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Listings of Storage Dimensions by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
2507662Storage Dimensions Refurbished PCI RAID CONTROLLER WITH CACHE
2507662-0042507662004Storage Dimensions Refurbished 2507662004 PCI RAID CONTROLLER WITH CACHE
2502385-2002502385200Storage Dimensions Refurbished 2502385200 STORAGE DIMENSIONS SCSI HOST ADAPTER 2502385-200 EISA
2503414-0012503414001Storage Dimensions Refurbished 2503414001 EISA SCSI CONTROLLER
2503414-0042503414004Storage Dimensions Refurbished 2503414004 STORAGE DIMENSIONS 2503414-004 SCSI ADAPTER CARD
2507662-0022507662002Storage Dimensions Refurbished 2507662002 PCI RAID CONTROLLER WITH CACHE
2507662-0032507662003Storage Dimensions Refurbished 2507662003 PCI RAID CONTROLLER WITH CACHE
2507662-0062507662006Storage Dimensions Refurbished 2507662006 PCI RAID CONTROLLER WITH CACHE
2507837Storage Dimensions Refurbished MEGARAID SERIES 42B REV.01 PCI CONTROLLER CARD
3206299-0013206299001Storage Dimensions Refurbished 3206299001 STORAGE DIMENSIONS 3206299-001 SCSI HD CASE
3206299-0023206299002Storage Dimensions Refurbished 3206299002 STORAGE DIMENSIONS 3206299-002 SCSI HD CASE
3206299-0033206299003Storage Dimensions Refurbished 3206299003 STORAGE DIMENSIONS 3206299-003 SCSI HD CASE
3900452-0033900452003Storage Dimensions Refurbished 3900452003 STORAGE DIMENSION CHEROKEE QT1F1V 3900452-003 125 WATT Power Supply
LAN2-1350F1M-C2LAN21350F1MC2Storage Dimensions Refurbished LAN21350F1MC2 EXTERNAL CASE WITH ONE ST41601N
LAN2-1350FIEBF2LAN21350FIEBF2Storage Dimensions Refurbished LAN21350FIEBF2 EXTERNAL SCSI HARD DRIVE
LAN2-1350S1M-C2LAN21350S1MC2Storage Dimensions Refurbished LAN21350S1MC2 EXTERNAL CASE WITH TWO ST41601N
1505637-0011505637001Storage Dimensions STORAGE DIMENSIONS 2GB MIRRORED STORAGE

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