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Listings of Shure by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
SLX14-G4SLX14G4Shure New SLX1 and WA302 Instrument Cable
MX395B/CMX395BCShure New Shure Black Low Profile Boundary Mic Cardioid 3 pin XL
SM58-CNSM58CNShure New Cardioid Dynamic Includes 25ft XLR to XLR Cable
SM58-LCSM58LCShure New Shure Cardoid Dynamics
SE215-KSE215KShure New Sound Isolating Earphones with Dynamic MicroDriver and D
RK318WSShure New 16mb Flash Memory Card for Cisco Catalyst 8540 : Approved
RK354SBShure New Black Single Mount Tie-Clip for SM93
95B8889Shure New LINK CABLE FOR SCM810/FP410 NEW
SLX14/85-J3SLX1485J3Shure New Shure Bodypack incl. SLX1WL18 5-microflx cardiod lavalier FR
MX395B/OMX395BOShure New Black Button Mic; Omni; 3-pin XLR
SLX14-J3SLX14J3Shure SLX1 and WA302 Instrument Cable
PG48-LCPG48LCShure Cardiod Dynamic Vocal Micropho ne On-off switch
SLX14-H5SLX14H5Shure SLX1 and WA302 Instrument Cable
SLX24/SM58-H5SLX24SM58H5Shure Shure Handheld Includes SLX2/SM58 Transmitter w/SM58-H
SCM268Shure New Shure SCM268 4-Channel Microphone Mixer w/ Rack Mount Kit Powe
QLXD14-G50QLXD14G50Shure Shure QLXD14G50 QLXD Bodypack System
SE315-CLSE315CLShure Shure SE315CL Sound Isolating Earphones
SE315-KSE315KShure Shure SE315K Sound Isolating Earphones
SE425-CLSE425CLShure Shure SE425CL Sound Isolating Dual Driv
SE425-VSE425VShure Shure SE425V Sound Isolating Dual Drive
SE535-CLSE535CLShure Shure SE535CL Sound Isolating Triple Dr
SE535-VSE535VShure Shure SE535V Sound Isolating Triple Dri
SE846-CLSE846CLShure Shure SE846CL SE846 Sound Isolating Ear
BLX1288/CVL-H10BLX1288CVLH10Shure BLX1288 Combo with CVL and PG59

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