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Listings of Weston Electric by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
16-0201-W160201WWeston Electric New 160201W Manual Food Grinder
23-0402-W230402WWeston Electric New 230402W ALLY DESIGNED HANDLES ARE COMFORTABLE TO USE.
430Weston Electric Voltmeter Meter
01-0208010208Weston Electric Half Moon Ravioli Attachment
61-0101-W610101WWeston Electric Weston Stainless Steel Food Mill with 1.9L capacity; Includes 3
36-3601-W363601WWeston Electric Cereal Grain Mill
41-0301-W410301WWeston Electric 36 Outdoor Propane Smoker
41-0701-W410701WWeston Electric WS 30 Vertical Propane Smoker
01-0601-W010601WWeston Electric ROMA Electric Pasta Machine
07-0858070858Weston Electric Roma 4pc Sauce Maker Kit
16-0501-W160501WWeston Electric V Slice Mandoline Veg Slicer
36-3517363517Weston Electric French Fry Blade Pusher 1/4
36-3801-W363801WWeston Electric WS Manual Wheat Grass Juicer
75-0201-W750201WWeston Electric 10 Tray Food Dehydrator
83-7001-W837001WWeston Electric Game Processing Knife Set 10pc
86-0701-W860701WWeston Electric 7 Lb. Vertical Sausage Stuffer
75-0301-W750301WWeston Electric Weston 6 Tray Food Dehydrator
339Weston Electric Type 2 Analog Frequency Meter with Wooden Enclosure
760Weston Electric Standing Wave Indicator
01-0008-W010008WWeston Electric Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer
65-1101-W651101WWeston Electric Harvest Guard Portbl VacSealer

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