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Listings of Samsung by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
BN96-30140ABN9630140ASamsung ASSY PCB P-TCON;LSF550HJ M:UN55H635
DC97-06080CDC9706080CSamsung ASSY BOLT;MERCURY-PJTBO M:WF45H630
DG96-00193BDG9600193BSamsung ASSY-WORKING COIL 210;NE M:NE595N0P
DG96-00194BDG9600194BSamsung ASSY-WORKING COIL 280;NE M:NE595N0P
DG97-00086BDG9700086BSamsung ASSY COVER CASING;NE597R M:NE597R0A
MMDOE56G5MXP-0VBMMDOE56G5MXP0VBSamsung Samsung 256GB SATA II 2.5 MLC Solid State Drive MMDOE56G5MXP-0V
820570-001820570001Samsung 8GB 2133MHz 1.2v DDR4 dual in-line memory module SHARED
BN44-00427BBN4400427BSamsung DC VSS-LED TV PD BD;PD46 M:UN46D642
BN44-00510ABN4400510ASamsung DC VSS-PDP;P51FW_CSMPSP M:PN51E550
BN44-00522ABN4400522ASamsung DC VSS-LED TV PD BD;PD46 M:UN46ES71
BN94-05559QBN9405559QSamsung ASSY PCB MAIN;UN40EH5300 M:UN40EH53
BN94-06167DBN9406167DSamsung ASSY PCB MAIN;F630050Z M:UN50F630
BN94-07259DBN9407259DSamsung ASSY PCB MAIN;UH6LH6300 M:UN50H635
BN94-09886ABN9409886ASamsung ASSY PCB MAIN;VH-UN55J63 M:UN55J630
BN95-01314ABN9501314ASamsung ASSY T CON;LSF460HQ01-A M:UN46H715
BN95-01330ABN9501330ASamsung ASSY T CON;65F240HZ M:UN65H7150AFXZ
BN96-22107ABN9622107ASamsung ASSY PDP P-Y-MAIN;S51FH- M:PN51E550
BN96-24581ABN9624581ASamsung ASSY PCB P-MAIN;PN51E450 M:PN51E450
BN96-25263ABN9625263ASamsung ASSY PDP P-X-MAIN;64FSX M:PN64F550
BN96-25266ABN9625266ASamsung ASSY PDP P-Y-BUFFERUP; M:PN64F550
BN96-25267ABN9625267ASamsung ASSY PDP P-Y-BUFFERLOW M:PN64F550
BN96-30067ABN9630067ASamsung ASSY T CON P;V500HK3-PS1 M:UN50H635
BN96-30140ABN9630140ASamsung ASSY PCB P-TCON;LSF550HJ M:UN55H635
BP94-02140NBP9402140NSamsung PCB Model:HLP5685W

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