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Listings of Unisys by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
3425-458834254588Unisys Refurbished 34254588 1.08GB SCSI 50-Pin Hard Drive
4491-280644912806Unisys Refurbished 44912806 9.1GB Hard Drive SCSI 80-Pin with Tray
4492-444744924447Unisys Refurbished 44924447 4.5GB SCSI 80-Pin with Tray
4496-267844962678Unisys Refurbished 44962678 9.1GB Hard Drive SCSI 80-Pin with Tray
4552-523545525235Unisys Refurbished 45525235 9.1GB Hard Drive SCSI 80-Pin with Tray
4552-524345525243Unisys Refurbished 45525243 18GB SCSI 80-Pin with Tray
AP1327Unisys Refurbished AP1327/AP1329 SERIAL PRINTER
B25-K5B25K5Unisys Refurbished B25K5 KEYBOARD Beige 3753-0250
AA16575Unisys Refurbished POWER SUPPLY
2038745-03203874503Unisys Refurbished 203874503 3575 Power Supply
22X1099Unisys Refurbished UDS544 PRINTER
290004-002290004002Unisys Refurbished 290004002 PAPER PULLER SHAFT AND ROLLERS FOR UNISYS AND DATAPRODUCTS Printer
3769-451037694510Unisys Refurbished 37694510 WDM 1-PTR 3769-4510 PRINTER
38270138-00038270138000Unisys Refurbished 38270138000 Unisys Fan module 3 Fan tray
38270138-00238270138002Unisys Refurbished 38270138002 Unisys Fan module 3 Fan tray
38276002-00138276002001Unisys Refurbished 38276002001 Unisys ES7000 I/O Board
38336459-00038336459000Unisys Refurbished 38336459000 Unisys ES7000 I/O Board
38341921-00038341921000Unisys Refurbished 38341921000 Unisys ES7000 I/O Board
38350153-00238350153002Unisys Refurbished 38350153002 Unisys Management Board with Flashcard Reader Libra520/ES7000/52
38491046-00238491046002Unisys Refurbished 38491046002 DYL MPC OP2 Board from Unisys Libra 520/ES7000/520
38491064-00338491064003Unisys Refurbished 38491064003 DYL MPC OP2 Board from Unisys Libra 520/ES7000/520
38531620-00038531620000Unisys Refurbished 38531620000 Unisys Emulex 2GB PCI-X FC Fiber Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter
38689444-00038689444000Unisys Refurbished 38689444000 POWER Supply Module SDP
4061-410U4061410UUnisys Refurbished 4061410U UNISYS LASER PRINTER T644N
43192749-00043192749000Unisys Refurbished 43192749000 43192749-000 200-Watts POWER SUPPLY AA16575
43316868-00143316868001Unisys Refurbished 43316868001 Feeder Motor BL345
43347459-00143347459001Unisys Refurbished 43347459001 IMAGE DAUGHTER BOARD
43583715-00143583715001Unisys Refurbished 43583715001 UNISYSY 43583715-001- CLUSTERCARD CLIENTCARD 2 UNISYSY 43583715
43625334-00143625334001Unisys Refurbished 43625334001 System Board ( Motherboard ) MPI 43362 43625334-001 93-0003D
4490845-0004490845000Unisys Refurbished 4490845000 Environmental SCSI Wide Board
44914430-00344914430003Unisys Refurbished 44914430003 4GB Disk-SCA
44919348-00044919348000Unisys Refurbished 44919348000 WD2S W/Out OBT HV
44919348-00144919348001Unisys Refurbished 44919348001 INTERFACE
44931343-00244931343002Unisys Refurbished 44931343002 Memory: 256MB 50NS DIMM
44931368-00044931368000Unisys Refurbished 44931368000 Memory: 128MB 50NS DIMM
44933984-00444933984004Unisys Refurbished 44933984004 PCA OSM FCESI 2
44935187-00444935187004Unisys Refurbished 44935187004 DS2B MOTHERBOARD
44935963-00244935963002Unisys Refurbished 44935963002 12GB/24GB Internal DAT Tape Drive
44942696-00144942696001Unisys New 44942696001 ES2043 MEMORY CARD
44963676-00444963676004Unisys Refurbished 44963676004 9gb 68-Pin Disk
44965234-00044965234000Unisys Refurbished 44965234000 ESM/OSR7700 Controller
44969947-00044969947000Unisys Refurbished 44969947000 DISK: 18GB 1 No Rails
44972712-00044972712000Unisys New 44972712000 ES2043 POWER SUPPLY
45005618-00045005618000Unisys Refurbished 45005618000 COMM Hardware: 10/100MB TX PCI
45914504-00045914504000Unisys Refurbished 45914504000 DISPLAY: White MPR24
45917036-00145917036001Unisys Refurbished 45917036001 ELI 3 Slot Motherboard
46137220-00046137220000Unisys Refurbished 46137220000 LAN Hardware: 10M Ethernet PCI
46168753-00146168753001Unisys Refurbished 46168753001 QR6/HR6 LCD Controller
46175519-00246175519002Unisys Refurbished 46175519002 DISK: 4GB U-Wide SCA 720
46176657-00046176657000Unisys New 46176657000 CPU COOLING FAN
68601392-00068601392000Unisys Refurbished 68601392000 900Mhz 2M P3 Xeon SL4XZ in cabinet kr
68606235-00168606235001Unisys Refurbished 68606235001 ACCELERAID 352 Dual Channel SCSI Controller w64Mb Ram kr in
68669563-00168669563001Unisys Refurbished 68669563001 Processor 4x900Mhz HV PSP7490016-2HM
68687664-00168687664001Unisys Refurbished 68687664001 Unisys Intel Pro/1000 XT Server Adapter NIC
68874254-00068874254000Unisys Refurbished 68874254000 Intel PRO/1000 MF Dual Port Server Adapter
68884683-00068884683000Unisys Refurbished 68884683000 UNISYS 48V 1200W POWER SUPPLY DEL
68889559-00068889559000Unisys Refurbished 68889559000 Unisys DVDRW/Floppy Combo Module for ES7000
68916626-01368916626013Unisys Refurbished 68916626013 Unisys ES7000 Memory Storage Director MSD Module
68923093-00968923093009Unisys Refurbished 68923093009 Unisys Fan module 4 Fan tray
68925049-00368925049003Unisys Refurbished 68925049003 DYL MPC OP2 Board from Unisys Libra 520/ES7000/520
68925049-00468925049004Unisys Refurbished 68925049004 DYL MPC OP2 Board from Unisys Libra 520/ES7000/520
68935949-00068935949000Unisys Refurbished 68935949000 Unisys 512Mb Memory Module for ES7000
68945229-00568945229005Unisys Refurbished 68945229005 Unisys ES7000 System/Processor Board
70203203-01670203203016Unisys Refurbished 70203203016 CMP_IPL1 SCSI Card wmemory kr
75-0312-902750312902Unisys New 750312902 NETWORK INTERFACE CARD SOURCE NDP
78442332-10378442332103Unisys Refurbished 78442332103 MEMORY CARD ES7000
78615614-00178615614001Unisys Refurbished 78615614001 Mouse Keyboard USB card kr
ALP430-TADALP430TADUnisys Refurbished ALP430TAD TAPE: 4MM DAT TT Library
ALP430-TDDALP430TDDUnisys Refurbished ALP430TDD TAPE:4MM DAT SCSI Differential 50-Pin
AP-1339AP1339Unisys Refurbished 132 Column Printer Old Stock
AP1374Unisys Refurbished AP1374 PRINTER
C1537-00610C153700610Unisys Refurbished C153700610 12GB/24GB Internal DAT Tape Drive
C8306Unisys Refurbished System Board ( Motherboard ) W/UNISYS BIOS
E03443201Unisys Refurbished UNISYS E03443201 KEYBOARD 046578-01
ES2024-18GES202418GUnisys Refurbished ES202418G DISK: 18GB
ESR202141-ZESR202141ZUnisys Refurbished ESR202141Z DUAL PENTIUM III SERVER ( no disk no tape, no memory, no CPU)
ETH1010052-PCIETH1010052PCIUnisys Refurbished ETH1010052PCI 10/100Base-T NIC ( Network Interface Card )
FCA1850-LCFCA1850LCUnisys Refurbished FCA1850LC Fibre Fiber CHANNEL CONTROLLER
HDS417-CHDS417CUnisys Refurbished HDS417C 4GB SCA Disk
MEM412384-ADDMEM412384ADDUnisys Refurbished MEM412384ADD Memory Board W/384MB
MOD384-DM2MOD384DM2Unisys Refurbished MOD384DM2 384MB Memory Upgrade
OEM2UTMWSPUnisys Refurbished I/O CARD
OEM512-DIMOEM512DIMUnisys Refurbished OEM512DIM 512MB DIMM KIT APA7000
PM2-SPPM2SPUnisys Refurbished PM2SP
PSS-00771-01PSS0077101Unisys Refurbished PSS0077101 Unisys Power Supply MC2
T3629-02T362902Unisys Refurbished T362902 TERMINAL WITH MAIN AUX AND 5 PIN DIN PORTS
TP186016-00TP18601600Unisys Refurbished TP18601600 16MB AGP CARD CROSSES TO THE PART
UEC-7000UEC7000Unisys Refurbished UEC7000
UEC-7011UEC7011Unisys Refurbished UEC7011
UN-6075-BBSUN6075BBSUnisys Refurbished UN6075BBS UnisysSequent Computer system complete
UT325GUnisys New Terminal
UVT-1224UVT1224Unisys Refurbished UVT1224 TERMINAL
VE32722B4EN3-UN02VE32722B4EN3UN02Unisys Refurbished VE32722B4EN3UN02 DIMM 256MB
WED9DG28032V10D5Unisys Refurbished Unisys 512Mb Memory Module for ES7000
43630102-00043630102000Unisys LAPTOP DOCKING BAY
80-100-A74-00A80100A7400AUnisys TERMINAL
T0-300T0300Unisys TERMINAL
40-030113-004003011300Unisys Unisys PN325 LCD Inverter Board 40-030113-00
SFR9-PWRSFR9PWRUnisys Unisys 100-240V 16A 8 Outlet Power Distribution Strip
44940963-00044940963000Unisys BACKPLANE HDD DS2B
44969665-00044969665000Unisys SYSTEM BOARD ES2023
68935949-000-LOT1068935949000LOT10Unisys Lot of 10 Unisys 512Mb Memory Module for ES7000
34856849-00134856849001Unisys UNISYS 34856849-001 EPCCA DIFFERENTIAL 21CJ BOARD
34868216-00434868216004Unisys UNISYS 34868216-004 EPCCA BOARD
44840957-00044840957000Unisys UNISYS 44840957-000 ISA ADAPTER
44840981-00044840981000Unisys UNISYS 44840981-000 ISA ADAPTER
21301-PES21301PESUnisys ENCODER: USA 300DPM E13B
21310-C21310CUnisys SYS: QUANTUM 300 RAISED HEIGHT
21310-CAM21310CAMUnisys IMAGE MODULE
21310-SSE21310SSEUnisys STACKER:12 POCKETS
38687638-00438687638004Unisys Unisys QS/6/M/B
38688792-00238688792002Unisys TRI CPU PCB
38716460-00038716460000Unisys COMM HW: 10/100 TX PCI
41484767-00541484767005Unisys Print Control PCB
43300367-00143300367001Unisys COVER LOOP GUIDE
44870913-00144870913001Unisys 0SM3000 Backplane
44879229-00144879229001Unisys DISK: Dev Cage 2.1GB SP
44890580-00044890580000Unisys 0SM3000 I/O PCB
44894558-00444894558004Unisys 9GB FC DISK
44972172-00044972172000Unisys DISK: 9GB 10k LVD 68P
44972198-00044972198000Unisys DISK: 9GB 10K LVD SCA W/R
44972321-00044972321000Unisys DISK: 18GB 10K LVD SCA
45847449-00145847449001Unisys Two Button Mouse/PS/2 Cable
45857273-00345857273003Unisys Memory Card
45881356-00045881356000Unisys UN-6520 Motherboard
45885258-00045885258000Unisys Memory Card
45903887-00145903887001Unisys Backplane
78608213-00478608213004Unisys PCI53-12 ES7000

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