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Listings of XBLUE by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
164500XBLUE New 164500 X16 Cordless Telephone Module for Connecting Standard Cordless Telephones to the X16 Digital Phone System
XB-1670-00XB167000XBLUE New XB167000 XB1670-00 XBlue Networks x16 6-line Digital Speakerphone
XB-1610-00XB161000XBLUE XBlue X16 KSU Communications Server
91-1029911029XBLUE X16 Power Supply
XB-2022-28-CHXB202228CHXBLUE X16 6 Line Phone Sys 8pk Charc XB202228CH
XB1670-92XB167092XBLUE X16 6 Line Dig Spkrphone Blue XB167092
XB1698-XBXB1698XBXBLUE 4 Port Connector XB1698XB
1610-00161000XBLUE XBlue X16 KSU Communications Server
1630-00163000XBLUE New Xblue Networks 2 CO Line Expansion Module 1630-00
1670-00167000XBLUE XBlue Speakerphone - Charcoal
1670-75167075XBLUE XBlue Speakerphone PINK
1670-86167086XBLUE New Xblue Networks X16DTE-TM 6-Line Digital Display Speakerphone Sil
1670-92167092XBLUE XBlue Speakerphone - Vivid Blue
1698-XB1698XBXBLUE TS-107 5 Port Connector
2022-04-CH202204CHXBLUE XBlue X16 System Bundle with 4 Phone
DSSXBLUE 47-9003 2020IP DSS Console
47-7002477002XBLUE X3030 VoIP Telephone 477002
V5007XBLUE X50 w X3030 7 pack V5007
V5010XBLUE X50 w X3030 10 pack V5010
V2509XBLUE X25 w X3030 9 pack V2509
XB-2022-28-VBXB202228VBXBLUE X16 6 Line Phone Sys 8pk Blue XB202228VB
2022-28-CH202228CHXBLUE XBlue Networks X16 8-bundle Charcoal

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