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Listings of Sharp Electronics by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
AR272KA1Sharp Electronics SHARP SERVICE KIT FOR AR-236/ 276 150K YLD Original Equipment-
ARC20TB1Sharp Electronics SHARP AR-C200/240P TRNFR BLT
ARC26TTSharp Electronics SHARP TRANSFER BELT KIT FOR AR-BC260/BC320/C260M/C260P Origina
MX410FU1Sharp Electronics SHARP FUSER KIT FOR MX4100N/ 4101N/5001N Original Equipment- no
MX450FLSharp Electronics SHARP OZONE FILTER KIT FOR MX3501-4501 100K YLD Original Eq
MX60NTBASharp Electronics SHARP MX-3070/3570 BLK TNR
MX60NTCASharp Electronics SHARP MX-3070/3570 CYN TNR
MX60NTMASharp Electronics SHARP MX-3070/3570 MGT TNR
MX60NTYASharp Electronics SHARP MX-3070/3570 YLW TNR
LJ51AU27Sharp Electronics EL Display
MX310CRSharp Electronics SHARP CLEANING ROLLER KIT Original Equipment- no 3rd party or co
LQ150X1LG81Sharp Electronics Sharp 15 Panel
AR-D11ARD11Sharp Electronics About This ItemActual item from lot is shown. Used pull
AR-FN5NARFN5NSharp Electronics About This ItemActual item from lot is shown. Used pull
AR-FX4ARFX4Sharp Electronics About This ItemActual item from lot is shown. Used pull
AR-P11ARP11Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item is shown. Only what is shown is incl
AA082118Sharp Electronics Sharp bushing for the D014/015
AR271LHSharp Electronics SHARP LOWER HEAT ROLLER KIT FOR AR-M208/235/275 Original Equip
AR271UHSharp Electronics Sharp Upper Heater Roller for ARM208/235/275 Original Equipment-
AR330KA1Sharp Electronics Sharp AR 330 maintenance. kit
AR330LHSharp Electronics Sharp - LOWER HEAT ROLLER KIT for AR-250 AR-280 AR-285 AR-286 AR
AR330NCSharp Electronics Sharp Main Charger kit for the AR330
AR650LCSharp Electronics Sharp AR-650LC Maintenance kit for for use in Sharp 2025 2030
AR701RCSharp Electronics Sharp ARM550/620/700 Cleaning Kit Original Equipment- no 3rd par
AR702KCSharp Electronics Sharp AR702 Maintanance kit
ARC15LHSharp Electronics Sharp lower heat roller for AR-C-100 series and others
ARC16MKSharp Electronics SHARP AR-C150 160 MAIN CHARGER KIT
ARC25KHSharp Electronics Sharp AR 270/330 Oil Applicator Unit aka ARC15KH Original Equipm
ARC25LHSharp Electronics Sharp Lower Pressure Roller Kit for Sharp ARC250
ARC26LHSharp Electronics SHARP FUSER ROLLER KIT FOR AR-C260/C320 Original Equipment- n
ARC26UHSharp Electronics SHARP FUSER ROLLER FOR AR-C260M/ C260P Original Equipment
ARC33MKSharp Electronics Sharp Charger Unit Kit for the ARC33
CPLTM4038FC31Sharp Electronics Sharp SFDM11 plate
MX850BLSharp Electronics Sharp Mx-M850-M1100 Cleaning Blade
MX850KFSharp Electronics Sharp MX850 transfer Cleaning blade
NROLM1246FCZZSharp Electronics Sharp ARC150 NROLM1246FCZZFUSERRC150 OEM
NROLM1247FCZZSharp Electronics Sharp [NROLM1247FCZZ] FUSER - Lower Pressure Roller OEM
SF220LHSharp Electronics Sharp SF 2020 / 2120 lower heat roller
SF222BLSharp Electronics Sharp Drum cleaning blade for AR-5125 AR-5132 SF-2022 SF-202
SF235UHSharp Electronics Sharp SF-2035 Upper Heat Roller Kit
AR500MDSharp Electronics SHARP AR501/505/507 DEVELOPER Original Equipment- no 3rd party o
0CW4054K129CSharp Electronics Sharp tray assy
0EUROL0371L02Sharp Electronics Sharp Roller Decurrier 50 for the ARFN3
0N6LA14768000Sharp Electronics sharp P.W.B. UNIT
AB017513Sharp Electronics Sharp double gear for the A294/295
AR150ABDSharp Electronics Sharp AR150 delux copier cabinet
AR200MGSharp Electronics SHARP COVER FOR AR-160 AR-160E AR-160M AR-161 AR-200
AR270DUSharp Electronics Sharp AR270DU Drum Frame Unit
AR270IRSharp Electronics SHARP Paper Feed Roller Kit AR-270IR AR270IR
AR270LHSharp Electronics SHARP AR-208/235/275 LOWER FUSER ROLLER 300K YLD Original E
AR272LHSharp Electronics SHARP FUSER ROLL KIT FOR AR-M237/M277/M272LH Original Equip
AR400KA1Sharp Electronics Sharp - 80K Maintenance Kit - Includes: 1 Drum Cleaning Blade
AR455BLSharp Electronics Sharp drum cleaning blade for AR-M280 series and others
AR505UHSharp Electronics AR-505UH Upper Heat Roller Kit OEM
AR532KA1Sharp Electronics Sharp AR-5125 Sharp maint. kit
AR532UHSharp Electronics Sharp AR-532 Upper Heat roller Kit
AR620BLSharp Electronics Cleaning Drum Blade Fits models: Sharp AR-M550 N AR-M550 U AR-
AR650FUSharp Electronics Sharp FUSER ROLLER KIT for Sharp AR 650 / 800 machines
AR703RUSharp Electronics Cleaning Kit Sharp AR-M550
AR810DFSharp Electronics Sharp document feeder kit
AR810LCSharp Electronics Sharp Maintenance Kit 2 for AR-651 AR-810
AR810RTSharp Electronics Sharp roller kit for the- AR650- AR651- AR800- AR810
ARC15DSSharp Electronics SHARP DV Seal Kit ARC15DS
ARC15FLSharp Electronics Sharp ARC250 Filter Kit
ARC15KHSharp Electronics Sharp fuser section for AR-C150 A AR-C160 A AR-C250 AR-C250 A
ARC15TTSharp Electronics Sharp 8158 ARC150 AR-C15TX ARC15TX Transfer Roller Kit
ARC15TXSharp Electronics Transfer Roller for Sharp ARC250
ARC15UHSharp Electronics Sharp Upper Heat Roller ARC150 Original Equipment- no 3rd party
ARC16LHSharp Electronics Sharp AR 160/270 Lower Fuser Roller Original Equipment- no 3rd
ARC16TGSharp Electronics Sharp ARC160-270 Transfer Belt
ARC33TTSharp Electronics Sharp Transfer Belt Kit ARC330 Original Equipment- no 3rd party
ARFR20USharp Electronics Sharp ARFR 20 data security kit.
ARFR21USharp Electronics Data Security Kit Sharp ARFR21U
ARFR4Sharp Electronics Sharp Data Security Kit 4
ARFX11Sharp Electronics SHARP - Ar-Fx11 Super G3 Fax Board
ARFX12Sharp Electronics New Sharp AR-FX12 Facsimile Expansion Kit w/1Fax I/F PWB UL94V-0 Bo
ARPK1NSharp Electronics Sharp AR-PK1N PPD Driver v.210 for Windows 98
ARRK2Sharp Electronics SHARP SCANNER RACK FOR MX350U/450U OCE #9513000
ARTE4Sharp Electronics Sharp Exit tray for the MXM450NB black/white copier
ARUC1BMSharp Electronics Sharp Cluster Printing Utility
CBLTH0434FC01Sharp Electronics Primary Transfer BeltFOR USE IN MODELS: Sharp MX-2300N Sharp M
CBOX0002R556Sharp Electronics Sharp DEVELOPER BOX SHARP AR-150
CCLEZ0205FC31Sharp Electronics Sharp Drum Cleaning Blade for the MX2600N
CDENC0010RS63Sharp Electronics Sharp CDENC0010RS63POWER SUPPLY UN
CFRM0047RS51Sharp Electronics Sharp AR-M237 DELIVERY FRAME UNIT
CFRM0740FC31Sharp Electronics Sharp CFRM-0740FC31FRAME
CFRM1110DS51Sharp Electronics Sharp ARM550N frame unit
CFRM1152DS53Sharp Electronics Sharp process unit frame for a MX-2700 /2300 unit
CGUMM0012RS51Sharp Electronics sharp AQ E Paper feed roller rubber unit
CHLDR0083RS56Sharp Electronics Sharp Transfer Corona unit fr the ARM208
CHLDR0083RS66Sharp Electronics Sharp ARM208 transfer roller unit
CHLDZ1647DS52Sharp Electronics Main Charge AssemblyFOR USE IN MODELS: Sharp MX-2300N Sharp MX
CMOTP0847FC32Sharp Electronics Sharp AR405 polygon Motor unit
CMOTP0850FC32Sharp Electronics Sharp AR505 Motor
CMOTP0854FC31Sharp Electronics Sharp AR250 Polygon motor unit
CPLTM4232FC51Sharp Electronics PLATESharp CPLTM4232FC51
CPLTM6489DS51Sharp Electronics Sharp CCD UNIT
CPLTM6913DS52Sharp Electronics Sharp MX5500N WCB drive unit
CPLTM6946DS52Sharp Electronics Sharp CPLTM6946DS52 MX5500N Drive Unit
CPLTP3085SC02Sharp Electronics Sharp FO-2950M plate
CPWBF0001QS52Sharp Electronics Sharp Main Pub unit for the SF2314
CPWBF0138QSE1Sharp Electronics Sharp option interface PWB for AR-M237/276/277 printers
CPWBF1053FC52Sharp Electronics Sharp SF2014AU A C Circuit PWB
CPWBF1215FC52Sharp Electronics Sharp SF2114 PWB unit
CPWBF1678FC31Sharp Electronics Sharp CPWBF1678FC31 CL INVERTOR
CPWBN0928FC61Sharp Electronics Sharp SF2022 PWB unit
CPWBN1210FC59Sharp Electronics Sharp SF2120 Main PWB unit
CPWBN1342FC53Sharp Electronics GENUINE SHARP AR-C150/C250 P.W.B. Unit
CPWBN1421FC31Sharp Electronics Sharp ARFN3 PWB unit
CPWBN1450FCE2Sharp Electronics P.W.B.UNIT Sharp for the ARM280N
CPWBN1570FCE7Sharp Electronics Sharp AR-M550 PCU Board
CPWBN1633FCE2Sharp Electronics Sharp CPWBN1633FCE2PWB
CPWBX0055QS52Sharp Electronics Sharp ARF250 PWB unit
CPWBX0096QS52Sharp Electronics Sharp ARF151 PWB unit
CPWBX1637FCF4Sharp Electronics Sharp PCU PWB 200 volt for the AR-M351N/UAR-M355N/UAR-M451N/U
CPWBX7043WS55Sharp Electronics Sharp PWB unit
CPWN1394FC52Sharp Electronics SHARP CPWBN1394FC52 Operation control PWB without FLASH PWB
CREFL0004QS33Sharp Electronics Sharp CREFL0003QS33 Copy Lamp Assembly for Sharp AL1000 Sharp A
CROLR2423XH03Sharp Electronics Sharp Paper Pickup RollerFOR USE IN MODELS: Sharp FO4700 Sharp
CW4090P191Sharp Electronics COVER sharp
DHAI3158FCZZSharp Electronics Sharp DHAI-3158FCZZCORD ASSEMBLY
DM350KA1Sharp Electronics Sharp 100 PM Kit for the DM-3551 /4551
DUNT6923FC12Sharp Electronics SHARP Paper Feed Unit
DUNT7303DSZZSharp Electronics Sharp ARM550 LSU Unit
DUNT7702DS18Sharp Electronics Sharp LSU MX-7001N
DUNT7820DS11Sharp Electronics Sharp DUNT-7820DS1180MC UN
DUNTK0446QS11Sharp Electronics Sharp AR168TMD LSU unit
DUNTW0100GCM2Sharp Electronics Sharp UX3600N fuser fixing unit
DUNTW0100NSM2Sharp Electronics Sharp fuser unit for F0850UX3600M
FO1MKSharp Electronics Sharp expansion memory
FO28MKSharp Electronics Sharp FO-28MK Multifunction kit for the 2850 OEM
FOCS2Sharp Electronics Sharp FO-CS2 Paper Cassette for FO-4470DC535 DC635 Fax Machin
GLEGP0077FCZZSharp Electronics Castor WheelFOR USE IN MODELS: Sharp ARM550N Sharp ARM550U Sh
JHNDP0007QSZ1Sharp Electronics Sharp Cassette panel
LPLTM0034QSZ1Sharp Electronics Sharp Corona Grid for Fits these models: Sharp AR151 AR168D A
LPLTM6551FCZZSharp Electronics sharp PLATE
LPLTP5734FCZZSharp Electronics Side Plate RearFOR USE IN MODELS: Sharp ARM350 Sharp ARM350N
LQ0DDB5185Sharp Electronics SET OF TWO Sharp LQ0DDB5185 CCFL Backlight Lamp for CCFT/LQ121S1
MLEVP0899FCZZSharp Electronics Sharp MLEVP0899FCZZ Output Actuator Fits these models: Sharp AR
MX270FLSharp Electronics Sharp Ozone Filter Kit for MX-2300/2700N Original Equipment-
MX450HKSharp Electronics SHARP HEAT ROLLER KIT FOR MX3500N/4501N/4501NJ Original Equi
MX620HKSharp Electronics Sharp MX6240/7040N Fuser Roller Kit 300K Original Equipment
MX850FLSharp Electronics SHARP MX850FL FILTER KIT - Includes: Ozone Filter Inspiration F
MXBTX1Sharp Electronics Sharp MX-BTX1 Business Card Feeder
MXCX1Sharp Electronics SHARP MXCSX1 Sharp Mx-Csx1 500sht Ppr Feed Unit OEM
MXFRX1Sharp Electronics Sharp MX-FRX1 Data Security Kit - Keep data secure with 128/256-
MXFRX3Sharp Electronics Sharp MX-FRX3U Data Security Kit for MX-5500N MX-FRX3
MXFXX2Sharp Electronics Sharp-MX-FXX2-Facsimile-Expansion-Kit
MXLCX2Sharp Electronics Sharp Large capacity tray for the MX5500N color copier
NBLTH0534FCZZSharp Electronics Second Transfer Belt FOR USE IN MODELS: Sharp MX-2300N Sharp M
NGERH0842FCZZSharp Electronics SD2060 UFR GearSharp SD2060 Sharp SD2175 Sharp SD2260 Sharp SD2
NROL1613FCZ1Sharp Electronics Sharp NROLR1613FCZ1ROLLER
NROLI1198FCZZSharp Electronics Sharp NROLI1198FCZZ Lower Fuser Pressure Roller for SD2175 and S
NROLI1571FCZ3Sharp Electronics Lower Fuser Pressure RollerFOR USE IN MODELS: Sharp MX-5500N S
NROLI1797FCZZSharp Electronics Sharp upper fuser heater roller for Sharp MX-4100N / MX-4101N
NROLN1249FCZ1Sharp Electronics Sharp Cleaning roller for the sharp ARC 160/150 / 250 /270
NROLR1682FCZZSharp Electronics Sharp NROLR1682FCZZ ROLLER
NROLR2418XHZZSharp Electronics Sharp NROLR2418XHZZ ADF Scanner Drive Roller #1 Fits these model
NROLS1704FCZZSharp Electronics Sharp Pressure roller
OCW1035K203Sharp Electronics Sharp 0CW1035K203//PUNCH PWB
OCW2094P078BSharp Electronics ADF Delivery RollerFOR USE IN MODELS: Sharp SFA51
OCW2199K100Sharp Electronics Sharp SFA16 printed wire board
OCW2223K206Sharp Electronics Sharp pba control pwb t/rsp2255
OCW4134K372CSharp Electronics PBA-CONT- Sharp 0CW4134K372C/
OCW4146Q276Sharp Electronics Upper Paper Dectect Actuator / Flag FOR USE IN MODELS: Sharp MX-
OCW4158P553Sharp Electronics Sharp 0CW4158P553STOPPER-SD-TRAY
OKW4109550101Sharp Electronics Sharp upper fuser/heat roller for the F0/4650 5700
OKW4122033106Sharp Electronics Sharp FO4700U paper take up
ON44063805801Sharp Electronics Sharp AR650 PWB unit
ON4409894290Sharp Electronics Sharp Fuser Cleaning Oil Oil Supply Pads Wands 4409893740 B8070L
OPQC4182785Sharp Electronics Sharp 0PQC4182785 END FENCE:TAB
PGIDM0072QSZ4Sharp Electronics Sharp AR235 Delivery lower paper guide
PGIDM1884FCZZSharp Electronics Sharp left door transfer guide forFits these models: Sharp ARM28
RDEN0002Q214Sharp Electronics Sharp AR201 low volt PCB. 1. U.
RDENC0020FCZ6Sharp Electronics Sharp AC/DC PWB
RDENC0025FCPZSharp Electronics Sharp RDENC0025FCPZ DC PS PWB
RDENU0038FCPZSharp Electronics Sharp High Voltage Unit - RDENU0038FCPZ
RLMPU0494FCZ1Sharp Electronics RLMPU0494FCZ1 copy lamp t/rsp2065/2124 SHARP OEM
SD475HRSharp Electronics Sharp HEAT ROLLER for SD 2275 series
SD485LHSharp Electronics Sharp lower fuser roller for SD 4085 series
SF216LHSharp Electronics Sharp Lower Heat Roller for SF-2020 SF-2021 SF-2116 SF-2118
SF222KASharp Electronics Sharp SF 2022/2027/2022N/2027N maintenance. kit
SF222KA1Sharp Electronics Sharp maintanence kit OEM
SF222UHSharp Electronics Sharp SF 2022/2027/2022N/2027N Upper Heat Roller
SF235LHSharp Electronics Sharp SF-2035 Lower Heat Roller Kit
SF240LHSharp Electronics Sharp lower heat roller for SF 2025 SF2035 series and others
SF240RUSharp Electronics Sharp SF2040 Upper Roller Kit
SF240UHSharp Electronics Sharp SF 2040/2540 Upper Heat Roller Kit
SF250CPSharp Electronics Sharp Sf-2050 200k Maintenance Kit
SF250UHSharp Electronics Sharp Upper Pressure Roller Kit for use in AR-287 337 407 505
SF252UHSharp Electronics Original New OEM Sharp Upper Heat Roller Kit for SF2050/2052
SF720HRSharp Electronics Fuser Kit / Sharp 7200 heat roller
SF76AKSharp Electronics Sharp Cleaning unit for SF755 SF756 SF760 SF761 SF7100
SF76HRSharp Electronics SHARP SF756/760 HEAT ROLLER
SF770HRSharp Electronics Sharp SF770 heat roller
SF940UHSharp Electronics Sharp upper heater roller for the SF940
UX30TDSharp Electronics Sharp Maintenance Ctg- FAX / TONER / DEVELOPER for the Sharp UX3
ARDW1NSharp Electronics Sharp Developer Unit OEM
CFRM1017FC02Sharp Electronics Sharp PROCESS FRAME CFRM-1017FC02
CPWBF0988FC52Sharp Electronics ShapAC CIRCUIT PW BOARD
CPWBF1244FC51Sharp Electronics Sharp P.W.B UNIT CPWBF1244FC51
CPWBF1664FC328Sharp Electronics Sharp AC PWB EX100V
DHAI4126FCPZSharp Electronics Sharp MAIN HARNESS DHAI4126FCPZ
DUNT7277FC12Sharp Electronics Sharp CIS UNIT[DUNT-7277FC12]
GLEGM0081FCZZSharp Electronics GLEGM0081FCZZ
NBRGY0479FCZ2Sharp Electronics Sharp BEARING UPPER FUSER ROLLER 40 X 68 X 15 MM 6008ZZ SD 2060
PN-SR780MPNSR780MSharp Electronics PN-SR780M ROLL CART FLR STND PN-L803C
SD360RUSharp Electronics Sharp CLEANING ROLLER UPPER SD 2060 SD 3062 OEM
MX270Y2Sharp Electronics Sharp MX270Y2 MX-270Y2 Secondary Transfer Kit - 300K Yield - K
14998Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
15844Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
CPWBX1713DS678Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
DUNT-7523DS17DUNT7523DS17Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
DUNT-7680FCPZDUNT7680FCPZSharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
DUNT-7702DS17DUNT7702DS17Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
DUNT-7972DS13DUNT7972DS13Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
DUNT-7980DS13DUNT7980DS13Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
LQ104V1DG61Sharp Electronics LCDs SHARP LQ104V1DG61 Active Area 211.2 x 158.4 mmBacklight Sy
MX311BLSharp Electronics Sharp Drum Cleaning Blade for use in Sharp AR5726 Sharp MXM26
MX70NTSharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
CCASP0177DS56Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
CPWBN1789FCE18Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
CPWBX1700FCE88Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
CPWBX1788FCE18Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
DUNT-7517DS12DUNT7517DS12Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
DUNT-8034FCZZDUNT8034FCZZSharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
LQ084S30G01Sharp Electronics LCDs SHARP LQ084S30G01
MX235UHSharp Electronics Sharp Upper Fuser Kit for MXM232D Original Equipment- no 3rd
MX-31NTMX31NTSharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
RDENC0054FCPZSharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
RDENC0098FCPZSharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
EL-531XBDWEL531XBDWSharp Electronics Scient Calc w 2 Line Dis White EL531XBDW
DUNTKF961FM20Sharp Electronics C-PWB UNIT ADJUSTED 70 M:LC-70LE8
DUNTKF961FM02Sharp Electronics C-PWB UNIT ADJ 60LE845/8 M:LC-60LE8
DUNTW7703DS13Sharp Electronics About This ItemActual item from lot is shown. Used pull
MX315NTSharp Electronics SHARP MX-M266/316/356 BLK TNR
DUNTW0171RS21Sharp Electronics About This ItemActual item from lot is shown. Used pull
MX-FXX3MXFXX3Sharp Electronics About This ItemActual item from lot is shown. Used pull
DKEYMG381FM01Sharp Electronics MAIN UNIT LC60/70LE Mdl:LC-60EQ10U
DUNTW8120FC34Sharp Electronics About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull

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