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Listings of Tandem by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
129233B05-06129233B0506Tandem Refurbished 129233B0506 Tandem SAN 131130A00 DB 60-Pin Adapter 129233B05-06
129462ATandem Refurbished Servernet card DB
133507A07-07133507A0707Tandem Refurbished 133507A0707 Tandem Computers System Board ( Motherboard ) for Servernet 6-Port Switch
3015T-A02-043015TA0204Tandem Refurbished 3015TA0204 MFC10893-A02-04
38218Tandem Refurbished MFC 038218 A05-B
5541310Tandem Refurbished ServerNet PCI Ship 1.5
67YJUTandem Refurbished ServerNet PCI Ship 1.5
E9672353Tandem Refurbished ServerNet PCI Ship 1.5

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