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Listings of Tyan by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
S2735G3NR-8MS2735G3NR8MTyan New Dual Xeon socket 604 motherboard Intel E7501 server chipset FS
S1563PCB01Tyan Refurbished S1563PCB01 Pentium PCI ISA BARE MOTHERBOARD
S1696DTyan Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) P2 Dual Processor Slot 1
S1834DTyan Refurbished Dual Slot 1 , 1X ISA, 6X PCI, 99UOT, via Appolo Pro Chipset Motherboard
S2098Tyan Refurbished Socket 478 motherboard Intel 845GL chipset FSB 400MHz DDR266/
S2469GNTyan Refurbished Tyan Thunder K7X PRO S2469GN AMD Socket A Motherboard
S2510Tyan Refurbished Thunder LE S2510 Dual socket 370 motherboard. ServerWorks Server_
S2721GN533Tyan New S2721GN533 Tyan S2721GN-533 : ATX Dual-Xeon FSB533 DDR266 ATA-100 w/video Gi_
S2723Tyan Refurbished DUAL XEON System Board ( Motherboard )
S2881Tyan Refurbished Tyan S2881 Dual Opteron 242 SCSI or Sata Motherboard
S2882G3NR-DS2882G3NRDTyan Refurbished S2882G3NRD Tyan Thunder S2882-D DUAL AMD SATA
S2883Tyan Refurbished Motherboard
S2885ANRFTyan Refurbished S2885ANRF SSI EEB 3.0 PGA Dual 940 AMD Server Board
S4882UG2NRTyan Refurbished TYAN S4882UG2NR K8QS Motherboard PULL
S5360G2NR-1URS5360G2NR1URTyan Refurbished S5360G2NR1UR Dual Xeon socket 604 motherboard Intel E7320 chipset 8 DIMM an
S5365G3NRTyan New Intel E7520 - Socket 479 - 667MHz FSB - Server Board
S5383WG4NRTyan New Intel 5000P - Socket J - 667MHz 1066MHz 1333MHz FSB - Server B
M2080Tyan New M2080 Tyan 1U Server Workstation Riser Card PCI-E x16 PCI-Expres
M4881-RSM4881RSTyan Refurbished M4881RS Mez CPU Expansion Board Quad 940 Skt
S1564Tyan Refurbished MB TYAN S1564 1 Socket Present 5 ISA AND 4 PCI SLOTS
S2722Tyan Refurbished Tyan Server Motherboard w/ dual Intel Xeon SL6K2 2.4GHz CPU
S2722-400S2722400Tyan Refurbished S2722400 Rackable Systems Intel 2x Xeon 2.4GHz 1GB DDR ECC 40GB 1U Server
S2727Tyan Refurbished TIGER GC-SL SERVER BOARD
S2891G2NR-BS2891G2NRBTyan Refurbished S2891G2NRB AMD DUQL K8 SERVER BOARD
S3115GM2NTyan Tyan Mainboard Intel Atom 1.6GHz Dual Core Motherboard S3115GM2N
S3950G2NRTyan Refurbished TYAN Tomcat h1000S - HT100 Single AM2 socket Mainboard
S4885G3NRTyan New
S5350G2NR-1US5350G2NR1UTyan New S5350G2NR1U Tyan Tiger i7320 Intel E7320 Dual Xeon Socket 604 ATX Motherboard
S2518Tyan S2518 Tyan Dual Pentium III Server MotherBoard
S2518GNRTyan Tyan Thunder LE-T 1U Dual PGA370 ATX Motherboard
N6650EXTyan tyan thunder s4992 amd quad socket mb . S10
S1837UANGTyan Tyan S1837UANG Thunderbolt Dual slot 1 motherboard. Intel 440GX
S1837UANG-LS1837UANGLTyan Tyan S1837UANG-L Thunderbolt Dual slot 1 motherboard. Intel 440G
S1854Tyan Tyan Trinity 400 with 1 ISA 6PCI 1AGP slot. VIA Apollo Pro 133
S1867DLU3ANTyan Tyan Thunder 2500 S1867DLU3AN Server Works RCC Server Set III
S2380Tyan Trinity K7 VIA Apollo KX-133 Chipset. Slot A 200 MHz FSB 768M
S2510U3NGTyan Dual socket 370 motherboard. ServerWorks ServerSet III LE chipse
S2518UGNTyan Tyan Thunder Le-T S2518UGN Dual socket 370 motherboard. Supports
S2668ANTyan Tyan Tiger i7505 Dual Xeon motherboard. Intel E7505 chipset. FSB
S2720UGNTyan Dual xeon Tyan Thunder i7500 S2720UGN Dual Socket 603 Motherboar
S2735-8MS27358MTyan Dual Xeon socket 604 motherboard Intel E7501 server chipset FS
S3098G2NTyan Socket 478 for Intel Pentium 4-MCeleron D Intel P4 Northwood a
S3098G2N-GS3098G2NGTyan Socket 478 for Intel Pentium 4-MCeleron D Intel P4 Northwood a
S5211G2NR-1US5211G2NR1UTyan Socket 775 motherboard with 1 PCI-E x16 slot w/ x8 link on
S5350-D-1UR-RSS5350D1URRSTyan Dual 604 Socket for Intel Xeon Intel E7320 8 DDR DIMM IDE SA
S5360G2NR-1URS5360G2NR1URTyan Dual Xeon socket 604 motherboard Intel E7320 chipset 8 DIMM an
S2090Tyan Tyan Trinity i845 Socket 478 for Intel P4 processors. Supports I
471769000001Tyan Tyan ColdWatt 1000W Server Power Supply CPSU-0241 471769000001
S2507TTyan Tyan Tiger 230T S2507T dual socket 370 motherboard. Via Apollo
S3992G3N-ES3992G3NETyan Tyan S3992G3N-E Dual 1207 F CPU ServerWorks Thunder HT2000 DDR
M2043XTyan Tyan M2043X Riser card 2 PCI
S2515Tyan New Tyan S2515ING Tiger LE System Board ( Motherboard ) Pentium III Dual-PGA370 PC13
S2518GNTyan Tyan S2518GN Thunder LE-T System Board Pentium III Dual-PGA370 B

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