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Listings of Trigem by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
302073Trigem Refurbished 2.1GB IDE Hard Drive
BF68-00072ABF6800072ATrigem Refurbished BF6800072A 2.1GB IDE Hard Drive
SV0211A/TGESV0211ATGETrigem Refurbished SV0211ATGE 2.1GB IDE Hard Drive
SV0432A/TGESV0432ATGETrigem Refurbished SV0432ATGE 4.3GB IDE hard drive IDE hard drive 3.5-Inch
SV0432DTrigem Refurbished 4.3GB IDE Hard Drive
SV0432D/TGESV0432DTGETrigem Refurbished SV0432DTGE 4.3GB IDE Hard Drive
SV1021D/TGESV1021DTGETrigem Refurbished SV1021DTGE 10.2GB IDE HARD DRIVE
SV1022D/TGESV1022DTGETrigem Refurbished SV1022DTGE 10.2GB 3.5-Inch-Inch IDE HARD DRIVE
V6P43HTrigem Refurbished 4.3GB IDE Hard Drive
SFD-321BSFD321BTrigem Refurbished SFD321B 1.44MB 3.5-Inch Floppy Drive - no bezel
SV1533D/TGESV1533DTGETrigem Refurbished Hard Drive 10.2GB TRIGEM SPINPOINT SV1533D/TGE REV.A
SV0432ATGETrigem 4.3GB IDE 3.5" HARD DRIVE
SV0432ATrigem 4.3 GB 3.5 IDE DRIVE

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