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Listings of Sceptre by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
F1660Sceptre Refurbished A/C Adapter for Flat Screen Monitor Outp:12-24VDC 34W
PD1215APM8Sceptre Refurbished PD1215APM8 SCEPTRE / 12VDC 1.5 Amp 8-Pin ADAPTER
PA2050PL5ASceptre Refurbished 20-Volt AC 500MA
PA-9500PA9500Sceptre Refurbished PA9500 AC Adapter 9V AC 500ma for US Robotics modem
PA9700PL6ASceptre Refurbished US Robotics 9v AC 500mA 10w AC Adapter PA9700PL6A
PD6800PL06Sceptre Refurbished AC ADAPTER PD6800PL06 120VAC 60Hz 12W 6VDC 800mA AEC-4160A
PS-205PS205Sceptre Refurbished PS205 40W-53W -5VDC-24VDC Multi Output Desktop External Power SUPPLY
PS-303-6PL10PS3036PL10Sceptre Refurbished PS3036PL10 SCEPTRE PS-303-6PL10 SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY
S018EM1200150Sceptre 12V 1500mA Barrell connector about 5.5mm/2.1mm
LT12SSceptre 12 Inch TFT Color Monitor Digital cntls 800x600 SVGA with Stan
PS-1250APL05PS1250APL05Sceptre STD-1250P PS-1250APL05 SCEPTRE 12V 5A (L4)
PS-2433APL09-3PS2433APL093Sceptre PS-2433APL09-3 S075AQ2400330 3PIN 24.0V 3300mA SCEPTRE SWITCHING
PS2D-1240APL05PS2D1240APL05Sceptre PS2D-1240APL05 S048AP1200400 12.0V 4000mA SCEPTRE POWER SUPPLY F
STD-1250PSTD1250PSceptre STD-1250P PS-1250APL05 SCEPTRE 12V 5A L4
PS-303PS303Sceptre A/C Adapter In: 120VAC 0.8A Out: +5-12+12VDC 3..0 0.3 1.

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