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Listings of Spectralink by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
PIVOTQUADKITSpectralink New Pivotquad kit
02621000Spectralink New 7522 handset 1G9 includes battery
02339100Spectralink New SERVER 8000 BASE STATION, INTERFACE CARD
84771926Spectralink New Belt Clip for 7420 7440 7480 7520 7540 7620 7640 7710 77
02611000Spectralink New 7212 Handset, 1G9, includes battery
02344501Spectralink New IP-DECT Server 400, 1G9 version
02441200Spectralink New DECT Repeater 2 Ch w/out external ant Multi Cell
02319597Spectralink New Belt Clip with Connector for 76-Series
14196100Spectralink New Belt Clip Connector for 76-Series
WTO450Spectralink New Clear Silicone Case 8030
ACL87401Spectralink New Spectralink PIVOT pocket clip, black
02319587Spectralink Refurbished Dell XPS 410 420 Media LCD Mini Display Screen Board Assembl
GCQ100Spectralink New GCQ100 - Quad Charger / Gang Charger for Link 6020 - Avaya / Spe CLEI GCQ100
84642462Spectralink New For use with the Dect 7420 and 7440 Wireless Telephone. Power su
84642493Spectralink New Charger for 70xx handset. Previously known as KIRK Charger for 7
84642494Spectralink New Charger for 77-Series handset USB version. Previously known as
PBK87440Spectralink New Spectralink Pivot:SC 8744 Black
02319588Spectralink New BELT CLIP with connector for 75-Series
2200-37300-101220037300101Spectralink New 220037300101 Single Charger Bundle. Includes 1x Standard Battery and 1x USB C
2200-37240-001220037240001Spectralink New 220037240001 Universal Power Supply for 8400 Series Dual Charger 1310-37222- CLEI 2200-37240
02440701Spectralink New DECT Base Station 4 channels, 1G9
2200-37234-701220037234701Spectralink New 84 series dual charger Kit
1310-37222-701131037222701Spectralink New 131037222701 8400 Series Dual Charger
84743411Spectralink New For use with the Dect 7420 or 7440 Wireless Telephone. Charger i
2310-37180-002231037180002Spectralink New Blue Silicone Case Belt Cli 8440
2200-37036-701220037036701Spectralink New 84 series quad Charger kit
INS400Spectralink New SpectraLink 6300 MCU Remote Commissioning and Certification
AAC100Spectralink New After-business hours/weekend service charges per day
6867-10050-020686710050020Spectralink New SPECTRALINK 8400 SERIES REMOTECERTIFICATION UP TO 4 BASE STA
INS315Spectralink New LINK 150 MCU &NETLINK REM COM &CERT<8 WL
MHP08000Spectralink New 8000Platinum Handset Maintenance
MHP06000Spectralink New 6000 Platinum Handset Maint
02365701Spectralink New Butterfly Handset Black Incl battery
6867-10051-020686710051020Spectralink New Spectralink 84-Series Remote Certification - up to 2 hours of re
MIP06000Spectralink New 6000 Platinum Infras Maint
02319700Spectralink New Belt Clip 77 -includes screws
1520-37214-001152037214001Spectralink New 1520-37214-001 Standard Battery for 8400 Series Wireless Hands
1520-37215-001152037215001Spectralink New 1520-37215-001 - Extended Battery for 8400 Series Wireless Hands
2601000Spectralink New 7202 handset 1G9 includes battery
ACA87306Spectralink New Spk PIVOT case, fitted, black
BPL300Spectralink New BPL300 - Ultra Extended Li-Ion Battery Pack for 60xx/802x/803x W
LTB100Spectralink New LTB100 - SpectraLink Link 6020 Wireless Telephone - SpectraLink
14093100Spectralink New KIRK 40XX Belt Clip Connector
DCD100Spectralink New DCD100 - Dual Charging Stand for 6000/8000 Series Wireless Hands
6867-10052-020686710052020Spectralink New 8400 ONSITE IMPLEMENTATION SERVICE
4870-01041-007487001041007Spectralink New KWS 6000/2500/8000 On-Site Implementation Service On-site syste
SIP06000Spectralink New Spectralink 6000 Series OnsiteImplementa
SCN508Spectralink New in the box LINK 150 M3 MCU ( MicroControl Unit ) 8-Port NORTEL MERIDIAN 1 AND Universal
INS225Spectralink New On-site Expansion Commissioning and Certification for SpectraLin
2200-37292-001220037292001Spectralink New HD voice quality VoWLAN handset. 2.2 240 x 320 resolution colo
2200-37162-001220037162001Spectralink New Spectralink 8452 without Lync support North American Handset B
MOG500Spectralink New OAI Gateway for SpectraLink 6100 M3 MCUs. Includes power supply
CBS250Spectralink New Includes 1x Link Wireless Telehpone LTB100 1x Standard Li-ion
2200-37288-001220037288001Spectralink New HD voice quality VoWLAN handset. 2.2 240 x 320 resolution colo
1310-37224-701131037224701Spectralink New 84 series quad Charger kit
MKA700Spectralink New Administration kit with software for the netlink 8000 series pho
2200-36597-001220036597001Spectralink New Non-functional Quad Charger shell
4870-01042-007487001042007Spectralink New IP-DECT Server 6000/6500/2500/8000 On-Site Additional Base Stati
2310-37245-001231037245001Spectralink New Black Vinyl Case with Integrated Belt Cl
6867-10053-020686710053020Spectralink New SK 8400 ONSITE ADDHANDSET IMPLEM
4870-01043-007487001043007Spectralink New ONSITE KIRK KWS 6000/2500/8000ADDITIONAL
14132301Spectralink New BELT CLIP CONNECTOR FOR 75-Series
84642472Spectralink New Charger for DECT 7520 and 7540 Wireless handsets. Does not inclu
84642473Spectralink New Single charger with USB for 7520 7540. Previously known as KIRK
84642602Spectralink New For use with the Dect Repeater 02338200 or Dect Single Charger
DCS100Spectralink New Charges the Battery Pack within the phone. This is to be used wi
SDS17000Spectralink Bill of Material Design services for Spectralink 7000: 20 Base S
SDS26000Spectralink Bill of Material Design Services for Spectralink 6000: 21 to 50
TRN760Spectralink New eLearning - End User Training. 45 min course
WTO101Spectralink New WTO101 - Cord Lanyard with Quick Disconnet for the Link 6020 - CLEI WTO101
WTO360Spectralink New WTO360 - Blue Silicone Case w/ Swivel Clip for 6020/8020 Wireles CLEI WTO360
WTO460Spectralink New WTO460 - Blue Silicone Case w/ Swivel Clip for 8030 Wireless Han CLEI WTO460
XAN550Spectralink New 8000 Assured Contract Maintenance
XAN570Spectralink New Premier Contract Maintenance - SpectraLink 8000 price is per Wi
XAN580Spectralink New 8000 Advanced Contract Maintenance
XBA400Spectralink New
XBA410Spectralink New
XBA420Spectralink New
XBQ400Spectralink New
XBS100Spectralink New Software Update
XBS110Spectralink New Software Update After Hours
XUP300Spectralink New Wireless Telephone Liquid Damage Warranty and Maintenance Upgrad
02319701Spectralink New LEATHER POUCH 76-Series
02365702Spectralink New Spectralink Butterfly Handset Green
2200-37148-001220037148001Spectralink Refurbished 2200-37148-001 8440 Black Handset w/o Lync
2200-37287-711220037287711Spectralink 84-Series 12-Bay Multi-Charger North America - Includes Power S
BBK87100Spectralink 87-Series Standard Battery Black
BBL87100Spectralink 87-Series Standard Battery Blue
CBK87200Spectralink 87-Series Quad charger Black
PBK87410Spectralink PIVOT 8741 Handset Black
PBK87530Spectralink PIVOT 8753 Handset Black
2310-37190-001231037190001Spectralink New Clear Silicone case w/belt cli p and clip assembly 8452/8453
SIP08000Spectralink New 80- 84- 87- Series Onsite Imp lementation or Remediation Svc
02339700Spectralink Media Resource Card VoIP Inte rface Card US/EMEA
02509400Spectralink 77-Series Charger Rack need p ower supply 02509503
ACA87311Spectralink Spectralink PIVOT Silicone bumper black
84642496Spectralink Charger for 7480 only4080
2200-37150-001220037150001Spectralink New 220037150001 2200-37150-001 - 8440 Wireless Handset BLACK - SpectraLink / P CLEI 2200-37150
SCD508Spectralink SCD508 - Link 150 M3 MCU Universal Digital Interface Module 8 P
84642488Spectralink New Charger for 7620 7640. Ships without power supply. Previously k
02337401Spectralink IP-DECT Base Station
ALS87302Spectralink Spectralink Lanyard - Black
ASP87307Spectralink Spk PIVOT Screen protector. 10 pack
BBK87120Spectralink Spectralink Battery
KNA87422Spectralink Spectralink PIVOT:S MultiCharger Bundle North America includes 3
PBL87420Spectralink Spectralink PIVOT:S 8742 Blue North America. Order battery and c
TGD208Spectralink New TGD208 - 8000 Telephony Gateway 8-Port Universal Digital - ROHS CLEI TGD208
02319595Spectralink Spectralink Carrying Case Pouch for IP Phone - Black - Scratch

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