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Listings of Tekelec Network by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
870-1293-02870129302Tekelec Network Refurbished TEKELEC 870-1293-02 LIM-ATM MODULE DN2NT0BAB TEKELEC 870-1293-02 CLEI DNS2NT0BAB
805-0065-1018050065101Tekelec Network Refurbished 8050065101 T8000 Circuit Pack Control Mod Two
805-0003-1018050003101Tekelec Network Refurbished 8050003101 TEKELEC 805-0003-101 T8000 CHANNELIZED T1 NIC TEKELEC 805-0003-1
805-0008-1018050008101Tekelec Network Refurbished 8050008101 T8000 OC-12CSTM-4C ATM SUPERSLOT NIC ( Network Interface Card )
805-0010-1018050010101Tekelec Network Refurbished 8050010101 CM1
805-0014-1018050014101Tekelec Network Refurbished 8050014101 T8000 Service Matrix SM1
805-0032-1018050032101Tekelec Network Refurbished Tekelec Santara One Taqua T6000 805-0032-101 Channelized Main Ad
850-0197-02850019702Tekelec Network Refurbished 850019702 Tekelec DPE Rev A
850-0198-01850019801Tekelec Network Refurbished 850019801 Tekelec T1- IF Mod Interface Rev D
850-0270-04850027004Tekelec Network Refurbished 850027004 Tekelec Advanced Processor Engine SS7 + ATM
850-0275-04850027504Tekelec Network Refurbished 850027504 Tekelec ATM Interface MOD Daughter Board
850-0405-01850040501Tekelec Network Refurbished 850040501 Daughter Card fast Ethernet mod Tekelec
850-2017-02850201702Tekelec Network Refurbished TEKELEC 850-2017-02 POWER SUPPLY MODULE TEKELEC CLEI 850-2017-0
860-0098-04860009804Tekelec Network Refurbished 860009804 Tekelec ATM 16 bit ISA with dau 850-0275-05 and connector ATM OC
870-0995-01870099501Tekelec Network Refurbished 870099501 LIM-V.35 Module 870-0995-01
870-0995-02870099502Tekelec Network Refurbished 870099502 LIM-V.35 Module 870-0995-02
870-0996-01870099601Tekelec Network Refurbished 870099601 Assembly-16M 870-0996-01
870-0997-01870099701Tekelec Network Refurbished 870099701 ( MCM ) Multi-Chip Module Module 870-0997-01
870-1008-04870100804Tekelec Network Refurbished 870100804 ACM Module 870-1008-04 Rev B
870-1008-05870100805Tekelec Network Refurbished 870100805 ACM module Rev D
870-1011-05870101105Tekelec Network Refurbished 870101105 EAGLE STP ASM MOD CLEI DNS2JH0BAA
870-1011-07870101107Tekelec Network Refurbished 870101107 EAGLE STP ASM MOD CLEI DNS2JH0BAB
870-1014-03870101403Tekelec Network Refurbished 870101403 EAGLE STP LIM-AINF MOD CLEI DNS2HG0BAA
870-1171-02870117102Tekelec Network Refurbished 870117102 EAGLE STP IPMX MOD CLEI DNS2FE0BAA
870-1171-03870117103Tekelec Network Refurbished 870117103 EAGLE STP IPMX MOD CLEI DNS2FE0BAB
870-1290-03870129003Tekelec Network Refurbished 870129003 TSM-512 module rev C
870-1307-05870130705Tekelec Network Refurbished 870130705 MCAP-256 module rev C
870-1484-01870148401Tekelec Network Refurbished 870148401 870 Sub Assembly INTEFRATED LIM-AINFNTW CLEI DNS2H0FBAA
870-1945-02870194502Tekelec Network Refurbished 870194502 EAGLE STP DA COMM MOD CLEI DNS2704BAA
870-1965-01870196501Tekelec Network Refurbished 870196501 EAGLE STP HS MXR MOD CLEI DNS3BB0
870-1984-02870198402Tekelec Network Refurbished 870198402 EAGLE STP DB COMM MOD CLEI DNS290XBAA
870-2049-01870204901Tekelec Network Refurbished 870204901 EILA mod rev A
870-2360-01870236001Tekelec Network Refurbished 870236001 EAGLE STP GP Server MOD CLEI DNS3HN0BAA
933-1020-05933102005Tekelec Network Refurbished 933102005 Tekelec Open X front chassis
955-1001-01955100101Tekelec Network Refurbished 955100101 MGTS Shelf
955-1003-01955100301Tekelec Network Refurbished 955100301 Tekelec MGTS Integrated Diagnostics System
959-20009592000Tekelec Network Refurbished 9592000 Tekelec 959-2000 G Clock PCB 30 Days of Warranty
959-20209592020Tekelec Network Refurbished 9592020 MGTS Ethernet CONTR CLEI DNS2300
959-22109592210Tekelec Network Refurbished 9592210 DS0ARS232 Applique
959-22159592215Tekelec Network Refurbished TEKELEC 959-2215 REV C APPLIQUE DAUGHTER CARD TEKELEC 959-2215 CLEI DNPQHBR2AA
959-22269592226Tekelec Network Refurbished 9592226 MGTS DS1/DHSM Interface AP CLEI DNPQHBS
959-5021-01959502101Tekelec Network Refurbished TEKELEC 959-5021-01 LIC286E CONTROLLER MODULE TEKELEC 959-5021-0
977-2021-01977202101Tekelec Network Refurbished 977202101 Tekelec SS7 ATM Cpci front card 070207 825-0204-02 Rev L 850
ALIC486Tekelec Network Refurbished 959-5047-02 ALIC486 card
CLKOTekelec Network Refurbished Clock
805-0026-1018050026101Tekelec Network TEKELEC 805-0026-101 Santera One Taqua T6000 Voice Server Module
959-22559592255Tekelec Network TEKELEC 959-2255 850-2002-00F MGTS V.35 INTERFACE APLQ DAUGHTER
870-0702-02870070202Tekelec Network Tekelec 870-0702-02 LIM-V.35 Module
870-1013-07870101307Tekelec Network TEKELEC 870-1013-07 MCAP MODULE DNS2EO0BAB TEKELEC 870-1013-07
977-2019-01977201901Tekelec Network Tekelec 977-2019-01 MULTI-LINK T1/E1 BRIDGE AMPLIFIER 1U 16 port
850-20338502033Tekelec Network Tekelec 850-2033 MGTS-7 ENHANCED COMM MGR W/ 1MB RAM card 850-20
955-1004-01955100401Tekelec Network TEKELEC 955-1004-01 MGTS BHC PORTABLE SHELF TEKELEC 955-1004-01
959-2008-01959200801Tekelec Network TEKELEC 959-2008-01 DAUGHTER CARD TEKELEC 959-2008-01
959-20099592009Tekelec Network TEKELEC 959-2009 850-0359 PWR SUPPLY MODULE TEKELEC 959-2009
959-2016-01959201601Tekelec Network Tekelec 959-2016-01 850-0468 E1/T1 DTMF generator 959-2016-01
959-20179592017Tekelec Network Tekelek 959-2017 MGTS DSOA INTERFACE APLQ 959-2017
805-0056-1018050056101Tekelec Network TEKELEC 805-0056-101 T8000 Service Matrix Module SM1E Rev C no
805-0039-1018050039101Tekelec Network TEKELEC 805-0039-101 T8000 SANTERAONE VSM4A Voice Server Module
550-0007-1015500007101Tekelec Network Tekelec Santara One Taqua T6000 550-0007-101 SanteraOne Kit 1 MS
805-0011-1018050011101Tekelec Network TEKELEC 805-0011-101 T800805-0011-101 0 Control Module CM2 Tek

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