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Listings of Shoretel by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
10525Shoretel New Voice Switch ST100DA, 1U half-width
60188Shoretel New Connect SBE100 HW bld digital w svr
60169Shoretel New SBE Server UC 25
10529Shoretel New VOICE SWITCH, ST2D. MADE IN USA.
SG-60/12SG6012Shoretel Refurbished ShoreTel SG-60/12 600-1032-23 ShoreGear 60/12 SG-12 VoIP Busine
10526Shoretel New VOICE SWITCH, ST1D. MADE IN USA.
10531Shoretel New VOICE SWITCH, ST24A. MADE IN USA.
60208Shoretel New Phone Stand for IP Phone IP420
60210Shoretel New Phone Stand for IP Phone IP655
10528Shoretel New VOICE SWITCH, ST500. MADE IN USA.
10530Shoretel New VOICE SWITCH, ST48A. MADE IN USA.
10527Shoretel New Voice Switch ST200, 1U half-width
60182Shoretel New SBE 100 HW Bundle SG220T1A, UC25 tray
92510Shoretel New Onsite Cloud CC TRNG 8hr/80stds T&E incl
10523Shoretel New VOICE SWITCH, ST50A. MADE IN USA.
60181Shoretel New SBE 100 HW Bundle. SG90 UC25 TRAY
92509Shoretel New Extra Day Onsite Cloud CC TRN 8hr/80stds
60165Shoretel New PAGING ADAPTER PA-1 KIT
10521Shoretel New ST Voice Switch Wall Mount Bracket Kit
60187Shoretel New Connect SBE100 HW bld analog w svr
10532Shoretel New POWER ADAPTER, BB424
SG-50VSG50VShoretel Refurbished SHOREGEAR-50 VOICE SWITCH
10524Shoretel New Voice Switch ST100A, 1U half-width
60209Shoretel New Phone Stand IP480 IP480g IP485g
10518Shoretel New 10518 Button Box BB424 for IP 485g phones 03/20/17 KDr
IP110Shoretel Refurbished SHORETEL 110 IP PHONE BLACK
IP655Shoretel Refurbished Shoretel IP 655 LCD Display phone
10536Shoretel New Handset Cord 12 ft IP400 phones and Dock
SG-12SG12Shoretel Refurbished SG12 SHORETEL SHOREGEAR-60/12 600
SG-8SG8Shoretel Refurbished SG8 ShoreTel SG-8 ShoreGear-40/8 VOIP switch
SG-T1KSGT1KShoretel Excellent Grade A condition
10268Shoretel ShorePhone IP230g - Black 8.1 or later
10505-041050504Shoretel SHORETEL 420 IP PHONE USER GUIDE DOC PACK QTY25 Networking
600-1028-07600102807Shoretel ShoreTel SG-8 600-1028-07 ShoreGear-40/8 VOIP switch SG-40/8
600-1032-23600103223Shoretel ShoreTel SG-60/12 600-1032-23 ShoreGear 60/12 SG-12 VoIP Busines
SG-40/8SG408Shoretel ShoreTel SG-8 600-1028-07 ShoreGear-40/8 VOIP switch SG-40/8
SG-E1SGE1Shoretel SG-E1 Shoretel ShoreGear E1 Voice Switch 600-1026-02 With Bracke
SG-120/24SG12024Shoretel ShoreTel SG-120 Voice Switch

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