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Listings of Telica by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
89-0420-A890420ATelica Refurbished Telica Plexus 9000 rear compute module
89-0364-A890364ATelica Refurbished Telica Plexus 9000 Switch Fabric Rear A Module
89-0386-A890386ATelica Refurbished Telica Plexus 9k Octal DS3 rear protect CLEI BAA9TU0GAA
89-0417-A890417ATelica Refurbished Telica 89-0417-A BA1C1W0HAA Plexus 9000 Dual SP/TMG Rear SP-3
89-0383-A890383ATelica Refurbished 89-0383-A - PLEXUS 9000 DS3 I/O RE CLEI BAA9TW0GAA
89-0395-B890395BTelica Refurbished Telica Plexus 9000 2688 Channel Voice Server Module CLEI BA1AX60AAB
85-3005-B853005BTelica Refurbished Telica 85-3005-B BAPQAG52AA fan tray for a Telica Plexus 9000 Ch CLEI BAPQAG52AA
89-0375-A890375ATelica Refurbished Telica Plexus 9000 Switch Fabric B Rear Module CLEI BAC7160JAA
85-3008-A853008ATelica Refurbished 853008A 14-RU chassis with Midplane III BAMGL00GRA.
89-0406-D890406DTelica Refurbished Telica 89-0406-D Plexus 9000 Dual SP/TMG Front SP-3 89-0406-D
89-0360-A890360ATelica Telica Plexus 9000 DS-1 I/O Front Module
89-0361-A890361ATelica TELICA PLEXUS9000 DS3 I/O CD 89-0361-A
89-0362-B890362BTelica Telica Plexus 9000 DS-1 Rear I/O Module
89-0367-B890367BTelica Telica Plexus9000 Processor Timing card 89-0367-B
89-0367-C890367CTelica Telica Plexus9000 Processor Timing card 89-0367-C
89-0424-A890424ATelica Telica Plexus 9000 Triple DS3 I/O Module With Tone Detect
85-3007-A853007ATelica Telica 85-3007-A BAMFJ00DRA BAMBE00ERA Plexus 9000 Chassis with
89-0363-A890363ATelica Telica 89-0363-A BAC7W30JAA Plexus 9000 Switch Fabric Front Modu
89-0363-D890363DTelica Telica 89-0363-D BAC7W3YJAB Plexus 9000 Switch Fabric Front Modu
89-0365-B890365BTelica TELICA 89-0365-B BA9IX70AAB PLEXUS9000 SW FAB MOD 89-0365-B
89-0365-C890365CTelica Telica 89-0365-C BA9IX70AAB Plexus9000 DS3 I/O MODULE 89-0365-C
89-0366-B890366BTelica Telica 89-0366-B BAC7X40JAB Plexus9000 PROCESSOR TIMING CARD 8
89-0367-A890367ATelica Telica 89-0367-A BAC7Y50JAA Plexus9000 PROCESSOR TIMING card 8

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