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Listings of Sonic Bomb by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
HA360VSonic Bomb New Home Aware Bed Vibrator
SBP100CSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Alarm Clock in Pink Camo
SBC575SSSonic Bomb New Bunker Bomb Alarm Clock
HA360MKSonic Bomb New Home Aware Master Kit
HA360RKSonic Bomb New Home Aware Deluxe Receiver Kit
HA360DSPTSonic Bomb New Home Aware Smart Phone Transmitter
HA360BRKSonic Bomb New Home Aware Basic Receiver Unit Kit
HA360SSSCKSonic Bomb New Home Aware Smoke/CO Sound Signaler Kit
HA360SSBCKSonic Bomb New Home Aware Baby Cry Sounds Signaler Kit
HA360BUSonic Bomb New Home Aware Bridge Unit
HA360DBSonic Bomb New Home Aware Doorbell
SB200SSEUSonic Bomb New Alarm Clock w/ Bed Shaker
AmpliCall500SSSonic Bomb New Wake Up Call
BD4000Sonic Bomb New Big Display Maxx Alarm Clock
BC400Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler
BL300Sonic Bomb New Strobe Receiver
DB200Sonic Bomb Wireless Doorbell/Telephone
SBT625SSSonic Bomb New Rise and Shine
SBT600SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Traveler with bed vibration
SB1000Sonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Alarm 03/01
SB1000SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Alarm w/VIB 03/01
SB300SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Alarm Clock WHITE
SBA475SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Analog Alarm Clock 03/01
SBB500SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock
SBD375SSSonic Bomb New Dual Alarm Clock w/ Bed Shaker
SBE115Sonic Bomb New 15 Vibrator Extension Cord 03/01
SBH400SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm
SBJ525SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Bomb Jr
SBP100Sonic Bomb New Sonic Bomb Travel Alarm Clock (11/23)
SBR350SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Alarm w/ AM/FM Radi
SBS550BCSonic Bomb New The Skull MP3/i-Pod Alarm w/Shaker 03/01
SBT425SSSonic Bomb New Alarm clock with phone Sig Vib 03/01
SS12VSonic Bomb New Super Shaker 12v Black Vibrator 03/01
SS12VWSonic Bomb New Super Shaker 12v White Vibrator 03/01
TR50Sonic Bomb New Sonic Ring Jr. Telephone Signa

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