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Listings of Verilink by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
1100072Verilink Refurbished ROUTER ETHERNET 10/100 TO SERIAL
120577Verilink Refurbished ROUTER ETHERNET 10/100 TO SERIAL
305010205002Verilink Refurbished CONNECT1 DSU/CSU DUAL PORT POINT TO POINT DSU/CSU
305-101486-002305101486002Verilink New 305101486002 Verilink 305-101486-002 Rev E Access System 100 V.35 With SNMP
305-101765-001305101765001Verilink New 305101765001 NO BOX MANUAL INCLUDED ACCESS SYSTEM 56 PLUS WITH SERIAL PORT
310-102278-001310102278001Verilink Refurbished 310102278001 Verilink 310-102278-001- MLS 3000 REV C 1X LOCAL RJ45 PORT 2X
310-102282-001310102282001Verilink Refurbished 310102282001 Verilink 310-102282-001- MLS 3000 Quad Data card rev A 310-10228
310-102286-001310102286001Verilink Refurbished 310102286001 Verilink 310-102286-001- SCM ACM 3000 1XLOCAL RJ45 PORT 2X MGMN
311-010-406311010406Verilink Refurbished 311010406 DIM 2035 Dual Port V.35 interface 311-010-406
311-010406-002311010406002Verilink Refurbished 311010406002 DIM 2035 CARD CLEI NOHECI
311-101560-001311101560001Verilink Refurbished 311101560001 CIM 2022 NETWORK MANAGEMENT MODULE
311-102279-001311102279001Verilink Refurbished 311102279001 Verilink MLS 3000 CIM 3113 311-102279-001
311-102281-001311102281001Verilink Refurbished 311102281001 Verilink MLS 3000 DIM 3030 311-102281-001
311-102287-001311102287001Verilink Refurbished 311102287001 Verilink MLS 3000 NIM 3000 311-102287-001
311-102288-001311102288001Verilink Refurbished 311102288001 Verilink MLS 3000 CIM 3003 311-102288-001
315-101315-100315101315100Verilink Refurbished 315101315100 DLS 2100 ConnecT1 PLUS
319-010-410319010410Verilink Refurbished 319010410 NCC 2020 Node Controller Network Mangement Module 319-010-410
4700002Verilink New NetPath NP2000-B100 retail sealed Wireless Router
F-3001-100-11020F300110011020Verilink Refurbished VERILINK 3001 ESF CSU/DSU CLEI NCTDAP0AAA
5130Verilink Refurbished ROUTER ETHERNET 10/100 TO SERIAL
5130/516051305160Verilink Refurbished 51305160 VERILINK 5130/5160 ROUTER ETHERNET 10/100 TO SERIAL
86010-018601001Verilink Refurbished 8601001
9SA-CHAS-0009SACHAS000Verilink Refurbished 9SACHAS000 SHARK CHASSIS W/BACKPLANE Power Supply Unit CLEI SIM2T30KRA
A0-14-CEA014CEVerilink Refurbished A014CE ROUTER ETHERNET 10/100 TO SERIAL
A0-15-23A01523Verilink Refurbished A01523 ROUTER ETHERNET 10/100 TO SERIAL
C100Verilink Refurbished VERILINK C100- SINGLE DATA PORT VERILINK C100
CIM 2022CIM2022Verilink Refurbished CIM2022 CIM 2022 NETWORK MANAGEMENT MODULE
DIU2131Verilink Refurbished VERLINK DIU2131 DSU MODULE
DLS 2100DLS2100Verilink Refurbished DLS2100 Verilink Access System DLS 2100 ConnecT1 Plus
ELINK-216-16-D-D1ELINK21616DD1Verilink Refurbished ELINK21616DD1 eLink 216-16-D-D1 ELINK WIRED ROUTER eLink-216-16
F2000101111Verilink Refurbished F200003R Tripp Lite IEEE 1394 Firewire PCI Card - FireWire adapter - PCI CLEI NCCSUF06AA
HLM2532Verilink Refurbished VERLINK HLM2532 RS232 V.35 MODULE
SCC2020Verilink Refurbished VERLINK SCC2020 SNMP MODULE CLEI 3201008220
305-101923-001305101923001Verilink Refurbished CARD CLEI DSSUCP0GAA
305-010387-001305010387001Verilink VERILINK 305-010387-001 CONNECT FT1 DSU/CSU
310-102411-001310102411001Verilink Verilink/Eastern Research 310-102411-001 octal HSD module 310-10
NCCSUF06AAVerilink Verilink F-2000-101-111 Ixport 2000 T1 ESF CSU Card Verilink F-2
NCPQACHCAAVerilink Verlink/ Communication tech 86010-01 NCPQACHCAA Ixport power mod
NP2000-B100NP2000B100Verilink VERILINK NetPath2000 Wireless Access Device NP2000-B100
43-00177-B4300177BVerilink VERILINK NetPath2000 Wireless Access Device NP2000-B100
NETPATH2000Verilink VERILINK NetPath2000 Wireless Access Device NP2000-B100

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