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Listings of Southern Audio Services by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
IESW100BSouthern Audio Services New Classic Earphones w/ Microphone
IESW100LSouthern Audio Services New Blues w/ Microphone
IESW100TKSouthern Audio Services New Classic Woodees Travel Kit
IESW101VSouthern Audio Services New Vintage Woodees Stereo Earphones (07/27-Inch)
WOO-IESW100BWOOIESW100BSouthern Audio Services Classic Earphones w/ Microphone
WOO-IESW100LWOOIESW100LSouthern Audio Services Blues w/ Microphone
WOO-IESW100TKWOOIESW100TKSouthern Audio Services Classic Woodees Travel Kit
WOO-IESW100VWOOIESW100VSouthern Audio Services Vintage w/ Microphone
WOO-IESW101VWOOIESW101VSouthern Audio Services Vintage Woodees Stereo Earphones
WOO-IESW200BWOOIESW200BSouthern Audio Services Sport Earphones w/ Microphone

Pages: 1
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