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Listings of Wangtek by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
30034-03430034034Wangtek Refurbished 30034034 TAPE DRIVE
30132-05130132051Wangtek Refurbished 30132051 60MB QIC-36 INTERNAL TAPE DRIVE
3040F5Wangtek Refurbished WANGTEK 3040F5 TAPE BACKUP INTERNAL
5099CG24Wangtek Refurbished TAPE DRIVE
5099DG24Wangtek Refurbished TAPE DRIVE
5125ENWangtek Refurbished 125MB Half Height 5.25-Inch TAPE DRIVE
5150ENWangtek Refurbished QIC TAPE DRIVE 150MB QIC-36
5150EQWangtek Refurbished WANGTEK 5.25-Inch 150MB QIC-02 TAPE DRIVE
5525ESWangtek Refurbished Internal 1/4 Tape Drive
6130HSWangtek Refurbished WANGTEK 5.25-Inch 1.3GB SCSI TAPE DRIVE
6200HSWangtek Refurbished 4mm DAT Tape Drive Wangtek 6200HS 1.3GB/2GB 5.25-Inch Half Height SCSI 4mm DDS-1 DAT
5125ESWangtek Refurbished 125MB TAPE BACK UP.
30610-00130610001Wangtek Refurbished 30610001 60MB QIC-36 EXTERNAL TAPE DRIVE
30610-60130610601Wangtek Refurbished 30610601 External tape drive
30631-00130631001Wangtek Refurbished 30631001 PC-02 MICROCHANNEL TAPE CONTROLLER
30631-00230631002Wangtek Refurbished 30631002 PC-02 MICROCHANNEL TAPE CONTROLLER
33577-00133577001Wangtek New 33577001 MICROCHANNEL QIC-02 WITH CABLE
5250ENWangtek Refurbished 150MB Half Height 5.25-Inch Cartridge Tape Drive QIC-36 Internal
55905-00155905001Wangtek Refurbished 55905001
63292-03163292031Wangtek New 63292031 SYTOS PLUS BACKUP FOR DOS
63530002Wangtek Refurbished PC-02 MICROCHANNEL TAPE CONTROLLER
9980719277Wangtek Refurbished PC-02 MICROCHANNEL TAPE CONTROLLER
E5150EQWangtek Refurbished TAPE BACK UP CASE ONLY
LS5099ENWangtek Refurbished 60MB QIC-36 EXTERNAL TAPE DRIVE
PER10136-001PER10136001Wangtek Refurbished PER10136001 TAPE DRIVE 60MB QIC
5099EN24Wangtek 5099EN24 60MB HH 5.25 Cart Tape Drive, QIC-36, Internal, Black B

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