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Listings of Unimark by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
22-2060-0122206001Unimark Refurbished 22206001 SCANNER BOARD
22-2061-0122206101Unimark Refurbished 22206101 RS232 INTERFACE BOARD
400TXUnimark Refurbished THERMAL LABEL PRINTER
46-2157-02CK46215702CKUnimark Refurbished 46215702CK SCANNER BOARD
46-2456-01AK46245601AKUnimark Refurbished 46245601AK SCANNER BOARD
500-2012-000K5002012000KUnimark New 5002012000K SCANNER HEADS
51-2060-02K51206002KUnimark Refurbished 51206002K SCANNER BOARD
51-2061-0051206100Unimark Refurbished 51206100 RS232 INTERFACE BOARD
51-2061-02K51206102KUnimark Refurbished 51206102K RS232 INTERFACE BOARD
58-2047-01AK58204701AKUnimark Refurbished 58204701AK RS232 INTERFACE BOARD
700-2203-0037002203003Unimark Refurbished 7002203003 THERMAL LABEL PRINTER
81U-1504-600K81U1504600KUnimark Refurbished 81U1504600K BOARDING PASS SCANNER WITH RS232-Port
81U-4000-030K81U4000030KUnimark Refurbished 81U4000030K THERMAL LABEL PRINTER
EC2000Unimark Refurbished BOARDING PASS SCANNER WITH RS232-Port
SE-9100-510CCCSE9100510CCCUnimark New SE9100510CCC SCANNER HEADS

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