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Listings of Symmetricom by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
40010-014001001Symmetricom Refurbished B-40010-01 NMS CARD CI BITS CLOCK MODULE
40019-014001901Symmetricom Refurbished Symmetricom 40019-01 DCD ST3-E FILTER CLK Symmetricom 40019-01
090-93141-010909314101Symmetricom Refurbished 090-93141-01 TC1000 DC Power Supply
090-40012-020904001202Symmetricom New 0904001202 ADSL DS1 Output Unit Total Non-Returnable
BC635PCI-UBC635PCIUSymmetricom Refurbished BC635PCIU PCI Time Frequency Processor
CE90-45987-1CE90459871Symmetricom Refurbished CE90459871 CE90-45987-1 - RECEIVER 8 Channel GPS CLEI CE90-45987
40013Symmetricom DCD-400 STRATUM 3 CLK D0CPBD5
25477363-000-0254773630000Symmetricom 3800B EXPANSION SHELF With Blank no card

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