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Listings of Tycon Power Systems by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
POE-XOVER-SPOEXOVERSTycon Power Systems New Tycon Power POE-XOVER-S - POE Voltage Shielded Crossover Cable
UPS-DC1248-9UPSDC12489Tycon Power Systems New Tycon Power UPS-DC1248-9 UPS Pro Outdoor Backup Power System 1
POE-INJ-1000-SPOEINJ1000STycon Power Systems New Gigabit POE Injector with LED for Power. Injects DC Power on RJ4
PS48V-2.5PS48V25Tycon Power Systems New PS48V25 48V 2.5A 120-Watt DESKTOP POWER SUPPLY
TP-DCDC-1248TPDCDC1248Tycon Power Systems New TPDCDC1248 9-36VDC IN 48VDC OUT DC TO DC CONVERTER
ENC-ESP-100-POEENCESP100POETycon Power Systems Tycon Power System ENC-ESP-100-POE Ethernet Surge Supressor Outd
TP-DCDC-1248GDTPDCDC1248GDTycon Power Systems New Tycon Power TP-DCDC-1248GD - Gigabit 9-36VDC In 48VDC 802.3af converters
TP-ESP-1000-POETPESP1000POETycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-ESP-1000-POE - Network Lightning/Surge Protector
TP-POE-1224GTPPOE1224GTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-POE-1224G - 802.3af/at to 12/24V POE Converter
TP-POE-48GTPPOE48GTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-POE-48G - 48V 24W Gigabit Passive POE Inserter
TP-POE-48GDTPPOE48GDTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-POE-48GD - 48V 24W Gigabit 802.3af POE Inserter
TP-POE-HP-24TPPOEHP24Tycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-POE-HP-24 - 24V 36W High Power POE Power Source
TP-POE-HP-56GTPPOEHP56GTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-POE-HP-56G - 56V 100W High Power Gigabit Passive
TPS-12-30TPS1230Tycon Power Systems Tycon Power TPS-12-30 30W 12V Solar Panel 21 x 20 The TPS Series
TPSK12-240WTPSK12240WTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TPSK12-240W 12V 240W Solar Kit
TPSM-60-SPTPSM60SPTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TPSM-60-SP mount for 60W solar panel 2-4 dia pole
TP-SW5G-DTPSW5GDTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-SW5G-D - 5 Port High Power 802.3af POE Gigabit Sw
TP-SW8-NCTPSW8NCTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-SW8-NC 12-56V 8 port 2A POE 10/100 BASET POE swit
TPW-400DT-12/24TPW400DT1224Tycon Power Systems Tycon - 400W 12/24V AutoSelect HAWT Wind Turbine with integrated
UPS-DC1212-9UPSDC12129Tycon Power Systems Tycon Power UPS-DC1212-9 UPSPro Outdoor UPS Backup Power System
TP-DCDC-2456GD-VHPTPDCDC2456GDVHPTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-DCDC-2456GD-VHP - 18-36VDC In 56VDC 70W 2 Ch 802
TP-DCDC-4856GD-VHPTPDCDC4856GDVHPTycon Power Systems Tycon Power Gigabit 36-72VDC IN 56 VDC OUT 70W Hi Power DC to DC
TP-MS4X4TPMS4X4Tycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-MS4X4 - Mid Span High Power POE Injector - 4 Port
TP-POE-HP-48GDTPPOEHP48GDTycon Power Systems Tycon Power Gigabit 56V 35W High Power 802.3at POE Power Inserte
TP-SW5GTPSW5GTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-SW5G 5 - 5 Port High Power 802.3af POE Gigabit Sw
TP-SW8NC-OUT24TPSW8NCOUT24Tycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-SW8NC-OUT24 - 8 Port 24VDC Passive POE 10/100 Ou
ENC-PL-14X10X5ENCPL14X10X5Tycon Power Systems New Tycon ENC-PL-14x10x5 Polycarbonate Outdoor Enclosure 14x10x5 ins
TP-POE-24IR-CITPPOE24IRCITycon Power Systems Tycon Power 24V 18W POE Power Inserter with reverse voltage pino
TPSHP-24-250TPSHP24250Tycon Power Systems Tycon - 250W 24V Solar Panel - 66 x 39.4
TP-DCDC-2448GD-HPTPDCDC2448GDHPTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-DCDC-2448GD-HP - 18-36VDC In 56VDC 802.3af/at Ou
TP-DCDC-1224GTPDCDC1224GTycon Power Systems Tycon TP-DCDC-1224G 9-36VDC In 24VDC Out 19W Gigabit DC to DC
TP-POE-HP-56G-FBNTPPOEHP56GFBNTycon Power Systems Tycon TP-POE-HP-56G-FBN 56V 60W High Power Gigabit Passive POE
TP-DCDC-4848GD-HPTPDCDC4848GDHPTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TP-DCDC-4848GD-HP - Gigabit 36-72VDC In 56VDC 802.3
TPSK12-70WTPSK1270WTycon Power Systems 70W 12V Solar Kit: 70W 12V Panel Pole Mount Controller Cable
TPSM-10-40-SPTPSM1040SPTycon Power Systems Tycon Power TPSM-10-40-SP - Side of Pole mount for 10W to 40W so
PS24V-2.5PS24V25Tycon Power Systems Tycon Power System PS24V-2.5 24V 2.5A 60W Desktop Power Supply
TP-POE-HP-48DX2TPPOEHP48DX2Tycon Power Systems Tycon TP-POE-HP-48DX2 120/240VAC In Dual 56VDC 802.3af/at Out
TP-VR-2405TPVR2405Tycon Power Systems Tycon - Voltage Regulator 10-32VDC input 5V 3A regulated outp
TP-SW5G-MULTITPSW5GMULTITycon Power Systems Tycon - 12-56V 5 port High Power 1A/port Gigabit Passive PoE L
TP-VRHP-1256TPVRHP1256Tycon Power Systems Tycon - Voltage Converter 10-15VDC Input 56VDC 1.25A 70W Regu

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