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Listings of Telect Communications by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
010-3501-040101035010401Telect Communications Refurbished DSX3/4 RE CRS CONN MOD CLEI T3CXAAA1AB
010-0000-140401000001404Telect Communications Refurbished Telect DSX3 19 inch CHASSIS CLEI T3MYAGXFAA
097-0128-000109701280001Telect Communications Refurbished RACK-MT DSX-1 RJ45/JACK CLEI T1MYA10SAA
010-0132-010101001320101Telect Communications New 010-0132-0101 DSX1 32 Position Panel with 3-4 week lead time 06/14/17 KDr
009-0002-100400900021004Telect Communications Refurbished FUSE PANEL -48 VOLT DC SINGLE FEED 20 POSITION 50 AMP MAX 15 AMP CLEI MAKE OFFER
010-9001-041301090010413Telect Communications Refurbished TELECT 010-9001-0413 6-PORT DSX-3 MODULE T3PQPA42AA TELECT 010-9 CLEI T3PQPA42AA
010-9101-045001091010450Telect Communications Refurbished TELECT 010-9101-0450- DS3 6-PORT MINI-WECO CROSS-CONNECT TELECT CLEI T3PQAB32AA
010-0000-070201000000702Telect Communications Refurbished TELECT 010-0000-0702 Ultra-Thin Chassis. 19 6-module capacity w
010-3201-041001032010410Telect Communications Refurbished BCS 2 6 PORT DXS MODULE W/O DESIGNATION WINDOWS CLEI T3PQARC2AA
010-4004-000001040040000Telect Communications New Module: 4000 Series DSX-1 Module 4-termination Front X-connect CLEI T1PQ9AU1AA
010-8401-040701084010407Telect Communications Refurbished 010-8401-0407 DSX-3 3 PORT MODULE CLEI T3D1CG0BAA
020-0007-000402000070004Telect Communications 3 CJKF-6/48M HINGED W/ 4 EXT
090-6212-210009062122100Telect Communications Telect Fuse Panel 090-6212-2100
HPGMT15-BLKHPGMT15BLKTelect Communications Telect HPGMT15-BLK DUAL 15/15 GMT Rack Fuse Panel HPGMT15-BLK
009-0012-100500900121005Telect Communications FUSE PANEL ALARM DUAL 10 -48 VOLT GMT TYPE FUSE ONLY MOUNTS IN 1 CLEI T3MYABZFAA
010-3290-041001032900410Telect Communications Telect 010-3290-0410 DSX3 Module BCSII 6 Port BNC White Telect 0
010-3290-041101032900411Telect Communications Telect 010-3290-0411 DSX3 6 Port BCSII BNC Module Black Telect 0 CLEI TBD-EM0751
009-1000-1033-RE00910001033RETelect Communications Telect Dual Feed 200A Fuse Alarm Panel walt
055-0000-607005500006070Telect Communications FBP-6 SC/APC SM 6Pack Adaptor Plate

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