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Listings of Snom Technology by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
1122Snom Technology New HS-MM2 HEADSET FOR SNOM 320, 360, 370.
4235Snom Technology New Snom D710 Black (SNOMD710)
PA1Snom Technology New Amplifier Announcements over 8 ohm 2226
M85Snom Technology New 4189 M85 Ruggedize IP Dect Base Handset
320-BK320BKSnom Technology New 320BK Business Phone 2 line LCD 47 keys Black 03/01
D7BKSnom Technology New 4011 D7 Expansion Module 715, 720, 760
M325Snom Technology New 3954 Wireless DECT Single Cell
M25Snom Technology New 3988 Cordless Phone with charging
BTDONGLESnom Technology New BT Dongle 2591 for use with 700 series
D375Snom Technology New HiRes Color Dis 12 btn Gig SIP Phone4141
D315Snom Technology New Gigabit USB 5 Function Key SIP Phone4258
D305Snom Technology New 4 Line Dis 5 Function Key 4257 SIP Phone
D745Snom Technology New HiRes Disp 8 LED Keys Gig USB 4259
M700BUNDLESnom Technology New 4077 1 of M5 two each of M700 and M65
720Snom Technology New 4 line display 18-Inch button Gigabit Phone (03/07)
HANDSET700Snom Technology New 3400 Handset for Snom 700 series
3916Snom Technology New SNOM D725 IP phone (SNOMD725)
D725Snom Technology New D725 3916 HiRes Display 12btn Gig Phone Black
821-BK821BKSnom Technology New 802.11 Wireless Phone Black 2346
3929Snom Technology New VoIP cordless DECT multicell (SNOMM700)
HS-MM2HSMM2Snom Technology New HSMM2 Headset Over-the-head
HS-MM3HSMM3Snom Technology New HSMM3 snom Headsets have been updated with a new look and improved erg_
M9RSnom Technology New 3098 M9R w/base station one handset (02/07)
M9R-HCM9RHCSnom Technology New M9R Enhancement Set 3102 (02/07)
D7GRYSnom Technology New 3924 D7 Expansion Module 715, 720, 760
SIPCONFERENCESnom Technology New Meeting Point SIP Conference Phone 03/01
SIPMICSSnom Technology New Expansion Microphones for Conference 03/01
2793Snom Technology New Snom 710 Business Phone (SNOM710)
D710Snom Technology New 4 Line 4 Function Key SIP Phone 4235
PWER700800Snom Technology New 2730 for 700/800/HP/PA1 series phones
M700Snom Technology New 3929 M700 Multi Cell IP/DECT Base
M65Snom Technology New 3969 Additional M65 Handset and Charger
3038Snom Technology New snom 320 (SNOM320)
710Snom Technology New 4 line B/W display 5 function keys 2793 (02/07)
3903Snom Technology New 5W Power Supply (3903)
VISION-EM-BKVISIONEMBKSnom Technology New 700/800 Series Expansion Module Blk 2291
2040Snom Technology New SIP Conference Phone (MEETINGPOINT)
D715Snom Technology New 4039 715 Business Phone Black
M9-BAM9BASnom Technology New Snom M9 Battery (12-Inch/20)
WALLMOUNT700Snom Technology 3820 Snom 700MHz series wall mount
WALLMOUNT800Snom Technology New 1721 Wall Mount Adapter for 800 series (02/07)
WHASnom Technology New Wireless Headset Adapter 300s/820 03/01
SNO-821-BKSNO821BKSnom Technology New SNOM 821 SNO-821-BK VoIP Wirless Phone 12-Line LCD Gig SIP Mic
3969Snom Technology Additional M65 Handset charger Backlit Color Display Up to 1
SNOM320Snom Technology Snom Technology SNOM320 IP Phone X RJ45 10/100Base-TX RJ-11 Head CLEI 2709000110
2226Snom Technology Public Announcement System SNOMPA1
3954Snom Technology IP DECT M325 SingleCell Set SNOM3954
4039Snom Technology SNOM D715 IP phone Black
4259Snom Technology Snom D745 Black
D345Snom Technology 12 Line Gigabit BW Disp SIP Phone 4260

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