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Listings of Westinghouse by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
2970054401Westinghouse Refurbished BUTTON PANEL REPLACEMENT FOR LTV-46W1 HD
2970058601Westinghouse Refurbished FRONT PANEL ON BLUE LED REPLACEMENT FOR LTV-46W1 HD
3791023400Westinghouse Refurbished LEFT SPEAKER REPLACEMENT FOR LTV-46W1 HD
3791023500Westinghouse Refurbished RIGHT SPEAKER REPLACEMENT FOR LTV-46W1 HD
LCM-19W4LCM19W4Westinghouse New LCM19W4 19 Wide screen LCD
LT37C-1LT37C1Westinghouse Refurbished LT37C1 BUTTON PANEL REPLACEMENT FOR LTV-46W1 High Definition
LT46-1LT461Westinghouse Refurbished LT461 FRONT PANEL ON BLUE LED REPLACEMENT FOR LTV-46W1 High Definition
2C.5K002.AMT2C5K002AMTWestinghouse Westinghouse Main Board 2C.5K002.AMT for LD-2480 MSAV3216-ZC01-
2C.7H003.AMT2C7H003AMTWestinghouse Westinghouse Main Board 2C.7H003.AMT for LD-2480 MSAV3216-ZC01-
2C.8W001.AMT2C8W001AMTWestinghouse Westinghouse Main Board 2C.8W001.AMT for LD-2480 MSAV3216-ZC01-
B13084600Westinghouse Westinghouse Main Board B13084600 for EU40F1G1 TP-MS3393-P85
B13106016Westinghouse Westinghouse Main Board B13106016 TP.MS3393.P85
CN.SYE46ACNSYE46AWestinghouse Westinghouse Analog Signal Input Board CN.SYE46A for EW40T4FW E
KW-LEP412001AKWLEP412001AWestinghouse Westinghouse Power Supply KW-LEP412001A for model EW40T4FW
LJ94-25533DLJ9425533DWestinghouse Westinghouse T-Con Board LJ94-25533D for EW40T4FW
LJ97-00233ALJ9700233AWestinghouse Westinghouse LED Driver LJ97-00233A for EW40T4FW Board Label: SS
MP118TFLWestinghouse Westinghouse EU50F2G1 Power Supply MP118TFL
RMT-23RMT23Westinghouse Westinghouse Remote RMT-23
L1975NWWestinghouse 19 Widescreen LCD Monitor
39J2072Westinghouse Westinghouse DW39F1Y1 Main Board 39J2072
39J2117Westinghouse Westinghouse DW39F1Y1 Main Board 39J2117
3AH1137Westinghouse Westinghouse DW39F1Y1 Main Board 3AH1137
3BJ2459AWestinghouse Westinghouse DW39F1Y1 Main Board 3BJ2459A
3BJ2604Westinghouse Westinghouse DW39F1Y1 Main Board 3BJ2604
41H0018AWestinghouse Westinghouse DW39F1Y1 Main Board 41H0018A
41H0100AWestinghouse Westinghouse DW39F1Y1 Main Board 41H0100A
43T0646Westinghouse Westinghouse DW39F1Y1 Main Board 43T0646
43T0647Westinghouse Westinghouse DW39F1Y1 Power Supply 43T0647
43T0648Westinghouse Westinghouse DW39F1Y1 Main Board 43T0648
6871L-2012A6871L2012AWestinghouse Westinghouse VR-3710 T-Con Board 6871L-2012A 6870C-0305A
B13095356Westinghouse Westinghouse Main Board B13095356 for DWM40F1G1 Board Label: TP.
CN.SY16ACNSY16AWestinghouse Westinghouse CN.SY16A Analog Signal Input Board E173873
CN.SY8ACNSY8AWestinghouse Westinghouse / Sceptre / Sharp CN.SY8A Audio Signal Input Board
CN.SYE41ACNSYE41AWestinghouse Westinghouse CN.SYE41A Analog Signal Input Board 11515
LJ97-02751BLJ9702751BWestinghouse Westinghouse LJ97-02751B Backlight Inverter SSI400_12A01
MIP506-HVMIP506HVWestinghouse Westinghouse / Element MIP506-HV Backlight Inverter CCP-508S E
RUNTK4323TPZUWestinghouse Seiki / Sharp / Westinghouse RUNTK4323TPZU T-Con Board CPWBX432
V327-001HFV327001HFWestinghouse New V327-001HF Westinghouse Backlight Inverter 4H+V3278.001
FTV142011210011Westinghouse Westinghouse DWM40F1G1 Keyboard Controller 142011210011 HB22507
FTV142012210014Westinghouse Westinghouse 142012210014 IR Sensor HB225540

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