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Listings of Sonic Bomb by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
SBP100CSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Alarm Clock in Pink Camo
SBC575SSSonic Bomb New Bunker Bomb Alarm Clock
SB200SSEUSonic Bomb New Alarm Clock w/ Bed Shaker
BD4000Sonic Bomb New Big Display Maxx Alarm Clock
BC400Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler
BL300Sonic Bomb New Strobe Receiver
DB200Sonic Bomb Wireless Doorbell/Telephone
SBT625SSSonic Bomb New Rise and Shine
SBT600SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Traveler with bed vibration
SB1000Sonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Alarm 03/01
SB1000SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Alarm w/VIB 03/01
SB300SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Alarm Clock WHITE
SBA475SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Analog Alarm Clock 03/01
SBB500SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock
SBD375SSSonic Bomb New Dual Alarm Clock w/ Bed Shaker
SBE115Sonic Bomb New 15 Vibrator Extension Cord 03/01
SBH400SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm
SBJ525SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Bomb Jr
SBP100Sonic Bomb New Sonic Bomb Travel Alarm Clock (11/23)
SBR350SSSonic Bomb New Sonic Boom Alarm w/ AM/FM Radi
SBS550BCSonic Bomb New The Skull MP3/i-Pod Alarm w/Shaker 03/01
SBT425SSSonic Bomb New Alarm clock with phone Sig Vib 03/01
SS12VWSonic Bomb New Super Shaker 12v White Vibrator 03/01

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