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Listings of Varian by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
VJC-6767VJC6767Varian Refurbished VJC6767 Switch Switch Control VJC-6767 D8T7 ~V
VJC6767D8T7Varian Refurbished Satcom Switch Control
VJW-1454VJW1454Varian Refurbished VJW1454 Channel Select Sub-System VJW1454C ~V
VJW-1454AVJW1454AVarian Refurbished VJW1454A Motor Drive Assembly 00 ~V
VJW1454BVarian Refurbished Channel Selector Sub-System
VJW1454CVarian Channel Selector Sub-System 01014540-01 A
VJW1455B1Varian Channel Selector 0101454204 01014521-00
VJW-2722H1VJW2722H1Varian Refurbished VJW2722H1 Microwave Remote Control P N 010002850-01 ~V
VJW2722H2-1VJW2722H21Varian Refurbished VJW2722H21 Remote Control for TWTA
VJW-2731VJW2731Varian Refurbished VJW2731 Channel Tuner Control - Rackmount VJW2731A5 ~V
VKU-7820A8VKU7820A8Varian Klystron RF Tube - Ku-Band 8.6 kV Satcom 8 Channel
VTW2722H1Varian Refurbished Remote Control
VUJ-8527VUJ8527Varian Refurbished VUJ8527 Waveguide Assmbly Satcom Earth Station Transmitter
VZC-3068EWVZC3068EWVarian Refurbished VZC3068EW TWTA Amp with Heatsink 135954-00M
VZC6961D7A1Varian Refurbished 5.9 - 6.4 GHz 65db C-Band TWTA
VKC-7936VKC7936Varian Klystron RF Tube - C-Band 3.5 kW Satcom 24 Channel
VKU-7791VKU7791Varian Klystron RF Tube - Ku-Band 1.5 kW Satcom 8 Channel 14 GHz
VKU-7820VKU7820Varian Klystron RF Tube - Ku-Band 8.6 kV Satcom 8 Channel
01-000062-00H0100006200HVarian MED 12 KVA 3 Phase Transformer
01-000437-000100043700Varian Current Limit and Logic PCB Board
01-000531-00A0100053100AVarian Set of 3 Inductors for High Voltage Power Supply
01-00250601002506Varian M.E.D. Transformer CMC 1588A with Sprague 622D Capacitor
01002543-000100254300Varian Control Logic Board
01006395CVarian Interlock PCB
057513-0505751305Varian Power Supply 700 Watts For TWT ~V
1000031Varian Control Logic Board for HPA Transmitter
1-000772-00100077200Varian VZU-3088SS
1002375Varian Digital Interface PCB
1002599Varian MUX Adapter PCB
1005760Varian Current Limit Logic
1005925Varian Relay Board
1015230Varian VZC 19 RackMount Cabinet w/ Waveguides RF Conne
110641Varian Watts Meter Range 0-5
135935Varian 120VAC Regulator
135954-00J13595400JVarian VZC-3068EW TWT
323-00123230012Varian Cryocompressor 2.1
323-00143230014Varian Cryocompressor 2.1
40UVarian 19 Steel RackMount Cabinet
684328Varian RF Plasma Power HFS-1000D 13.56MHz Supply
7500Varian Scientific Atlanta Video Receiver 7500 CFG ~V
980-61009806100Varian Vacuum Process Control Automatic Valve Sequencer
COAXIALVarian Microwave Sensor Lot of 7 01000784-00 01000784-02 01000784-03 01
L137NW2Varian Wave Guide Switch WR159/ Standard Power 200B24H ~V
METERVarian Milliwatts Meter Range 0-2
VA-177AVA177AVarian Backward Wave Tube Oscillator 6.3 Volt Heater TWT Carcinotron
VJC6767S1AKYVarian Microwave Equipment 010008831-00 115VAC 2U
VJW2740-10-1VJW2740101Varian Computer Interface Module
VJW6703AR00Varian TWTA HPA Remote Control Unit
VJW6769H1Varian Remote Control Unit VJW-6769 - Satcom / Microwave 01014870-00
VZC6962D710B00Varian 100 Watt TWTA Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier C-Band Transmitter
VZC-6965F4VZC6965F4Varian 400W C-Band RF TWT Satellite Uplink Amplifier 120V - Satcom
VZC-6967D8A2/D8T6VZC6967D8A2D8T6Varian Dual TWT Amplifier Subsystem Operating Service Manual
38UVarian 19 Rackmount Chassis Enclosure Cabinet 36 x 24 x 73 Tall
VZC6967R4Varian 19 40U Rackmount Cabinet / Enclosure 31.5 x 24 x 76 Tall

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