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Listings of Silicom by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
B1935-3B19353Silicom Refurbished B19353 Connectivity Solution 10/100Base-T Mbs PCMCIA ethernet adapter
MEG4BPFISilicom New ExpressModule Bypass Server Adapter Quad Port Fiber Fibre Gigabit Ethernet
PEG2BPSilicom Refurbished Silicom Dual Port Ethernet PCI-e LPB bracket PK4E#10M1-B23-1C
PEG2DBI6-SD-RPEG2DBI6SDRSilicom Refurbished PEG2DBI6SDR Silicom Dual Prt PCIe Copper Gigabit Content Director
PEXG6ISilicom New Silicom PEI-Series PEG6I Server 6-port Gigabit adapter PCI Expre
PE10G2I-SRPE10G2ISRSilicom Silicom PE10G2i-SR Dual Port FiberSR 10 Gigabit Ethernet PCI S
SA1U3-B1SA1U3B1Silicom Silicom Rev1.0 Server Riser Board SA1U3-B1
76-0939311-A760939311ASilicom Silicom PEXG6I-ROHS 6-Port PCIe Gigabit Adapter
PEG4SFPI6-ROHSPEG4SFPI6ROHSSilicom Silicom Quad Port SFP Server Adapter PEG4SFPI6-ROHS
PEXG6I-ROHSPEXG6IROHSSilicom Refurbished PEXG6IROHS Silicom PEI-Series PEXG6I Server 6-port Gigabit adapter PCI Expr CLEI 6IRoHSNPOE
PE2G4SFPI6Silicom Quad Port Fiber SFP Gigabit Adapter
PEG2BP-ROHSPEG2BPROHSSilicom SILICOM Dual port Copper bypass Gigabit Ethernet PCI-eLPBPK1C#
43V8941Silicom IBM Silicom PXG4BPI-CS-RoHS 4-Port Gigabit Card 43V8941
PEG4BPI-CSPEG4BPICSSilicom Quad Port PCI-E X4 Gigabit GigE Adapter

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