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Listings of Sunpower by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
RAS-2662PRAS2662PSunpower Refurbished POWER SUPPLY FOR NEO 2000/4000, HP MSL5000 AND IBM 4560SLX
RPS-2600RPS2600Sunpower Refurbished RPS2600 Sunpower RPS-2600 AC Power supply 5060Hz for servers
S200-105UAS200105UASunpower Refurbished S200105UA SUNPOWER S200-105UA AT 200-Watts POWER SUPPLY
SAX-6250SAX6250Sunpower Refurbished SAX6250 115-Volt/230-Volt 250-Watts Power Supply
SPR-2323P6SPR2323P6Sunpower Refurbished SPR2323P6 Power SUPPLY 320-Watts SPR-2323P6
SPX-6160P1SPX6160P1Sunpower Refurbished SPX6160P1 160W SWAP PSU ( Power Supply Unit )
968769-101968769101Sunpower Refurbished 968769101 MSL5026 POWER SUPPLY
RPS-2800RPS2800Sunpower Refurbished RPS2800 SUNPOWER RPS-2800 400W POWER SUPPLY item in Clarent gatew
SAP-4230PSAP4230PSunpower Refurbished SAP4230P MSL5026 Power Supply CAGEONLY
83-704-87283704872Sunpower 250W ATX PSU Power Supply

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