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Listings of Sun Microsystems by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
594-2421-02594242102Sun Microsystems Refurbished 594242102 UN StorageTek 5320C Cluster 2.6Ghz/4GB/RackM ST277-B4N2-2C
594-24555942455Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5942455 594-2455 STORAGETEK CSM200-EU 16-BAY Fiber Fibre/SATA ARRAY W/ 2 F
594-2466-01594246601Sun Microsystems New 594246601 SUN 2GB Single HBA Host Bus Adapter PCI-XGC1-1CON PK11C5/9-B22-9CO
594-25075942507Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5942507 40GB PMC Disk Drive Assembly
594-26235942623Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5942623 Sun Rack 1000-42 ROHSYL Fully Enclosed with keys
594-26585942658Sun Microsystems Refurbished 2.8GHz Opteron 254 Option RoHS:Y
594-27195942719Sun Microsystems New 5942719 CP2500 Rear Transition Module ROHSYL
594-28025942802Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5942802 36-72GB 4MM DAT 72 Assembly/FRU RoHS:YL
594-38185943818Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5943818 Storagetek 5320 2.6GHZ 2GB NAS Server
594-38205943820Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5943820 2.2GHZ Single Core Opteron Processor
594-40245944024Sun Microsystems New 5944024 594-4024 PRO/1000 PT Quad Port Server Adapter LP Low Profile PCIE PCI-Express
594-40245944024Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5944024 594-4024 PRO/1000 PT Quad Port Server Adapter LP Low Profile PCIE PCI-Express
594-41115944111Sun Microsystems New 5944111 PCI Express Quad Gigabit Ethernet UTP
594-44055944405Sun Microsystems Refurbished StorageTek 2500 2U Universal Rack Mount Kit
594-4415-01594441501Sun Microsystems New 594441501 SUN 146GB SAS. RoHS +Bracket NIB PK12G-M22-B28-4CPK12A-12C
594-44675944467Sun Microsystems New 5944467 Cat Door Actuator Upgrade kit
594-45215944521Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Blade T6300 Server Module with 16GB Memory 8 x 2GB and 1 C
594-45225944522Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5944522 Sun Blade T6300 Server Module with 32GB Memory 8 x 4GB and 1 C
594-45265944526Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5944526 Sun Blade T6320 Server Module with 16GB Memory 8 x 2GB and 1 C
594-49245944924Sun Microsystems New 5944924 FC10-6 Brocade 6-Port 10Gb/s Blade for the BR-48000 FC Director
594-53145945314Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5945314 4Gb PCI Express Dual FC / Dual Gigabit Ethernet ExpressModule Ho
594-53185945318Sun Microsystems New 5945318 Sun Storage J4200 2U Universal Rackmount Kit
594-53295945329Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5945329 SAS Expansion Tray I/O Module IOM RoHS
594-5576-01594557601Sun Microsystems New 594557601
594-5681-01594568101Sun Microsystems Refurbished 594568101 E 594-5681-01 SUN LightPulse 8GB Single Port Fibre Fiber PCI-E
594-56835945683Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5945683 E 594-5683 SUN SANBlade 8GB Single Port Fibre Fiber PC
594-56845945684Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5945684 E 594-5684 SUN SANBlade 8GB Dual Port Fibre Fiber PCI-E
594-58975945897Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5945897 Sun Rack II Fully Enclosed 1242E
594-58985945898Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5945898 Sun Rack II 1042 - rack - 42U
594-6012-01594601201Sun Microsystems New 594601201 SUN ORIGINAL 2Gb 1Rx4 PC3 DIMM Memory NHH9M2-BAP-22CON
595-17115951711Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5951711 150MB External U-SCSI TAPE BACKUP DRIVE
595-2152-01595215201Sun Microsystems Refurbished 595215201 207MB 3600RPM SCSI IN Enclosure
595-2273-01595227301Sun Microsystems Refurbished 595227301 5GB 8MM DAT External. SCSI
595-27315952731Sun Microsystems New 5952731 SWIFT 68-SCSI+ NET SBUS CardST287-M3-1C
595-29205952920Sun Microsystems New 5952920 External SCSI Cable HD68-HD68 scsi Differential 12MST277-B9-22
595-30675953067Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5953067 4MM DAT 2GB/4GB DDS External. SCSI Tape Drive
595-31885953188Sun Microsystems New 5953188 Super Sparc CPU Module 501-2754 ST286G1-B80-1C
595-3236-01595323601Sun Microsystems Refurbished 595323601
595-32615953261Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5953261 L500 Fibre Fiber Channel Card ROHS:YL
595-34445953444Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5953444 FDDI SAS 3.0
595-3478-01595347801Sun Microsystems Refurbished 595347801 8MM DAT Tape Drive Desktop
595-3479-01595347901Sun Microsystems Refurbished 595347901 SUN 595-3479-01 EXTERNAL TAPE DRIVE
595-3550-01595355001Sun Microsystems Refurbished 595355001 7GB/8GB 8MM DAT 8MM Tabletop Model 411
595-36175953617Sun Microsystems New 5953617 Terminal Concentrator MOUNTING BRACKET ST286-B12-5C
595-36925953692Sun Microsystems New 5953692 P/S2 to Mini DIN- adapter KVM GB11-B17-5C
595-37245953724Sun Microsystems New 5953724 camera II CCD / Power Supply Cable HBO-MIRO-B22-1CPC2-B-7C
595-37685953768Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5953768 4Bay Multi-Disk Pack
595-38525953852Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5953852 4Bay Multi-Disk Pack
595-39065953906Sun Microsystems New 5953906 Rackmount A/D1000 STALL-B22-8C
595-39065953906Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5953906 Rackmount A/D1000 STALL-B22-8C
595-3997-01595399701Sun Microsystems New 595399701 FLOPPY Drive Completed Kit New in Box
595-4362-02595436202Sun Microsystems New 595436202 FC-100 Hub / StorEdge F100 Hub
595-44395954439Sun Microsystems New 5954439 2ANE 64MB 2 Pieces 32MB 72p 60ns 18c 4x4 2K Parity FPM SIMM X7040A
595-44605954460Sun Microsystems New 5954460 FLEXIPACK Rackmount Removable 2Tray
595-44615954461Sun Microsystems New 5954461 FLEXIPACK Rackmount Removable 1Tray
595-4521-01595452101Sun Microsystems New 595452101 JavaStation + Keyboard+ Mouse+ External DC Power Supply.
595-46035954603Sun Microsystems New 5954603 VideoPlus PCI Card
595-46195954619Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5954619 E10000 Control Board
595-46255954625Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5954625 Top Level Part # 595-4625 = E10000 Memory Board
595-46275954627Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5954627 Remote Power Control Unit
595-46285954628Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5954628 300-1336 = Pioneer PM3329BP-5 Type A135
595-46295954629Sun Microsystems New 5954629 19-Inch Rackmount Kit Option 6901
595-46305954630Sun Microsystems New 5954630 23 Rackmount Kit
595-4631-01595463101Sun Microsystems New 595463101 24 Rackmount Kit ST287-A4-1C
595-46855954685Sun Microsystems New 5954685 PCI 1GB FC-AL Host Adapter
595469401Sun Microsystems Refurbished 595469401 VHDCI-HD68 Cable. 4M GS26/9-B7-1C CLEI 442
595-4751-02-N595475102NSun Microsystems New 595475102N L1000 W/1x DLT-7000 HVDST276-B2-1C
595-4851-01595485101Sun Microsystems New 595485101 cable set
595-4872-03595487203Sun Microsystems New 595487203 Rackmount Kit Completed for E250 72 CabinetX9695A
595-49405954940Sun Microsystems New 5954940 Rackmount KIT A5XXX 68 Cable ST276K3-B27-2CN
595-49535954953Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5954953 Enterprise 250 Deskside to Rackmount Kit
595-49545954954Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5954954 72 EXPANSION COOLING KIT
595-50745955074Sun Microsystems New 5955074 SCSI RAID REV 3 RAID CARD
595-5098-01595509801Sun Microsystems New 595509801 512MB memory with Spacer Screws
595-5151-01595515101Sun Microsystems New 595515101 DC PLUG connector KIT
595-5184-07595518407Sun Microsystems New 595518407 CP1400 300Mhz CPU with FRONT Panel
595-5184-08595518408Sun Microsystems New 595518408 CP1400 300Mhz CPU with FRONT Panel
595-52035955203Sun Microsystems New 5955203 72 Cabinet Rackmount Kit
595-52285955228Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5955228 StoreEdge 12-Bay SCA Storage Array-Desktop
595-5316-01595531601Sun Microsystems New 595531601 SUN 512MB Mezzanize Memory kitTHC71-10CCEIL-20C
595-53175955317Sun Microsystems New 5955317 24X CD-ROM Drive Completed Upgrade KIT GC-9-1C
595-5357-01595535701Sun Microsystems New 595535701 Slide Rackmount kit fpr Netra 140X
595-53655955365Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5955365 40GB/80GB DLT-8000 Gray External Flexipack
595-54145955414Sun Microsystems New 5955414 Gigabit Ethernet + FC-AL HBA Host Bus Adapter PCI CardFC-AL/PW-20-1C
595-5461-01595546101Sun Microsystems New 595546101 DLT-7000 upgrade KIT for StorEdge L700 ST286F2-B60-1C
595-54735955473Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5955473 DVD-ROM Drive Assembly
595-5592-03595559203Sun Microsystems New 595559203 Netra CT 4X0 Control LED Bezel
595-5604-01595560401Sun Microsystems New 595560401 AIR FILTER for Netra CT400 FAN 5 per Pack
595-5624-02595562402Sun Microsystems New 595562402 DUAL FASTETHERNET+DUAL SCSI PCI ADAPTER
595-56705955670Sun Microsystems New 5955670 Fibre Fiber Channel cable1MMultipack Fibre Fiber Channel PK1DB10-B9-4C
595-56745955674Sun Microsystems New 5955674 15GB disk for Blade 100/150
595-57285955728Sun Microsystems New 5955728 4GB Memory KIT THC3-B35-6C
595-5773-02595577302Sun Microsystems New 595577302 GigaSwift Ethernet 1.0 MMF Fiber Fibre PCITH-W7-B20-2
595-58015955801Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5955801 Rackmount Kit for SFV880 With Screw Tray Only
595-58025955802Sun Microsystems New 5955802 FIRE V100 19-Inch Rackmount Kit
595-58095955809Sun Microsystems New 5955809 Sun AIR Bafle for E4500/E3500 ST281#1R-B5-9CN
595-58305955830Sun Microsystems New 5955830 Single FC Host Adapter PCI card WD365
595-58325955832Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5955832 19-inch Slide Adapter Kit Assembly
595-59335955933Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5955933 Dual Rackmount Kit X9667A
595-59625955962Sun Microsystems New 5955962 Internal Loop B Cable to X6727ANH-B9-27CGC10-5CN
595-6186-01595618601Sun Microsystems New 595618601 4GB 4x1GB Memory Kit 1GB 232-Pin PC100 ECC SDRAM D
595-6189-02595618902Sun Microsystems New 595618902 SUN FC cable 90180 specialPK1D10-B9-1CW24-2CNNHJ9-4CN
595-62115956211Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5956211 Fire CPU/Memory Board w/ 2 UltraSPARC III 750MHz w/ 4GB RAM
595-65255956525Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5956525 SDLT220 LVD/SE EXTERNAL TAPE DRIVE
595-65315956531Sun Microsystems New 5956531 Cable KIt x5026a DCD-modem/DSR-Per../ForntEMP PTG-B5-1TC
595-66445956644Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5956644 2x900Mhz CPU/Memory BOARD 4GB ST286B2-B42-1C/hb-12c
595-67075956707Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5956707 B100 650MHZ 1GB 30GB for B1600
595-67305956730Sun Microsystems New 5956730 FC Optical Cable LC/LC 25M SEAL
595-6734-01595673401Sun Microsystems New 595673401 SDLT 160gb 320 220 DATA Cartridge PACK
595-67485956748Sun Microsystems New 5956748
595-67625956762Sun Microsystems New 5956762
595-6810-01595681001Sun Microsystems New 595681001 L7 rackmount Kit completed New In BoxST511/277-B45-6C
595-6835-01595683501Sun Microsystems New 595683501 4GB Memory Kit PK10D-M5-B32-1CN/TH-4C
595-68615956861Sun Microsystems New 5956861 Internal Slimeline DVD-ROM
595-68795956879Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5956879 595-6879 Rackmount Kit for SF V880
595-7052-01595705201Sun Microsystems New 595705201 2GB Fibre Fiber Adapter retail FCX2-6562-L
595-7052-159570521Sun Microsystems New 59570521
595-7138-01595713801Sun Microsystems New 595713801 Desktop CONVERTION KIT3310/3320/3510/11 277A3-B35-1CN/281-3CN
595-71525957152Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5957152 CPU/ Memory Board w/4 x 1200MHZ 8GB
595-71865957186Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5957186 Storedge 3120 4 x 73GB Dual AC Power
595-7208-01-N595720801NSun Microsystems New 595720801N Sun Completed New GC6A-B17-2CON
595-72205957220Sun Microsystems New 5957220
595-72225957222Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5957222 ULTRASPARC 1GHZ CPU W/Heat Sink FAN
595-72435957243Sun Microsystems New 5957243 SX200S-X10 MB STO276-M10-46C
595-7250-01595725001Sun Microsystems New 595725001 PCI/PCI-X Dual Ultra320 SCSI Host Adapter
595-7256-01595725601Sun Microsystems Refurbished 595725601 4x1200 US IV CpuBD . SF 6900/15000RPM/25KPK-B105-4C
595-7291-01595729101Sun Microsystems New 595729101 FC CABLE KIT 2ea x LC-SC Cable 1M GS2615-B15-9CON
595-7378-02595737802Sun Microsystems New 595737802 Rackmount Kit for V20Z/V40Z
595-74825957482Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5957482 S1.0 Daughterboard Assembly w/ 2x 1.8GHz CPU and VRMs CG Steppin
595-74835957483Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5957483 S1.0 CPU Processor Daughter Board with two 2.2G
595-74875957487Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5957487 V20Z Cable Management Arm
595-7495-01595749501Sun Microsystems New 595749501 Quad GIGASWIFT PCI-x RoHS PCI QUAD ET
595-75775957577Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5957577 S1.0 Daughterboard Assembly w/ 2x 2.4GHz CPU and VRMsCG Stepping
595-7615-01595761501Sun Microsystems Refurbished 595761501 SE-6130 SATA Expansion BASE 2 I/O 2xPS GP4M1T-B1N5-1C
595-7634-02595763402Sun Microsystems New 595763402 Original + completed NEW in BOX SEAL
596-56315965631Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5965631 Sun PCI Express Boat with 7 Carriers
596-57345965734Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5965734 Netra CT900 14-Slot 12U ATCA Chasis
596-70845967084Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5967084 CT900 DC Base Chassis
596-73355967335Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5967335 SUN Internal SAS Cable Option RoHS:Y
596-73815967381Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5967381 Sun Storage J4200 Array
596-74215967421Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5967421 Sun J4400 Storage Array Complete
596-7698-01-N596769801NSun Microsystems New 596769801N Sun Original 2GB DIMM for X4540 C2B4-16CONGS22X4540-16CO 1
5988-04598804Sun Microsystems Refurbished 598804 ULTRASPARC SUN PROCESSOR FOR Sun Fire 280R
599-15525991552Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5991552 599-1552 EXP-1 60MB TAPE DRIVE EXTERNAL
599-20355992035Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992035 7GB/8GB 8MM DAT 8MM EXTERNAL
599-2040-01599204001Sun Microsystems Refurbished 599204001 599-2040-01 EXTERNAL SCSI TAPE DRIVE
599-20415992041Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992041 Hard Drive UNIPACK/ MDB50-MDB68
599-2044-02599204402Sun Microsystems Refurbished 599204402 611 GWV611-C 599-2044-02 External 4X SCSI CD-ROM Drive
599-20725992072Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992072 4GB/8GB 4MM DDS-2 DATA STORAGE
599-20815992081Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992081
599-21055992105Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992105 599-2105-01 4/8Gb Dds2 External DAT
599-21075992107Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992107 P/N # 599-2107 12GB/24GB DDS-3 4MM DAT in Flexipack enclosure- 90_
599-21125992112Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992112 UNIPack Enclosure w/o drive LW-68 Pin GP65C-B20-1C
599212702Sun Microsystems Refurbished 599212702 35GB/70GB External DLT Tape Drive
599-21295992129Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992129 DDS-3 12GB/24GB 4MM DAT FLEXIPACK EXTERNAL
599-21325992132Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992132 7GB/14GB DX 8MM DAT TAPE DRIVE IN FLEXIPACK
599-21475992147Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992147 EXTERNAL 7GB/8GB 8MM DAT 8MM TAPE DRIVE
599-21655992165Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992165 35GB/70GB tape
599-2232-01599223201Sun Microsystems Refurbished 599223201 SUN MultipackUltra SCSI BASE 12 slot ST81CEI7-B12-53C
599-2234-01599223401Sun Microsystems Refurbished 599223401 Ultra SCSI
599-2316-01599231601Sun Microsystems Refurbished 599231601 SUN MultipackUltra SCSI BASE 12 slot ST81CEI7-B12-53C
599-23965992396Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992396 DVD ASSEMBLY SLED/CONNECTOR W/O Hard Drive
599-23975992397Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992397 20GB/40GB DAT W/ D240 TRAY Assembly
599-24225992422Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992422 SPARCstorage MultiPack 6-Slot Chassis - Hard Drive External
599-25935992593Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5992593 Hard Drive ASSEMBLY SLED/CONNECTOR W/O DISK
599-31055993105Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5993105 Sun External I/O Expansion Unit with two PCI Express I/O Boat an
501-79675017967Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun 1-Slot x8 PCI Express Riser RoHS:Y
595-74845957484Sun Microsystems New SUN 146GB SCSI disk for L93-B25-12CGC9-B32-1CV20z V40z X925
F560-2714F5602714Sun Microsystems Refurbished F5602714 CMA-800 FRU KIT 370-5411/5695/5696/5698 ST276R-B40-1C
SG-XPCIE2FCGBE-Q-ZSGXPCIE2FCGBEQZSun Microsystems New SGXPCIE2FCGBEQZ 4GB PCI-Express Dual Fibre Fiber Channel / Dual Gigabit Ethernet ExpressModul
SG-XTAPDAT72-DSGXTAPDAT72DSun Microsystems Refurbished SGXTAPDAT72D 36GB/72GB 4mm DDS-5 DAT72e External SCSI LVD
600-2575-05600257505Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600257505 SPARCSTATION IPC
600288602Sun Microsystems Refurbished Gateway ATI x600 Pro 128MB PCIE PCI-Express Video Card 6002873
600-2913-02600291302Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600291302 SparcStation LX 50MHZ MicroSparc 16MB 0 Hard Drive BNC AUI Net I/
600-3082-03600308203Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600308203 Sun Sparc 10 50Mhz 256MB1Gb disk50P Floppy276-B40-3C
600-3091-01600309101Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600309101 SparcClassic 50MHZ MicroSparc 32MB 424MB Hard Drive Video Card
600-3120-03600312003Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600312003 Sun Sparc 10 90Mhz 256MB1Gb disk50P Floppy276-B45-1C
600328401Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600328401 SparcStation 5 SS5-85 MicroSparc II 32MB 2x 1.2GB Hard Drive No C
600-34236003423Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6003423 SS5 170/128/GR/2x2gb/KB/MS ST276-B50-3C
600-3492-01600349201Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600349201 SparcStation 5 SS5-110 MicroSparc II 64MB 0GB DiskNo CD-ROM Drive
600-38536003853Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6003853 SS5 110/128/GR/2x2gb/KB/MS ST276-B35-2C
600-39026003902Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6003902 Sparc 5 170Mhz/128MB/2x2Gb St276-B37-1C
600390303Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600390303 SparcStation 5 SS5-170 TurboSparc II 64MB 0GB DiskNo CD-ROM Drive
600-42806004280Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6004280 SS5 170/128/GR/2x2gb/KB/MS ST276-B50-3C
600449701Sun Microsystems Refurbished 60044 KEN UNDERDESK SHELF FULLY ART
600-4535-01600453501Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600453501 SUN Ultra 2 2x200Mhz1GBCD9GB ST82-B35-8C
600-50171-0002600501710002Sun Microsystems New 600501710002
600-50171-0002-201600501710002201Sun Microsystems New 600501710002201 NVIDIA Quadro 256 MB PCI Express DVI
600-5465-02600546502Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600546502 Netra t 1125 Server with up to 2- 300Mhz or 440Mhz UltraSP
600-5973-01600597301Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600597301 Enterprise 250 server CLEI HECICODE
600-61566006156Sun Microsystems New 6006156 SunRay 1 +USB KB+Mouse+STAND ST277B4-B15-3CN
600-61576006157Sun Microsystems New 6006157 SunRay 1 +USB KB+Mouse+STAND ST277B4-B15-1CN
600-6273-01600627301Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600627301
600-6376-01600637601Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600637601 SERVER
600-6468-02600646802Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600646802
600-6528-01600652801Sun Microsystems REFURBISHED NETRA T1 105 SERVER NO HARD DRIVE
600-6538-01600653801Sun Microsystems Refurbished SUN MICROSYSTEMS 600-6538-01 NETRA T1 100 FJ1D SUN MICROSYSTEMS CLEI HECICODE
600-6594-01600659401Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600659401 Netra t 1125 Server with up to 2- 300Mhz or 440Mhz UltraSP
600-6626-01600662601Sun Microsystems New 600662601 Netra D-130 AC Base + Bracket mounting + rack
600-6626-01600662601Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600662601 Netra D-130 AC Base + Bracket mounting + rack
N79XMZ2C12GCBDSun Microsystems Refurbished Netra 210 DC Server- ROHS-5 21.3GHz UltraSPARC IIIi processor w
600-68096006809Sun Microsystems New 6006809 SunRay 100 Utra Thin Client SunList=$900 ItemST-511-M40-7C
600-6899-04600689904Sun Microsystems New 600689904 NETRA T1 512MB NO DRIVES
600-72956007295Sun Microsystems New 6007295 Netra X1 500Mhz /40GB-Disk/128MB-Memory + Rack Kit
600-72956007295Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6007295 Netra X1 500Mhz /40GB-Disk/128MB-Memory + Rack Kit
600-72966007296Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6007296 Netra X1 One pack 500Mhz 256KB eCache 512MB Memory 1x40GB IDE_
600-7417-01600741701Sun Microsystems New 600741701 Ray 1 completed NIB
600-7417-02600741702Sun Microsystems New 600741702 RAY 1 completed NIB
600-74196007419Sun Microsystems New 6007419 SunRay 150 Ultra Thin Client NOB
600-7843-04600784304Sun Microsystems Refurbished SunFire VS 880 6X 750MHz 12G
600-78916007891Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6007891 Raq 4 I Cobalt System
600-7909-01600790901Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600790901 Sun Fire 280R SERVER SYSTEM WITH 2X 1.2GHZ PROCESSORS AND 2GB RAM
QEM2462Sun Microsystems New 4Gb FC PCI Express ExpressModule RoHS:Y
375-36313753631Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6180 RAID Ctrl 2gb/4 ports
SG-XTAPSDLT220-DSGXTAPSDLT220DSun Microsystems Refurbished SGXTAPSDLT220D 110GB/220GB SDLT220 Tape Drive Desktop
601-00906010090Sun Microsystems New 6010090 Fibre Fiber Channel 12 slot MIDPLANE ST277-B40-9CN
X5284A-ZX5284AZSun Microsystems Refurbished 2.8GHz AMD Dual Core Opteron 2220 F3 Stepping With Heatsink RoHS
X6912ASun Microsystems Refurbished 12-24GB 4 mm DDS-3 Tape Drive Medium Grey Bezel
602-0005-01602000501Sun Microsystems New 602000501 Sunswitch GigaBit Etnet SWITCH 8-Ports 100 baseT287K3-B35-2CN
602-23066022306Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6022306 V480 2x1.2Ghz/8GB/1x73/DVD
602-23656022365Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6022365 Sun StorEdge S1 Disk Array Enclosure Unit no drives
602-2389-01602238901Sun Microsystems New 602238901 SunRay 1G + +STAND New In BOX ST277B4-B22-1CN
602-23946022394Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6022394 Sun Fire V210 2 x 1.0GHZ 2GB
602-23976022397Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6022397 SUN V240 2x1.28Mhz/2x36gb/2GB4x512mb ST286-B95-8C
602-26956022695Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6022695 Sun Fire V240 2 x 1.28GHZ 4 x 512MB 2 x 73GB
602-2734-03602273403Sun Microsystems Refurbished 602273403 SUN FIRE V40Z 2 X 2.4GHZ CPU NO RAILS
602-28066022806Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6022806 Sun Fire V240 2 x 1.5GHZ 2GB
602-30096023009Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6023009 Sun Fire V215 1.5GHZ 2GB 2 x 73GB
602-3024-01602302401Sun Microsystems Refurbished 602302401 SUN V40z 2x2Ghz Dualcore 870 8Gb 72GbDVD ST277V40Z#1M5-BAP75
602-30796023079Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6023079 Sun Fire V240 2 x 1.5GHZ 8GB DVD
602-31366023136Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6023136 System 2x1.5Ghz /4Gb/2X72gg/DVD/RacKM PK6B-B3N6-1C
602-31376023137Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6023137 System 2x1.5Ghz /8Gb/2X72gg/DVD/RacKM NH_M1N5-B3N8-1C
602-3143-01602314301Sun Microsystems Refurbished 602314301 V216 RoHS 2x134 / 2GB/2x72/DVD/Rackmount PK6A-B2N3-3CO
602-31466023146Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6023146 FIRE V240 2 X 1.5GHZ BASE SERVER
602-31476023147Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6023147 Sun Fire V240 2 x 1.5GHZ 2GB
602-3230-01602323001Sun Microsystems Refurbished 602323001 X4100 M1 2x2.6-Inch DualCore/2GB/1x73/DVDPK6A-M45-B90-1C
602-32666023266Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6023266 Netra 440 2 x 1.6GHZ 4GB 2 x 146GB Rack Kit IN BOX
602-3369-01602336901Sun Microsystems Refurbished 602336901 SUN X2100-M1 2.4/2GB/250gbST277M5-B70-1C
602-3430-01602343001Sun Microsystems Refurbished 602343001 Sun Sun Fire X4100 Server 2x AMD Opteron 280 16GB Memory 602-3430-01
602-3590-01-SYS602359001SYSSun Microsystems Refurbished 602359001SYS X2100 M2 2x2.2Ghz Dual-Core2GB250GBPK5BM21-B75-1C
602-38576023857Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6023857 Sun Fire X4600 8 way 8220 2.8GHZ Dual Core 32GB 2 x 146GB
602-4374-02602437402Sun Microsystems New 602437402 T5220 4CR 1.2GHZ 4GB 2X146
602-63836026383Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6026383 storage expansion + Cable
60344-016034401Sun Microsystems New 6034401 DLT-7000 + Bracket Assembly for StorEdge L700 ST286F2-B60-1C
X2200Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Fire X2200 M2 Dual AMD 2220 Dual-Core 2.8Ghz 4GB Server
605-00192-006050019200Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6050019200 Cable KIt 1of 2 2 of 2 GP5B3-B62-1C
501-78235017823Sun Microsystems Refurbished T2000 I/O BOARD ROHS
605-13106051310Sun Microsystems New 6051310 Token Ring Interface/ Sbus ST286G1-B22-1C
605-14946051494Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6051494 FDDI Adapter
605-15446051544Sun Microsystems New 6051544 SunATM-622/Mfilter SBUS Item-CL11-1C ST286G1-B35-10C
605-15456051545Sun Microsystems New 6051545 ATM ST286G1-B22-1C
605-15606051560Sun Microsystems New 6051560 FDDI/S 2P SBUS DAS 4.0 ST286G1-B30-4C
605-15716051571Sun Microsystems New 6051571 FDDI/S Single-Attach Sbus SAS 5.0
605-1574-03605157403Sun Microsystems New 605157403 PC 133MHz 5X86 SBUS ST287-M3-4CN
605-16016051601Sun Microsystems New 6051601 GiGaBit Ethernet 2./ 3 GBE PCI 33/66Mhz
605-16026051602Sun Microsystems New 6051602 GiGaBit Ethernet SBUSCL17-B17-52C
6051607Sun Microsystems New RES
605160701Sun Microsystems New RES
605-16096051609Sun Microsystems New 6051609 FDDI/S DAS 5/6/7 sbus CD Book ST286G1-B15-21C
605-16106051610Sun Microsystems New 6051610 UN FDDI/S Single-Attach Sbus SAS 6.0 X1142AST287-M3-1CN
605-16216051621Sun Microsystems New 6051621 ATM -155/UTP 4.0 sbus PK-7D-B35-2C
530-33095303309Sun Microsystems Refurbished MOTHERBOARD TO REAR FLEX STATUS CIRCUIT CABLE FOR NETRA 440
540-41765404176Sun Microsystems Refurbished D130 CHASSIS W/PWR SUPP 0GB
540-51785405178Sun Microsystems Refurbished 36.4GB - 15000 RPM FC-AL Disk Assembly with 1 bracket and 1 plat
595-62315956231Sun Microsystems Refurbished 19 RACK MOUNT KIT
SETX9PS41ZSun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Type A236 720 Watt AC Input Power Supply
SG-XPCIE2FC-EB4-ZSGXPCIE2FCEB4ZSun Microsystems New SG-XPCIE2FC-EB4-Z Sun 4Gigabit/Sec PCI-E Dual FC Host Adapter Ex
611Sun Microsystems Refurbished Hard Drive and Tape Enclosures
612-10046121004Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6121004 GX Graphics Card SBUS
621-04506210450Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6210450 Actuator Driver Board
6210470-22621047022Sun Microsystems Refurbished 621047022 SUN ROBOTICS Controller Card GP63B#16-BAP-1C
6210526-01621052601Sun Microsystems RIBBON Cable for Library GP1#B2-1C 9-013
6210584-25621058425Sun Microsystems Refurbished 621058425 SUN TOUCH panel Assemby GP63B#24#26-BAP-1C/2C
6210720-01621072001Sun Microsystems Refurbished 621072001 SUN Robot Picker Extension AXIS Assembly rev02 GP63B#1#2#21
541-43035414303Sun Microsystems Refurbished 24 SLOT BACKPLANE ASSM X4270 M2 511-1511
6220548-01622054801Sun Microsystems New 6220548-01 EXTERNAL SCSI CABLE
6240512Sun Microsystems RIBBON Cable for Library GP1#B2-1C 9-013
624512Sun Microsystems RIBBON Cable for Library GP1#B2-1C 9-013
6312827-01631282701Sun Microsystems Refurbished 631282701 L11000 Touch Display
6321A-C6321ACSun Microsystems Refurbished Refurbished Sun Microsystems Sun 4GB 2 x 2GB Memory
6346-08634608Sun Microsystems Refurbished 634608 ADVANCED LIGHTS OUT MANAGER
6395-01639501Sun Microsystems Refurbished 639501 Sun Blade UltraSPARC III Cu CPU Module
6395A700133Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Blade UltraSPARC III Cu CPU Module
6471402-01647140201Sun Microsystems Refurbished 647140201 SUN CABLE DIAG portDB9 to SERIAL Micro DB9 GB212-B17-1CHB
66000742Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun L500 Centerplane Board RLM
6622-01662201Sun Microsystems Refurbished 662201 SUN 5016622 CPU MODULE 6622-01 REV 50 270-5661-03 REV 01
670-0222-01670022201Sun Microsystems Refurbished 670022201 SUN 8-Port RJ45 panel with RIIBON Cable GP63B25-B30-1CNetra
300-23193002319Sun Microsystems Refurbished 620 Watt AC Input Power Supply CSM200
501-77055017705Sun Microsystems Refurbished PCI I/O Riser Board 501-7705
511-13725111372Sun Microsystems Refurbished 16-Slot Disk Backplane RoHS:Y
7000817-000070008170000Sun Microsystems Refurbished 70008170000 1629W V890 PSU Power Supply Unit
7000817-Y0007000817Y000Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7000817Y000 1629W Sun Fire V890 PSU Power Supply Unit
7001-230370012303Sun Microsystems Refurbished 70012303 PC INTERFACE CARD FOR 500 MACHINE
70100128-00270100128002Sun Microsystems Refurbished 70100128002 Sun 4-8Gb DDS2 Tape Drive . 5.25 BEIGE Bezel 286D1-B27-2C27
7010036Sun Microsystems Refurbished Hitachi HUS723030ALS640 3.0TB 3 1/2 7200 RPM 6Gb/Sec Serial A
70101801-00270101801002Sun Microsystems Refurbished 70101801002 DD2 SCSI SE INTERNAL DAT Tape Drive
7010626Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun 300GB - 15000 RPM Disk Assembly
7012636Sun Microsystems Refurbished SUN 600GB - 15000 RPM Disk Assembly
701-46407014640Sun Microsystems New 701-4640 Sun 8GB DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 DIMM Memory
7014642Sun Microsystems Refurbished 4GB DDR3L-1333/PC3L-10600 DIMM 7101696
7018701Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7018701 16GB DDR3-1600 DIMM 1.35V MEMORY
7020486Sun Microsystems Refurbished 8GB DIMM X3-2/X3-2L/T4-4
7020577Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7020577 16GB DIMM for Sparc T4-1 T4-2 T4-4 - Buy in sets of 2
7024415Sun Microsystems Refurbished 300GB - 15000 RPM SAS Disk Assembly
7025-230370252303Sun Microsystems Refurbished 70252303 PC INTERFACE CARD FOR 500 MACHINE
7026993Sun Microsystems Refurbished FLASH ACCELERATOR F40 400GB
7042208Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7042208 8GB DIMM for T4-2 server
7042210Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7042210 16GB Memory Expansion
7045228Sun Microsystems Refurbished Hitachi HUC109060CSS600 SUN ORACLE XRA-SS2ND-600G10K2 7045228 600GB SAS 10K 2.5 H109060SESUN600G 0B26021
7045772Sun Microsystems Refurbished 8x SATA DVD-Writer/24x CD-Writer
7046330Sun Microsystems Refurbished System Board
7047035Sun Microsystems Refurbished Hitachi HUS156060VLS600 [HUS1560SCSUN600G] 600GB - 15000 RPM -
704-7114-11704711411Sun Microsystems Refurbished 704711411 CDROM driver SAI/P 2.0 3.0 GC17-B301CN
7047410Sun Microsystems Refurbished A256 600 Watt AC Input Power Supply
7047852Sun Microsystems Refurbished Use REPLACEMENT PN: 375-3640 SGX-SAS6-INT-Z PK11F5M11-B45-1C
7047946Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun M9000 Crossbar Unit
704-83407048340Sun Microsystems Refurbished 660 Watt DC Input Power Supply D218 RoHS:Y
7048712Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7048712 System Board Assembly
7050794Sun Microsystems New 6GB PCI SAS RAID BATTERY MODULE
7050794Sun Microsystems Refurbished 6GB PCI SAS RAID BATTERY MODULE
705-0938-12705093812Sun Microsystems New 705093812 Sun GiGaSwitf Ethernet Driver for X4422A-2 X4422A GB18-B5-2C
7051516Sun Microsystems Refurbished Oracle T4-2 Memory Carrier for X2-4
7054890Sun Microsystems Refurbished PCI Express Dual 10-Gigabit Ethernet Fiber
7055021Sun Microsystems Refurbished PCI Express Quad Gigabit Ethernet Card
7056272Sun Microsystems Refurbished Use SAME PN : 375-3609 PK4C#9M15-B65-1COLPB
70-60420-02706042002Sun Microsystems Refurbished 706042002
71-000001007100000100Sun Microsystems New 7100000100 SUN Front BRACKET Support 2each GS18-B30-4CON
71-000005527100000552Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7100000552 SUN RAIL 24 to 32 for SE-3000 Family RacKIT GS18-B9-9C 17
71-000005587100000558Sun Microsystems New 7100000558 Desktop CONVERTION KIT3310/3320/3510/11 277A3-B35-1CN/281-3CN
71-000005597100000559Sun Microsystems New 7100000559 XTA Bracket for Hard Drive 1 include 4 Screws PK8-B16-25C+
71-000006227100000622Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7100000622 2U Universal Rack Rail SE3000 Series
71-000006297100000629Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7100000629 XTA DRIVE SLED TRAY SPUD W/SCREWS
71-000006857100000685Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7100000685 Filler PANNEL for empty RAIS slot SE3310 P7B1-B7-1C
71-000007507100000750Sun Microsystems New 7100000750 SUN CENTER Mouting Bracket KIT 2each GS18-B30-4CON
71-000007627100000762Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7100000762 SE3000 2U Family Universal Rackmount Kit
71-000007667100000766Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7100000766 REAR bracket for RACKMOUNT SE3510/3511 GP-Shelve-B10-6C
71-000008677100000867Sun Microsystems New 7100000867 SUN REAR Mounting Bracket GS18-B12-18CO
71-000012147100001214Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7100001214 Hard Drive Mounting Bracket for StorEdge
7100063Sun Microsystems Refurbished 2TB - 7200 RPM SAS Disk Assembly
7100133Sun Microsystems Refurbished 16GB 2 x 8GB 7011456 DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 1.35V Memory Kit 7011
7100160Sun Microsystems New 16GB 2 x 8GB 7011456 DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 1.35V Memory Kit 7011
7100164Sun Microsystems New 32GB 2 x 16GB 371-5023 DDR3-1066/PC3L-8500 1.35V Memory Kit
7100790Sun Microsystems New 7100790 SUN / ORACLE 8GB X4170 M3X4270 M3
7100792Sun Microsystems Refurbished 32GB 1 x 32GB DDR3-1600/PC3L-12800 1.35V Memory DIMM 703875 70
7100794Sun Microsystems New Sun 16GB Memory Expansion Option 1x16GB 7018701
7101696Sun Microsystems New Sun 8GB Kit 2 x 7014642 4GB DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 DIMMs
7101697Sun Microsystems New 7101697 Sun 16GB 2 x 7014640 8GB DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 DIMMs
7101698Sun Microsystems New 7101698 32GB Memory Expansion 2 16GB Option
7104197Sun Microsystems New 7104197 8GB 1 x 8GB DDR3L-1600/PC3L-12800 2-Rank DIMM 7042208
7104197Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7104197 8GB 1 x 8GB DDR3L-1600/PC3L-12800 2-Rank DIMM 7042208
7104199Sun Microsystems New Sun 16GB Memory Expansion 1 16GB Option
7152-9007152900Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7152900 Ultra Sparc III CPU 900MHz with Heat Sink and Mtg Hdw D125596
72-000002217200000221Sun Microsystems New 7200000221 Sun XTA Disk Filler w Tray GP60M12-B3-6COSE3310
72-000002227200000222Sun Microsystems New 7200000222 Sun XTA Disk Filler w Tray GP60M12-B3-6COSE3310
724-40477244047Sun Microsystems New 7244047 PC NetLink 1.2 CDROM
724-7165-01724716501Sun Microsystems Solaris 8 2/02 CD set MUST buy LICENSE from SUN GB15-B17-1C
72-A531D72A531DSun Microsystems SUN BEZEL left for Magazin Sun C2 PK5-B25-1C
79130Sun Microsystems Refurbished SUN 92x25mm 2xFAN + Speaker P10D#9-B10-2CU2 ST82-10C
791911-002791911002Sun Microsystems Refurbished 791911-002 3.5 inch SAS/SATA Hard Drive Caddy
792-1679-02792167902Sun Microsystems New 792167902 Interactive UNIX O/S 1 User Base Solution IUB2-400-FP3 Based
792-1683-02792168302Sun Microsystems New 792168302 Interactive UNIX O/S 1 User Graphical Solution IUG2-400-FP3
794-1867-01794186701Sun Microsystems New 794186701 SUNLINK SBUS SOFTWARE W22-1C
794-6965-02794696502Sun Microsystems New 794696502 SUNSCREEN 1.0 AND SKIP 1.1
798-0860-01798086001Sun Microsystems New 798086001 Solaris CD/DVD set SEAL No Licensebuy fr GC17-B8-1C
798-0985-01798098501Sun Microsystems New 798098501 StorEdge VOLUME MANAGER 2.6 CD/Book GC4-B20-2C
798-1902-01798190201Sun Microsystems New 798190201 ULTRA PACK 3
798-25037982503Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7982503 Solaris 7 11/99 CDROM set PN 798-2503 ST286B4-B10-6C
798-2659-01-SEAL798265901SEALSun Microsystems New 798265901SEAL Sun Solaris 7 SPARC License MUST buy from SUN GC17-B10-1CN
798-2897-04798289704Sun Microsystems New 798289704 SOLARIS PC NetLink 1.2 CDROM+ Manual
798-2925-02798292502Sun Microsystems Refurbished 798292502 CDROM driver SAI/P 2.0 3.0 GC17-B301CN
798-3943-01798394301Sun Microsystems New 798394301 SOFTWARE AND MANUAL FOR DISK ARRAY STOREDGE S1 STORAGE SUBSYSTEM
798-4100-01798410001Sun Microsystems New 798410001 Solaris CD/DVD set SEAL No Licensebuy fr sunGC17-B8-1C
798-4590-01798459001Sun Microsystems New 798459001 Solaris CD/DVD set SEAL No Licensebuy fr GC17-B8-1C
798-5123-01798512301Sun Microsystems New 798512301 SOLARIS SOLARIS cd / dvd GP62D-B12-1CN SOLZS-090C9AYM
798-52837985283Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7985283 EBA9S-300-E9M9 StorEdge Diag
798-59437985943Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7985943 SUN RAY SOFTWARE 4 KIT WITH 4 CDS
79909-7150799097150Sun Microsystems Refurbished 799097150 PCB VRM INTERPOSER BOARD
8000-08007-00-01500080000800700015000Sun Microsystems New 80000800700015000 Cable 56 DS1 28Gange Dicrete 15 Feet ST276A3-9C
8000-08007-00-03000080000800700030000Sun Microsystems New 80000800700030000 Cable 56 DS1 28Gange Dicrete 30 Feet ST276A3-8C
8030ASun Microsystems Refurbished Slimline ATAP/IDE DVD-ROM/CD-ROM Drive Assembly
8072ASun Microsystems New 2.2GHz Opteron 148 Socket 939 E4 Stepping w/ Heatsink. RoHS:Y
8084A-Z8084AZSun Microsystems New 2.4GHz Dual Core Opteron 180 Socket 939 E6 Stepping RoHS:Y wit
81661Sun Microsystems Refurbished 4-Port 10/100 ETHERNET CARD PCI
82-000008778200000877Sun Microsystems Refurbished 8200000877 Hard Drive Mounting Bracket for StorEdge
82-000009098200000909Sun Microsystems New FRONT BEZEL KEY FOR SE 3310/ SE 3120/ SE 3510/ SE 3511
82-000009838200000983Sun Microsystems Refurbished 820000A1 SP C811DNHA Black Toner Cartridge SP C811DN T1 T2 T3 DL
82-00001194-A8200001194ASun Microsystems Refurbished 8200001194A StorEdge 3120/3310/3320/3510/3511 Empty Hard Drive Filler Pa
82-000012008200001200Sun Microsystems Refurbished 8200001200 Drive Mounting Bracket 82-00001200 Manufacturer Part Number
82-000013368200001336Sun Microsystems New 82-00001336 Sun Cord Lock Kit
82-000043678200004367Sun Microsystems Refurbished 8200004367 3320 CONTROLLER FILLER PANEL
823B-032899823B032899Sun Microsystems Refurbished 823B032899 8MB PCI VIDEO CARD WITH VGA OUTPUT ATI RAGE XL SUN
823B-P01W6M823BP01W6MSun Microsystems Refurbished 823BP01W6M 8MB PCI VIDEO CARD WITH VGA OUTPUT
825-4008-03825400803Sun Microsystems New 825400803 Manual Documentation Set Enterprise 450 Server 825-4008-03
82863Sun Microsystems Refurbished ETHERNET PCI CONTROLLER CARD 100BASE-TX
848709903-AM6848709903AM6Sun Microsystems Refurbished 848709903AM6 V490 OAW036A0F-37 PC Board Module 848709903-AM6
8505SSun Microsystems Refurbished 5/10GB EXABYTE
85910071Sun Microsystems New LOCK AC cable mount to Power Supply of EXX00
7101695Sun Microsystems Refurbished 8-CORE 3.0GHZ PROCESSOR MODULE
F370-5183F3705183Sun Microsystems Refurbished Interface Board FRU=370-5183 + 370-5130 GP28C11-BAP-1C286-16C
8900-9308900930Sun Microsystems Refurbished 8900930
90038Sun Microsystems Refurbished 90038 RACK 900-38 WITH PDU Power Distribution Unit
900-50171-1800900501711800Sun Microsystems New 900501711800
900-50171-1800-000900501711800000Sun Microsystems New 900501711800000
90-101-0001901010001Sun Microsystems New 901010001 100 BASE-TX PCI LAN CARD
910666Sun Microsystems New DVD/Disk Bracket for Blade 2500
911191Sun Microsystems New Blade 500 -L Hard Drive Bracket LEFT + R 911192 PK11FA-B15-12C
911192Sun Microsystems New Blade1500 Hard Drive Bracket RIGHT+ 911191 L PK11FA-B15-12C
92069304ESun Microsystems Refurbished SUN part for blade 2500 RED PTG6C-B5-9C
920697-01B92069701BSun Microsystems Refurbished 92069701B SUN part for blade 2500 RED PTG6C-B8-2C
9287ASun Microsystems Refurbished 2.2Ghz CPU UPGRADE KIT Single Core CG HBO3-M3-B55-1C
9288ASun Microsystems New SUN 2.4Ghz 850 CG CPU+MVRM+CVRM277V40-B30-4CO277#3#5-4C
9288ASun Microsystems Refurbished SUN 2.4Ghz 850 CG CPU+MVRM+CVRM277V40-B30-4CO277#3#5-4C
375-36163753616Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Dual 10-Gigabit SFP+ Ethernet
511-16145111614Sun Microsystems Refurbished PCI Express Riser RoHS:Y
7019789Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun 8-Core 3.0GHz Processor Module
7049382Sun Microsystems Refurbished X3-2L System Board Assembly
9739Sun Microsystems Refurbished SUN VIDIO DAUGHTER CARD
981003-044981003044Sun Microsystems Refurbished 981003044 SEAGATE 1GB SCSI Disk P4C-1C
9840-C9840CSun Microsystems Refurbished 9840-C Ficon/Escon attachments
9840C-ES-SL85Z9840CESSL85ZSun Microsystems Refurbished 9840CESSL85Z T9840C - SL8500 - ESCON
9840C-FC-SL85Z9840CFCSL85ZSun Microsystems Refurbished 9840CFCSL85Z SUN T9840C FC-2GB DRIVE W/ TX85 TRAY SL8500
9P4001-0359P4001035Sun Microsystems Refurbished 9P4001035 Hard Drive 9.2GB SCSI ST39204LC9P4001-035SUN 3900037-035403966-01
9P5002-0389P5002038Sun Microsystems Refurbished 9P5002038 Seagate 8.6GB EIDE Disk NHK35-1C
9V3004-0529V3004052Sun Microsystems Refurbished 9V3004052 SUN 72GB FC Disk FIRMWARE 0207L44-B15-2C
370-42843704284Sun Microsystems Refurbished Rear Cooling Dual Fan Assmbly for T1 AC200
A1000Sun Microsystems Refurbished Connector Housing 9 Position D-Sub
A1000-12A100012Sun Microsystems Refurbished A100012 A1000 12-Bay Storage Enclosure
A11-140A11140Sun Microsystems Refurbished A11140 Ultra 1 140MHZ Workstation
A11-170A11170Sun Microsystems Refurbished A11170 Ultra 1 170MHZ 128MB
A11-UAA1-13A-064A11UAA113A064Sun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA113A064 Ultra 1 Model 140 143MHZ
A11-UAA1-1A-064AA11UAA11A064ASun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA11A064A Ultra 1 143MHZ 64MB Turbo GX 4MB 2GB
A11-UAA1-1A-064ABA11UAA11A064ABSun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA11A064AB Ultra 1/140 143MHZ TGX 64MB 2.1GB
A11-UAA1-1B-064AA11UAA11B064ASun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA11B064A Ultra 1 143MHZ 64MB Turbo GX 4MB 2GB
A11-UAA1-1B-064ABA11UAA11B064ABSun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA11B064AB Ultra 1/140 143MHZ TGX 64MB 2.1GB
A11-UAA1-2A-032AA11UAA12A032ASun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA12A032A Ultra 1 143MHZ 32MB TurboGX 1MB 17-Inch Monitor
A11-UAA1-2A-032AAA11UAA12A032AASun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA12A032AA Ultra 1/140 143MHZ 17-Inch C TGX 32MB 1.05GB
A11-UAA1-2A-064AA11UAA12A064ASun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA12A064A Ultra 1 143MHZ 64MB TGX Graphics 2GB 17Mon
A11-UAA1-2A-064ABA11UAA12A064ABSun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA12A064AB Ultra 1/140 143MHZ 17-Inch C TGX 64MB 2.1GB
A11-UAA1-3A-032AA11UAA13A032ASun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA13A032A Ultra 1 143MHZ 32MB Turbo GX 1MB 1GB 17ENT
A11-UAA1-3A-032AAA11UAA13A032AASun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA13A032AA Ultra 1/140 143MHZ 17-Inch TGX 32MB 1.05GB
A11-UAA1-3A-064AA11UAA13A064ASun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA13A064A Ultra 1 143MHZ 64MB TGX Graphics 2GB 17Mon
A11-UAA1-9S-032CBA11UAA19S032CBSun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA19S032CB Ultra 1 140 143MHZ 32MB 2.1GB CD
A11-UAA1-9S-064CA11UAA19S064CSun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA19S064C Ultra 1 140 143MHZ 64MB Internal SunCD 4.2GB
A11-UAA1-9S-064CBA11UAA19S064CBSun Microsystems Refurbished A11UAA19S064CB Ultra 1 140 143MHZ 64MB 2.1GB CD
A12-170EA12170ESun Microsystems Refurbished A12170E ULTRA1-170E CHASSIS NO POWER SUPPLY
A14-2X200MHZA142X200MHZSun Microsystems Refurbished A142X200MHZ SUN Ultra 2 2x200Mhz1GBCD9GB ST82-B35-8C
A14-2X300MHZA142X300MHZSun Microsystems Refurbished A142X300MHZ SUN Ultra Enterprise 2 2x300Mhz2GBCD9GB ST82-B40-8C
A14-2X400MHZA142X400MHZSun Microsystems Refurbished A142X400MHZ SUN Ultra Enterprise 2 2x400Mhz2GBCD9GB ST82-B45-8C
A14-BASEA14BASESun Microsystems Refurbished A14BASE ULTRA/2 W/ CHASSIS 0MB MEMORY Power SUPPLY
A14-BASE+CDA14BASECDSun Microsystems Refurbished A14BASECD Ultra 2 system BASE + CDROM ST82-B25-7C
A14-BASE+CD+FDDA14BASECDFDDSun Microsystems Refurbished A14BASECDFDD Ultra 2 system BASE + CDROM+ FLOPPY ST82-B25-7C
A157-PDBA157PDBSun Microsystems Refurbished A157PDB DC Distribution Board for V480
A16Sun Microsystems Refurbished Ultra 30 Base System
A187Sun Microsystems Refurbished 1448W SUN V490 PSU Power Supply Unit
A21Sun Microsystems Refurbished : ULTRA 5 BASE 270MHz CD-ROM FLOPPY
A22-AAA22AASun Microsystems Refurbished A22AA ULTRA 10 BASE W/CD FLOPPY Drive AND Power Supply
A25-AAA25AASun Microsystems Refurbished A25AA Ultra E450 Server Base no CPU/Memory/Disk
A25-BAA25BASun Microsystems Refurbished A25BA E450 Base System w/4MB Cache Support
A26Sun Microsystems Refurbished E250 Server Base no CPU no Memory
A26-AAA26AASun Microsystems Refurbished A26AA E250 base unit
A26-BAA26BASun Microsystems Refurbished A26BA E250 BASE BOX DVD-ROM Drive PEDESTAL
A27Sun Microsystems Refurbished Ultra 80 Base System
A28-AAA28AASun Microsystems Refurbished A28AA Blade 1000 Base System
A29PB29AA2GMAJSun Microsystems Refurbished A29PB29AA2GMAJ Blade 2000 Model 2x1.2Ghz Cu Processor with two UltraSPARC III Cu Processor 1.2_
A3000Sun Microsystems Refurbished Storedge A3000
A30-AAA30AASun Microsystems Refurbished A30AA FIRE V880 BASE W/ DVD
A33Sun Microsystems Refurbished E420R Base System
A33-AAA33AASun Microsystems Refurbished A33AA E420R Server Base Chassis/PSU ( Power Supply Unit )/Motherboard/CD
A33-BAA33BASun Microsystems Refurbished A33BA ENTERPISE 420R SERVER
A34Sun Microsystems Refurbished 22R base of complete Configuration
A34-BAA34BASun Microsystems Refurbished A34BA E220r base system
A35Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Fire 280R 750MHZ 512MB
A35-BASEA35BASESun Microsystems New A35BASE E280R Base w 2 Power Supply
A36Sun Microsystems Refurbished Blade 100 500MHz Base Assembly
A37-AAA37AASun Microsystems Refurbished A37AA Sun Fire V480 BASE WITH Rackmount
A39-UCB1-Base-DVDA39UCB1BaseDVDSun Microsystems Refurbished A39UCB1BaseDVD SunBlade 2500 Red 1 x 1.28GHZ 0MB DVD
A39-UCB2-BASE-DVDA39UCB2BASEDVDSun Microsystems Refurbished A39UCB2BASEDVD BLADE 2500 RED 2X1.28GHZ DVD 2PS
A41-650MHZ-BASEA41650MHZBASESun Microsystems Refurbished A41650MHZBASE System Base 650MHz CPU, 0MB Memory, w/o Disk, Floppy Drive
A41-UPA19C-128M-BAA41UPA19C128MBASun Microsystems Refurbished A41UPA19C128MBA SunBlade 150 550MHZ 128MB 40GB
A41-UPA19C-256M-BAA41UPA19C256MBASun Microsystems Refurbished A41UPA19C256MBA SunBlade 150 650MHZ 256MB 40GB
A41-UPA19C-256M-DLA41UPA19C256MDLSun Microsystems Refurbished A41UPA19C256MDL Blade 150 Workstation 550-MHz UltraSPARC-IIi 512-KB On-chip
A41-UTA19C-512M-DLA41UTA19C512MDLSun Microsystems Refurbished A41UTA19C512MDL SunBlade 150 650MHZ 512MB 40GB
A41UTA1-C1C-512MDCA41UTA1C1C512MDCSun Microsystems Refurbished A41UTA1C1C512MDC SunBlade 150 650MHZ 512MB 80GB DVD
A42Sun Microsystems Refurbished SF V440 BASE NO CPU/Memory 473GB
A42-BASE-NA42BASENSun Microsystems New A42BASEN V440 BASE NOB ST281-B2N5-1C
A42-XAB4-08GDA42XAB408GDSun Microsystems Refurbished A42XAB408GD V440 4 x1.062GHz8GB4x36GB
A43-FB-REDA43FBREDSun Microsystems Refurbished A43FBRED
A43UAB1-9WW-D1GBAYA43UAB19WWD1GBAYSun Microsystems Refurbished A43UAB19WWD1GBAY SunBlade 1500 Workstation 1GHZ 2GB 80GB DVD XVR-600
A43-UAB1-9Y-D1GBAYA43UAB19YD1GBAYSun Microsystems Refurbished A43UAB19YD1GBAY Blade 1500 model 1GHz 1 1GHz UltraSPARC IIIi Processor wit
A44-AAA44AASun Microsystems Refurbished A44AA Sun Fire B1600 Blade Chassis Base Option for XATO Gigabit Ethern
A46046-704A46046704Sun Microsystems 4 slot disk SCSI INTERPHASE Board Backplane GP64B27-BAP-1C
A53-BASE-UA53BASEUSun Microsystems Refurbished A53BASEU V890 Base Assembly
A53-CWZ2C408GYD6A53CWZ2C408GYD6Sun Microsystems Refurbished A53CWZ2C408GYD6 Sun Fire V890 2x1.8GHz 8GB 4x146GB Hard Drive 15000RPM
A55-NGB2-1-4GRA5MA55NGB214GRA5MSun Microsystems Refurbished A55NGB214GRA5M V20Z Dual 252 4GB 73GB
A55-NZB2-1-2GGB5A55NZB212GGB5Sun Microsystems Refurbished A55NZB212GGB5 Sun Fire V20Z 2 x 2.4GHZ 2GB 73GB
A55-NZB2-1-2GRA5LA55NZB212GRA5LSun Microsystems New A55NZB212GRA5L SFV20Z 2X250 2GB 73/GB

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