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Product Listings  2.5 Million Models &  Part Numbers     

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Part No.Description
80SQ035International Rectifier New DIODE 1692618-1
80WEJDell Refurbished Inverter LCD 14.1-inch I5000
80X1450IBM Refurbished Optical Drive Internal - 3363
80X1474IBM Refurbished Power Supply AC Control Unit - 3490
80X1474Tektronix Refurbished POWER SUPPLY FOR PDR100 SYSTEM
80Y0778IBM Refurbished Ribbon Door Iron Gray Sub 44D0169
80Y1844IBM Refurbished MAIN LOGIC BOARD - IBM 4610-2CR/2NR
80Y1867IBM Refurbished IBM 80Y1255 MT-4610 Printer POs Interface Card 80Y1867
80Y1872IBM Refurbished IBM 4610-1NR LOGIC CARDBASE
80Y6744IBM Refurbished Switch/LED Card - SurePOS 700 4800-743
80Y8166IBM New IBM Implementation Services Remote ServicePac for IBM Systems Director
80Y9435-0180Y943501IBM IBM Windows Small Business Server 2011 CAL Suite 1 Device
80Y9HDell Refurbished USB AUDIO BOARD
81.0253B810253BTellabs Refurbished 810253B 19-Inch 253 Echo Cancellation MOUNTING Assembly REV B
81.0255A810255ATellabs Refurbished 810255A CHASSIS
81.0258810258Tellabs Refurbished 810258 SHELF
81.0262PR-1810262PR1Tellabs Refurbished 810262PR1 NCTE/DST Assembly EW/ Power/RING Generator
81.0263E1810263E1Tellabs Refurbished 810263E1 DATA STATION TERM CLEI NCMDC017RA
81.0411A810411ATellabs Refurbished 810411A CSU SHELF
81.0412B810412BTellabs Refurbished 810412B ICSU MOUNTING Assembly REV A CLEI NO HECI
81.044028104402Tellabs Refurbished CROSSNET 110VAC Power SH CROSSNET CLEI DBMYAAAAAA
81.0451A810451ATellabs Refurbished 810451A 19 12 POS. SHELF
81.0451B810451BTellabs Refurbished 451B T-CODER/CSU MOUNTING ASSEMBLY 810451B TELLABS
81.0451C810451CTellabs Refurbished 810451C T-CODER Mounting. Assembly.
81.0455B810455BTellabs Refurbished 810455B T-CODER MOUNTING SHELF
81.0530B810530BTellabs Refurbished TCS PORT EQUIPMENT SHELF CLEI NA
81.0550B810550BTellabs Refurbished 810550B CHASSIS Rackmount 23 WO/REAR COVERS OR DOORS
81.0550HD336810550HD336Tellabs Refurbished 81.0550HD336 NGX HD-336 PORT MODULE SHELF
81.0550H-OPTIC810550HOPTICTellabs Refurbished 810550HOPTIC Rackmount SHELF
81.0550M810550MTellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 OCT DS1 SH T1MBDW0 810550M CLEI T1MBDW01MA
81.06100A8106100ATellabs Refurbished TITAN 6100 MN CMPLX SH
81.07170B8107170BTellabs Refurbished TELLABS 81.07170B PORT SHELF TELLABS 7100 NANO BARE CHASSIS TELL
81.08620.0058108620005Aopen Refurbished 8108620005 Sound card97353-1 48.18602.011IPLAW3581.08620.005b.12
81.2323H812323HTellabs Refurbished 812323H
81.2531A812531ATellabs Refurbished 812531A 2531 TI ECHO CANCELLER
81.2551812551Tellabs Refurbished 812551 32MS T1 Echo Cancellation MOD REV D CLEI ESL0AJ02AB
81.2551A812551ATellabs Refurbished 812551A 64MS T1 ECHO CANCELLER REV I CLEI ESL0AK02AB
81.2555812555Tellabs Refurbished MODULE ALARM AND ACCESS CLEI ESPQ00W3AA
81.2571812571Tellabs Refurbished 812571 32MS T1 Echo Cancellation. MOD. REV B
81.2572812572Tellabs Refurbished CIRCUIT BOARD 2527 64MST 1 ECHO CANCELLER CLEI ESCEABEAAA
81.4101814101Tellabs Refurbished 814101 ECHO SUPRESSOR REV S CLEI ESA0T102AA
81.4112814112Tellabs Refurbished 814112 CSU
81.4119814119Tellabs Refurbished 814119 Echo Cancellation. REVA
81.4120814120Tellabs Refurbished 814120 INTELLIGENT CSU CLEI NO HECI
81.4201814201Tellabs Refurbished 814201 TERMINATING SET CLEI 4T96T533AB
81.4222814222Tellabs Refurbished 814222 CSU-DSU
81.4224814224Tellabs Refurbished 814224 CSU/DSU 2 V.35 PORTS
81.422X81422XTellabs Refurbished 81422X CSU/DSU E/W 81.4224
81.4252814252Tellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI BRGUTE02AA
81.4255814255Tellabs Refurbished 814255 2W DDB QUAD TERM MOD
81.4312814312Tellabs Refurbished 4312 LP INTFC MOD CLEI DSCPT201AA
81.4332C324814332C324Tellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI HECICODE
81.4351A814351ATellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI DBCEC321AA
81.4361A814361ATellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI DBLIA101AA
81.4401814401Tellabs Refurbished 814401 PAD MODULE CLEI PDVAT003AA
81.4402814402Tellabs Refurbished 4W VF PD/TRNSF MOD CLEI RCPDT623AA
81.4403A814403ATellabs Refurbished 814403A PAD/XOFX L1
81.4404814404Tellabs Refurbished 814404 PAD/XFMR-STA CLEI RCPDT623AC
81.4410814410Tellabs Refurbished 814410 MODULE XFMR ATTENUATION CLEI MTPMB2P
81.4412AS814412ASTellabs Refurbished 814412AS DATA STATION TERM MOD
81.4412B814412BTellabs Refurbished 4412 DA STA TERM MOD DSTMT13 814412B CLEI DSTMT131AA
81.4412C814412CTellabs Refurbished 814412C 4412C DATA STATION TERM CLEI DSTMT161AA
81.4412M814412MTellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI DSTMTT81AA
81.4412U814412UTellabs Refurbished 4412 DA STA TERM MOD CLEI DSTMTD21AA
81.4416C814416CTellabs Refurbished 814416C DATA STATION TERM. MOD CLEI DSTMTXW1AA
81.4417B814417BTellabs Refurbished 814417B CLEI DSTMTF01AA
81.4420B814420BTellabs Refurbished 4420B Data Station Termination mounts in 85.0263A CLEI DSTMF1C1AA
81.4420D814420DTellabs Refurbished 814420D 4W-4W DST CLEI DSTMF1G1AA
81.4420GA814420GATellabs Refurbished 4W-4W/2W DST 814420G 814420GA CLEI 814420GA
81.4420GD814420GDTellabs Refurbished 4W-4W/2W DST 814420G 814420GD CLEI DSTND601AA
81.4420M814420MTellabs Refurbished 814420M 4W-4W/2W DA STA Termination CLEI DSTMD6W1AA
81.4420S814420STellabs Refurbished 814420S 4W 4W 2W DST REV D2 CLEI NCDSFGH1AA
81.4420W814420WTellabs Refurbished RA Series II 4420W DST CLEI DSTNDL71AA
81.4422814422Tellabs Refurbished 4422 Dual Repeat Coil CLEI RC00T704AA
81.4444814444Tellabs Refurbished 814444 ACTIVE BRIDGE 4WIRE 4WAY
81.4445A814445ATellabs Refurbished CLEI BR45T151AA
81.4451814451Tellabs Refurbished 4451 DISTV DA BRDG MOD CLEI BRGUTB02AA
81.4454B814454BTellabs Refurbished 4454B DDB TERMN MOD CLEI BRGUTM22AA
81.4456A814456ATellabs Refurbished 814456A 4 W DDB TERM REV G CLEI BRGUTN32AA
81.4456B814456BTellabs Refurbished 4456B ACT DDB TERMINATION CLEI BRGUTN22AA
81.4456C814456CTellabs Refurbished 814456C 4456C ACT DDB Termination CLEI BRGUTN42AA
81.4456D814456DTellabs Refurbished 814456D 4 WIRE DDB TERM CLEI BRGUTN52AA
81.4458814458Tellabs Refurbished 814458 DTMF CONTROL MODULE CLEI BRGUTP22AA
81.4460814460Tellabs Refurbished TAB CD MOD CLEI SMTEB102AA
81.4511814511Tellabs Refurbished 451 T-CODER SYS MOD CLEI BCCPNMA4AA
81.4524814524Tellabs Refurbished T1 Inteface Module
81.4551M1814551M1Tellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI HECICODE
81.4831C814831CTellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI HECICODE
81.4832C924814832C924Tellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI HECICODE
81.4832C925814832C925Tellabs Refurbished Control Processor - For CrossNet 440FP9.2.5 with FP9.2X Software
81.538153Tellabs Refurbished 8153 5300 BLANK MODULE
81.5300815300Tellabs Refurbished 815300 BLANK CLEI T1DAN001AA
81.5301C815301CTellabs Refurbished TITAN 532L SYS PROCR TITAN 532L CLEI T1PQAFDHAA
81.5304815304Tellabs Refurbished 815304 ALARM INTERFACE MODULE CLEI T1DAF001AA
81.5310815310Tellabs Refurbished 815310 INTERFACE MODULE 5310 T1
81.531FP281531FP2Tellabs Refurbished 81531FP2 FEATURE PACKAGE MODULE CLEI T1D3WVS3AA
81.5323A815323ATellabs Refurbished 815323A 5323 COMMAND PROCESSOR MODULE REV. G
81.5325815325Tellabs New 815325 5325 NETWORK Interface MOD REV U CLEI T1C1C0CBAB
81.5325815325Tellabs Refurbished 815325 5325 NETWORK Interface MOD REV U CLEI T1C1C0CBAB
81.5326815326Tellabs Refurbished 5326 Terminal Communications Module CLEI T1DAA101AA
81.5361815361Tellabs Refurbished TELLABS 81.5361 T1D4KR0CAC LSPM DS1 MODULE CLEI T1D4KR0CAB
81.5362815362Tellabs Refurbished Module:Interchange LS Time Slot
81.5363815363Tellabs Refurbished 815363 TELLABS TITAN 532L HSPM DS3
81.5364815364Tellabs Refurbished Time Slot Interchange HS for 532L DACS
81.5364-REVF815364REVFTellabs Refurbished Card: HSTSI Time Slot Interface Card
81.5365815365Tellabs Refurbished HIGH SPEED PORT MODULE CLEI T1PQAJTHAA
81.5365 REV G815365REVGTellabs Refurbished 815365REVG TITAN 532L STS-1E PORT CLEI T1PQAFFHAA
81.5381815381Tellabs Refurbished Module; 532L End Switch Module CLEI T1PQ14CHAD
81.5383815383Tellabs Refurbished Module: 532 Port Controller
81.5384815384Tellabs Refurbished 81.5384 CLEI T1PQAC2HAA
81.5386815386Tellabs Refurbished 815386 GCM/PCM REV B CLEI T1PQAECHAA
81.5386A815386ATellabs Refurbished 815386A TITAN 532L GR CONTR CLEI T1PQAFA
81.5386-REV:C815386REVCTellabs Refurbished Card: 532L Group Controller Module
81.5387815387Tellabs Refurbished 5387 Power SupplyTSI Card CLEI T1PQ5FG1AD
81.5501A815501ATellabs Refurbished 815501A Administrator PREOCCESSOR MODULE APM REV-E
81.5501A REV F815501AREVFTellabs Refurbished 815501AREVF TITAN-5500 Processor MOD CLEI T3PQARZBAA
81.5501C815501CTellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 PROCR MOD CLEI T3PQARYBAC
81.5502815502Tellabs Refurbished 815502 DTM REV D CLEI T3PQWAR1AA
81.5502A815502ATellabs Refurbished 525MB
81.5502B815502BTellabs Refurbished TELLABS 81.5502B TITAN-5500 DSK/TP MODULE TELLABS 81.5502B- T3PQ CLEI T3PQARHBAA
81.5502BL815502BLTellabs Refurbished 815502BL DSM OPTICAL DRIVE REV. D CLEI T1PQAC5HAD
81.5502C815502CTellabs New DSM OPTICAL DRIVE 3 EA REV B2 1 EA REV D
81.5502C815502CTellabs Refurbished DSM OPTICAL DRIVE 3 EA REV B2 1 EA REV D
81.5502C Rev D815502CRevDTellabs Refurbished 815502CREVD TITAN-5500 Hard Drive/Tape Drive MODULE CLEI T3PQAPBBAA
81.5503815503Tellabs Refurbished Module: Communications Processor CLEI T3PQANSBAA
81.5503-REV-E815503REVETellabs Refurbished 815503REVE TITAN-5500 Communications Processor CLEI T3PQAR0
81.5506815506Tellabs Refurbished System DCC Comm Module
81.5506A815506ATellabs Refurbished 815506A CARD SCM REV-L CLEI T3PQANVBAA
81.5506A Rev L815506ARevLTellabs Refurbished 815506ARevL Tellabs Titan 5500 SCM Card
81.5506A Rev Q815506ARevQTellabs Refurbished 815506ARevQ Tellabs Titan 5500 Card
81.5506B815506BTellabs Refurbished TITAN5500 COMM MODULE CLEI T3PQASABAA
81.5506B REV H815506BREVHTellabs Refurbished 815506BRevH Tellabs Titan 5500 Card CLEI T3PQASABAA
81.5507815507Tellabs Refurbished Module: Synchronization Interface CLEI T3PQAE8BAD
81.5507A815507ATellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 CTR Storage Module rev G CLEI T3PQANXBAA
81.5507A REV G815507AREVGTellabs Refurbished 815507ARevG Tellabs Titan 5500 Card CLEI T3PQANXBAA
81.5507B815507BTellabs Refurbished 815507BREVA TITAN-5500 Synchronous Interface
81.5508815508Tellabs Refurbished 815508 CENTER SWITCH Module CSM REV-N
81.5508A815508ATellabs Refurbished 815508A CLEI T3PQAN7BAA
81.5508 Rev O815508RevOTellabs Refurbished 815508RevO Tellabs Titan 5500 CSM Card
81.5509815509Tellabs Refurbished 815509 rev. AF CLEI T3PQAMABAF
81.5509A815509ATellabs Refurbished 815509A END SWITCH MODULE-UNIVERSAL
81.5509-REV-AI815509REVAITellabs Refurbished 815509REVAI TITAN-5500 END Storage Module CLEI T3PQAMA
81.551038155103Tellabs Refurbished 8155103 CLEI T3I1AAEBAA
81.551098155109Tellabs Refurbished 8155109 TELLABS 81.55109- REV C PORT AGGREGATION MOD TELLABS 5500 81.551
81.551108155110Tellabs Refurbished TELLABS 5500 CNSDTD CORE SW MOD
81.5512A815512ATellabs Refurbished 815512A GCM REV F1 CLEI T3PQALBBAA
81.5512B815512BTellabs Refurbished 815512B 4MB GROUP CONTROLLERGCM REV-F
81.5512BL815512BLTellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI T1PQADDHAE
81.5512B-REV-J815512BREVJTellabs Refurbished 815512BREVJ TITAN-5500 GR CONTR CLEI T3PQANC
81.5512L815512LTellabs Refurbished 815512L TITAN 5500 CONTROLLER REV. I J CLEI T3PQALS
81.5514815514Tellabs Refurbished 815514 PM11A REV A-E CLEI T3DAJ902AA
81.5514A815514ATellabs Refurbished 815514A TITAN-5500 Quad DS1 Port CLEI T3C1AAAAAA
81.5514DD815514DDTellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 OCT DS1 PR TITAN 5500 CLEI HECICODE
81.5514DDL815514DDLTellabs Refurbished 815514DDL CLEI T3C1ASWAAB
81.5514DD-REVE815514DDREVETellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 OCT DS1 PORT MODULE
81.5514DD-REVG815514DDREVGTellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 OCT DS1 PORT MODULE
81.5514DD-REV-J815514DDREVJTellabs Refurbished 815514DDREVJ TITAN-5500 OCT DS1 PR CLEI T3C1ZJ0
81.5515815515Tellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 T1 LN INTFC CLEI T3DAS0W2AA
81.5515DD815515DDTellabs New TITAN-5500 OCT PR TITAN 5500 CLEI T3D1SXW2AA
81.5515DD815515DDTellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 OCT PR TITAN 5500 CLEI T3D1SXW2AA
81.5515DD Rev A815515DDRevATellabs Refurbished 815515DDRevA Tellabs Titan 5500 Card
81.5516815516Tellabs Refurbished 815516 DS1/1 S SLOT INTERCHANGETSI11
81.5516DD815516DDTellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 OCT DS1 TSI Rev C CLEI T3PQAUVBAA
81.5517815517Tellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 DS3/1 PR TITAN 5500 CLEI T3DAKZ02AA
81.5517A Rev G815517ARevGTellabs Refurbished 815517ARevG Tellabs Titan 5500 DS3/1 Port Card
81.5517A-REV-L815517AREVLTellabs Refurbished 815517AREVL TITAN-5500 DS3/1 Port CLEI T3C1BB1
81.5517A-REV-M815517AREVMTellabs Refurbished 815517AREVM TITAN-5500 DS3/1 Port CLEI T3C1BB1
81.5517A Rev N815517ARevNTellabs Refurbished 815517AREVN DS3/DS1 Port Module W/Pm CLEI T3C1BB1AAE
81.5517A-REV-O815517AREVOTellabs Refurbished 815517AREVO TITAN-5500 DS3/1 Port CLEI T3C1BB1
81.5517A-REV-Q815517AREVQTellabs Refurbished 815517AREVQ DS3/1 Port CLEI T3C1BB1
81.5517B815517BTellabs Refurbished PM33 B-DCS Card CLEI T3C1D0XAAD
81.5517B Rev H815517BRevHTellabs Refurbished 815517BRevH Tellabs Titan 5500 DS3/1 Port B-DCS Card
81.5517L815517LTellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI T3PQAG1BAC
81.5518815518Tellabs New LIM - T3 LINE INTERFACE CARD CLEI T3DAT0X2AC
81.5518815518Tellabs Refurbished LIM - T3 LINE INTERFACE CARD CLEI T3DAT0X2AC
81.5519815519Tellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 DS3/1 TS1 Rev AA CLEI T3PQZAT1AL
81.5519 Rev T815519RevTTellabs Refurbished 815519RevT Tellabs Titan 5500 DS3/1 TSI Card
81.5519-REVY815519REVYTellabs Refurbished Module: Titan 5500 DS3/1 TSI Card Rev Y
81.5520815520Tellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 STS1-E PORT MODULE CLEI T3D1AAD2AB
81.5524A815524ATellabs Refurbished 815524A NTDM Rev H
81.5534815534Tellabs Refurbished 815534 PSAC Rev J CLEI T3PQAK6BAC
81.5540815540Tellabs Refurbished PANEL:ALARM INTERFACE Panel.
81.5541A815541ATellabs Refurbished 815541A Tellabs Titan 5500 OPM3 Module CLEI SNCPVZHFAJ
81.5542A815542ATellabs Refurbished 815542A TELLABS SC OPM3 CARDS
81.5542A-FC-REV-H815542AFCREVHTellabs Refurbished 815542AFCREVH TITAN-OC OPT Port SH RCH CLEI SNCPVZH
81.5542A-SC815542ASCTellabs Refurbished 815542ASC TITAN OC OPT Port SH RCH
81.5542A-SC-REV-F815542ASCREVFTellabs Refurbished 815542ASCREVF TITAN-OC OPT Port SH RCH CLEI SNC1W0E
81.5542A-SC Rev H815542ASCRevHTellabs Refurbished 815542ASCRevH Tellabs Titan 5500 OPM3 Module
81.5542AST815542ASTTellabs Refurbished TITAN-OC OPT PT SH RCH CLEI SNC1W0F8AE
81.5543A-SC-REV-I815543ASCREVITellabs Refurbished 815543ASCREVI TITAN-OC OC-12 OPT Port CLEI SNCPTYN
81.5543A-SC-REV-K815543ASCREVKTellabs Refurbished 815543ASCREVK TITAN-OC OC-12 OPT Port CLEI SNCPTYN
81.5544815544Tellabs Refurbished 815544 MM3 REV K CLEI SN2PZZEHAB
81.5544A815544ATellabs Refurbished 815544A ENHANCED MAPPING MOD REV A
81.5544B815544BTellabs Refurbished 815544B TITAN-5500 MAPPING MOD REV C CLEI SNCP62KFAB
81.5544T815544TTellabs Refurbished TITAN-5500 MAPPING MOD T-MUX CLEI SNCP91JFAB
81.5544T-REV-D815544TREVDTellabs Refurbished 815544TREVD TITAN-5500 MAPPING MOD CLEI SNCP61J
81.5544T Rev G815544TRevGTellabs Refurbished 815544TRevG Tellabs Titan 5500 TMUX Card
81.5544T-REV-H815544TREVHTellabs Refurbished 815544TREVH TITAN-5500 MAPPING MOD CLEI SNCP61J
81.5544T-REV-J815544TREVJTellabs Refurbished 815544TREVJ TITAN-5500 MAPPING MOD CLEI SNCP61J
81.5545A815545ATellabs Refurbished IMUX CLEI SN2PXX0HAF
81.5545T815545TTellabs Refurbished 815545T CLEI SN2PWW0HAD
81.5546815546Tellabs Refurbished TITAN-OC TM SLT INTRCG TITAN OC REV G CLEI SNC180S8AE
81.5546-REV-L815546REVLTellabs Refurbished 815546REVL TM SLT INTRCG MODULE CLEI SN3PJLW
81.5591815591Tellabs Refurbished 815591 GCU
81.5591 Rev F815591RevFTellabs Refurbished 815591RevF 81.5591 Rev F
81.5592A-REV-E815592AREVETellabs Refurbished 815592AREVE OC-3 PRT MOD CLEI T3C3GGA
81.5593A-SC815593ASCTellabs Refurbished OC-12 Interface Port Module Short/Inter Reach/SC Optic Conn
81.5595A815595ATellabs Refurbished 815595A Module: TITAN 500 Mapping Module
81.5595VE815595VETellabs Refurbished MM24VE Voice Quality Enhancement CLEI T3C3XN0BAB
81.5596815596Tellabs Refurbished UNIV TM SLT TITAN 5500 Rev A CLEI T3C3LR6BAA
81.5596-REVE815596REVETellabs Refurbished Module: UNIV TM SLT T3C3LR6BAA
81.5597-REV-D815597REVDTellabs Refurbished 815597REVD MAPPER CLEI T3C3MSZBAB
81.6007816007Tellabs Refurbished 816007 CONVERTER DUAL GUARD ST-LP ST TO GROUND REV G CLEI MTSCA004AA
81.6008B816008BTellabs Refurbished 816008B MODULE
81.6047816047Tellabs Refurbished 4W-4W SF NET TERMG MOD CLEI NCSTT222AA
81.6047JAM11816047JAM11Tellabs Refurbished Transmitter control module
81.6048816048Tellabs Refurbished 816048 4W2/4W SF TO EM/ REV K
81.6073816073Tellabs Refurbished 291/292 DTMF/DL DCDR CLEI LCERT141AA
81.61000C8161000CTellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI WM9WCS0BAB
81.6101816101Tellabs Refurbished TRCVR 6101 SF CLEI SF6DS311AA
81.6103816103Tellabs Refurbished CONV 6103 FX STA SIG CLEI SFXSBAD1AA
81.6106816106Tellabs Refurbished Fan Shelf Filter for 7100 DWDM CLEI SFA2T301AA
81.6113816113Tellabs Refurbished 816113 EM TO LOOP FXS DLL MODULE
81.6122816122Tellabs Refurbished 816122 2W EM SF Signal SET W/ GAIN
81.6123816123Tellabs Refurbished 816123 2W FXS SF SIGNALING SET W/GAIN
81.6124816124Tellabs Refurbished 816124 2W FXO SF SIGG/LPBK ST
81.6125G816125GTellabs Refurbished 816125G 4W-2W SF FX
81.6132816132Tellabs Refurbished 2/4W-4W NET TERM Interface NCIUB00 816132 CLEI NCIUB003AA
81.6132B816132BTellabs Refurbished 816132B 4W 4W 2W NTIM BUSY
81.615308161530Tellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI WMDDCSTDAA
81.6201816201Tellabs Refurbished 816201 2-Way LOOP TO E M CLEI SCLETA0
81.6400622T4-5816400622T45Tellabs Refurbished 4 PORT OC12 TDM I/O BOARD
81.6400DS3EC1-HD816400DS3EC1HDTellabs Refurbished T6400/T5500NGX DS3/EC1 CLEI IPUIAU7AAD
81.6400DS3STS816400DS3STSTellabs Refurbished TELLABS T6400 DS3/STS IO BOARD
81.6400NCB816400NCBTellabs Refurbished T6400 NET CONTROL BOARD
81.6461R816461RTellabs Refurbished 816461R 2 W 4W COM Signal MOD
81.650528165052Tellabs Refurbished 8165052 TITAN 6500 FAN DRAWER CLEI IPMYAALCAA
81.65200A8165200ATellabs Refurbished 8165200A FILLER MODULE BLANK CLEI IPPQADFAA
81.65305B-1310-LC-RE8165305B1310LCRETellabs Refurbished 8165305B1310LCRE TITAN6500 OPT Line Interface CLEI IPOLAA7
81.7001A817001ATellabs Refurbished 817001A CLEI NCDLT201AA
81.7002817002Tellabs Refurbished CIRCUIT BOARD 7002 DIAL LONG LINE CLEI DLXRMU03AA
81.7002A817002ATellabs Refurbished NTDLL/DLL LS/GS RE MOD CLEI NCDLT301AA
81.71000c8171000cTellabs Refurbished 8171000C 81.71000C PIC BLANK FILLER CARD
81.7100HDP-CT817100HDPCTTellabs Refurbished 7100 OTS Control Timing HDP Module CLEI WMPQAUSEAB
81.7104817104Comair Rotron Refurbished 81.7104 CLEI WMPQAUJEAB
81.7111817111Tellabs Refurbished Module Optical Line Interface for 7100 CLEI WM5I80LGAA
81.711108171110Tellabs Refurbished 8171110 OLIM REV A CLEI WM5180LGAA
81.71114B8171114BTellabs Refurbished 81.71114B-REV07 TELLABS 7100 SPM HAS JUMPER WIRES CLEI WMED1C0BAA
81.71122C8171122CTellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI WMOGAMCPAA
81.71123B8171123BTellabs Refurbished CLEI WMOGAJSPAA
81.71126A8171126ATellabs Refurbished CARD CLEI WMOGAJ8PAA
81.71150A8171150ATellabs Refurbished 81.71150A CLEI WMUCATVDAC
81.71227A8171227ATellabs Refurbished 8171227A TELLABS 81.71227A - RCMM 4D - WMOMAYXCAB Telecommunications Fibe
81.713238171323Tellabs Refurbished MODULE: T7100 10 GB TRANSPONDER MODULE
81.71328U8171328UTellabs Refurbished TELLABS 81.71328U WMOMA4GCAA SMTM-U 7100 SERIES CARD CLEI wmoma4gcab
81.715328171532Tellabs Refurbished wmogajmpab CLEI HECICODE
81.71532-1108171532110Tellabs Refurbished wm0gajmpab CLEI HECICODE
81.71532-20817153220Tellabs Refurbished 817153220 81.71532-20 DISPERSION COMPENSATION
81.71532-50817153250Tellabs Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI HECICODE
81.7B015.520817B015520Apacer Refurbished 817B015520 IDE FIXED DISK EMULATOR
81.7B015.5200B817B0155200BApacer Refurbished 817B0155200B IDE FIXED DISK EMULATOR
81.8002818002Tellabs Refurbished 818002 48V POWER SUPPLY 2AMP
81.8003818003Tellabs Refurbished 818003 48 VDC POWER SUPPLY/PS-1512 1.2A
81.8007818007Tellabs Refurbished 818007 10 AMP/48v POWER SUPPLY AC
81.8020818020Tellabs Refurbished 818020 DC POWER SUPPLY CLEI PWPQH121AA
81.8021818021Tellabs Refurbished 818021 DC PS CLEI PWPQH151AA
81.8108818108Tellabs Refurbished RING GENERATOR
81.86S8605DC2DC-R6A8186S8605DC2DCR6ATellabs Refurbished Tellabs 8605 Rev. 6A Access switch Type:DC24 V2.0 PN:81.86S8605D
81.86S8605DC4DC-R6A8186S8605DC4DCR6ATellabs Refurbished Tellabs 8605 Rev. 6A Access switch Type:DC48 V2.0 PN:81.86S8605D
81.87810.0358187810035Aopen Refurbished 8187810035 MB AOpen AP5T V 3.4 P/N: 81.87810.035 SOCKET 7
81.8800-PLM003C-20-R818800PLM003C20RTellabs Refurbished MULT SRV PHYS LN MOD TELLABS 8840 MSR CLEI CNUIAS8LAB
81.8800-PLM003M818800PLM003MTellabs Refurbished OC-3/STM-1 MS SFP Module CLEI IPU2AK9TAA
81.8800-PLM003M-REV818800PLM003MREVTellabs Refurbished 81.8800-PLM003M-REV-A - OC3/STM1 MS PLM CLEI IPU2AK9TAA
81.8800-PLM048C-10818800PLM048C10Tellabs Refurbished 1PORT OC-48C/STM-16C MULTI-SER
81.8800-PLMGE-10-REV818800PLMGE10REVTellabs Refurbished 81.8800-PLMGE-10-REV-H - GB ETHNT PHYS LN MOD CLEI CNS27ZRDAA
81.8800-PLMGE-20818800PLMGE20Tellabs Refurbished 4PORT GIGABIT ETHERNET PLM 1000BASELX LC/SFP
81.8800-PLMGE-20-REV818800PLMGE20REVTellabs Refurbished 81.8800-PLMGE-20-REV-J - GB ETHNT PHYS LN MOD CLEI CNS27YPDAB
81.8800-PLMT3E3-10818800PLMT3E310Tellabs Refurbished 6-Port Clear Channel DS3 PLM Card
81.8813-0311AB8188130311ABTellabs New 8188130311AB 4GIG SFP 2410/100M RJ45 External 2SLOTS
81.8815-5024-9128188155024912Tellabs Refurbished 8188155024912 81.8815-5024-912 Tellabs/Overture Networks Gigabit Ethernet ISG
81.8830818830Tellabs Refurbished CLEI IPUIAVXAAB
81.8830-SP818830SPTellabs Refurbished 818830SP TELLABS 81.8830-SP IPMYACFCAB SYSTEM PANEL
81.88X0-SCC8188X0SCCTellabs Refurbished 81.88X0-SCC-REV-A-88X0 SWITCH CONTROL CARD
81.88X5-SFP-GBELX-1A8188X5SFPGBELX1ATellabs Refurbished 8188X5SFPGBELX1A GENUINE TELLABS 81.88X5-SFP-GBELX-1A- 8865 1000BASE-LX SFP 81.88
81.9001819001Tellabs Refurbished MOD 9001/9002 RLY CLEI TC40T112AA
81.9002819002Tellabs Refurbished MOD 9001/9002 RLY CLEI TC40T012AA
81.9003819003Tellabs Refurbished 291 RG INTRPR RLY MOD LCERT00 819003 CLEI LCERT001AA
81.9003A819003ATellabs Refurbished 9003A Ring Interrupter Control Module
81.9006819006Tellabs Refurbished 819006 MULTIPLE Circuit XFER MOD W/LS/GS CONVERTER REV E
81.9121819121Tellabs Refurbished 9121 Tone Supply CLEI LCERT101AA
81.9131819131Tellabs Refurbished 9131 Universal Timer CLEI XCPQ43KAAA
81.9132819132Tellabs Refurbished 819132 RINGING TIMER
81.9191A819191ATellabs Refurbished 819191A 2W ARD CONF TERM LINE CIRCUIT CLEI NO HECI
81.9192819192Tellabs Refurbished 819192 2W ARD CONF ACCESS TRUNK
81.9194819194Tellabs Refurbished Tellabs 2wire converence 9194 x1
81.91S-9160-99-R68191S916099R6Tellabs Refurbished TELLABS 81.91S-9160-99-R6 SYS07809R SMARTCORE 9160 CHASSIS
81.9291819291Tellabs New 819291 2W ARD CONF TERMINATE LINE CIRCUIT REV U2
81.9291819291Tellabs Refurbished 819291 2W ARD CONF TERMINATE LINE CIRCUIT REV U2
81.9294819294Tellabs Refurbished 292R 2W CONF AMPLR MOD CLEI LCERT061AA
81.9296819296Tellabs Refurbished 819296 2W ARD TRUNK ACCESS MOD CLEI LCERT071AA
81.92L-10P10G-R68192L10P10GR6Tellabs TELLABS SMARTCORE 9200 10 PORT 10GE LC 92X0 WITH SFP+
81.92L-1P100G-R68192L1P100GR6Tellabs TELLABS 81.92L-1P100G-R6 IPU3A0GKAA SMARTCORE 9200 1 PORT GE LC
81.92L-40PGEFE-R68192L40PGEFER6Tellabs TELLABS 81.92L-40PGEFE-R6 8000-000061-01 SMARTCARD-1 40 PORT 1G
81.9420A819420ATellabs Refurbished 819420A D4 4W (4-Wire) ETO Channel UN CLEI D4CTAL0
81.9437819437Tellabs Refurbished 819437 DUAL UVGS CU RT REV B2 CLEI S9CD27A3AA
81.9461819461Tellabs Refurbished TELLABS DUAL-SP CU/RT CLEI S9CD2053AA
81.9610819610Tellabs Refurbished 819610 TYP10 TO MFT MOD Adapter CLEI MTM1TC0
81.9801819801Tellabs Refurbished 819801 9801 CARD EXTENDER CLEI MTTET704AA
81.B3100FAN81B3100FANTellabs Refurbished 81B3100FAN TELLABS 81.B3100FAN- GOES IN VERITY 3100 19-inch CHASSIS TELLABS 8
81.B3130FAN81B3130FANTellabs Refurbished 81B3130FAN TELLABS 81.B3130FAN- GOES IN VERITY 3100 23 IN CHASSIS TELLABS 8
81.SDF48SR1131S-REV81SDF48SR1131SREVTellabs Refurbished 81SDF48SR1131SREV SDF-48 Transceiver SFP CLEI T3C5CCDAAA
81.SOC48IR1131S81SOC48IR1131STellabs Refurbished Intermediate Reach OC-48 Optical Transceiver
81.SOC48IR1131S-REV81SOC48IR1131SREVTellabs Refurbished OC-48 1310NM SM SFP TELLABS 7100 CLEI WMOTB2VCAC
81.SOC48SR1131S81SOC48SR1131STellabs Refurbished 81SOC48SR1131S 81.SOC48SR1131S Genuine TELLABS 7100 81.SOC48SR1131S rev. A WMOT CLEI WMOTB2TCAA
81.SOC48SR1131S-REV81SOC48SR1131SREVTellabs Refurbished TELLABS 7100 OC-48 2.5G MULTI-RATE SR 1310NM SM SFP CLEI WMOTB2TCAA
81.V3100NCM81V3100NCMTellabs Refurbished 81V3100NCM TELLABS VERITY 3100 CARD
81.V3101T0181V3101T01Tellabs Refurbished 81V3101T01 TELLABS 81.V3101T01- CARD TELLABS 81.V3101T01
81.V310ATL81V310ATLTellabs Refurbished 81V310ATL TELLABS 81.V310ATL- VERITY 3100 CHASSIS ANSI TELCO 19-inch 17 SL
81.V313ATL81V313ATLTellabs Refurbished 81V313ATL Tellabs Verity Chassis only
81.XO192SR1131S-REV81XO192SR1131SREVTellabs Refurbished OC192 XFP SR SM TELLABS 7110 CLEI WOTRAASAAA
8100HP Hewlett Packard New HP OfficeJet Pro 8100 Wireless Color InkJet Printer
8100HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished HP OfficeJet Pro 8100 Wireless Color InkJet Printer
8100-0008100000Verilink Refurbished 8100000 D4 4W (4-Wire) Transmission ON Channel UN CLEI D4C0524
81-000000078100000007HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 8100000007 VLS9000 750 WATT POWER SUPPLY UNIT PSU -
81-000000258100000025HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 8100000025 HP VLS9000 Raid Controller Module
81-000000278100000027HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 8100000027 HP VLS9000 Enclosure with midplane missing plastic ear covers!
81-000000318100000031HP Hewlett Packard New 8100000031 POWER SUPPLY
81-000000318100000031HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 8100000031 POWER SUPPLY
81-000000338100000033HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished MSA2000 I/O SAS MODULE - PULLS - 1 YEAR WARR
81-000000378100000037HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 8100000037 HP STORAGEWORKS MSA2000SA CONTROLLER
81-00000040-00-0181000000400001HP Hewlett Packard New 81000000400001 HP STORAGEWORKS MSA2300SA CONTROLLER
81-000000518100000051HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished HP 5959W POWER SUPPLY
81-000000528100000052HP Hewlett Packard New 8100000052 Power supply - 595W
81-000000638100000063HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 8100000063 VLS9000/MSA2xxx Power Supply
81-0000025810000025HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 810000025 SPS Array Controller VLS9000 / MSA2xxx
810-00005-158100000515Alcatel Refurbished B-STDX 9000 PWRSY AC B-STDX 9000 CLEI CNPUA604AA
810-00005-158100000515Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100000515 B-STDX 9000 AC power also part nubmer 59035
810-00005-15U8100000515UHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 8100000515U Power Supply P/C 59035
81-0000056810000056HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 810000056 VLS9000 Enclosure Rack 2U
81-0000056N810000056NHP Hewlett Packard New 810000056N VLS9000 Enclosure Rack 2U
810-00010-028100001002Alcatel Refurbished 810-00010-02 - ETHERNET ADAPTER CONTROL PROCESSOR CLEI 810-00010-
810-00010-028100001002Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100001002 B-STDX 9000 PARTS
810-00010-02U8100001002UHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 8100001002U CP Adapter module
810-00010-048100001004Alcatel Refurbished B-STDX CP 30/40/50 Panel CLEI CNDQAPFLAB
810-00010-048100001004Lucent Technologies Refurbished B-STDX CP 30/40/50 PANEL
810-00011-008100001100Alcatel Refurbished 810-00011-00 - #NEVER MANUFACTURED CLEI CNDQAHALAA
810-00011-008100001100Central Semiconductor Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI HECICODE
810-00011-008100001100Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100001100 B-STDX 9000 PARTS
810-00011-028100001102Lucent Technologies Refurbished B-STDX 9000 V.35 CONNR
810-00012-00U8100001200UHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 8100001200U B-STDX9000 X.21 ADAPTER MODULE
810-00014-008100001400Central Semiconductor Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI HECICODE
8100001523Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100001523 LUCENT HSSI ADAPTER MOD
8100001701Zhone Refurbished 8100001701
810-00023-118100002311Alcatel Refurbished B-STDX 9000 DSX1 CONNR B-STDX 9000 CLEI CNDQAK3LAB
8100002311Lucent Technologies Refurbished CIRCUIT BOARD 0:2
810-00026-518100002651Alcatel Refurbished B-STDX 9000 T1 CONNR B-STDX 9000 CLEI CNDQAK1LAA
810-00037-01U8100003701UHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 8100003701U ATM IWU OC-3/STM-1 MMF Port
8100005020Lucent Technologies Refurbished BLUETOOTH WIRELESS MOUSE
810-00056-018100005601Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100005601 CBX 500 11046 810-00275-000c-3stm-1 smmr adapter Module BAL3X2
810-00058-018100005801Alcatel Refurbished 810-00058-01 - 500 OC-3C PROCR CARD CLEI BAL3W2LEAA
810-00058-018100005801Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100005801 810-00058-01 OC-3C STM-1 96K IOP
810-00074-00181000074001Charles Industries Refurbished 81000074001 MPU SYSTEM CONTROL MODULE
810-000814810000814Dell New 810000814
810-00088-00281000088002Charles Industries Refurbished 81000088002 CHARLES INDUSTRIES 810-00088-002- MM200 POWER MODULE CHARLES IND
810-00110-00181000110001Charles Industries Refurbished 81000110001 OMUX3 MODULE SUPPORTS AU4 48V 1310 IR
810-00111-068100011106Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100011106 CBX 500 11023m 810-00111-06ATM switch processor HECI BAC4
8100011107Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100011107 CBX500 REDUNDANT SWITCH Processor. ADAPTER
810-00111-278100011127Alcatel Refurbished SWITCH FAB Adapter CASCADE 500 CLEI BAC4V2KCAB
810-00119-038100011903Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100011903 CBX-500 11050 810-00119-03 T1 ATM IOP BAL6ULG
810-0012081000120Sonus Networks Refurbished 81000120 SONUS 810-00120- Management Network Server 10 - HECI NGC1NTOEAA
810-00120-008100012000Alcatel Refurbished CBX 500 8PT T1 CONNR CBX 500 CLEI BAL6VLGDAA
810-00120-008100012000Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100012000 CBX-500 11051 810-00120 T1 ATM IOP BAL6VLGDAA
810-0012181000121Sonus Networks Refurbished 81000121 SONUS 810-00121- MNS-11 HIGH DENSITIY MANAGEMENT NETWORK SERVE
810-00136-028100013602Lucent Technologies Refurbished Lucent Card
810-001397810001397Dell Refurbished UNKNOWN
810-00147-008100014700Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100014700 CBX 500 Bare Chassis AC Power - No Modules
810-00155-058100015505Alcatel Refurbished GX-550 NODE PROCESSOR GX-550 CLEI BAC3SY0FAA
810-00156-018100015601Lucent Technologies New 8100015601 11593 810-00156-01 - OC48/STM16 ATM/PHY IR FOR GX-550
810-00156-018100015601Alcatel Refurbished GX-550 PHYS INTFC MOD GX-550 CLEI BAI3CK0BAA
810-00180-038100018003Alcatel Refurbished GX-550 TIMING MODULE GX-550 CLEI BAC4HH0CAB
810-00183-408100018340Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100018340 CBX 500 Switch Processor 40810-00183-40
810-00183-458100018345Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100018345 CBX 500 Switch Processor 40810-00183-45
810002-001810002001Dataproducts Refurbished 810002001 RIBBON DRIVE MOTOR Assembly
810002-002810002002Dataproducts New 810002002 RIBBON MOTOR NEW STYLE
810002-002810002002Dataproducts Refurbished 810002002 RIBBON MOTOR STYLE
810-00207-018100020701Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100020701 4-Port 10/100Base-T Ethernet Processor Card
8100020710Lucent Technologies Refurbished 2230 Ribbon Drive 24 Volt CLEI BAA5DEEAAB
810-00208-018100020801Alcatel Refurbished CBX 500 DS3 FRAME IO CBX 500 CLEI BAC2PT0EAA
810-00208-018100020801Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100020801 CBX 500 11101 810-00208-01 DS3 FRIP IOP BAC2PTOEAB
810-0026281000262Lucent Technologies Refurbished 81000262 CBX 500 11102 DS3 FRIP adapter Module 6-Port back card
810-00262-008100026200Alcatel Refurbished CBX 500 DS3 FRAME IO CBX 500 CLEI BAC2RT0EAA
810-00262-008100026200Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100026200 CBX 500 11102 810-00262-00 DS3 FRIP-IOP BAC2RTOEAC
810-00278-108100027810Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100027810 CBX-500 11071A T1-ATM-FC-IOP 810-00278-10
8100-028781000287Tellabs Refurbished UMC1000 R-ISDN CHAN UN UMC1000 CLEI SBLSRP4AAC
810003-007810003007EQUINOX PAYMENTS LLC New 6 ft 110 V AC - Black
810003-007810003007Equinox Systems New 810003007 POWER SUPPLY Cable
810003-007810003007Hypercom New 810003007 1810 EQUINOX PAYMENTS FORMERLY HYPERCOM ACCESSORIES CABLE PO
810003-007810003007Hypercom Refurbished 810003007 6 STR BLACK Power CABLE TDX 810003-007
8100-043281000432Tellabs Refurbished UMC1000 T1 TRCVR UMC1000 CLEI SBTCH15BAA
810-0052081000520Alcatel Refurbished MNA10 CARD CLEI HECICODE
810-0052081000520Sonus Networks Refurbished 81000520 SONUS 810-00520- Management Network Server 10 SONUS 810-00520- M CLEI NGC1PUOEAA
810-0094281000942Sonus Networks New 81000942 SONUS 810-00942 CNA25 12-Port E1 card telco NGI2BA0AAA SONUS
810010-001810010001Dataproducts New 810010001 NEEDLE BEARING
81001-01381001013Symbol Technologies New 81001013 Cable 12 Foot External AC with ground
810-01134-038100113403Lucent Technologies Refurbished 8100113403
8100-1209618100120961Russound New 8100120961 Speaker Block Base Unit
810015-001810015001Compaq New 810015001 10 Base-TX 24 / Unmanaged Media Port Chassis
810018-001810018001Dataproducts New 810018001 SLT SCREW M4 X .7 X 8 MM
810018-006810018006Dataproducts New 810018006 TAPPING SCREW M3X.5X6MM
810019Castelle Refurbished
810019-001810019001Castelle Refurbished 810019001 Castelle JetPress ThinLan/10Base-T Ethernet Board for LaserJet I
810022-001810022001Dataproducts New 810022001 50-Pin AMP CONNECTOR
810024-003810024003Dataproducts New 810024003 POWER CORD
810-0254381002543Microsoft OV SA STEPUP SQL Server Enterprise ED 1 Year/ACQYR1
8100-25BK-B810025BKBTargus Refurbished Refurbished Targus Leed's Carrying Case With PartStock Label
810-0261081002610Sonus Networks Refurbished 81002610 Sonus 810-02610- PNS 30 NGI2DEAAAA 810-02610 Packet Network S
81003Tally Genicom Refurbished 612 Tally Genicom T6100 - CBA PERSONALITY -612 30 Day warranty
81003-007A81003007AHypercom Refurbished 81003007A Cable POWER ADAPTER
810-0311081003110Microsoft New 81003110 1 Year SQL Server Enterprise Edition WIN32 Volume License ALL Languages License/SA OLVNL Additional Product 1PR
810032-005810032005Zebra Technologies New 810032005 Printhead for P420 printer (with 2-3 day lead time)
810032-005810032005Polaroid Refurbished 810032005 CARD PRINTER PRINTHEAD FOR POLOROID 75 CARD PRINTER
810-0331281003312Microsoft New 81003312 SCHOOL AGRMT FAC SQL Server ENTERPRISE 1-CPU
810-03312-B281003312B2Microsoft New 81003312B2 CAMPUS AGRMT FAC SQL Server ENT 1CPU
810-0331681003316Microsoft CAMP FAC EES SQL Server Enterprise AL SASU SQL Server
810-0337881003378Microsoft OV L/SA SQL Server Enterprise X64 EN 1 Year/ACQYR1 ADDL Processor
810035-001810035001Dataproducts New 810035001 CONTACT - BERG PIN
810-0386881003868Microsoft OV L/SA SQL Server Enterprise X64 EN 1 Year/ACQYR1 AD
810040002Zebra Technologies Refurbished 810040002 ZEBRA LP2348 PRINTHEAD
810-0422881004228Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 1 Year/ACQYR2 1PROC
810-0423881004238Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 1 Year/ACQYR3 1PROC
810-0424881004248Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 2 Year/ACQYR2 1PROC
810-0425881004258Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 3 Year/ACQYR1 1PROC
810-0427881004278Microsoft OV L/SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 1 Year/ACQYR2 ADDL Processor
810-0428881004288Microsoft OV L/SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 1 Year/ACQYR3 ADDL Processor
810-0429881004298Microsoft OV L/SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 2 Year/ACQYR2 ADDL Processor
81-0043-002810043002Castelle Refurbished 810043002 Castelle JetPress MIO 10Base-T Ethernet Board for LaserJet
810-0430881004308Microsoft OV L/SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 3 Year/ACQYR1 ADDL Processor
810-0443381004433Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 1 Year/ACQYR1 ADDL Processor
810-0445381004453Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 1 Year/ACQYR3 ADDL Processor
810-0446381004463Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 2 Year/ACQYR2 ADDL Processor
810-0447381004473Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 3 Year/ACQYR1 ADDL Processor
810045-001810045001Compaq New 810045001 Compaq 3 Slot Chassis with 450 Watt Power Supply
810045-001810045001Compaq Refurbished 810045001 Compaq 3 Slot Chassis with 450 Watt Power Supply
81-0045-005810045005Unisys New 810045005 UNISYS UDS45W TONER
810047-001810047001Dataproducts Refurbished 810047001 Paper STEP MOTOR
810-0476481004764Microsoft New 81004764 SCHOOL AGRMT FAC SQL Server ENTERPRISE L/SA
810-04764-B281004764B2Microsoft New 81004764B2 SCHOOL AGRMT FAC SQL Server ENTERPRISE L/SA
810-0485781004857Microsoft New 81004857 SCHOOL AGRMT FAC STEP UP SQL Server ENT ED SA MVL
810-0493281004932Microsoft OV L/SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 1 Year/ACQYR2 AD
810-0494081004940Microsoft OV L/SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 1 Year/ACQYR3 AD
810-0494881004948Microsoft OV L/SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 2 Year/ACQYR2 AD
810050-002810050002Dataproducts New 810050002 SPEED CLIP FASTENER
81005002Cisco Systems Refurbished 810050002 SPEED CLIP FASTENER CLEI CNI2BC0BAA
81-0050-28100502Cisco Systems Refurbished 8100502 73-0978-03 HSSI INTERFACE PROCESSOR
810-0512781005127Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 SU 1 Year/ACQYR1 ADDL
810-0513781005137Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 1 Year/ACQYR2 ADDL
810-0514781005147Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 1 Year/ACQYR3 ADDL
810-0515781005157Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 2 Year/ACQYR2 ADDL
810-0516781005167Microsoft OV SA SQL Server Enterprise W32 EN 3 Year/ACQYR1 STEP
810055-001810055001Dataproducts New 810055001 RIBBON DRIVE Assembly BEARING
810056-002810056002Dataproducts New 810056002 Paper Feed CLUTCH BEARING
810060-001810060001Dataproducts New 810060001 RIBBON DRIVE Assembly BEARING
810060-002810060002Dataproducts New 810060002 BALL BEARING - EDGE GUIDE
810060-002810060002Dataproducts Refurbished 810060002 BALL BEARING - EDGE GUIDE
810060-004810060004Dataproducts New 810060004 BEARING BALL DOUBLE SHIELD 6MM B100
810-0630081006300Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise SA 1 Year/Year 1 AP 1CPU
810-0638181006381Microsoft New 81006381 1 Year SQLSVRENT All Languages License & Software Assurance 1 PC ( OLV ) Open Value License Single License D Additional Product
810-0638381006383Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise L/SA 1 Year/Year 1 AP
810-0638481006384Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise L/SA 1 Year/Year 2 AP
810-0638581006385Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise L/SA 1 Year/Year 3 AP
810-0638681006386Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise L/SA 2 Year / Acquired Year 2 AP
810-0638781006387Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise L/SA 3 year / acquired year 1 AP
810-0638881006388Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise SASU 1 Year/Year 1 SQL Server Standard
810-0638981006389Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise SASU 1 Year/Year 2 SQL Server Standard
810-0639081006390Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise SASU 1 Year/Year 3 SQL Server Standard
810-0639181006391Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise SASU 2 Year / Acquired Year 2 SQL Server Standard
810-0639281006392Microsoft OVG SQL Server Enterprise SASU 3 year / acquired year 1 SQL Server Standard
810072001Dataproducts New 810072002 SENSOR PAPER MOTION LB
810072-002810072002Dataproducts New 810072002 PAPER MOTION SENSOR Assembly

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