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Listings of Steren Electronics by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
200-254WH200254WHSteren Electronics New 200254WH TV WHITE 1-HOLE WALL PLATE
200-258IV200258IVSteren Electronics New 200258IV 200-258IV BLANK IVORY WALL PLATE
200-258WH200258WHSteren Electronics New 200258WH 200-258WH BLANK WHITE WALL PLATE
204-200204200Steren Electronics New 204200 204-200 PRECISION COAX STRIPPING TOOL
204-205204205Steren Electronics New 204205 204-205 CABLES HT-332 COAX 2 BLADE RTRY STRIPR
205-410BK205410BKSteren Electronics New 205410BK 205-410BK F COAXIAL RG-6CABL CABLE 3FT LENGTH
205-410WH205410WHSteren Electronics New 205410WH
205-415WH205415WHSteren Electronics New 205415WH 205-415WH F COAX RG-6 Cable 6 Feet CableE WHITE
205-420BK205420BKSteren Electronics New 205420BK 205-420BK F COAX RG-6 Cable CableE 12FT LENGTH
205-420WH205420WHSteren Electronics New 205420WH 205-420WH F COAX RG-6 Cable CableE 12FT LENGTH White
205-435BK205435BKSteren Electronics New 205435BK 205-435BK 50FT RG-6 F-F Cable Assembly BLACK
205-910BK205910BKSteren Electronics New 205910BK 3FT F TO F BLACK RG-6 UL Cable CableE 24KGOLD NIC ( Network Interface Card )
206-010206010Steren Electronics New 206010 206-010 12FT RG59 Cable 1RCA-1RCA
206-015206015Steren Electronics New 206015 206-015 25FT RG59 Cable 1RCA-1RCA
206-276206276Steren Electronics New 206276 6 3-RCA COMPOSITE VIDEO/AUDIO
252-052WH252052WHSteren Electronics New 252052WH 252-052WH 2FT Cable 3.5MM-DUALRCA M-M IPOD Y-CableE
252-603252603Steren Electronics New 252603 252-603 3FT 2.5MM-2.5MM Cable M-M
252-606252606Steren Electronics New 252606 252-606 6 Feet 2.5MM-2.5MM Cable M-M
252-662252662Steren Electronics New 252662 12 2 5mm Male To 2 5mm Female Extension Cable Stereo
252-682252682Steren Electronics New 252682 252-682 6 Feet 3.5MM-2.5MM Cable F-M HEADPHONE Cablee
252-684252684Steren Electronics New 252684 252-684 6 Feet 2.5MM-3.5MM Cable M-M CableE
254-110BL254110BLSteren Electronics New 254110BL 3FT PYTHON RCA RCA VIDEOCABL CABLE NIC ( Network Interface Card )
254-210BL254210BLSteren Electronics New 254210BL 254-210BL DUAL RCA AUDIOCABL CABLE 3FT
254-215BL254215BLSteren Electronics New 254215BL 254-215BL DUAL RCA AUDIOCABL CABLE 6 Feet
254-310BL254310BLSteren Electronics New 254310BL 254-310BL RCA Cable AUDIO/VIDEO CableE 3FT
254-603IV254603IVSteren Electronics New 254603IV 254-603IV CableES 3FT Cable 5-RCA IVRY COMP Cablee
255-010255010Steren Electronics New 255010 255-010 RCA Y Adapter 2 Cable F/1 M
255-036255036Steren Electronics New 255036 255-036 Y ADAPTER 2 RCA Cable TO 3.5 MINI ST JCK
255-042255042Steren Electronics New 255042 255-042 2-3.5MM JACKS TOCABL 1-3.5MM PLUG 6-Inch
255-045255045Steren Electronics New 255045 255-045 MINI TO RCA Cable STERO Y CableE 6 Feet
255-117255117Steren Electronics New 255117 255-117 25FT RCA TO RCA Cable PLUG
255-121255121Steren Electronics New 255121 255-121 RCA PATCH CORD Cable GOLD CONNECTORS 3FT
255-130255130Steren Electronics New 255130 255-130 STEREO PATCH Cable CORD 12FT LENGTH
255-131255131Steren Electronics New 255131 255-131 RCA PATCH CORD Cable GOLD CONCTRS 12FT
255-136255136Steren Electronics New 255136 255-136 RCA PATCH CORD Cable GOLD CONCTRS 25FT
255-185255185Steren Electronics New 255185 255-185 10FT COILED 3.5 Cable STEREO EXTENSION
255-219255219Steren Electronics New 255219 255-219 6 Feet 3.5MM TO 3 Cable RCA Camcorder Cablee
255-255255255Steren Electronics New 255255 255-255 2FT 3.5MM/M TO Cable 3.5MM/M ST Cable
255-258255258Steren Electronics New 255258 255-258 3.5MM STEREO AUDCABL CABLE 6 Feet LENGTH
255-319CL255319CLSteren Electronics New 255319CL 255-319CL 1000FT 18AWG Cable CONSUM GRD Speaker WIRE
260-003260003Steren Electronics New 260003 260-003 3FT TOSLINK Cable DIGITAL OPTICAL CableE
260-006260006Steren Electronics New 260006 260-006 6 Feet Cable TOSLINK/TOSLI DIGITAL OPTICAL Cable
260-012260012Steren Electronics New 260012 260-012 12FT TSLNK/TSLNKCABL DIGITAL OPTICAL CABLE
300-094WH300094WHSteren Electronics New 300094WH 300-094WH 6P4C WALL PHONE JACK WHITE
300-251300251Steren Electronics New 300251 Handset Detangler For KX-DT/ NT Phones 06/28
301-172-2530117225Steren Electronics New 30117225 ENHANCED RJ45 MODULAR PLUG 25-Pack
302-007BK302007BKSteren Electronics New 302007BK 7 HANDSET CORD BLACK
302-012BK302012BKSteren Electronics New 302012BK 12 Black Handset Cord
302-025BK302025BKSteren Electronics New 302025BK 25 HANDSET CORD BLACK
304-007SL304007SLSteren Electronics New 304007SL 304-007SL 7FT 4 Cable CONDUCTOR LINE CORD SILVER
304-007WH304007WHSteren Electronics New 304007WH 304-007WH 7FT 4 Cable CONDUCTOR LINE CORD WH
304-015IV304015IVSteren Electronics New 304015IV 304-015IV 15FT 4 COND Cable LINE CORD IV
304-015SL304015SLSteren Electronics New 304015SL 304-015SL 15FT 4 COND Cable LINE CORD SL
304-015WH304015WHSteren Electronics New 304015WH 304-015WH 15FT 4 COND Cable LINE CORD WH
304-025SL304025SLSteren Electronics New 304025SL 304-025SL 25FT 4 COND Cable LINE CORD SL
304-050SL304050SLSteren Electronics New 304050SL 50 4C TELEPHONE LINE CORD SILVER
306-015SL306015SLSteren Electronics New 306015SL 15 6C TELEPHONE LINE CORD SILVER
308-600BL308600BLSteren Electronics New 308600BL 308-600BL 100FT MOLDED Cable CAT5E UTP PATCH Card Blue
308-603BK308603BKSteren Electronics New 308603BK 308-603BK 3FT MOLDED Cable CAT5E PATCH CORD
308-603BL308603BLSteren Electronics New 308603BL 308-603BL 3FT CAT 5E Cable CableE BLUE
308-603YL308603YLSteren Electronics New 308603YL 308-603YL 3FT CAT 5E Cable CableE YELLOW
308-605GY308605GYSteren Electronics New 308605GY 5 GREY MOLDED CAT5E UTP PATCH
308-607BK308607BKSteren Electronics New 308607BK 308-607BK 7FT MOLDED Cable CAT5E PATCH CORD BLACK
308-607BL308607BLSteren Electronics New 308607BL 308-607BL 7FT CAT 5E Cable CableE BLUE
308-607WH308607WHSteren Electronics New 308607WH 308-607WH 7FT MOLDED Cable CAT5E PATCH CORD WHITE
308-614BK308614BKSteren Electronics New 308614BK 308-614BK 14FT MOLDED Cable CAT5E PATCH CORD BLACK
308-614GY308614GYSteren Electronics New 308614GY 308-614GY 14FT CAT 5E Cable CableE GRAY
308-625BL308625BLSteren Electronics New 308625BL 308-625BL 25FT CAT 5E Cable CableE BLUE
308-625WH308625WHSteren Electronics New 308625WH 308-625WH 25FT MOLDED Cable CAT5E PATCH CORD White
308-650BL308650BLSteren Electronics New 308650BL 308-650BL 50FT CAT 5E Cable CableE BLUE
308-650GY308650GYSteren Electronics New 308650GY 308-650GY 50FT CAT 5E Cable CableE GRAY
308-914BL308914BLSteren Electronics New 308914BL 308-914BL 14FT BLUE CAT6CABL PATCH CORDS
310-039BK310039BKSteren Electronics New 310039BK CAT5E IN LINE COUPLER BLACK
310-040BK310040BKSteren Electronics New 310040BK CAT6 IN LINE COUPLER BLACK
310-043WH310043WHSteren Electronics New 310043WH 1 x RJ-45 Female Network - 1 x RJ-45 Female Network - Gold-plate
310-100WH310100WHSteren Electronics New 310100WH 310-100WH SINGLE GANG SURFACE MOUNT WHITE
310-392310392Steren Electronics New 310392 3-1/8 CABLE DISTRIBUTION RING
314-007SL314007SLSteren Electronics New 314007SL 7 26AWG/4C TELEPHONE LINE CORD UL SILVER
300-793BL300793BLSteren Electronics New STEREN 1000FT 8C 4PR BLU CAT5E PLENUM NIC
505-395505395Steren Electronics New 505395 505-395 POLARIZED Cable REPLACEMENT CORD UL
506-460506460Steren Electronics New 506460 506-460 10FT A-B USB Cable VERSION 2
506-516BK506516BKSteren Electronics New 506516BK 506-516BK 6 Feet USB-A TO Cable MINI B 2.0 NICKEL
CAT51000IW8-BKCAT51000IW8BKSteren Electronics New 350MHz Cat5E CMR Pull-box Black 13909
517-303BK517303BKSteren Electronics New 517303BK HDMI - 3 ft - 1 x HDMI Digital Audio/Video - 1 x HDMI Digital Au
517-306BK517306BKSteren Electronics New 517306BK 6 HDMI High Speed w/Ethernet 06/25
517-310BK517310BKSteren Electronics New 517310BK HDMI - 10 ft - 1 x HDMI Digital Audio/Video - 1 x HDMI Digital A
517-312BK517312BKSteren Electronics New 517312BK HDMI - 12 ft - 1 x HDMI Digital Audio/Video - 1 x HDMI Digital A
517-315BK517315BKSteren Electronics New 517315BK HDMI - 15 ft - 1 x HDMI Digital Audio/Video - 1 x HDMI Digital A
517-330BK517330BKSteren Electronics New 517330BK 30 HDMI HIGH SPEED W/ETHERNET CABLE
517-350BK517350BKSteren Electronics New 517350BK 50 HDMI HIGH SPEED W/ETHERNET CABLE
526-101WH526101WHSteren Electronics New 526101WH HDMI PIGTAIL WALL PLATE WHITE
526-111WH526111WHSteren Electronics New 526111WH HDMI PIGTAIL FJACK WALL PLATE WHITE
602-010602010Steren Electronics New 602010
905-106905106Steren Electronics New 905106 6 OUTLET PLASTIC SURGE STRIP ULACCS
905-304905304Steren Electronics New 905304 3 OUTLET PLUG-IN SURGE PROTECTOR UL
254-315BL254315BLSteren Electronics New 254-315BL STEREN RCA AUDIO/VIDEO CABLE 6FT
306-025SL306025SLSteren Electronics New 6C 25' Silver Modular Line Cord
300-074300074Steren Electronics New 4C T-ADAPTER JACK-JACK-JACK IVORY
255-235255235Steren Electronics New 18' 2-RCA Plug/2-RCA Plug Premium
255-134255134Steren Electronics New 20' 2-RCA Plugs to 2-RCA Plugs
200-500200500Steren Electronics New Steren 200-500 75-300 Ohm Matching Trnsfrmer / Antenna Connector
253-350BK253350BKSteren Electronics New 253-350BK STEREN 50FT SVGA CABLES W/FERRITE
308-603WH308603WHSteren Electronics New 308-603WH STEREN 3FT MOLDED Cable CAT5E PATCH CORD WHITE
254-125BL254125BLSteren Electronics New STEREN 25FT PYTHON RCA TO RCA VIDEO CABLE NIC
253-310BK253310BKSteren Electronics New 10ft SVGA DE15HD M/M Monitor Cable
304-707WH304707WHSteren Electronics New 4C 7' WHITE DATA MODULAR CABLE
300-070300070Steren Electronics New B-Wire Connector 250 PER PACK
300-100300100Steren Electronics New Cable Tester for Cat5 and BNC
200-057-2520005725Steren Electronics New 25ct F Jack to F Jack Adapter 1GHz
300-261IV300261IVSteren Electronics New Single Line Telephone DSL Filter Ivory
310-043BK310043BKSteren Electronics New KEYSTONE CAT6 IN LINE COUPLER BLACK
302-015IV302015IVSteren Electronics New 302-015IV 15 HANDSET CORD IVORY
255-135255135Steren Electronics New 25' 2-RCA-Plugs to 2-RCA Plugs
1000S4SVSteren Electronics New
260-025260025Steren Electronics New 25FT T-T DGTL OPT CBL
205-430WH205430WHSteren Electronics New 25' F-F White RG6/UL Cable
300-095300095Steren Electronics New 4C Steel Wall-Phone Jack
308-610WH308610WHSteren Electronics New 10'White Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
308-605BL308605BLSteren Electronics New 5' Blue Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
301-146IV301146IVSteren Electronics New 4C Ivory Dual Surface Jack UL
301-204WH301204WHSteren Electronics New 4C White Smooth Flush Jack UL
300-003WH300003WHSteren Electronics New 4C White Decora Tel Plate
255-160255160Steren Electronics New 6' 3.5 Mono Plug to 3.5 Mono Plug
255-155255155Steren Electronics New 2' 3.5 Mono Plug to 3.5 Mono Plug
306-007SL306007SLSteren Electronics New 6C 7' Silver Modular Line Cord
304-007IV304007IVSteren Electronics New 4C 7' Ivory Modular Line Cord
255-025255025Steren Electronics New RCA JACK TO TWO RCA PLUG Y AUDIO ADAPTER
310-324310324Steren Electronics New 310-324 STEREN 24 PORT MINI CAT5 PATCH PANEL
302-015BK302015BKSteren Electronics New 15ft Handset Cord Black
304-725SL304725SLSteren Electronics New 4C 25' Silver Data Modular Cable
200-411WH200411WHSteren Electronics New TV Midsize Plate White w/Coupler
255-217255217Steren Electronics New 255217 3 3.5mm to 3-RCA Camcorder Cable
310-390310390Steren Electronics New 310390 2 Cable D Ring 01/23
310-394310394Steren Electronics New 310394 5 Cable D Ring 01/23
300-072300072Steren Electronics New UR 3-PORT RED CONNECTOR 100 PACK
255-165255165Steren Electronics New 10' 3.5 Mono Plug to 3.5 Mono Plug
200-253WH200253WHSteren Electronics New TV Plate Decora White w/Coupler
516-615BK516615BKSteren Electronics New 15' HDMI to HDMI 1.3 HIGH SPEED (02/07)
526-102WH526102WHSteren Electronics New 526102WH 2-HDMI PIGTAIL WALL PLATE WHITEACCS
CAT51000IW8-BLCAT51000IW8BLSteren Electronics New 350MHz Cat5E CMR Pull-box Blue 13910
CAT51000IW8-WHCAT51000IW8WHSteren Electronics New 350MHz Cat5E CMR Pull-box White 13914
300-077300077Steren Electronics New Wire Crimp Connector Gel-filled 100 pack
200-490200490Steren Electronics New Matching Transformer 300/75 Ohm Outdoor
ST-253-310BKST253310BKSteren Electronics 10ft SVGA DE15HD M/M Monitor Cable
ST-300-072ST300072Steren Electronics UR 3-PORT RED CONNECTOR 100 PACK
ST-300-100ST300100Steren Electronics
ST-516-615BKST516615BKSteren Electronics 15 HDMI to HDMI 1.3 HIGH SPEED
ST-517-306BKST517306BKSteren Electronics 6 HDMI High Speed w/Ethernet
ST-517-310BKST517310BKSteren Electronics 10 HDMI to HDMI HIGH SPEED W/ ETHERNET
ST-517-330BKST517330BKSteren Electronics 30 HDMI to HDMI 1.3 HIGH SPEED
ST-204-200ST204200Steren Electronics Coax Stripper Clothespin 3-Blade
ST-204-205ST204205Steren Electronics Coax Stripper Rotary 2-Blade
ST-205-430WHST205430WHSteren Electronics 25 F-F White RG6/UL Cable
ST-205-435BKST205435BKSteren Electronics 50 F-F Black RG6/UL Cable
ST-254-125BLST254125BLSteren Electronics 25 RCA-RCA Plug Python Gold
ST-254-603IVST254603IVSteren Electronics 3 Ivory Component Video-Audio
ST-300-251ST300251Steren Electronics Handset Detangler For KX-DT/ NT Phones
ST-308-600BLST308600BLSteren Electronics 100Blue Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-614BKST308614BKSteren Electronics 14Black Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-614GYST308614GYSteren Electronics 14Grey Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-625BLST308625BLSteren Electronics 25Blue Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-650BLST308650BLSteren Electronics 50Blue Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-650GYST308650GYSteren Electronics 50Grey Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-914BLST308914BLSteren Electronics 14Blue Molded Cat 6 UTP Patch
ST-310-324ST310324Steren Electronics Cat5E 24-Port Loaded Patch Panel
ST-310-334ST310334Steren Electronics Cat 6 24-Port Loaded Patch Panel
ST-310-394ST310394Steren Electronics 5 Cable D Ring
ST-BL-526-051STBL526051Steren Electronics HDMI EXTENDER OVER CAT5e OR CAT6
BL-526-051BL526051Steren Electronics New HDMI EXTENDER OVER CAT5e OR CAT6
BL-526-055BL526055Steren Electronics New HDMI OVER 1 CAT5E/6 W IR
ST-200-253WHST200253WHSteren Electronics TV Plate Decora White w/Coupler
ST-200-254WHST200254WHSteren Electronics TV White 1-Hole Wall Plate
ST-200-258IVST200258IVSteren Electronics Blank Ivory Cover Plate
ST-200-258WHST200258WHSteren Electronics Blank White Cover Plate
ST-200-411WHST200411WHSteren Electronics TV Midsize Plate White w/Coupler
ST-200-490ST200490Steren Electronics Matching Transformer 300/75 Ohm Outdoor
ST-200-500ST200500Steren Electronics Match Xformer Indoor
ST-205-410BKST205410BKSteren Electronics 3 F-F Black RG6/UL Cable
ST-205-410WHST205410WHSteren Electronics 3 F-F White RG6/UL Cable
ST-205-415WHST205415WHSteren Electronics 6 F-F White RG6/UL Cable
ST-205-420BKST205420BKSteren Electronics 12 F-F Black RG6/UL Cable
ST-205-420WHST205420WHSteren Electronics 12 F-F White RG6/UL Cable
ST-205-910BKST205910BKSteren Electronics 3FT F-F RG6 PATCH CABLE GOLD UL BLACK
ST-206-015ST206015Steren Electronics 25 RCA-RCA RG59 Black Cable
ST-206-276ST206276Steren Electronics 6 St VCR Cable Nickel 3x Shielded
ST-252-052WHST252052WHSteren Electronics 2 Feet Y3.5-Plug - 2-RCA Male
ST-252-603ST252603Steren Electronics 3 Feet 2.5 Male-2.5 Male
ST-252-606ST252606Steren Electronics 6 Feet 2.5 Male-2.5 Male
ST-252-682ST252682Steren Electronics 6 Feet 3.5 Fem-2.5 Male
ST-252-684ST252684Steren Electronics 6 Feet 2.5 Male-3.5 Male
ST-254-110BLST254110BLSteren Electronics 3 RCA-RCA Plug Python Gold
ST-254-215BLST254215BLSteren Electronics 6 2RCA-2RCA Plugs Python Gold
ST-255-010ST255010Steren Electronics 6-inch Y 2-RCA Jacks to RCA Plugs
ST-255-025ST255025Steren Electronics RCA JACK TO TWO RCA PLUG Y AUDIO ADAPTER
ST-255-036ST255036Steren Electronics 6-inch Y 2-RCA Plugs/3.5mm Stereo
ST-255-045ST255045Steren Electronics 6-feet Y 2-RCA Plugs/3.5mm Stereo
ST-255-117ST255117Steren Electronics 25 RCA Plug to RCA Plug
ST-255-121ST255121Steren Electronics 3 2-RCA Plugs to 2-RCA Plugs
ST-255-131ST255131Steren Electronics 12 2-RCA-Plugs to 2-RCA Plugs
ST-255-134ST255134Steren Electronics 20 2-RCA Plugs to 2-RCA Plugs
ST-255-135ST255135Steren Electronics 25 2-RCA-Plugs to 2-RCA Plugs
ST-255-136ST255136Steren Electronics 25 2-RCA Plugs to 2-RCA Plugs
ST-255-155ST255155Steren Electronics 2 3.5 Mono Plug to 3.5 Mono Plug
ST-255-160ST255160Steren Electronics 6 3.5 Mono Plug to 3.5 Mono Plug
ST-255-185ST255185Steren Electronics 10 Coiled 3.5 Stereo Extension
ST-255-217ST255217Steren Electronics 3 3.5mm to 3-RCA Camcorder Cable
ST-255-219ST255219Steren Electronics 6 3.5mm to 3-RCA Camcorder Cable
ST-255-235ST255235Steren Electronics 18 2-RCA Plug/2-RCA Plug Premium
ST-255-255ST255255Steren Electronics 2 3.5 to 3.5mm STEREO PLUG- EHS for KX
ST-255-258ST255258Steren Electronics 6 3.5 Ster Plug to 3.5 Ster Plug
ST-260-003ST260003Steren Electronics 3ft Toslink Digital Optical Patch Cord
ST-260-006ST260006Steren Electronics 6ft Toslink Digital Optical Patch Cord
ST-260-025ST260025Steren Electronics 25ft Toslink Digital Optical Patch Cord
ST-300-094WHST300094WHSteren Electronics 4C White Wall-Phone Jack
ST-300-095ST300095Steren Electronics 4C Steel Wall-Phone Jack
ST-301-146IVST301146IVSteren Electronics 4C Ivory Dual Surface Jack UL
ST-301-172-25ST30117225Steren Electronics 25PK 8x8 Round/Stranded RJ45 Cat5e Plug
ST-301-204WHST301204WHSteren Electronics 4C White Smooth Flush Jack UL
ST-302-007BKST302007BKSteren Electronics 7 BLACK HANDSET CORD
ST-302-012BKST302012BKSteren Electronics 12 Black Handset Cord
ST-302-015BKST302015BKSteren Electronics 15ft Handset Cord Black
ST-302-025BKST302025BKSteren Electronics 25 Black Handset Cord
ST-304-007IVST304007IVSteren Electronics 4C 7 Ivory Modular Line Cord
ST-304-007SLST304007SLSteren Electronics 4C 7 Silver Modular Line Cord
ST-304-007WHST304007WHSteren Electronics 4C 7 White Modular Line Cord
ST-304-015IVST304015IVSteren Electronics 4C 15 Ivory Modular Line Cord
ST-304-015SLST304015SLSteren Electronics 4C 15 Silver Modular Line Cord
ST-304-015WHST304015WHSteren Electronics 4C 15 White Modular Line Cord
ST-304-025SLST304025SLSteren Electronics 4C 25 Silver Modular Line Cord
ST-304-050SLST304050SLSteren Electronics 4C 50 SILVER MODULAR LINE CORD
ST-304-707WHST304707WHSteren Electronics 4C 7 WHITE DATA MODULAR CABLE
ST-304-725SLST304725SLSteren Electronics 4C 25 Silver Data Modular Cable
ST-306-007SLST306007SLSteren Electronics 6C 7 Silver Modular Line Cord
ST-306-015SLST306015SLSteren Electronics 6C 15 Silver Modular Line Cord
ST-306-025SLST306025SLSteren Electronics 6C 25 Silver Modular Line Cord
ST-308-603BKST308603BKSteren Electronics 3 BlackMolded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-603BLST308603BLSteren Electronics 3 Blue Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-603WHST308603WHSteren Electronics 3 WhiteMolded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-605BLST308605BLSteren Electronics 5 Blue Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-605GYST308605GYSteren Electronics 5 Grey Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-607BKST308607BKSteren Electronics 7 Black Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-308-610WHST308610WHSteren Electronics 10White Molded Cat5E UTP Patch
ST-310-040BKST310040BKSteren Electronics Cat6 F-F Coupler- Black
ST-310-043WHST310043WHSteren Electronics Cat6 Keystone Coupler White
ST-310-100WHST310100WHSteren Electronics Junction Box for Wall plates White
ST-310-390ST310390Steren Electronics 2 Cable D Ring
ST-310-392ST310392Steren Electronics 3 Cable D Ring
ST-505-395ST505395Steren Electronics Polarized Replacement Cord UL
ST-506-460ST506460Steren Electronics 10A-B USB Cable Version 2.0
ST-506-516BKST506516BKSteren Electronics 6 Feet USB-A to Mini B 2.0
ST-517-303BKST517303BKSteren Electronics 3 HDMI HIGH SPEED WITH ETHERNET
ST-517-315BKST517315BKSteren Electronics 15 HDMI High Speed w/Ethernet
ST-517-350BKST517350BKSteren Electronics 50 HDMI High Speed w/Ethernet
ST-526-101WHST526101WHSteren Electronics Standard HDMI Pigtail Wall Plate
ST-526-102WHST526102WHSteren Electronics Standard 2-HDMI Pigtail Wall Plate
ST-526-111WHST526111WHSteren Electronics Standard HDMI Pigtail F Jack Wall Plate
ST-BL-265-703BKSTBL265703BKSteren Electronics 3FT 3.5mm AUDIO CABLE- BLACK
ST-BL-322-025WHSTBL322025WHSteren Electronics 25ft Coiled Handset Telephone Cord WHITE
ST-300-070ST300070Steren Electronics B-Wire Connector 250 PER PACK
ST-602-010ST602010Steren Electronics LCD Digital Multimeter
ST-302-015IVST302015IVSteren Electronics 15 Ivory Handset Cord
ST-BL-240-956BK-20STBL240956BK20Steren Electronics Coaxial Cable Mounting Clips 20PK
ST-BL-322-025BKSTBL322025BKSteren Electronics 25ft Coiled Handset Telephone Cord Black
ST-200-057-25ST20005725Steren Electronics 25ct F Jack to F Jack Adapter 1GHz
ST-300-261IVST300261IVSteren Electronics Single Line Telephone DSL Filter Ivory
1000-COAX1000COAXSteren Electronics RG6 COAX CABLE 200-931BK REEL 1000 FT
ST-300-074ST300074Steren Electronics 4C T-ADAPTER JACK-JACK-JACK IVORY
500-18-2AWG500182AWGSteren Electronics 500 feet Speakerwire 18g- 2c 255-418 Clear

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