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Part No.Description
1-971145-80197114580Intermec New EASYLAN ETHERNET KIT - ROHS - INTERMEC PF / PM / PX SB-180s
19GSR-2-0431619GSR204316Honeywell New 1902GSR SCANNER ONLY CUSTOM FOR UPS
1T02LCAUS0Kyocera New 1-TK8507C SD CYAN TONER
1.25MHZ125MHZPomona Band Pass Filters
1000Link Technologies Digiflex 1000
10-00024-0001000024000Juniper Networks PCI Board FCE-6410-N w/software
10-00024-000A1000024000AJuniper Networks Fibre channel PCI-Xcard GP25A1-1C
1000031Varian Control Logic Board for HPA Transmitter
100007Wellfleet System Control Board syscon v2.12
10-002831000283Data Technology Disk Controller Card
10005655Texas Instruments VATS2 DSP Interface - PCI SCSI Card
10005928Allen Bradley A-B 3 Phase Switch for DIN rail mount.
1000731Wellfleet Circuit board
1-000772-00100077200Varian VZU-3088SS
10009817Zebra Technologies 3-1/4W - POLYPRO 4000D 3.8 MIL Receipt label
10010660Zebra Technologies Receipt Printer Label - 3 rolls 2-23/64 Wide Model: 66018RM
10013AHP Hewlett Packard Oscilloscope Probe
10017AHP Hewlett Packard Oscilloscope Accessory Probe
1002375Varian Digital Interface PCB
1002599Varian MUX Adapter PCB
100413Force Computers 16 bit CPU Board / Card 68010/12.5 MHz 128 KB/BBU
100-505635100505635AMD 2GB AMD FirePro W5000 GDDR5 DVI 2x Displayport PCI Express 3.0 x
100-50-U-20P10050U20PAEROTEK Accudex
1005760Varian Current Limit Logic
1005925Varian Relay Board
100-A09ND3100A09ND3Allen Bradley Contactor
100-C09D10100C09D10Allen Bradley IEC Standard Contactor
100-FB22100FB22Allen Bradley Auxiliary Contactor Block
100-N100NAllen Bradley Auxiliary Contact 600 Volts 10 Amp
1010SHIELDME PRODUCTS Touchscrn Cleaning Wipes
1010-0261010026Metra Electronics Stainless Steel Vacuum Filter w/ QF flange
101195Wellfleet Ace II Board V2.00
10120ACalcomp Sketch Pad
101259058-001101259058001PRESTIGE INTERNATIONAL Rackmount Kit for 27 Deep Rack
101282Beckman 100 Ft Roll Chart Paper for 10 in Recorder
101-6906-35101690635Zenith Data Systems XT 286 Clone Desktop Computer Power Supply
10194327ENTRELEC Circuit Breaker 20A 2 Pole Time Delay
1021011400Ati Technologies 3D RAGE II DVD PCI Card
1022555340Ati Technologies PCI MACH64 109-25500-40 Video Card
1022555541Ati Technologies PCI MACH64 109-25500-40 2 Video Card
1023210220Ati Technologies Mach64 PCI 2MB Video Card
10233100001Ati Technologies Mach64 PCI 2MB Video Card
1023330200Ati Technologies PCI MACH64 113-32100-105 Video Card
1023400810Ati Technologies PCI Video Card
102406060Ati Technologies Rage 3D II PCI 2MB Video Card
10256Mylex ISA 8 Bit Parallel Port/DB 9F
1027231010Ati Technologies Rage XL PCI Video Card
10272901ENTRELEC Circuit Breaker 20A Rail Time Delay
10282Artisoft 16 Bit ISA Ethernet Adapter
102925Avaya Definity KSU ECS Carrier
103603006AMicrocom New DeskPorte 14.4S 14400 bps Data/Fax Modem
1037162002OAKTEC Dual ISA Video Card
1037162003OAKTEC Dual ISA Video Card
103874Wellfleet Communications Processor Board ace 32 v1.13
103874-2810387428Wellfleet Circuit board
10390AHP Hewlett Packard System Performance Analysis Software Reference Manual
1039530IBM IBM Lexmark 4028 500 Sheet 2nd Paper Drawer
103G770Sanyo Step Syn Stepping Motor
10400AHP Hewlett Packard Miniature Passive Probe Operating Note
1040276-05104027605Nortel Network Card
104276-0510427605Wellfleet New 104276-05 BNC 73000 Circut Board
104322BNortel Modem Cable
1045Wavetek RF Power Meter 1 MHz to 26.5 GHz
10454B51446-001010454B514460010ADVANTAGEM 32MB Memory 144PIN PC66 Laptop
10525THP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
1055646IBM 81W Power Supply - Tectrol TC34S-0887
105631Wellfleet Comm Server with Floppy Drive
10567Toshiba TOSHIBA T1000SE KEYBOARD 010567
105912G-057105912G057Zebra Technologies New OEM - Right side cover assembly - For the 1500 sheet paper feed
105940G-127105940G127Zebra Technologies Cable Toshiba HD 26P PCBA C/A
105K14350Xerox Power Supply for Printer
106Tektronix Square Wave Generator plug-in
106450Wellfleet Communications Processor Board fre 2 bd v3.10
1067082025OAKTEC Video Card
106727Wellfleet Ace 32 Processor W/8 MB v1.16
106727-3810672738Wellfleet Circuit board
106774Nortel Back Case Component
106-912-0110691201L3MCRODYNE 1400-MR Telemetry Receiver Special Power Plug - SatCom
107102Nortel Cable Connector Wflt Std Intfc
107573644At&t Definity Multimedia Link
107671Lacie Compact Disc ReWritable Ultra Speed Fire Wire Driv
107959611Lucent Technologies MLX-5 Office Phone White 7712D05F-264
107959702Lucent Technologies Black Telephone - MLX-10DP
108-00166+B010800166B0Netapp 300GB SAS 15K RPM
108059312At&t 403K Lucent Merlin Legend Expansinon with 391C1 517A29 517B29
108064650Avaya TransTalk 556E1 Radio Module
108199050Avaya 4412D Office Phone - Black 4412A01A-003
108233725Avaya Merlin 008 MLX 617C21 Module
108263Nortel Cable Connector
1083970Toshiba Toner Kit for TF-521 / TF-531 / TF-551 Fax Machine
1087E82015OAKTEC Video Card
1090010401Ati Technologies VGA Video Card
10900-3A109003ACooler Master Intel Dual Xeon 1.6GHz 1 GB Ram Tower Computer
109-2540-43109254043Ati Technologies Mach64 PCI 1MB Video Card
109-30200-001093020000Ati Technologies Mach64 PCI Video Card
109372Nortel Communications Processor Board fre 060 v5.14
109-38600-001093860000Ati Technologies All-in-Wonder II/II 2 MB PCI NTSC/NA
109478Avaya Definity KSU BCS SCC PT CAB R6 14
109-55100-001095510000Ati Technologies TV card Ver 2.0
109554eMachines Socket PGA 370 System Board
109-A26030-01109A2603001Ati Technologies New 109A2603001 128MB PCI-E VIDEO CARD X600 WITH DVI AND SVIDEO OUTPUTS
10-CDA1FN50-50-F5PL10CDA1FN5050F5PLSmc Networks Air Cylinder Double Acting 50mm Bore 50mm Stroke
10-CDQ2B32-50D-J79L10CDQ2B3250DJ79LSmc Networks Pneumatic Cylinder with 120 Volt Heating Element Plate
10FTBlack Box VGA HG15 EXT Cable Male-Female M-F
10G8658IBM Gt1 Graphics Adapter
10L6645IBM 8.0GB 5.25 Bigfoot IDE Hard Drive TX08AT 02K2512
11.4123.0111412301Gould 115V D.C. Amplifier 30 Watt 50/400 Hz FREQ
110.2706.8971102706897CDTECH CD Technologies 48V Power Plant
110.4025.24110402524CDTECH CD Technologies 48V Power Plant
110.4025.29110402529CDTECH CD Technologies 48V Power Plant
110.4045.17110404517CDTECH 48V Power Plant UPS system designed for telephone system
1100.02FL110002FLSprint Flair 11 12 Line Speaker Phone
110-0001711000017Netapp NetApp F825 Dual Socket System Board
1101-87-41101874ADAMS Mercury Relay 120 V AC coil 50 /30 Amp 115V 30A 230V
1103-710011037100Ncr Class 2970 Terminal
110494-004110494004Printronix Guide BTM Paper Kit
110641Varian Watts Meter Range 0-5
1107Harris Semiconductor Platform with Power and Air
110AW1-100110AW1100We 96 Port RJ45 Rack Patch Panel
111316-32131113163213Nortel Communications Processor Board v4.00
112Cde Capacitor
1-12008112008Computone 8/16 Combo ISA IntelliPort-AT6S Host Adapter Card 3-01215
11235-141123514Rockwell HCF PCI Modem Card
112401Us Robotics 28.8K Sportster Internal Win Modem CJE-420
112423PSConexant Systems 11242 V.92 Modem V1.1
112424PSConexant Systems 11242 V.92 Modem
112438-001112438001Compaq 84 MB 3.5 DP-386S/386-20 Hard Drive
1124-IB1124IBL3MCRODYNE IF Filter Amplifier 100 MHz
112502Us Robotics Sportster ISA Modem 28k8
112503Us Robotics 33.6K ISA Internal Winmodem
112504Us Robotics 33.6k Internal Fax Modem 8-bit ISA
112506Us Robotics 33.6K Sportster ISA Modem Card 1.012.0332
112944-00A11294400ABlack Box 1 Flex waveguide WR-137 C Band 5.85-8.2 GHz
112MExabyte Corporation 8mm Data Cartridge - Box of 4
113337Nortel Access Node Communications Server
11353AHP Hewlett Packard Diagnostic Fixture
113897Compaq PCI Sound Card
114100Us Robotics 33.6K Mac External Data/Fax/Voice Modem V.34
114403Nortel Access Node Communications Server
114473-001114473001Spectralogic PCB Module
11453BHP Hewlett Packard Diagnostic Fixture
114609-A114609ANortel 8MB Flash Card - IP Access 11.02 - Rev C
115Tektronix Pulse Generator plug-in
1152AHP Hewlett Packard Users Guide
11-556L11556LFISHER Hydrometer
115ST13-11E-1-J115ST1311E1JHoneywell AT Keyboard
116-1567-00116156700Xerox Refurbished About This Item Actual item from lot is shown. Used pull
11667AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
117120-001117120001Compaq 1.44MB Diskette Drive
117211-A117211ANortel ARN Accessory Kit
117399-001117399001Compaq LITE NUMERIC NOTEBOOK KY PADS
118701Olympus 10 X 25 PC I TRACKER BINOCULAR
119-24511192451Tektronix 19 1280 x1024 .31DP BNC Fixed Frequency DEF
119-24931192493Tektronix Terminal Keyboard
1193C50Fairchild Semiconductor 70mm Film Magazine LB-16A
119459-001119459001Compaq 101 Spacesaver Keyboard
11A72Tektronix Two-Channel Amplifier User Reference Supplement
11F5712IBM RJ45 Module for 7861 Modem
11H5590IBM Socket 5 System Board AT
11K2490Lexmark Optra T Setup Guide w/ Publications CD
12Avaya Merlin 12 Basic Telephone Sets with Ring Generator
12B E S Bessel Filter 5 pole
12Executone Office Telephone
12Pasternack RG142B/U Coax Cable Double Shielded Right Angle Male - Male
1200Cermetek Cermetek 1200 VFXB 14400 Zoom External Modem
120046Packard Bell 5130 Beige 101 Enhanced Spanish Keyboard
1200BSmart Modular Technologies Internal Modem/Telephone/ISDN Short 8 bit ISA
1201Memorex Telex Dot Matrix Printer - missing top plastic
120180511Watlow Flexible Silicone Rubber Heater 12 x 18 208 Volts 200 Watts
1203435Molex AM 60114 IDT Hand Tool with AM 60116 Head Manual Case
120542-002120542002Zebra Technologies Model LP Label Printer WS8240
1208A-0021208A002Acer CD-RW IDE Internal 12x8x32
12-10057-11B121005711BEmulex TIME SPECTRUM IBM Persyst Inc
12-10086-02121008602Emulex Persyst Mono II VGA Card 9 25 Pin
121228-101121228101Nmb Technologies PS/2 WIN Keyboard - RT6856TW23066
121280-001121280001Compaq Spacesaver Keyboard 235496-301
121699-001121699001Compaq Controller Card - WD1009V-EXT - 61-600293-00
12186PDP LaserJet IIP/III/IIID/IIIP Memory Upgrade
121975-001121975001Compaq PS/2 Keyboard Spacesaver
121WB03P02Alco Solenoid Valve
12209371-201220937120Alr Inc Socket 5 System Board - 200MHz
122244-001122244001Nmb Technologies AT Keyboard RT2157TW
122355Ge General Electric Flow Switch - FS-4 Ryton SPDT 0.75 GPM
12-23970-01122397001DEC Digital Equipment Corp DEC RA90 RA92 Blower / Bezel Assembly
1224/246012242460Intertel Premier CPU W/ Cards - 6602100-1
1224/246012242460Premier Phone System Chassis PBX Telephone
122RX33S-305E122RX33S305EIdea Associates 122 Key Keyboard
122ST13Honeywell AT 122-Key Keyboard - 122ST13-38E-1
1230Tektronix Reference Manual
12-300000-301230000030GASONICS Scorpion DC Section- Microwave Power Supply
12335Central Semiconductor Cenco-Sheard-Sanford Photometer
123479-004123479004Compaq 375W Redundant Single Port I/O Board Module
123494-001123494001Compaq Accton PCI ethernet network interface Card
123K00732Xerox Terminal Code 64DB
12436/PS4612436PS46Avantek Amplifier with Power Supply
12-550-141255014FISHER Superfrost precleaned microscope slides
12-550-151255015FISHER Superfrost Plus Precleaned Microscope Slides
125778Zoom Telephonics Modem
126Inmac 2 Way Centron Data Transfer Switch
126505Us Robotics Faxmodem for Macintosh 28.8 V.34 / 33.6 sportser
126B1640000AGvc Internal ISA Fax Modem Jumpers/PnP
127414Hammond Industrial Control Transformer
128H1-002250-T427128H1002250T427Autodesk 3DS MAX 2YR DT SUB RNWL B SUP SPECIALIZ
128H1-006950-T794128H1006950T794Autodesk 3DS MAX 2YR DT SUB RNWL A SUP SPECIALIZ
128H1-007202-T318128H1007202T318Autodesk 3DS MAX 3YR DT SUB RNWL A SUP SPECIALIZ
128H1-008242-T361128H1008242T361Autodesk 3DS MAX 3YR DT SUB RNWL B SUP SPECIALIZ
128XP/10128XP10Acuson Computed Ultrasound Sonography Imaging System
12A-12012A120Sanyo AC Adapter 23VAC 200mA
13/2443-0713244307Sensotec Load Cell
1300-D1300DAstrodyne 300 Baud External Modem
1305D10A3B1ABROOKS Tube Size R-10M-75-3
1308DMicron Technology 2 M-B Memory DIP Sys Bd. 235-0140 w/ Daughter Bd. 235-0141 Rev B
1310A2052402Toshiba TOSHIBA A105 MOTHERBOARD 1310A2052402
1317BHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
131B1545DANAHER MOTION 5HP 4.0KW Type 12/IP55 VLT Automation Drive
131B1956DANAHER MOTION .75KW 1 HP Type 12/IP55 VLT Automation Drive
131B1962DANAHER MOTION 7.5KW 10 HP Type 12/IP55 VLT AutomationDrive
1327Anderson Power Products PCI Audio Card FUSE Rocks
134-19841341984IBM Floppy Drive Straight Through Ribbon Cable 62cm
134263Compaq Pagemark 20 TwinTray
13-4615-1013461510Gould DC Amplifier
13-4615-105141134615105141Gould DC Amplifier plug-in. 25 mV to 5 V full scale
135935Varian 120VAC Regulator
135954-00J13595400JVarian VZC-3068EW TWT
1365-01136501Abbott Systems Spectrum Na Electrode
1365-02136502Abbott Systems Spectrum K Electrode
1365-05136505Abbott Systems Spectrum Reference Electrode
1366-07136607Abbott Systems Spectrum Reagent Syringe
13661James Electronics AC Adapter 8VDC 1.5A
1366-11136611Abbott Systems Spectrum 7 Each Incubator Clamps
1366-24136624Abbott Systems Spectrum One Source Lamp
1367-06136706Abbott Systems Spectrum ISE Sample Probe
1367-08136708Abbott Systems Spectrum ISE Sample Probe
1369969Bosch IBM Style 122 Key Keyboard Model M
137103-003137103003Compaq 2400/9600 Internal Fax Modem
13834Apollo Double Ridge Straight Waveguide Assembly
1384-0091384009Micron Technology Micron Technology 256MB EDO EccReg50ns DIMM 168Pin36c PK
139-01501390150Hitachi America Filter Compartment
1390670IBM IBM 1390670 3162 MODEL M 102 KEY KEYBOARD
1394462-413944624Tyco Electronics SOLARLOK Socket Keying: MINUS Connector Kit - Box of 100
14-0028-0114002801Motorola AC Adapter 5.2VDC 1.2A MU12-1052100-A1
140AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
140A-1604-6000140A16046000Watlow Temperature limit control Board
140FRicoh Paper feed expansion tray type 140F 500 sheet
14-131.02514131025EAO 1.2 Watt Pushbutton Switch Buttons - Lot of 12
1420AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
1420-I1420IL3MCRODYNE IF Filter Amplifier
1431SVEDISON 14 SVGA 800x600 Monitor
143220-001143220001Compaq System Board for Prolinea 4/50
14400FXSAPpc Extermal Practical Modem V32Bis
1442-EX1442EXCalcomp External Modem
144ETECHNOLOGY CONCEPTS LineLink Modem for MAC 14.4
145122Olympus Olympus KA 333 - Audio cable - mini-phone 3.5 mm M - sub-mini
1451-D1451DL3MCRODYNE PM Demodulator
146010-000146010000Accton EtherHub 12R
147026Olympus Olympus RS 30W - Remote control - infrared - for Olympus LS-10
147427Olympus Olympus BR-404 - Battery 4 x AAA NiMH 750 mAh
1480RTektronix Wave Form Monitor
148154Compaq 486DX2/66 Processor Board without processor
148537Packard Bell 3 PCI 3 ISA Riser Card - 52F53 Rev C
149373-001149373001Compaq Shotgun II Mini PCI Type II 56K 10/100 Network Mo
1496B001AACanon PFI301PGY Ink Photo Grey F8000 330ML OEM
15B E S Bessel Filter 5 pole
150-00184311500018431Ncr System Board Model 5000
1-5000971500097Gnp Computers PDSi cPCI CompactPCI SCSI Terminator
150-020-0415002004IBM Smart 16/4 PCMCIA Ringnode no cable
15-00415-315004153Texas Instruments 16 Bit ISA Lancard/E-PC 16 Ethernet 1988
150-0528-1031500528103Black Box 8-Port Asychronous Line Driver Multiplexor
1-500783-3301500783330Eaton Corporation Instruction Manual for A Controlled Input Unit Mod
15-00950-115009501Texas Instruments 16 Bit Lancard/E AT
15-00990-410015009904100Texas Instruments 8 Bit ISA Lancard Coax 15 Pin
150-133-0315013303Madge Networks Smart 16/4 Ringnode PCMCIA Mk2 token Ring
1-5013581501358Gnp Computers PDSi uP860 Core
1-501360DM1501360DMGnp Computers PDSi MNS Alarm Power Module
1-5015231501523Gnp Computers PDSI Demarc Champ50 with RJ45
1-501701FN1501701FNGnp Computers PDSi 10/100 Ethernet Repeater
1-5018421501842Gnp Computers PDSi Demarc BNC Connectors
1502Tektronix Operators Manual
1-502015AH1502015AHGnp Computers PDSi GAFA Paddle Board
1-5020941502094Gnp Computers PDSi Wide SCSI terminator
1-5021261502126Gnp Computers PDSi Narrow SCSI Fixed Transition Board
1-5021281502128Gnp Computers PDSi Narrow SCSI Carrier
1-5023031502303Gnp Computers PDSi High Byte SCSI Terminator
150-2363-0031502363003Micom Marathon 2K Plus Integration Multiplexor
1-5023681502368Gnp Computers PDSi CPCI SCSI Hot Swap Board
1-5025181502518Gnp Computers PDSi CPCI 68-Pin SCSI to IDE Transition Board
150-256-11502561HEATH EGA Video Card 8-Bit ISA
1-5026791502679Gnp Computers PDSi cPCI RTM Watchdog SCSI
1-5029281502928Gnp Computers PDSi RTM Wide SCSI I/O Board
1502BTektronix Service Manual
150-303150303HEATH Mono Video Card
1-5030851503085Gnp Computers PDSi NODE4U Alarm Card
1-5031221503122Gnp Computers PDSi Narrow SCSI Hot Swap
1-5031231503123Gnp Computers PDSi Narrow SCSI Backplane
1-503153C11503153C1Gnp Computers PDSi cPCI RTM Wide SCSI I/O
1-503175CR1503175CRGnp Computers PDSi cPCI Alarm Card
1-5032511503251Gnp Computers PDSi 3U cPSB 81 Switch
1-503252CN1503252CNGnp Computers PDSi 3U cPSB 81 Switch
1-503284C11503284C1Gnp Computers PDSi 3U cPSB 81 Switch RTM
1-503364C11503364C1Gnp Computers PDSi cPCI RTM Sun CP2060/2080 RTM
1-5035821503582Gnp Computers PDSi RJ21/RJ45 Entry Panel
1-5037391503739Gnp Computers PDSi Smart Node Alarm Card
1-5037511503751Gnp Computers PDSi 3U cPSB 8FE2GE Switch
1-503753C11503753C1Gnp Computers PDSi 3U cPSB 8FE2GE Switch RTM
1-503759A1503759AGnp Computers PDSi Smart Node Alarm Card SNAC
1-503821A1503821AGnp Computers PDSi 3UcPSB 8FE2GE Switch RTM
1-5038541503854Gnp Computers
150-388150388Zenith Data Systems 16.5 V Power Supply - Barrel Plug
1-5040331504033Gnp Computers PDSi Alert smart Alarm and system manager
1-5047821504782Gnp Computers PDSi Net Alarm Card
1-5047941504794Gnp Computers PDSi Web AlertNode Alarm Card
150MMENTEGRIS Ultrapak wafershield containers w/ 6 used wafers- LOT OF 40 box
151-100-3S1511003SMadge Networks Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode Network Card - 151-101-05
15171IBICO 5/8 Black Plastic Binding Combs - 95 pcs
1520Wellfleet Access Feeder Node Communications Server PN 105530
152-034-0315203403Madge Networks Smart 16/4 AT Ringnode network Card
152-047-07S15204707SMadge Networks Smart 16/4 AT Plus Ringnode
152-048-0615204806Madge Networks Smart 16/4 AT Ringnode network card Adapter
152-300-0315230003Madge Networks Straight Blue 16/4 ISA Network Card
152-301-0115230101Madge Networks Straight Blue 16/4 ISA Network Card
152-301-0215230102Madge Networks MADGE 152-301-02 STRAIGHT BLUE 16/4 ISA PLUS TOKEN RING
152-330-0115233001Madge Networks Straight Blue 16/4 ISA Network Card
153-083080-0115308308001Trident Microsystems Dual Video Card - 9 pin Digital 15-pin Analog
1531-107B-G288X1531107BG288XGASTECH 1/10 HP Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
1-533-06009-201153306009201Trident Microsystems Dual Video Card - 9 pin Digital 15-pin Analog
1538A002Canon Canon EPE Black toner ctg. Same as HP 92298A
154-080-0515408005Madge Networks MADGE SMART 16/4 MC RINGNODE S16
155B/1155B1SEMTRONICS EN 161 Charged plate
1570-AL1570ALGe General Electric 50 Amp Servo-Type Line Voltage Regulator 115V 60 Hz
157934-001157934001Compaq Docking Station for Armada PP1006
157935-001157935001Compaq Armada E and M Series Conv Base
158-050871-001158050871001Nec America Refurbished 158050871001 Harmony 28.8K Sound/Modem Board ISA 158-050871-001
15826-00115826001Elgin Siemens V30141 48VDC Power Supply Rectifier
15891Apollo Token Ring Network Card
158959-001158959001Compaq 6x IDE Internal DVD-ROM - Pioneer DVD-113MC
15P1305B-115P1305B1Cabletron Systems v.35 Modem
15T3M EVA Backside Lamination Film for Solar Modules
15YYTDell SSD 512GB SATA 6Gbps 2.5
16005650Lenovo HD 3.5 2TB SATA 7200RPM 64MB
1602WEGENER STS RX Mainframe w/ Micro Phase MP-4050 ~V
160648-001160648001Compaq PS/2 101 Spacesaver Keyboard - RT101 - 160648-101
160B150Sierra Wireless Data Inc RF Termintion Load 150 Watt DC-5GHz 51.7 Ohm
161-420-6316142063Tektronix I/O Module
162Fonsan Surge Surpressor
1620Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems Network Array
163-002216300223Com PDA Charging Dock/Interface Cradle for Motorola
1630A/D/G1630ADGHP Hewlett Packard Logic Analyzer Operating and Programming Manual
1631A/D1631ADHP Hewlett Packard Logic Analyzer Operating and Programming Manual
163848-001163848001Compaq Processor Board P90 - Proliant 2000 / 4000
16430Dca Token Ring Interface module ISA/MCA
1645AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
1646RTCEagle Tech Rotary Top 55 Gallon Acid Drum Chemical Spill Containment Unit
1648-93164893Epic Systems Corporation Controller
1650HP Hewlett Packard Operating Note
16500A/16501A16500A16501AHP Hewlett Packard Logic Analysis System Installation Operation Reference Manual
16500B/16501A16500B16501AHP Hewlett Packard Logic Analysis System Programmers Guide
1650A/1651A1650A1651AHP Hewlett Packard Logic Analyzers Service Manual
1650B/1651B1650B1651BHP Hewlett Packard Service Manual
16510AHP Hewlett Packard Logic Analyzer Module Front-Panel Operation Reference
16510BHP Hewlett Packard Getting Started Guide
16517A/18A16517A18AHP Hewlett Packard 4-GSa/s Timing Logic Analyzer Users Reference
16522AHP Hewlett Packard Users Guide
1652B/1653B1652B1653BHP Hewlett Packard Logic Analyzers Service Manual
1660A/AS-SERIES1660AASSERIESHP Hewlett Packard Programmers Guide
166385-001166385001Compaq PCI Video Card Diamond 28031550-001 Stealth III
1670AHP Hewlett Packard Logic Analyzer Users Guide
167150-001167150001Compaq Netelligent 1005 10Base-T Hub
1674-716747Micropolis 160MB 5.25 HH SCSI HDD
1680Imc Networks ISA 1-Port RS-422/485 Serial Card
169KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS Instruction Manual
169058-001169058001Compaq SCSI Cage
169291Compaq Cpu Board
169486-001169486001Compaq COMPAQ 169486-001 PROLIANT 6500 SYSTEM I/O BOARD
16F0487IBM Token Ring Network Adapter Short
1700HP Hewlett Packard PR/1700 IS RECEIPT PRINTER
1700-0005-021700000502Rockwell 33.6 Baud ISA Modem
1708-07170807Hamilton Beach New 25 uL Single Fixed Volume Pipette - Forest Green Soft
1708-09170809Hamilton Beach New 50 uL Fixed Volume Pipette -Sandstone SoftGrip
1708-34170834Hamilton Beach Softgrip 2.5 to 25 uL Adjustable Volume Pipette
1710144-0031710144003Qms Microfine Toner Cartridge - Magenta
1710144-0041710144004Qms Refurbished 1710144004 Genuine QMS Magicolor CX/WX Yellow Toner
17-1076-0117107601Adic System Board with Stepping Motor PN P5N-U03S-148
1715AHP Hewlett Packard Operators Guide
172027-001172027001Compaq System Board for Deskpro 466 Prolinea 450 466
1746-A71746A7Allen Bradley SLC500 7-Slot Chassis with 1756-IB16I/A 1746-IB16 1746-P1
176Teledyne Pressure Transducers 0-2000 PSI
176669-001176669001Compaq Armada E and M Series Monitor Base
176-SA176SATeledyne Pressure Transducer 0-500 psi - 350 Ohms
177KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS Operating Service Manual
1771-0A17710AAllen Bradley AC Output Module 120VAC
1771-0BD17710BDAllen Bradley 10 - 16VDC Output Module
1771-IAD1771IADAllen Bradley Series B 120V AC/DC Input Module
1771-IB1771IBAllen Bradley 12-24V DC Input Module
1771-IDC1771IDCAllen Bradley 120V Isolated AC/DC Input Module
1771-IT1771ITAllen Bradley 12-24V Fast Response DC Input Module
1771-OB1771OBAllen Bradley Series B 12-24V DC Output Module
1771-OYC1771OYCAllen Bradley Contact Output Module
1771-OZC1771OZCAllen Bradley Series B Contact Output Module
1771-P21771P2Allen Bradley Power Supply - Bulletin 1771
1771-P4S1771P4SAllen Bradley 120 V AC Power Module
1775001-217750012Gbc Quartet Electric VeloBinder
178-025-512-571178025512571Force Electronics DB25 Connector Female to Female .750 Spacing - Pair
178602Us Robotics 56K Sportster External Faxmodem w/x2
178701Us Robotics Sportster Data/Fax Internal x2 ISA - Model 0460
179Radius Audio Video Input Processor
18Executone Office Telephone
18.2J182JQuantum 18.2GB 3.5 SCSI HH Hard Drive 80 Pin
18.2L182LQuantum Atlas 10000 RPM 18.2 GB 3.5 SCSI HD 68 Pin
18.2S182SQuantum 18.2GB 3.5 HH SCSI Hard Drive 68 Pin
18.2W182WQuantum 18.2GB 3.5 SCSI HH Hard Drive 80 Pin - New
1801AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
18020AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
18043AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Note
180554-1018055410National Instruments NI DIO Cable Type NB4 2-Meter
180603002AMicrocom OfficePorte Voice 33.6 kbps Data/Fax Modem
180T/TR180TTRHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
181311APackard Bell Socket System Board
181-6332-20-11816332201Zenith Data Systems 37-Pin Serial/Parallel Card - 85-3332-01
181-7599-10181759910Packard Bell 8 Bit Short ISA Dual Serial Printer I/O Board
181-7617-1C18176171CNational Instruments SCSI Card - ZX-Box Interface 85-3405-01
1820Itt Extra Flow Control Valve - 1/2 Dia-Flo
1821AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
182427Packard Bell Slot 1 System Board - AA696211-408
182446Packard Bell Slot 1 System Board - AA684798-325
182-73-001827300Texas Instruments Ranging Filter for Satelite Equipment
182CHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
182THP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
184737Compaq 145 W Power Supply
1853ESS ISA Sound Card
185AHP Hewlett Packard Oscilloscope Operating and Servicing Manual
18666Dell 386 AT System Board 18666A
187Telex Communications Dot Matrix Printhead
1871-4AU18714AUIBM Intel Pentium M 1.86GHz 1.0GB RAM 40GB CDRW DVD
187360-001187360001Compaq New 187360001 Rails kit Proliant 5000R 4500R etc set of 2 rails
187401eMachines Lomita Socket PGA 370 System Board
187534PEPPERL Inductive Proximity Sensor DC - 20 mm
187584PEPPERL NCB50-FP-E2-C-P3-V1 Inductive Proximity Sensor - DC
188778PEPPERL NCB50-FP-E34-C-P3-V1 Inductive Proximity Sensor - DC
188800-301188800301Compaq 1.44 MB 3.5 Floppy Drive
1891Ametek Digital Phototach
18F268Ge General Electric Pyranol Capacitor 3000VDC 120uf
18X14X4Airpax Safety Switch Dual hand with mounting Plate
19.21030.H811921030H81Dell Dell D400 LCD Inverter Board 19.21030.H81
190-0080-01190008001Scm Microsystems Controller Card
1900AFluke Instruction Manual
1900AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
1901Inmac Clear Signal T-Switch 2 Device ab Switch - Yellowed Plastic
1901AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
190307Packard Bell 150 W ATX Power Supply - G-Power GP-6150PM
190312Packard Bell 90 W ATX Power Supply - Liteon PS-5101-2B
191Wavetek Instruction Manual
191000-900191000900Msi Computer 196001-200 Program Load Module Final Assy
191209-001191209001Compaq 40x IDE Internal CD-ROM Drive - Lite-On LTN-403
1915AHP Hewlett Packard Operating Service Manual
192002-001192002001Compaq Auto Adapter 18.5VDC 2.7A 101899-001 DC Latop
19244Icc Attachmate Unicard ISA Adapter.
1926-15192615Micropolis 2.6GB 5.25IN FH SCSI 50PIN
192670-022192670022Tandon PCBA Card Rev G for a 386SX 192672-002 192673-002
192947A-01192947A01National Instruments Rugged 4-Slot Chassis for SCXI Modules
19307322-401930732240Teac America Inc 3.5 Floppy Drive Internal - FD-235HF
19307344-371930734437Teac America Inc 3.5 Floppy Drive Internal FD-235HF
19307344-571930734457Teac America Inc 1.44 MB 3.5 FDD Internal FD-235HF
19307712-401930771240Teac America Inc 3.5 Floppy Drive Internal - FD-235HF
19307760-401930776040Teac America Inc 3.5 Floppy Drive Internal - FD-235HF
19307763-361930776336Teac America Inc 3.5 Floppy Drive Internal - FD-235HF
19307763-391930776339Teac America Inc 3.5 Floppy Drive - Internal FD-235HF
19307773-391930777339Teac America Inc 3.5 Floppy Drive Internal FD-235HF
19307773-811930777381Teac America Inc 1.44MB 3.5 FDD Internal FD235HF
19307773-891930777389Teac America Inc 3.5 Floppy Drive Internal - FD-235HG
19307783-831930778383Teac America Inc 3.5 FDD FD235HF
193077A3-04193077A304Teac America Inc 3.5 Floppy Drive Internal - FD-235HG
1936-15193615Micropolis 3.6GB 5.25 FH SCSI-2 Fast HDD
19400Kensington Technology Mouse PS/2 Kensington Valuemouse
194750-001194750001Tandon Riser Card
195444-001195444001LUCAS Linear Solenoid with Arm
196694-301196694301Compaq Mouse PS/2 Two Button - MUS9J
196748-001196748001Compaq IDE DVD-ROM drive Quatrz - 10X DVD-ROM read 40X CD-ROM re
1977947C-851977947C85Teac America Inc Slim CD-ROM for Notebook

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