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Listings of Sun Microsystems by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
X7503ASun Microsystems New Sun Blade 100s 650Mhz/2GB/30GBdisk Sun= $2700GC9M3-B75-14CO
X7512ASun Microsystems Refurbished SunBlade 1600100x x861.5Ghz 1GB 30GB
X7513ASun Microsystems Refurbished SunBlade 1600 100x x86 1.5Ghz 2GB 30GB
X7523ASun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Blade B200X w4GB 4 x 1GB
X7551ASun Microsystems Refurbished Original 2GB memory 2 x 1GB for Blade1600100x 1.5Ghz x86At
X7594ASun Microsystems Refurbished 23 4-POST Rackmount KIT B1600
X7603ACSun Microsystems Refurbished SUN: 3RD PARTY 1GB MEMORY KIT 2X 512MB
X7901ASun Microsystems New 19 2 POST RACKMOUNT KIT; N240
X8006A-ZX8006AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8006AZ 2GB RAM kit for X2100
X8007A-ZX8007AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8007AZ 512MB DDR400/PC3200 Memory ECC Unbuffered DIMM RoHS:Y
X8009ASun Microsystems Refurbished fx 1400 NVIDIA QUADRO FX1400 PCIE PCI-Express 128MB DDR 2-Port DVI
X8013A-ZX8013AZSun Microsystems New X8013AZ 16x DVD-ROM Writer / 40x CD-ROM Drive Writer RoHS:Y
X8014A-ZX8014AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8014AZ DVD-Rom Drive 16X
X8019ASun Microsystems Refurbished 8x DVD-Writer/24x CD-Writer and Front I/O Board RoHS:Y
X8021A-ZX8021AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8021AZ 1GB RAM kit 2x 371-0071
X8024ASun Microsystems New 8GB PC3200 Memory Kit new open original
X8024ASun Microsystems Refurbished 8GB PC3200 Memory Kit open original
X8024A-ZX8024AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8024AZ 8GB 2 4GB Memory PC3200 DDR400 DIMM Option RoHS:YL
X8026ASun Microsystems Refurbished X8026AZ 500-Watts Type A203 AC Input Power Supply RoHS:YL
X8026A-ZX8026AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8026AZ 500-Watts Type A203 AC Input Power Supply RoHS:YL
X8028Sun Microsystems Refurbished SUN: Rackmount KIT. 594-2696
X8028ASun Microsystems New Cable Management Arm
X8028A-ZX8028AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8028AZ Cable Management Arm RoHS:Y
X8028A-Z-NX8028AZNSun Microsystems New Cable Management Arm RoHS:Y
X8029ASun Microsystems New Rail Kit Optional Slide For SF X2100
X8029AEZSun Microsystems New X8029AZ Slide Rail Kit RoHS:Y
X8029A-EZX8029AEZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8029AEZ Quick Rails Kit RoHS:Y
X8030A-ZX8030AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8030AZ 8x DVD-ROM Drive / 24x CD-RW Writer Assembly RoHS:YL
X8045A-ZX8045AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8045AZ 2.6GHz Dual Core CPU AMD Opteron 285SE E6 Stepping 120-Watt w/ Heats
X8049A-ZX8049AZSun Microsystems New X8049AZ DVD-ROM Drive/CD-RW FOR X4100/X4200 594-3740
X8051A-ZX8051AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8051AZ DC -48VDC 550-Watts Power Supply
X8052AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8052AZ 550-Watts Type A214 Power Supply RoHS:YL
X8081ASun Microsystems Refurbished X2100 Service Processor
X8081A-ZX8081AZSun Microsystems Refurbished SUN Service Processor PK6M5-BAP-1C277-3C 371-1600-01
X8082ASun Microsystems New X8082AZ 8x DVD-ROM/24x CD-ROM Drive RoHS:Y
X8082ASun Microsystems Refurbished X8082AZ 8x DVD-ROM/24x CD-ROM Drive RoHS:Y
X8082A-ZX8082AZSun Microsystems New X8082AZ 8x DVD-ROM/24x CD-ROM Drive RoHS:Y
X8085ASun Microsystems Refurbished 2.2GHz Dual Core Opteron 175
X8094A-ZX8094AZSun Microsystems New Cable Management Arm Assembly CMA 277H4M3-B25-2CN
X8095A-ZX8095AZSun Microsystems New X8095AZ Rail Kit Assembly RoHS: for X4600 370-7785
X8098ASun Microsystems New 541-33672 X 371-43078GB 2 × 4GB DDR2-667 Registered Memory ECC DIMM
X8099A-4-NX8099A4NSun Microsystems Refurbished 19 4-post Slide Mount Kit RoHS:Y
X8103A-ZX8103AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8103AZ 3.0GHZ Opteron 856 CPU
X8104A-ZX8104AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8104AZ 0MB 2.4GHz Opteron 880 CPU/Memory Module RoHS:YL
X8107A-Z/541-2196X8107AZ5412196Sun Microsystems 2.4Ghz DC CPU/Memory Module Opteron 8216
X8108A-ZX8108AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8108AZ 4 DIMM Slot 0MB 2.6Ghz Opteron 8218 CPU/Memory Module RoHS:Y
X8108A-Z/541-1835X8108AZ5411835Sun Microsystems 2.6GHz DC Opteron 8218 4-DIMM slots RoHS
X8111A-ZX8111AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8111AZ 8 DIMM Slot 0MB 3.0Ghz 95-Watts Dual-Core Opteron 8222 CPU/Memory
X8113A-ZX8113AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8113AZ Processor board - 1 x AMD Second-Generation Opteron 8220 / 2.8 G
X8117ASun Microsystems Refurbished 8x DVD Writer / 24x CD Writer RoHS:Y
X8122ASun Microsystems Refurbished Original 2GB 2 x 1GB X4600M2 series
X8122A-ZX8122AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8122AZ
X8123ASun Microsystems Refurbished Original 4GB 2 x 2GB X4600M2 series
X8123A-C-ZX8123ACZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8123ACZ 4GB DDR2-667 Memory Kit
X8123A-ZX8123AZSun Microsystems New X8123AZ 4GB 2 x 2GB DDR2-667 Registered Memory ECC DIMM Option RoHS:YL
X8124A-ZX8124AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8124AZ 8GB 2 � 4GB DDR2-667 REGISTERED Memory ECC DIMM OPTION ROHS:YL
X8210A-ZX8210AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8210AZ Opteron 885 2.6GHZ Dual Core Processor
X8211A-ZX8211AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8211AZ Opteron 885 Dual Core 2.6GHZ
X8212A-ZX8212AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8212AZ 3.0GHZ CPU AMD 856 ROHSY
X8217ASun Microsystems New SUN Front AIR Filter ASSEMBLY ST281-B35-2C
X8217ASun Microsystems Refurbished SUN Front AIR Filter ASSEMBLY ST281-B35-2C
X822ASun Microsystems Refurbished 4MM 5GB DAT External Tape
X8233A-ZX8233AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8233AZ CPU/Memory Module 8 DIMM Slots/0MB 1 Opteron Quad-Core 8360SE 2
X8254ASun Microsystems Refurbished 2.7GHz AMD Quad Core Opteron 2384 RoHS:Y
X8331ASun Microsystems 2.00GHz Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5504 4MB 80W and Heatsink RoHS:Y
X8335ASun Microsystems Refurbished 371-4426 2GB Registered DDR3-1066 DIMM
X8337ASun Microsystems New SUN ORIGINAL 2Gb 1Rx4 PC3 DIMM Memory NHH9M2-BAP-22CON
X8337ASun Microsystems Refurbished SUN ORIGINAL 2Gb 1Rx4 PC3 DIMM Memory NHH9M2-BAP-22CON
X8338ASun Microsystems New 4GB Registered Memory DDR3-1333 DIMM RoHS:Y 371-4429
X8338ASun Microsystems Refurbished 4GB Registered Memory DDR3-1333 DIMM RoHS:Y 371-4429
X8340ASun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Service Processor SSP /SP/GR Board 287X2270-B1N2-5CO 373-0
X834ASTSun Microsystems Refurbished X834AST 5GB/10GB 8MM DAT TABLETOP
X8425A-ZX8425AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8425AZ PCI-X Riser Card . RoHS V245 PK11C2-M3-B25-2C
X8428A-ZX8428AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X8428AZ AC Input Power Supply Type A214 RoHS:YL for V245 300-1852-04
X844ASTSun Microsystems Refurbished X844AST 7GB/8GB 8MM DAT 8MM TABLETOP
X846ASTSun Microsystems Refurbished BOTTOM BASE COVER ASSEMBLY
X8487ASun Microsystems Refurbished CPU/Memory Module 8 DIMM Slots/ 0MB 1 Opteron 6-Core 8431 2.4GH
X8504ASun Microsystems New 8gb 2x4gb DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 Memory Kit 542-0245 371-4475
X8505ASun Microsystems New X8505A 16GB 2 8GB DDR3-1066 Memory Kit X-Option 371-4776
X9005ASun Microsystems Refurbished SUN SystemBoard 1x1.28GHz GC4-B50-12C276-8CGP65-4C
X902ASun Microsystems New X902AN External SCSI Cable HD68 to HD68 2M 595-3504/530-1885
X903ASun Microsystems New External SCSI Cable HD50 to HD68 1.2M
X912ASun Microsystems Refurbished V890 SCSI Cable kit for X6758A to TAPE DRIVE/3rd-Party
X912A -NX912ANSun Microsystems New X912AN Original SCSI Hi Density CABLE for TAPEST277A3-B7-3CN
X9211ASun Microsystems Refurbished 4GB MEMORY 2-2GB DIMM
X9214ASun Microsystems Refurbished 370-6803-02 NVIDIA QUADRO FX3000 GRAPHICS ACCELERATOR
X9215ASun Microsystems New nVIDIA Quadro FX4000 Graphics Accelerator
X9215ASun Microsystems Refurbished nVIDIA Quadro FX4000 Graphics Accelerator
X9216ASun Microsystems Refurbished CD-R/RW/DVD-ROM Drive
X9221ASun Microsystems Refurbished 16X DVD-Writer/48X CD-Writer
X9238-1-AX92381ASun Microsystems New SUN IEC320-Sheet E to IEC320-C13 , 2.5Met(ST287Jx-B4-10C) Power Cord
X9238ASun Microsystems New SUN Qty 10 Cables of 180-2085 ST286D1-B65-2C.8
X9244ASun Microsystems Refurbished Opteron 244 1.8GHZ Processor
X9256ASun Microsystems Refurbished X9256AZ PCI-X Ultra320 SCSI Dual Raid Card
X9256A-ZX9256AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9256AZ PCI-X Ultra320 SCSI Dual Raid Card
X9259ASun Microsystems Refurbished 370-6637 SLIMLINE 8X DVD-ROM Drive/FLOPPY
X9260ASun Microsystems Refurbished SLIMLINE 8X DVD-ROM Drive/FLOPPY
X9265ASun Microsystems Refurbished XCard PCI U320SCSI SFV20zV40z
X9267ASun Microsystems Refurbished 4GB 2 2GB DDR333 DIMM for V40z 370-7063
X9269ASun Microsystems Refurbished MegaRaid PCI-X Dual Ultra320 Card
X9270ASun Microsystems Refurbished Infiniband Topspin PCI-X Host Channel Adapter S01459
X9270A-ZX9270AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9270AZ ASM PCI-X Infiniband Topspin Card
X9271ASun Microsystems Refurbished PCI-X SINGLE PORT GIGABIT Ethernet CARD V20z/V40z
X9272ASun Microsystems Refurbished X9272AN PCI-X Dual Gigabit Ethernet RoHS:YL 370-6687-01
X9273ASun Microsystems Refurbished X9273AZ Quad Port Ethernet Gigabit PCI-X Adapter ROHS
X9273A-ZX9273AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9273AZ Quad Port Ethernet Gigabit PCI-X Adapter ROHS
X9279ASun Microsystems Refurbished X9279AQLA2340 2GB/Sec Single Fibre Fiber Channel PCI-X Host Adapter 370-6697
X9279A-ZX9279AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9279AZ 2GB /SecSingle FCPCI-X host Adapter RoHS
X9283ASun Microsystems Refurbished S1.0 Daughterboard Assembly w/ 2x 1.8GHz CPU and VRMs CG Steppin
X9284ASun Microsystems Refurbished S1.0 CPU Processor Daughter Board with two 2.2G
X9285ASun Microsystems Refurbished 2x 2.4GHz Daughterboard Assembly
X9289ASun Microsystems Refurbished X9289AZ DVD/Floppy Combo Drive ROHS YL
X9289A-ZX9289AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9289AZ DVD/Floppy Combo Drive ROHS YL
X9290ASun Microsystems Refurbished 850/886-Watts Power Supply/ V40z
X9290A-ZX9290AZSun Microsystems Refurbished 760 Watt Power Supply RoHS:YL
X9291ASun Microsystems Refurbished 73.4GB 15kfor V20z/V40z
X9296A-NX9296ANSun Microsystems New X9296AN Sun 2GB 2x1gb PC32ER Memory Kit C8B3-B17-90C
X954ASun Microsystems New FDK PEX690-31 300 Watt Power/Cooling Module Enterprise 3x00 4x0_
X954ASun Microsystems Refurbished FDK PEX690-31 300 Watt Power/Cooling Module Enterprise 3x00 4x0_
X954A-NX954ANSun Microsystems New X954AN SUN 300-Watt Power Sup.Module277F3-B25-3CON E-3500/4500/5500/6500
X956ASun Microsystems Refurbished Fan Tray Assembly 5500
X958ASun Microsystems Refurbished Peripheral Power Supply X000
X9601ASun Microsystems New Sun AIR Bafle for EX000 ST281#1R-B5-7CN
X9628ASun Microsystems New X9628AZ SFV880/V890: Rackmount Kit Internal
X9628ASun Microsystems Refurbished X9628AZ SFV880/V890: Rackmount Kit Internal
X9638ASun Microsystems Refurbished SUN RAckmount KIT V890/V880. BAMBOO-B50-1CTP 508-1C900-CAB
X9640ASun Microsystems Refurbished DLT MOUNTING TRAY FOR RACK
X9653ASun Microsystems Refurbished A1000 rackmount kit without screws
X9654ASun Microsystems New RACKMOUNT KIT FOR THE A5X00
X9654ASun Microsystems Refurbished RACKMOUNT KIT FOR THE A5X00
X9655ASun Microsystems Refurbished StorEdge A5x00 72-Inch Cabinet Mount Kit
X9659ASun Microsystems Refurbished Rackmount Rails E4500 in 72 cabinet
X9659A-NX9659ANSun Microsystems New X9659AN Rackmount KIT E4x00 595-5203 ST277C1/C3-B40-4C
X9664ASun Microsystems New T3 7U DUAL RACKMOUNT RAIL KIT
X9665ASun Microsystems Refurbished 7U T3 Dual Rackmount Kit
X9667ASun Microsystems Refurbished 7U T3 Dual Rackmount Kit
X9671ASun Microsystems Refurbished 230/240V Blower for 56-inch Expansion Cabinet 370-1983 / 595
X9673ASun Microsystems New SINGLE 4U T3 RACKMOUNT KIT 72 INCH
X9676ASun Microsystems New completed T3 mounting plate Racmount
X9681ASun Microsystems Refurbished Remote Power Control Module 595-4627
X9682ASun Microsystems Refurbished Remote Power Control Module 595-4627
X9683ASun Microsystems New PWA PLN MSMT DT GX620 F8098BCC
X9683ASun Microsystems Refurbished PWA PLN MSMT DT GX620 F8098BCC
X9684ASun Microsystems Refurbished 380-Watts AC Power SUPPLY FOR E220R E420R
X9685ASun Microsystems Refurbished TYPE A135 2000-Watts Power Supply
X9689ASun Microsystems Refurbished STOREDGE 310-Watts POWER SUPPLY
X9690ASun Microsystems Refurbished Rackmount SLIDE E450 ST276-B37-1C
X9691ASun Microsystems Refurbished X9691A3P 19-Inch Rackmount Kit for a E250 E250-R19-H
X9691A-NX9691ANSun Microsystems New X9691AN E250 Rackmount Rail Kit + Cover276-B32-2C
X9695ASun Microsystems New X9695ANOB Rail Kit E250 595-4872
X9695A-NX9695ANSun Microsystems New X9695AN E 250 Rackmount Kitcompleted with all ScrewsST276-C-1C
X9697ASun Microsystems Refurbished ENTERPRISE 250 RACKMOUNT TO DESKSIDE KIT
X9699ASun Microsystems Refurbished Power Supply E280R 300-1457 / 595-5491
X9713ASun Microsystems New X9713AZ Fire V480 / Fire V490 Cable
X9715ASun Microsystems Refurbished FC OPTICAL Cable SCtoSC 5M GS18-B8-2CN/1Cr-ST286-5C
X9715A-NX9715ANSun Microsystems New X9715AN Sun FC OPTICAL Cable SC-SC 5 Met PK3C5-B7-3COPC1c-2C286-5C
X9715A-ZX9715AZSun Microsystems New X9715AZ Sun FC Cable SC-SC RoHS 5 Met PK3C5-B7-3COPC1c-2C286-5C
X9721ASun Microsystems Refurbished 0.4 Meter LC-SC Fibre Fiber Channel Cable 537-1036-01
X9721A-NX9721ANSun Microsystems New X9721AN SUN LC-SC Cable 0.4M GS18-B8-3COPK3C5-3CPK3C6-9C
X9721A-ZX9721AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9721AZ Sun FC Optical Cable LC-SC 0.4M RoHS GP7F-B5-8cPK3C5-3C
X9722ASun Microsystems New Sun Fiber Fibre Chanel Cable LC-SC 2 Met PK3C5-B6-18CGCW-40C
X9722ASun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Fiber Fibre Chanel Cable LC-SC 2 Met PK3C5-B6-18CGCW-40C
X9722A-ZX9722AZSun Microsystems New X9722AZ Sun Fiber Fibre Chanel Cable LC-SC 2 Met PK3C5-B6-18CGCW-40C
X9723ASun Microsystems Refurbished 3rd-Party Fibre Fiber Channel Optical Cable LC/SC 5M 537-1033
X9723A-NX9723ANSun Microsystems New X9723AN SUN Fiber Fibre Chanel OPTICAL Cable LC-SC 5MetPK3C76-B11-1C
X9723A-ZX9723AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9723AZ SUN Fiber Fibre Chanel OPTICAL Cable RoHS LC-SC 5MetPK3C76-B9-1C
X9723A-Z-NX9723AZNSun Microsystems New X9723AZN SUN Fiber Fibre Chanel OPTICAL Cable RoHS LC-SC 5MetPK3C76-B11-1
X9724ASun Microsystems Refurbished Fibre Fiber Channel Optical Cable LC/SC 15M
X9724A-NX9724ANSun Microsystems New X9724AN Sun FC OPTICAL Cable LC-SC 15M PK3C7-B11-9COGP-7F-1C
X9724A-ZX9724AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9724AZ Sun FC OPTICAL Cable LC-SC 15M PK3C7-B8-9CGP-7F-1C
X9724A-Z-NX9724AZNSun Microsystems New X9724AZN Sun FC OPTICAL Cable LC-SC 15M PK3C7-B11-9CGP-7F-1C
X9730ASun Microsystems Refurbished 3rd-Party Fibre Fiber Channel Optical Cable LC/LC 0.8M 537-1057
X9730A-ZX9730AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9730AZ SUN LC-LC 0.8M CABLE RoHSGS181-B9-1C
X9732ASun Microsystems Refurbished 3rd-Party Fibre Fiber Channel Optical Cable LC/LC 2M 537-1041
X9732A-NX9732ANSun Microsystems New X9732AN SUN FC Cable LC/LC 2Meter PK3C#4M05-B7-31C
X9732A-ZX9732AZSun Microsystems New X9732AZ 2M LC to LC Fibre Fiber Channel Optical Cable
X9732AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9732AZ 2M LC to LC Fibre Fiber Channel Optical Cable
X9732A-Z-NX9732AZNSun Microsystems New X9732AZN SUN FC Cable LC/LC 2M RoHS PK3C#4M05-B7-31CO
X9733ASun Microsystems Refurbished 3rd-Party Fibre Fiber Channel Optical Cable LC/LC 5M 537-1042
X9733A-ZX9733AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9733AZ SHW 5M LC TO LC Fibre Fiber Channel OPTICAL Cable
X9734ASun Microsystems Refurbished 15M LC TO LC Fibre Fiber Channel OPTICAL CABLE
X9734A-ZX9734AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9734AZ Fibre Fiber Channel Optical Cable LC/LC/ 15M/ RoHS
X9735ASun Microsystems Refurbished 3rd-Party Fibre Fiber Channel Optical Cable LC/SC 25M 537-1053
X9736ASun Microsystems Refurbished 3rd-Party Fibre Fiber Channel Optical Cable LC/LC 25M 537-1051
X974ASun Microsystems New Serial Asynchronous Connector Option 16-Port Distribution Box for Annex III
X975ASun Microsystems New Parallel Pinter cable 5M HD26M-to-DB25M PC1B-B12-1C
X979ASun Microsystems New DSCSI 12M Country Kit Accessory Power User Workstation and S
X9818ASun Microsystems Refurbished INTEL CORE DUO T2600 2.16GHZ 2mb 667mhz processor
X9819ASun Microsystems New Fan Assembly Optional for 72 Cabinet
X9819ASun Microsystems Refurbished Fan Assembly Optional for 72 Cabinet
X9820ASun Microsystems Refurbished Fan Tray Assembly with 3 120mm Fans
X9862A-ZX9862AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9862AZ Daughterboard Assembly w/2 x 2.4GHZCPU and VRMs
X9863ASun Microsystems Refurbished S2.0 DAUGHTERBOARD Assembly/ 2x2.6GHz
X9869A-ZX9869AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9869AZ 2.4GHZ CPU AMD 850 ROHSY
X9870ASun Microsystems Refurbished 2.6Ghz CPUAMD Opteron 852 E4 Stepping RoHS:Y
X9870A-ZX9870AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9870AZ 2.6GHZ CPU AMD 852 ROHSY
X9884A-ZX9884AZSun Microsystems Refurbished X9884AZ Assembly LSI MegaRaid Card with cables and battery
X9896ASun Microsystems Refurbished S2.0 Daughterboard Assembly w/ 2 Channel dual-core 2.2GHz CPU and VRMs
X995ASun Microsystems Refurbished
XA187Sun Microsystems Refurbished 1448W SUN V490 PSU Power Supply Unit
XCP1500-512XCP1500512Sun Microsystems New XCP1500512 512MB Memory Board FRU
XCP2300-MEM-1GBXCP2300MEM1GBSun Microsystems New XCP2300MEM1GB Original 1GB SODIMM Memory for CP2300 650mhz GCAB-B25-50C
XCP2300-TRNXCP2300TRNSun Microsystems Refurbished XCP2300TRN CP2300 Rear Transition Board
XCP3010-MEM-2GBXCP3010MEM2GBSun Microsystems Refurbished XCP3010MEM2GB Low Profile 2GB 2x1GB memory KIT GC17-M21-B475-2C
XCP3020-MEM-4GBXCP3020MEM4GBSun Microsystems Refurbished XCP3020MEM4GB 4GB Memory Option XCP3020-MEM-4GB RoHS:YL 2 x 2 GB dimms
XCP3040H-RTCXCP3040HRTCSun Microsystems Refurbished XCP3040HRTC Network Switch Rear Transition Module/FRU
XCP3060-HD-80GBXCP3060HD80GBSun Microsystems Refurbished XCP3060HD80GB 80GB AMC Disk Drive Option
XCP3240H-RTM-CU-ZXCP3240HRTMCUZSun Microsystems Refurbished XCP3240HRTMCUZ 10Gbit/1Gbit Copper CX4 Rear Transition Module
XCP32X0RTH-HDDXCP32X0RTHHDDSun Microsystems Refurbished XCP32X0RTHHDD Rear Transition Module Hard Drive Netra CT900
XCPBDF4049Sun Microsystems Refurbished XCPBDF4049 4 way 900Mhz 4 Gigabit
XCPMEM-256XCPMEM256Sun Microsystems New XCPMEM256 256MB Memory With Hardware Kit Screws Spacer
XCPMEM-512XCPMEM512Sun Microsystems New XCPMEM512 512MB Memory with Hardware Kit scews Spacer
XCPU1280-442-1200XCPU12804421200Sun Microsystems Refurbished XCPU12804421200 CPU/Memory UniBoard w/ 4x US III Cu Processor 1200MHz 8GB
XCPU1280-484-1200XCPU12804841200Sun Microsystems Refurbished XCPU12804841200 CPU/Memory UniBoard w/ 4x US III Cu Processor 1200MHz 32GB
XCPUBD-2049XCPUBD2049Sun Microsystems Refurbished XCPUBD2049 Sun Fire CPU/MEMORY UNIBOARD w/ 2x900MHz US-IIIcu 4GB
XCPUBD-4049XCPUBD4049Sun Microsystems Refurbished XCPUBD4049 Sun Fire CPU/MEMORY UNIBOARD w/ 4x900MHz US-IIIcu 4GB
XCPUBD-442XCPUBD442Sun Microsystems Refurbished XCPUBD442 1200 0MB
XCPUBD-481-1200XCPUBD4811200Sun Microsystems Refurbished XCPUBD4811200 4 x 1.2Ghz 8GB ram CPU/Memory Board
XCPUBD-F4089XCPUBDF4089Sun Microsystems Refurbished XCPUBDF4089 CPU/Memory Uniboard w/4 x USIIICu 900MHZ 8GB
XCPUBD-F4169XCPUBDF4169Sun Microsystems Refurbished XCPUBDF4169 CPU/Memory Uniboard w/4 x USIIICu 900MHZ 16GB
XCPUBD-F4329XCPUBDF4329Sun Microsystems Refurbished XCPUBDF4329 CPU/Memory Uniboard w/4 x USIIICu 900MHZ 32GB
XE29BRD-484-1800-ZXE29BRD4841800ZSun Microsystems Refurbished XE29BRD4841800Z
XJ-HD166SXJHD166SSun Microsystems Refurbished XJHD166S 16X DVD-ROM Drive
XM-4101BXM4101BSun Microsystems Refurbished XM4101B 4X CD-ROM Drive SCSI
XRA-SC1CA-146GB-10KXRASC1CA146GB10KSun Microsystems Refurbished XRASC1CA146GB10K XRA-SC1CA-146GB-10K
XRA-SC1CA-36G10K-NXRASC1CA36G10KNSun Microsystems New XRASC1CA36G10KN SUN 36Gb SCSI-3 disk L46-B17-4C
XRA-SS1CR-1T7KXRASS1CR1T7KSun Microsystems Refurbished 1.0TB - 7200 RPM SAS Disk Assembly with 1 bracket
XRA-SS2ND-146G10KZ-NXRASS2ND146G10KZNSun Microsystems New XRASS2ND146G10KZN SUN 146GB SAS. RoHS +Bracket NIB PK11FG-M22-B28-1CPK12A-12C
XRA-SS2NF-300G10K2XRASS2NF300G10K2Sun Microsystems Refurbished XRASS2NF300G10K2 XRA-SS2NF-300G10K2 SAS SFF Netra SPARC T3/T4 -
XRA-ST2CF32G2SSD-NXRAST2CF32G2SSDNSun Microsystems Refurbished XRAST2CF32G2SSDN 32GB Solid State Drive SATA Assembly
XRB-SS1CE-146G15KXRBSS1CE146G15KSun Microsystems Refurbished XRBSS1CE146G15K XRB-SS1CE-146G15K SAS w/ Sun Fire/ Ultra Tray -
XRB-SS1CR-300G15KXRBSS1CR300G15KSun Microsystems Refurbished 300GB - 15000 RPM SAS Disk Assembly
XRB-ST1CH-500G7KXRBST1CH500G7KSun Microsystems Refurbished XRBST1CH500G7K 500GB SATA 541-3050
XSFP-SW-2GBXSFPSW2GBSun Microsystems New XSFPSW2GB 2GB Fibre Fiber Channel Transceiver Short Wave SFP 370-5211-01
XSFP-SW-2GBXSFPSW2GBSun Microsystems Refurbished XSFPSW2GB 2GB Fibre Fiber Channel Transceiver Short Wave SFP 370-5211-01
XSFPSW2GB4PKSun Microsystems New XSFPSW4GB 4-Gbps Short Wave SFP RoHS:Y
XSFP-SW-4G-4PKXSFPSW4G4PKSun Microsystems Refurbished XSFPSW4G4PK Qty 4 x 4GB Ethernet Tranceivers
XSFP-SW-4GBXSFPSW4GBSun Microsystems Refurbished XSFPSW4GB 4-Gbps Short Wave SFP RoHS:Y
XSFPSW4GB4PKSun Microsystems New XSFPSW4GB4PK 4-Gbps Short Wave SFP RoHS:Y 4 x 371-0294
XSFP-SW-4GB-4PKXSFPSW4GB4PKSun Microsystems Refurbished XSFPSW4GB4PK 4-Gbps Short Wave SFP RoHS:Y 4 x 371-0294
XSL48-LHMAG-ZXSL48LHMAGZSun Microsystems Refurbished XSL48LHMAGZ Left Side No Mail Slot Magazine
XSR-1042XSR1042Sun Microsystems Refurbished XSR1042 Sun Rack II 1042 - rack - 42U
XSR-1042EXSR1042ESun Microsystems 42 SUN RACK
XT20-DVD-RWXT20DVDRWSun Microsystems Refurbished XT20DVDRW Slimline 8X DVD-ROM Drive / 24X CD-WriterRoHS:Y
XTA-0.5M-SASXTA05MSASSun Microsystems Refurbished 4X Mini SAS Cable SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 0.5M RoHS:YL
XTA-05M-SASXTA05MSASSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA05MSAS 4X Mini SAS Cable
XTA-2.0M-SASXTA20MSASSun Microsystems Refurbished SUN EXTERNAL 4x Mini SAS CABLE RoHS 2Met GP45#2M2-6CON MICH
XTA-2500-2UDC-KITXTA25002UDCKITSun Microsystems New XTA25002UDCKIT SUN 515 WATT DC POWER SUPPLY 300-2073
XTA-2500-2UDC-KITXTA25002UDCKITSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA25002UDCKIT DC Input Power Supply Assembly RoHS:Y
XTA-2500-2URK-19UXTA25002URK19USun Microsystems Refurbished XTA25002URK19U StorageTek 2500 2U Universal Rackmount Kit
XTA25X0-2.0M-SAS-ZXTA25X020MSASZSun Microsystems New 4X Mini SAS Cable SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 2M RoHS:Y
XTA-25X0-CTRL-BATTXTA25X0CTRLBATTSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA25X0CTRLBATT SUN XTA2500 battery controller - Factory Sealed!
XTA-3000-1UAC-KITZXTA30001UACKITZSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA30001UACKITZ 150-Watts AC Power Supply SE3120 RoHS:YL
XTA-3000-1URK-19FZXTA30001URK19FZSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA30001URK19FZ Storedge 3120 1U JBOD Array
XTA-3000-1URK-19UXTA30001URK19USun Microsystems Refurbished XTA30001URK19U SE3000 1U Universal Rack Sliding Rail Kit
XTA-3000-1URK-19UZXTA30001URK19UZSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA25X010MSASZ 4X Mini SAS Cable SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 1M RoHS:YL
XTA-3000-2UAC-KITXTA30002UACKITSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA30002UACKIT 420-Watts AC Power supply
XTA-3000-2UAC-KIT-NXTA30002UACKITNSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA30002UACKITN SUN 420W Power Supply 287M5-B17-8C 370-6776
XTA-3000-2UDC-KITXTA30002UDCKITSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA30002UDCKIT 420-Watts DC Input Power Supply RoHS:YL
XTA-3000-2URK-19CZXTA30002URK19CZSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA30002URK19CZ SUN Telco Center Rackmount Kit for 2U-3000Family GS18-B32-1C
XTA-3000-2URK-19UXTA30002URK19USun Microsystems Refurbished XTA30002URK19U 2U Universal Rackmount Rail Kit SE3000 Series
XTA-3000-2URK-19UZXTA30002URK19UZSun Microsystems New XTA30002URK19UZ SE3000 2U Family Universal Rackmount Kit 594-2005-01
XTA-3000-2URK-19UZXTA30002URK19UZSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA30002URK19UZ SE3000 2U Family Universal Rackmount Kit 594-2005-01
XTA-3000-AMBSXTA3000AMBSSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA3000AMBS Air Management Blank Sled Hard Drive Slot Filler Option XTA-30
XTA3120R01A0T292ZSun Microsystems Refurbished Storedge 3120 JBOD AC
XTA3120R01A0U584ZSun Microsystems Refurbished Storedge 3120 JBOD AC
XTA331036GB15KSun Microsystems Refurbished 36.4GB - 15000 RPM Disk Assembly with 1 Disk
XTA3310-JBOBXTA3310JBOBSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA3310JBOB SUN StorEdge 3310 JBOD Base 2 x PS 286-B60-10C
XTA3310R01A2U1752Sun Microsystems Refurbished Storedge 3310 with dual raid 12 x 146GB
XTA3310T01A1R876Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Storedge 3310 raid 12 x 73GB Array
XTA-3320-SC-TERMXTA3320SCTERMSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA3320SCTERM VHDCI-68 LVD SCSI Terminator Board RoHS:YL 594-2350 / 371-0826
XTA-3510-300GB-10KZXTA3510300GB10KZSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA3510300GB10KZ 300GB FC-AL SEAGATE 3rd-Party - FW
XTA-3510-300GB-15KXTA3510300GB15KSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA3510300GB15K XTA-3510-300GB-15K Disk 1-Year Warranty
XTA3511R01Sun Microsystems Refurbished Storedge 3511 JBOD Array Dual AC Power
XTA-4200-2UFAN-KITXTA42002UFANKITSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA42002UFANKIT Sun J4200 Fan Tray Assembly RoHS:Y
XTA-4200-2URK-19UXTA42002URK19USun Microsystems New XTA42002URK19U Sun Storage J4200 2U Universal Rackmount Kit
XTA-4200-IOMXTA4200IOMSun Microsystems New Sun Storage J4200 2 Port SAS I/O Module includes .5m interconne
XTA4400Sun Microsystems New Sun Storage J4400 Array BASED
XTA4400Sun Microsystems Refurbished Sun Storage J4400 Array BASED
XTA-4400-4URK-19UXTA44004URK19USun Microsystems Refurbished 594-5402 Sun Storage J4400 4U Universal Rack Mount Kit
XTA-4400-IOMXTA4400IOMSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA4400IOM SAS Expansion Tray I/O Module IOM RoHS
XTA4ST3S-24GBFMXTA4ST3S24GBFMSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA4ST3S24GBFM 24GB Flash Module Expansion 4 24GB FMODs X-Option
XTA5000-HF2-2G-ZXTA5000HF22GZSun Microsystems New XTA5000HF22GZ Dual Channel 2GB Fibre Fiber Channel card Low Pro for Storagetek 5310/5320
XTA5000-NF1-1GXTA5000NF11GSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA5000NF11G Dual Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X MMF Low Profile Bracket
XTA6000-RK2-RAILXTA6000RK2RAILSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA6000RK2RAIL Rack Rail Kit for Rack II RoHS:Y
XTA7410-CUKXTA7410CUKSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA7410CUK 371-3024 CLUSTER HEARTBEAT CARD
XTACSM1-IOM-FCXTACSM1IOMFCSun Microsystems Refurbished XTACSM1IOMFC StorEdge CSM100 FC-AL Expansion I/O Module for CSM100 375-3218
XTACSM1R01A0Z2044Sun Microsystems Refurbished SE CSM100-2044G-0X1X14X146Z 15K-RR
XTACSM1-RK-3RU-19UXTACSM1RK3RU19USun Microsystems Refurbished XTACSM1RK3RU19U StorEdge 6130/CSM100/ 3U Rackmount Kit
XTACSM2-IOMXTACSM2IOMSun Microsystems Refurbished XTACSM2IOM ESM Controller CSM 200
XTA-F20-M2XTAF20M2Sun Microsystems Refurbished XTAF20M2 96gb PCIe Flash Accelerator F20 M2 SAS HBA 541-4417 371-4953
XTA-SC1CB-146G15KXTASC1CB146G15KSun Microsystems Refurbished XTASC1CB146G15K XTA-SC1CB-146G15K Disk
XTA-SS1NG-146GB15KXTASS1NG146GB15KSun Microsystems Refurbished XTASS1NG146GB15K XTA-SS1NG-146GB15K SAS Disk 1-Year Warranty
XTA-SS1NG-300GB15KXTASS1NG300GB15KSun Microsystems Refurbished XTASS1NG300GB15K XTA-SS1NG-300GB15K Disk 1-Year Warranty
XTA-ST1CF-500G7K-ZXTAST1CF500G7KZSun Microsystems Refurbished XTAST1CF500G7KZ 500GB SATA for 6140 or CSM 200
XTA-ST1NJ-750G7KXTAST1NJ750G7KSun Microsystems Refurbished XTAST1NJ750G7K 750gb SATA disk for J4200 / J4400 / 7210 ROHS
XTB5320R10A2-ZXTB5320R10A2ZSun Microsystems Refurbished XTB5320R10A2Z Storagetek 5320 2.6GHZ 2GB NAS Server
XTB5320R20A4-SCK-ZXTB5320R20A4SCKZSun Microsystems Refurbished XTB5320R20A4SCKZ STORAGETEK 5320 NAS APPLIANCE 2.6GHz CPU 4GB MEMORY 2 X AC PW
XTB6920-1M-LCLC-2XTB69201MLCLC2Sun Microsystems Refurbished XTB69201MLCLC2 LC-LC -1M cable KIT 2 cables GS2615M1-B18-6CON
XTCCSM2R01A0A2500ZSun Microsystems Refurbished CSM200A-2500G-0X1X5X500GA-RR
XTCCSM2-RK-19UZXTCCSM2RK19UZSun Microsystems Refurbished RoHS-6 Sun Modular storage: StoregTek 6140-CSM200 Rack Rail ki
XTV6920-1M-LCLCXTV69201MLCLCSun Microsystems New XTV69201MLCLC FC cable KIT 1Met GS2615M1-B10-12CON
XUS4BRD-482-1500XUS4BRD4821500Sun Microsystems Refurbished XUS4BRD4821500 Uniboard w/ 4CH1.5GHz 16GB
XVR-100XVR100Sun Microsystems Refurbished XVR100 XVR-100 32mb DDR SDRAM video card
XVR1200-ADAPTERXVR1200ADAPTERSun Microsystems New XVR1200ADAPTER DVI-M to DB15-F Adapter for XVR1200
XVR-500XVR500Sun Microsystems Refurbished XVR500 /3DLabs Graphics Accelerator 32Mb
YM-2151BYM2151BSun Microsystems Refurbished YM2151B 3Y Power YM-2151B 150 Watt Power Supply CLEI 371-0536-0
YM-2421AYM2421ASun Microsystems Refurbished YM2421A The YM-2421A is a 420-Watts Power Supply for StorEdge systems
Z16ISD3B-18UC-SUNZ16ISD3B18UCSUNSun Microsystems Refurbished 18GB SATA Solid State Drive RoHS:Y
370-7786-PULL3707786PULLSun Microsystems Refurbished Cover, Refurbished, CPU, Fan & Heatsink, 370-7786-PULL, 370-7786
PH0301Sun Microsystems Ulticom SS7 PCI T1/E1 Board walt
X5340-AX5340ASun Microsystems Sun Memory Mezzanine Kit
371-42083714208Sun Microsystems Sun Blade 6000 Power Supply Fan Tray
501-73555017355Sun Microsystems Sun E25K System Control Peripheral Board w/o drives
511-11715111171Sun Microsystems Sun Ethernet Pass-Through FEM
540-68005406800Sun Microsystems Sun E25K System Control Peripheral Assembly with 1 Tape drive an
541-30075413007Sun Microsystems Sun Blade T6340 Server Module 8 Core 1.2GHZ
594-52235945223Sun Microsystems Sun Blade T6340 Server Module 8 Core 1.2GHZ 32GB
7017177Sun Microsystems Intel SSDSA2BZ100G3 100GB Solid-State Drive
7017183Sun Microsystems Intel SSDSA2BZ100G3 100GB Solid-State Drive with Marlin Assembl
QEM3472-SUNQEM3472SUNSun Microsystems 4GB PCI Express Dual FC/Dual GigE Express Module
SEMX1A1Z-NSEMX1A1ZNSun Microsystems 2.28GHz/5MB Cache SPARC64 VI CPU Module
T6340-281200-B2T6340281200B2Sun Microsystems Sun Blade T6340 Server Module 8 Core 1.2GHZ 32GB
X4240/12X2400X424012X2400Sun Microsystems SUN X4240 W/ 2X2.40GHZ CPU 6MB 2200MHZ FSB 6C
003-0744-01003074401Sun Microsystems New T-10000 T10000 T10K Labeled Vertical 500GB/1.0TB T1 Sun Dat
003-0758-01003075801Sun Microsystems New T-10000 T10000 T10K Labeled Initialized 500GB/1.0TB T1 Su
003-5370-01003537001Sun Microsystems New T-10000 T10000 T2 T10KC 5.0TB
370-3863-420A3703863420ASun Microsystems SUN 8.4Gb IDE disk PK14#4-B8-1Chai14
371-46133714613Sun Microsystems 60x28mm 10400/9500 RPM Dual Fan
511-14345111434Sun Microsystems Fan Board
540-73705407370Sun Microsystems Sun 8 Core Ultra Sparc T2 1.2GHZ Motherboard
7012747Sun Microsystems FRU 7012747 600GB 15K SAS for 2500 M2 Series - 1 Year Warranty
7044319Sun Microsystems Oracle Storage DE2-24C
7070195Sun Microsystems Sun Quad Port GbE PCI Express 2.0 Low Profile Adapter UTP
A46047-504A46047504Sun Microsystems Front PANEL Board Ehternet/2xUSB + Ribbon cable GP19-BAP-1C2
BD1252107B-2FBD1252107B2FSun Microsystems SUN FAN module ASSEMBLY P4M9B20-10C
DC-CONECTOR-T5220DCCONECTORT5220Sun Microsystems SUN WAGO DC conector P7A-B9-55CGP44#6-27CN Netra-T5220 syste
DK32EJ72FSUN72GSun Microsystems 72GB FC Fibre Channel 10K RPM
LTO3-HP2FC-L700ZLTO3HP2FCL700ZSun Microsystems SUN STK 400/800GB LTO TAPE FC-2GB INT L700
SG-XTAP4MM-011A-NSGXTAP4MM011ANSun Microsystems Sun DDS3 UNIPACK New In Box CEIL/12M12-BAP32-31CON
ST314680FSUN146GSun Microsystems 146GB FC 10K RPM with SUN BRACKET
T1-1000-8T110008Sun Microsystems SUN CPU T1 MP 1ghz 8 cores GCAB-B60-12C
X5711ASun Microsystems Sun Blade T6320 Server Module with 8 Core 1.2GHZ 16GB
00196Sun Microsystems SUN: E2900 FAN FOR REAR FAN ASSEMBLY 120X120X39MM
375-35713753571Sun Microsystems Motherboard w/ 1 US IIIi 1.336GHz 0MB
501-73145017314Sun Microsystems Sun Advanced Lights Out Management ALOM Plus Card RoHS:YL
541-36805413680Sun Microsystems 541-3680 750GB 7200RPM SATA for X45xx / J4xxx - 1 Year Warranty
594-56685945668Sun Microsystems T6320 8 Core 1.2GHZ 16GB Server Module
SH404-SA3SH404SA3Sun Microsystems Sun StorEdge 9900
0B22159Sun Microsystems Sun/Hitachi 300GB 15K FC Hard Drive in tray walt
370-01963700196Sun Microsystems V240 Lower Interface Board
501-65525016552Sun Microsystems Sun Netra 440 DC Power Distribution Board
5529293-B5529293BSun Microsystems Sun/Hitachi 300GB 15K FC Hard Drive in tray walt
CA07082-B001CA07082B001Sun Microsystems Sun M3000 2.52GHZ Sparc 64 VII Quad Core 8GB 2 x 146GB
DKR2G-K30FCDKR2GK30FCSun Microsystems Sun/Hitachi 300GB 15K FC Hard Drive in tray walt
HUS153030VLF400Sun Microsystems Sun/Hitachi 300GB 15K FC Hard Drive in tray walt
LTO4-IB4FC-L700ZLTO4IB4FCL700ZSun Microsystems SUN 800/1600GB LTO TAPE IBM FC-4GB L180/L700
R2G-K300FCR2GK300FCSun Microsystems Sun/Hitachi 300GB 15K FC Hard Drive in tray walt
340-79583407958Sun Microsystems Air Diverter for Motherboard and SCSI Backplane
370-24393702439Sun Microsystems SUN 32MB EDO SIMM for RPA cache Brcorner-8CN
525-17885251788Sun Microsystems SUN SEPROM B1K/B2K/E280 GP6-M9-5CTHGT1DR#9-10CBa14
525-20245252024Sun Microsystems SUN SEEPROM NVRAM Blade2500 GB6-B15-12C
525-20335252033Sun Microsystems SUN SEEPROM NVRAM Blade1500 GP6-B15-12CTHGT1DR#9-10C
540-66415406641Sun Microsystems SUN 8x DVD-Writer 24X CD-WR S=$325 GB233-1CONPK5-B22-20CR
540-6641--N5406641NSun Microsystems SUN 8x DVD-Writer 24X CD-WR S=$325 ST81-B22-5CN
541-05835410583Sun Microsystems Memory Board for M5k/M4k
596-22945962294Sun Microsystems SUN PCI I/O Board NEW Completed NHxxQ6-B2N-3CokBa14 PK6-B2N
605-1603-01605160301Sun Microsystems SUN PCI I/O Board NEW Completed NHxxQ6-B2N-3CokBa14 PK6-B2N
SG-XTAPLTO-L20SGXTAPLTOL20Sun Microsystems SUN 100/200GB LTO-1 HVD SCSI L20/L40/L80 Module NIB
ST330055LSUN300GSun Microsystems ST330055LSUN300G 300GB 15K RPM Ultra320 SCSI - 1 Year Warranty
X3670ASun Microsystems New Craetor 3D /S3 Energy Star FFB2+ 24B CFB GraphicPC4C-16
XRB-ST1CH-500G7KZXRBST1CH500G7KZSun Microsystems XRB-ST1CH-500G7K SATA HDD for X4500 / 7210 - 1 Year Warranty
XTA6SS1NJ-300G15KXTA6SS1NJ300G15KSun Microsystems 6xXTA-SS1NJ-300G15K SAS for J4400 J4200 7410 - 1 Year Warranty
3004ASun Microsystems Refurbished THIN CLIENT TERMINAL SUN SUNRAY 2FS
370-7669-SSR3707669SSRSun Microsystems Sun Server Side Rail Set server side rails only for SunFire V2
530-34365303436Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5303436 Disk#0 Cable MBtoDIskBackplane T2K281-B6-3C
530-34375303437Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5303437 Disk#1 Cable MBtoDIskBackplane T2K281-B6-3C
530-34385303438Sun Microsystems Refurbished 5303438 Disk#2Cable MBtoDIskBackplane T2K281-B6-3C
594-2466-01594246601Sun Microsystems Refurbished 594246601 SUN 2GB Single HBA Host Bus Adapter PCI-XGC1-1CON PK11C5/9-B22-9CO
596-5285-02596528502Sun Microsystems 146GB Fibre Channel 15K RPM
A86-FGZ2BHA86FGZ2BHSun Microsystems Sun Fire X4100 M2 Server2 AMD Opteron Model 2218 2.6GHz 1MB
A86-FPZ2BHA86FPZ2BHSun Microsystems SunFire X4100 M2 Server: 2x AMD Optrn Model 2220 2.8GHz/1MB pr
A86-PFZ2BHA86PFZ2BHSun Microsystems SunFire X4100 M2 Server: 2x AMD Optrn Model 2220 2.8GHz/1MB pr
AL568ASun Microsystems SUN LTO4 HH SAS with Tray for SL24/48 RoHS:Y
FC2310401-18FC231040118Sun Microsystems Refurbished FC231040118 2GB SINGLE PORT Fibre Fiber PCI R3 / 7.2
QLA2340-SUNQLA2340SUNSun Microsystems QLA2340-SUN 2GB Single Port Fibre PCI-X
SLBV7Sun Microsystems Refurbished Call: 2.93GHz Intel 6-Core for M2
371-45213714521Sun Microsystems Sun Nvidia Quadro FX5800 4GB PCI-E 3 Port Video Graphics Board
501-72015017201Sun Microsystems Sun 1.28GHZ Processor V440
540-72575407257Sun Microsystems 8 GB 2 4GB DDR2 DIMMs [SKU]
SE3X7XT2ZSun Microsystems Sun Oracle 10GE XFP LR 375-3495
370-6155-SSR3706155SSRSun Microsystems Sun Server Side Rail Set server side rails only for SunFire V4
541-00985410098Sun Microsystems Sun E25K Top Cap/Frame Manager Extension 250MM
541-39085413908Sun Microsystems T5440 - Service Processor Assembly
542-0288-01542028801Sun Microsystems 600GB SAS 10K RPM 2.5
565-1917-01565191701Sun Microsystems SUN 565-1917-01 CABLE KIT NEW
9FN066-0459FN066045Sun Microsystems Refurbished 600GB - 15000 RPM - SAS Disk
9X2004-1509X2004150Sun Microsystems Refurbished Closed for inventory Oct 2 from 10 AM - 12 PM
X5020ASun Microsystems SUN 36GB SCSI HDD for LX50 540-5419 NOB
7104926Sun Microsystems New 32GB 2x16 for X4470M2-10 New in Box, 8 new bulk
510-13875101387Sun Microsystems Sun Motherboard RoHS:YL
X3923ASun Microsystems Refurbished 4GB SUN nVIDIA Quadro FX5800 Dual DVI DP PCI Express x16 Graphic
X7236ASun Microsystems Sun 24.1 Inch LCD Monitor
0135C48365Sun Microsystems INTERNAL 12-24GB 4mm DDS-3 TAPE DRIVE
340-6789-01340678901Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems 880 MOTHERBOARD 2 Sun 440MHz CPU X1197A
501-55225015522Sun Microsystems Sun 360MHZ/4MB UltraSparc II Cpu
530-2981-02530298102Sun Microsystems CABLE FOR CCCM756 MODEM PC CARD
5403610-04540361004Sun Microsystems Sun MicroSystems Sunfire V880 3PS 9PCI 2X2FANS DVD TAPE DRIVE
599-00685990068Sun Microsystems Sun CPU/Memory Board 4 x 1050MHZ 0MB
BEIHSV-1302BEIHSV1302Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems 880 MOTHERBOARD 2 Sun 440MHz CPU X1197A
QFEPCISun Microsystems Sun 4-Port 10/100 3.3/5v 64-Bit PCI Ethernet Adapter PN:270-5406
X6168A/390-0025-03X6168A390002503Sun Microsystems 10X DVD ROM DRIVE
390-0464-02390046402Sun Microsystems 600GB Fibre Channel 15K RPM
501-29825012982Sun Microsystems Sun Array Controller 110MHZ
SNX7285ASun Microsystems Sun PCI-X Dual Gigabit Ethernet UTP
XTA7410-L0GZ18GBXTA7410L0GZ18GBSun Microsystems Refurbished XTA7410-L0GZ18GB 18GB SATA SSD Solid State Drive
370-30363703036Sun Microsystems Memory Fan Assembly
371-40343714034Sun Microsystems Sun 2.8GHz/12M/1333MHz Intel Core2 Quad Q9550
4925382Sun Microsystems sun 8gb 3714306
540-5828-01540582801Sun Microsystems 36GB Fiber Channel 15K RPM
540-7179-01540717901Sun Microsystems 146GB SAS 15K RPM
541-41995414199Sun Microsystems Marlin Bracket
7047855Sun Microsystems Refurbished 7047855 Sun 6Gbps SAS-2 Raid Expansion Module REM
X4107A-ZX4107AZSun Microsystems Sun 2.8GHz/12M/1333MHz Intel Core2 Quad Q9550
270-4156-04270415604Sun Microsystems SUN SS1000 BLADE 4-PORT XD BUS BACKPLANE
330-2693-06330269306Sun Microsystems SUN SUNBLADE 2000 BEZEL
330-4666-01330466601Sun Microsystems SUN GRAY Smart Card Reader
340-4764-06340476406Sun Microsystems SUN FILLER PANEL
340-4858-07340485807Sun Microsystems SUN DRIVE BAY BRACKET
500-69745006974Sun Microsystems SUN X4200 SYSTEM BOARD W/CPU
525-1858-04525185804Sun Microsystems SUN BLADE 2000 CPU BOARD
540-4138-06540413806Sun Microsystems SUN CPU SHROUD
AFB0912MSun Microsystems SUN / DELTA FAN DC12V .20A
BJ92-00244JBJ9200244JSun Microsystems SUN BLADE 1500 SYSTEM BOARD NO CPU
BJ92-00278ABJ9200278ASun Microsystems SUN 2 USB - AUDIO PORT CARD W/BRACKET
G9225H12B1Sun Microsystems SUN / NONOI 90mm x 25mm 3Pin Case Fan
THF77C8-16THF77C816Sun Microsystems SUN SPEAKER
WFB1212HSun Microsystems SUN DC BRUSHLESS DC12V 0.45A
375-33933753393Sun Microsystems Sun Netra CP2160S-650 Board
375-36243753624Sun Microsystems Q Blade Motherboard with Disk Backplane 530-3888 Hard Disk Drive
602-3338-01602333801Sun Microsystems SUNFIRE V40Z 2x 2.4GHZ 8GB RAM
X5075A-ZX5075AZSun Microsystems Sun 4 AC Input Power Cords
375-34283753428Sun Microsystems Sun CT410 Rear CPU Transition Board
501-18235011823Sun Microsystems SUN: SS2 32MB SBUS PRIMARY MEMORY BOARD
540-49315404931Sun Microsystems Sun Fan Tray Netra CT410
7100155Sun Microsystems New 8GB 2 x 4GB 7011452 DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 1.35V Memory Kit
B15-VZ2-FCB15VZ2FCSun Microsystems SunFire X4450: 2xQC X7350 procs 2x4MB L2 2.93 GHz 1066MHz FSB
X3685A-SUNX3685ASUNSun Microsystems XVR-500 graphics accelerator
X4270-M2X4270M2Sun Microsystems X4270 M2 base server /w rail kit
X4620A-SUNX4620ASUNSun Microsystems Refurbished X4620A-SUN Sun RAID 5 Expansion Module REM Card Assembly
X4910A-SUNX4910ASUNSun Microsystems Sun/Oracle 4GB Registered DDR3-1333 DIMM 1.35V
X5244A-SUNX5244ASUNSun Microsystems 36GB/10K RPM DISK P/N 540-4689
X6322-SUNX6322SUNSun Microsystems Sun 8GB Memory kit - 2x4GB Registered ECC DDR2-667 DIMM RoHS:Y
XCP3240H-RTM-OP-ZXCP3240HRTMOPZSun Microsystems 10Gbit Ethernet Optical SFP+ Rear Transition Module 594-4786 3
371-07173710717Sun Microsystems New 3710717 Battery Backup Unit RoHS:YL
501-62485016248Sun Microsystems Sun 750MHZ Ultra Sparc III Cpu Module
EP071235-GEP071235GSun Microsystems Refurbished EP071235-G 350 Watts Ultra 2 Power Supply 04/20/17 KDr
511-15315111531Sun Microsystems Chassis Management Module CMM Assembly
565-1517-01565151701Sun Microsystems US KEYBOARD
565152-0156515201Sun Microsystems ENGLISH KEYBOARD
565-1521-01565152101Sun Microsystems SPANISH KEYBOARD BEIGE
565-1524-01565152401Sun Microsystems GERMAN KEYBOARD
7019286Sun Microsystems Chassis Management Module CMM Assembly
N860-8705N8608705Sun Microsystems SPANISH KEYBOARD BEIGE
X386LSun Microsystems IEC 320 C13 to AS 3112 10A/250V 2.0M Beige RoHS:Y Australia
1000520-08100052008Sun Microsystems STK Storagetek/HP LTO4 FC 4GB W/Tray for SL500 RoHS
380-12773801277Sun Microsystems SUN SDLT600 Drive with 2U Rack ROHS
461916-101461916101Sun Microsystems Sun LTO4 FH SCSI LVD Drive and Tray For SL24/48
370-37223703722Sun Microsystems Long Wave GBIC
540-71605407160Sun Microsystems New 5407160 300GB - 15000RPM Hard Drive Disk Assembly RoHS
X6737ASun Microsystems FC-AL 100MB/s 7 slot hub w/ no GBIC
270-5450-04270545004Sun Microsystems Sun NETRA-D130 U-SCSI System Board 270-5450-04
371-08263710826Sun Microsystems VHDCI-68 LVD SCSI Terminator Board RoHS:YL 594-2350 / 371-0826
371-08483710848Sun Microsystems Power Supply with Fans - QLogic SANbox 5602
7041271Sun Microsystems Refurbished 16gb kit for T4-1-T4-1B/T4-2-T4-4
7105237Sun Microsystems 8GB DDR3L-1333/PC3L-10600 DIMM
X2200-M2-2X2.3QCX2200M22X23QCSun Microsystems Refurbished SUNFIRE X2200 M2 2X QUAD CORE 2.3GHZ 4GB 2 X 250GB A85 SERVER
X4440-2X2.3X44402X23Sun Microsystems Base System 2x2.3 16 slot P/S
X6203ASun Microsystems 14GB-8MM-TAPE-DRIVE-FOR-ULTRA-1
541-42735414273Sun Microsystems Fan Board Assembly RoHS:Y
7100628Sun Microsystems M9000 COD CPU/Memory Unit CMU w/4 x 2.88GHZ 64GB
P13114-04P1311404Sun Microsystems Drive Cage Midplane RoHS:Y
390-0164-HCT3900164HCTSun Microsystems 250GB SATA 7200RPM 3.5in x 1in 15p 1.5Gb/s HDD Hitachi HDS722525
390-03293900329Sun Microsystems New 300GB - 15000 RPM Ultra-320 LVD RoHS:Y
540-6180-HCT5406180HCTSun Microsystems 250GB SATA 7200RPM 3.5in x 1in 15p 1.5Gb/s HDD w/Bracket XTA-ST1
SE3X9CA1ZSun Microsystems 1U/2U Cable Management Arm
350-12513501251Sun Microsystems Sun Sparc Enterprise T5440 Slide Rail Kit Screw Mount.
501-72535017253Sun Microsystems Sun Netra CT 810 Alarm Board
530-1812-01530181201Sun Microsystems SUN 10BASE-AUI ADAPTER CABLE DB15-14P-ChampGP61-B5-1CN
530-1813-01530181301Sun Microsystems SUN 100BASE-AUI ADAPTER CABLE RJ45-14P-ChampGP61-B5-1CN
541-19555411955Sun Microsystems Sun 2 Disk BRACKET + cable 530-3810x2 PK6#10-B25-1CGB2010-2C
541-22925412292Sun Microsystems Sun 2 Disk BRACKET + cable 530-3810x2 PK6#10-B25-1CGB2010-2C
560-25345602534Sun Microsystems New 5602534 E-4500 CENTERPLANE UPGRADE KIT BOOK + LOGO
MBB2147RCSUN146GSun Microsystems MBB2147RCSUN146G SUN 146GB 10K SFF SAS HDD
SEAX3D11Z-NSEAX3D11ZNSun Microsystems Sun 2 Disk Assembly + Cable 2x146Gb disk GB2010-B67-2CBa14
X5260Sun Microsystems 3.33 GHz CPU Xeon X5260 Dual Core 80W

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