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Listings of Xilinx by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
14090010-031409001003Xilinx Refurbished ISA NVSRAM CARD, PULLED FROM CYLINIK SECURE DOMAIN
92377Xilinx Refurbished XILINX BOARD
01NMPYXilinx Refurbished 86260 SENSOR INTERFACE
76170-10476170104Xilinx Refurbished 76170104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
76170-10576170105Xilinx Refurbished 76170105 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
76170-10676170106Xilinx Refurbished 76170106 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
76171-10376171103Xilinx Refurbished 76171103 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
76172Xilinx Refurbished IPLS INDEXER BOARD
76534-10676534106Xilinx Refurbished 76534106 XILINX BOARD
78560-10778560107Xilinx Refurbished 78560107 TEMP CONTROL BOARD
78561-10578561105Xilinx Refurbished 78561105 TEMP CONTROL BOARD
78562-10378562103Xilinx Refurbished 78562103 TEMP CONTROL BOARD
78566-10378566103Xilinx Refurbished 78566103 XILINX BOARD
78567Xilinx Refurbished XILINX BOARD
86260Xilinx Refurbished 86260 SENSOR INTERFACE
86260-10786260107Xilinx Refurbished 86260107 86260 SENSOR INTERFACE
90370-10490370104Xilinx Refurbished 90370104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90371-10490371104Xilinx Refurbished 90371104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90372-10190372101Xilinx Refurbished 90372101 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
92375-10492375104Xilinx Refurbished 92375104 XILINX BOARD
92375-10692375106Xilinx Refurbished 92375106 XILINX BOARD
92376-10392376103Xilinx Refurbished 92376103 XILINX BOARD
92376-10492376104Xilinx Refurbished 92376104 XILINX BOARD
92377-10292377102Xilinx Refurbished 92377102 XILINX BOARD
XC3164A-3XC3164A3Xilinx Refurbished XC3164A3 SERIAL COMPONENT I/O BOARD
XC3190A-3PP175CXC3190A3PP175CXilinx Refurbished XC3190A3PP175C

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