70AH0-YH9M393B2G70AH0YH9Samsung Refurbished M393B2G70AH0YH9 16GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 36c 1024x4 DDR3-1333 2Rx4 1.35V ECC RDIM CLEI 2012
M393B2G70BH0-CH9M393B2G70BH0CH9Samsung New M393B2G70BH0CH9 SAMSAUNG 16GB (1X16GB) 2RX4 PC3-10600R MEMORY
M393B2G70BH0-YH9M393B2G70BH0YH9Samsung Refurbished M393B2G70BH0YH9 Samsung 16GB DDR3 1333 MHz PC3L-10600R ECC 2RX4 CL9 1.35V Regist CLEI 2012 DIMM Memory
M393B2G70BH0-YH9Q8M393B2G70BH0YH9Q8Samsung Refurbished M393B2G70BH0-YH9Q8 SAMSUNG 16GB1X16GB DDR3-1333 PC3-10600 ECC
M393B2G70BH0-YK0M393B2G70BH0YK0Samsung New M393B2G70BH0YK0 Samsung 16GB DDR3 1600 MHz PC3L-12800R ECC 2RX4 CL11 1.35V Regis CLEI 2012
M393B2G70BH0-YK0M393B2G70BH0YK0Samsung Refurbished M393B2G70BH0YK0 Samsung 16GB DDR3 1600 MHz PC3L-12800R ECC 2RX4 CL11 1.35V Regis CLEI 2012
M393B2G70CB0-YH9M393B2G70CB0YH9Samsung New M393B2G70CB0YH9 16GB DIMM DDR3 PC3L-10600R 1333MHz 2Rx4
M393B2G70QH0-CK0M393B2G70QH0CK0Samsung New M393B2G70QH0CK0 Samsung DDR3-1600 16GB/1Gx4 ECC/REG CL11 Samsung Chip Server Memory
M393B2G70QH0-CMAM393B2G70QH0CMASamsung New Samsung DDR3-1866 16GB/2Gx72 ECC/REG CL13 Samsung Chip Server Memory
M393B2G70QH0-YK0M393B2G70QH0YK0Samsung New M393B2G70QH0YK0 Samsung DDR3-1600 16GB/1Gx4 ECC/REG CL11 Samsung Chip Server Memory
M393B2G70QH0-YK0M393B2G70QH0YK0Samsung Refurbished M393B2G70QH0YK0 Samsung DDR3-1600 16GB/1Gx4 ECC/REG CL11 Samsung Chip Server Mem
M393B2K70BM1-CF8M393B2K70BM1CF8Samsung Refurbished 16GB 240p PC3-8500 CL7 36c 2x512x4 DDR3-1066 4Rx4 1.5V ECC RDIMM
M393B2K70CM0-CF8M393B2K70CM0CF8Samsung Refurbished M393B2K70CM0CF8 Samsung Memory M393B2K70CM0-CF8 16GB DDR3 1066 ECC Registered Ba
M393B2K70CM0-CF8Q5M393B2K70CM0CF8Q5Samsung M393B2K70CM0-CF8Q5 SAMSUNG 16GB 4RX4 PC3-8500R
M393B2K70CM0-YF8M393B2K70CM0YF8Samsung Refurbished M393B2K70CM0-YF8 240P-DDR3-16GB-PC8500-ECC-REG-4RX4-LV-1.35V
M393B2K70DM0-CF8M393B2K70DM0CF8Samsung New M393B2K70DM0-CF8 SAMSUNG 16GB 1X16GB 4RXR PC3-8500R MEMORY MOD
M393B2K70DM0-YF8M393B2K70DM0YF8Samsung New M393B2K70DM0YF8 240P-DDR3-16GB-PC8500-ECC-REG-4RX4-LV-1.35V
M393B2K70DM0-YH9M393B2K70DM0YH9Samsung New 16GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 36c 2x512x4 DDR3-1333 4RX4 1.35V ECC RDI
M393B2K70DMB-YH9M393B2K70DMBYH9Samsung Refurbished M393B2K70DMB-YH9 16GB PC3L-10600R DDR3-1333 4RX4 ECC MEMORY MODULE
M393B4G70AM0-CF8M393B4G70AM0CF8Samsung SAMSUNG 32GB/1066 ER
M393B4G70BM0-YH9M393B4G70BM0YH9Samsung New M393B4G70BM0-YH9 SAMSUNG 32GB/1333 ER MEMORY
M393B4G70BM0-YH9M393B4G70BM0YH9Samsung Refurbished M393B4G70BM0-YH9 SAMSUNG 32GB/1333 ER MEMORY
M393B5170DZ1-CF8M393B5170DZ1CF8Samsung Refurbished M393B5170DZ1CF8 4GB 240p PC3-8500 CL7 36c 256x4 DDR3-1066 2Rx4 1.5V ECC RDIMM RF
M393B5170DZ1-CH9M393B5170DZ1CH9Samsung Refurbished M393B5170DZ1CH9 4GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 36c 256x4 DDR3-1333 2Rx4 1.5V ECC RDIMM R
M393B5170EH1-CF8M393B5170EH1CF8Samsung Refurbished Samsung 4GB PC3-8500 DDR3-1066MHz ECC Registered CL7 240-Pin DIM

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