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Part No.Description
90-0157-1A9001571A3Com Refurbished 9001571A Module
90-0158-0190015801Alcatel Refurbished 90015801 3624 DNIC MOD CLEI SICTJC0
90-0160-0190016001Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-0160-01 NEWBRIDGE DDS MODULE REV B ALCATEL 90-0160-01
90-0161-0290016102Alcatel Refurbished 90016102 CSU-2 MODULE
900164Visiontek New
900165Visiontek New
90-0166-0590016605Alcatel Refurbished 90016605 90-0166-05 CLEI 90-0166-05
900171Visiontek New
900182Visiontek New VisionTek Radeon HD 2600 PRO - Graphics adapter - Radeon HD 2600
900183Dell New
900200Marconi Refurbished MCN7000 8xDS3 SOIFUXKEAA CLEI SOIFUXKEAA
900202Marconi Refurbished MCN7000 DS3/EC1 SOIFVXKEAA
900206Visiontek New
900206070350000HP Hewlett Packard New
900-20607-2200-000900206072200000Nvidia Corp New Nvidia Tesla C1060 900-20607-2200-000 4GB GDDR3 PCI-Express 2.1
900-21030-0100-000900210300100000Nvidia Corp nVidia Tesla C2050 3GB GDDR5 PCI-E x16 GPU Computing Graphics Pr
900-21030-2221-100900210302221100Nvidia Corp New 900210302221100 TESLA GPU C2075 COMPUTE BOARD RETAIL 6GB3.35lbs
900-2180-000090021800000IBM Refurbished 90021800000 288P 501D40100 sPSU
900220Visiontek New
900-22055-0310-000900220550310000HP Hewlett Packard New 900220550310000 HP nVidia Tesla K10 Kepler 8GB GDDR5 PCI-Express 3.0 Workstation
900-22081-0030-000900220810030000Nvidia Corp New 900220810030000 NVIDIA Tesla K20X 6GB GPU Server Accelerator Processing Unit Pa
900-22081-2250-000900220812250000Nvidia Corp New Nvidia Tesla K40 12GB Active Cooling GPU Processing Unit Card
900221/29002212Marconi Refurbished 9002212 MCN7000 OC-3/OC-12 LR1
900222//29002222Marconi Refurbished 9002222 MCN7000 OC-3/12 IR1 SOO1BBBAAA
900225Visiontek New
900226Visiontek New
9002304Rockwell Refurbished ISA SOUND CARD
900242-106900242106Wyse Refurbished 900242106
900252-0190025201Wyse Refurbished 90025201 TERMINAL
900254Visiontek New Graphics Card - ATi Radeon HD 4650 - 512MB DDR2 SDRAM Memory 128-Bit
900260-0690026006Wyse Refurbished 90026006 TERMINAL
900261Visiontek New
900268Visiontek New
900268-0190026801Wyse Refurbished 90026801 WY-50 Amber Terminal Monitor
900285Visiontek New
900286Visiontek New
900287Visiontek New
900297AMD New
900311-0190031101Wyse Refurbished 90031101 MONITOR Assembly AMBER
900311-0790031107Wyse Refurbished 90031107
9-00323-0490032304Dell Refurbished 90032304
900329Visiontek New
900332Visiontek New
900353-0490035304Wyse Refurbished 90035304 WY-185 TERMINAL
900353-0790035307Wyse Refurbished 90035307 MONO TERMINAL
900373-0190037301Wyse Refurbished 90037301
90038Sun Microsystems Refurbished 90038 RACK 900-38 WITH PDU Power Distribution Unit
900383Visiontek 4GB DDR3 Memory PC3-12800 1600MHZ DIMMMEM CL9
900400Marconi Refurbished MCN7000 XCON-20 SOCUVWOGAA
9004-01900401WDC Western Digital Corporation Refurbished 900401 Western Digital WD90C00 JK 16 Bit ISA Video Card 01 2HG 003A
90041Dell Refurbished DELL E6400 160GB 5400 2.5 SATA HD
900410/29004102Marconi New 9004102 MCM7000 XCON 40 CrossJ-MConnect Card 35-.A5 G
90-0411-0390041103Alcatel Refurbished 90041103 3630 91x2R2 E1 20hz 115VZC Basic System
900427-001900427001Memorex Telex Refurbished 900427001 TERMINAL
90043Inmac New BNC T Cable Connector
900431Visiontek New Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Expres
90-0435-0290043502Alcatel Refurbished SHELF: 3600 120VAC Power SHELF
90-0481-0290048102Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL-LUCENT NEWBRIDGE 3600 115V AC POWER SUPPLY
90-0482-1A9004821A3Com Refurbished 9004821A Module
900486Visiontek New
900-50118-1700-000A900501181700000AAti Technologies Refurbished 900501181700000A 64MB AGP VIDEO CARD QUADRO NVS 280 WITH DMS-59 OUTPUT
900-50118-1700-00 A90050118170000ANvidia Corp Refurbished 90050118170000A AGP VIDEO CARD DVI OUTPUT
900-50169-0300-101 A900501690300101ANvidia Corp Refurbished 900501690300101A QUADRO PCI VGA CARD
900-50169-0300-802900501690300802Pny Technologies New 900501690300802
900-50171-0400900501710400IBM Refurbished 900501710400 IBM/ Nvidia QUADRO FX Graphic Card 286W1100z-B18-2C
900-50171-0400-000900501710400000Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900501710400000 256MB AGP VIDEO CARD WITH DUAL DVI OUTPUTS
900-50171-0402-000900501710402000Nvidia Corp New 900501710402000
900-50171-1800900501711800Sun Microsystems New 900501711800
900-50171-1800-000900501711800000Sun Microsystems New 900501711800000
900-50199005019IBM New 9005019
900501920402000Nvidia Corp New 900501920402000
900-50201-0000900502010000Nvidia Corp New 900502010000
900-50201-0000-000900502010000000Nvidia Corp New 900502010000000
900-50201-1800900502011800Nvidia Corp New 900502011800
900-50211-0100-000900502110100000Dell New 900502110100000
900-50211-0100-001900502110100001Dell New 900502110100001
900-50214-0000900502140000Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900502140000 INVIDIA 32MB AGP
900-50231-0350-000900502310350000HP Hewlett Packard New 900502310350000 Quadro NVS 280 64MB DDR PCI Express x16 Workstation Video Card
900-50231-1750-000900502311750000Pny Technologies New 900502311750000
900-50268-0100-000900502680100000Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900502680100000 128MB PCI-E VIDEO CARD QUADRO FX1300 WITH DUAL DVI OUTPUTS
900-50268-0300-001900502680300001Nvidia Corp New 900502680300001
900-50268-0400-001900502680400001Nvidia Corp New 900502680400001
900-50307-0300-000900503070300000HP Hewlett Packard New 900503070300000
900-50307-0300-001900503070300001HP Hewlett Packard New 900503070300001
900-50307-1700-000900503071700000Pny Technologies New 900503071700000 NVIDIA QUADRO NVS 440 256MB PCI-E X16 DUAL DVI DUA
900-5034790050347Nvidia Corp New 90050347
900-50347-0000900503470000Nvidia Corp New 900503470000
900-50347-0600900503470600Nvidia Corp New 900503470600
900-5034890050348Dell New 90050348
900503560100000Dell New
900-50393-0100-000900503930100000Dell New 900503930100000
900-50393-0300900503930300Nvidia Corp New 900503930300
900-50393-0300-000900503930300000Nvidia Corp New 900503930300000
900-50393-0300-000G900503930300000GNvidia Corp New 900503930300000G
900-50393-0300-001900503930300001Nvidia Corp New 900503930300001
900-50455-0150900504550150Nvidia Corp New 900504550150
900-50455-0150-000900504550150000Nvidia Corp New 900504550150000
900-50455-0300-000900504550300000HP Hewlett Packard New NVIDIA QUADRO 1500 PCI EXPRESS 256MB GDDR3 DUAL DVI
900-50498-1700-000900504981700000Pny Technologies New 900504981700000
900-5053890050538Nvidia Corp Refurbished 90050538 QUADRO NVS 290 PCI-E VIDEO CARD 256MB GDDR2 WITH DMS-59 OUTPUT
900-50538-0300900505380300Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900505380300 QUADRO NVS 290 PCI-E VIDEO CARD 256MB GDDR2 WITH DMS-59 OUTPUT
900-50538-0300-000900505380300000Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900505380300000 QUADRO NVS 290 PCI-E VIDEO CARD 256MB GDDR2 WITH DMS-59 OUTPUT
900-50538-0500-102900505380500102Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900505380500102 QUADRO NVS 290 PCI-E VIDEO CARD 256MB GDDR2 WITH DMS-59 OUTPUT
900-50588-0150900505880150Dell New 900505880150
900-50588-0150-000900505880150000Dell New 900505880150000
900-50588-0350900505880350HP Hewlett Packard New 900505880350
900-50588-0350-000900505880350000HP Hewlett Packard New 900505880350000
900-50588-1750900505881750Nvidia Corp New 900505881750
900-50588-1750-000900505881750000Nvidia Corp New 900505881750000
900-5060790050607Pny Technologies New 4GB PNY Quadro FX5800 DDR3 2xDVI PCI Express 900-50607
900-50624-0300900506240300Nvidia Corp New 900506240300
900-50624-0300-000900506240300000Nvidia Corp New 900506240300000
900-50624-0300-001900506240300001Nvidia Corp New 900506240300001
900-50624-1700-000900506241700000Dell New 900506241700000
900-50678-0300900506780300Nvidia Corp
900-50737-0100-000900507370100000Dell New 900507370100000
900-50737-0101-000900507370101000Dell New 900507370101000
900-50737-1700-000900507371700000Pny Technologies New 900507371700000
900-50749005074IBM New 9005074
900-50744-0300-000900507440300000HP Hewlett Packard New 900507440300000
900507880100000Dell New
900-50979005097IBM New 9005097
900-51030-0100-000900510300100000Dell New 900510300100000
900-51031-0300-000900510310300000HP Hewlett Packard New 900510310300000 Quadro 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x1
900-51033-2700-000900510332700000IBM New 900510332700000
900-51039-0300-000900510390300000Pny Technologies New 900510390300000
900-51039-2700-000900510392700000Pny Technologies New 900510392700000 Quadro NVS 300 512MB DDR3 PCI Express x1 Lo
900522Marconi Refurbished MCN 7000 1XOC192LR2 module
900554-0590055405Wyse Refurbished 90055405 TERMINAL MONITOR
90-0555-0190055501Newbridge Refurbished 90055501 AMP CHAMP MALE/FEMALE
90056401Alcatel Refurbished 3600 DUAL T1 CARD - DEP1CF2AAA CLEI DEPMAE06AA
90-0566-0190056601Alcatel Refurbished 90056601 3600 Voice Comp Module 3
90-0566-0490056604Newbridge Refurbished 90056604 VOICE COMPRESSION MOD
90-0567-0190056701Newbridge New 90-0567-01 T1 LIM Module from the T1 Cards
90-0567-0190056701Alcatel Refurbished 90056701 T1 LIM Module from the T1 cards 3600
900574-002900574002Dataproducts New 900574002 PREVENTITIVE MAINENANCE KIT FOR B300
90-0575-0490057504Alcatel Refurbished 90057504 3612 System B11X 115v
90057-5779900575779Spectralogic Refurbished 900575779 CL-GD520A-40PC-E ISA 16BIT WITH 4-Port RGB BNC OUTPUT AND DB15 O
90058Lucent Technologies Refurbished Internal 56K Data/Fax/Voice Modem
900600Sycamore Networks Refurbished LIM 4XOC48STM 16
900610Tandberg Data Refurbished TANDBERG 900610 STORAGELOADER VXA-320 SCSI 1X10 900610 SAME AS
90061610Alcatel New Alcatel omniswitch CSM-AB-DS3-2W List Price $3287 90061610
900627Visiontek New VisionTek 900627 Radeon HD 7990 6GB 384-bit x2 GDDR5 PCI Express
90-0639-0190063901Alcatel Refurbished 90063901 3645 BUS EXTENDER CD CLEI DEPMBH0
90-0639-0390063903Alcatel Refurbished 90063903 90-0639-03 - 3645 BUS EXTENDER CD CLEI 90-0639-03
90-0640-0390064003Alcatel Refurbished 90064003 3645 SWITCH CD CLEI DEPQAA6
900641Visiontek 4GB NB3 12800 DDR3L Low Volta (900641)
900642Visiontek 8GB NB3 12800 DDR3L Low Volta (900642)
90-0661-0190066101Alcatel Refurbished 90066101 90-0661-01 - DOUBLE BAND WITH MODULE CLEI DEPQB031AA
900667Visiontek 8GB DDR3 Memory CL11 1600 Black Label (900667)
90-0667-0190066701Alcatel Refurbished 90066701 3645 System Control 3
90-067-0001900670001Davicom Refurbished 900670001 100BASE-TX/FX ETHERNET CARD
90-067-0002900670002Davicom Refurbished 900670002 100BASE-TX/FX ETHERNET CARD
90-0670-0190067001Alcatel Refurbished 90067001 3600 DA Communications Processor CD CLEI DEPQB11
900679-103900679103Telex Communications Refurbished 900679103 MONITOR
900-68019006801Fujitsu Refurbished 9006801 8.4GB IDE DRIVE DATE 1998-09
9006UDell Refurbished Cable Assembly BKPLN-5HD P2450
900772-0790077207Wyse Refurbished 90077207
90081100Alcatel Refurbished omniswitch ESM 10/100Base-T 12-Port List Price
900-820-0090082000Brooktrout Technology New 90082000 2 channel loop start
900866-0190086601Wyse Refurbished 900866-01 keyboard
9-00885GO900885GOHENDRIX Refurbished 900885GO
9-0088G090088G0DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 90088G0
90-0890-0190089001Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-0890-01 NEWBRIDGE DUAL FAN TRAY ALCATEL 90-0890-01
90089-8940900898940Spectralogic Refurbished 900898940 CL-GD520A-40PC-E ISA 16BIT WITH 4-Port RGB BNC OUTPUT AND DB15 A
900-944-0190094401Brooktrout Technology New 90094401 4-Port ISA faxvoice card 4 channel Loop start
900979-0290097902Wyse Refurbished 90097902
900985-0490098504Wyse Refurbished 90098504
900986-0190098601Wyse Refurbished 90098601 WY185 TERMINAL
900986-0490098604Wyse Refurbished 90098604 WY185 TERMINAL
900986-0790098607Wyse Refurbished 90098607
900ASuttle New DSL alarm filter
900LCCS-50900LCCS50Suttle New 900LCCS50 In-line DSL Filter w/ Splitter
900XGLHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished HP Nvidia Quadro4 900XGL 128MB 4x AGP Video A8064-60520
901C.itoh Refurbished 108 KEY KEYBOARD WITH RJ12 CONNECTOR
901Shugart Refurbished
901-001-14-1V901001141VDialogic New 901001141V 1 YR VPUP
9010019SGI Silicon Graphics Inc Refurbished 64MB RAM for Octane
9010020SGI Silicon Graphics Inc Refurbished 128MB RAM for Octane
901-002-1290100212Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90100212
901-007-1290100712Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90100712 TR1034+E8-8L 8-Channel ANALOG V.34 FAX PCIE PCI-Express [901-007-12
90-101-0001901010001Amp Inc New 901010001 PCI Fiber Fibre OPTIC AND 100 BASE-TX LAN CARD WITH PROCESSOR AM79C972
90-101-0001901010001Sun Microsystems New 901010001 100 BASE-TX PCI LAN CARD
901-012-08-1V901012081VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TRUFAX 250E BRI (2B+D) BOARD
901028-0690102806Wyse New 90102806
90104/6090104603M New 9010460 3M 100 Foot Pleated Foil .050 in. 28 AWG 60 Conductor PVC Shield
901048NOVATION Refurbished A/C Adapter In: 115VAC Out: 9.0VAC 1.3A Male Connector
901048MODEMNOVATION Refurbished A/C Adapter In: 115VAC Out: 9.5VAC 0.75A Male Connector for
901053NOVATION Refurbished Novation 901053-1 Novation Ac Adapter -12v 0.1a +5v 0.8a
901087-0190108701Wyse Refurbished 90108701 WY-670+ COLOR MONITOR OPEN BOX
901087-0290108702Wyse Refurbished 90108702 WY-670ES COLOR MONITOR OPEN BOX
90109HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished PCI MODEM AGERE 1648C-TV3 OR LUCENT 1648T00
90109-2B4901092B4HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 901092B4 56K INTERNAL FAX MODEM
90109-2B4901092B4Eton Corp Refurbished 901092B4 PCI NETWORK CARD
90111110-2-19011111021Hand Held Products Refurbished 9011111021 Works Great! Dolphin 7400 series Batch Handheld Terminal 43-KEY
90-1184-0190118401Alcatel REFURBISHED 2B1Q LINE CARD 6-Port
901189-0190118901AMD Refurbished 90118901 VGA 13INCH YELLOWED CASE DIM
901-22888-009012288800DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 9012288800 7000R HOTPLUG FAN DB
901-22892-009012289200DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 9012289200 SERVER 400-Watts POWER SUPPLY 7000R HP3-4CBDD-51078
90123102Alcatel Refurbished 36XX OCUDP Channel UN2
901251Schlumberger New 901251 SCHLUMBERGER / READER
90135810Alcatel Refurbished omniswitch CSM-U carrier card installed in the Chassis
90135831Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel omniswitch CSM-U carrier card installed in the chassis 9
90139-0690139063Com New 9013906 Superstack Fiber Fibre Trunk Module RI/RO Retail Boxed
90-1414-1A9014141AChipcon Systems Refurbished 9014141A 10BASE-T 1X-12X
90-1452-0190145201Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-1452-01 NEWBRIDGE 4W TO CHAN 3600 REV C ALCATEL 90-14 CLEI DECUE001AA
90150010Diamond Multimedia New
901537-0690153706Wyse Refurbished 90153706 TERMINAL WY-35ES WHITE
90-1548-3190154831Alcatel Refurbished 90154831 3500 WM 120-Volt System
90-1549-0190154901Alcatel Refurbished 90154901 RS422 DCC (4ckt)
901567-0690156706Wyse Refurbished 90156706 TERMINAL WITH COMM1 COMM2 PARALLEL AND RJ11 KB PORTS
901567-0790156707Wyse New WYSE WY-65 901567-07 12 Terminal Monitor w/901865-01+Y184384
901589-001A901589001AMouse Systems Refurbished 901589001A
901589-001B901589001BMouse Systems Refurbished 901589001B
901589-001C901589001CMouse Systems Refurbished 901589001C
9016091Smc Networks Refurbished ISA 8BIT ARCNET CARD COAX SMC COM90C65
90-1625-0290162502Alcatel Refurbished 90162502 90-1625-02 - DUAL T1 1.544Mbps CARD-2 CLEI 90-1625-02
90163710Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90163710 MPM-1GW-56MD-12MF MANAGEMENT PROCESSOR MODULE
90-1638-0390163803Alcatel Refurbished 90163803 Frame Relay Engine
90164510Alcatel Refurbished OMNISTACK 6024 Stacking Module
901703-7290170372Wyse Refurbished 90170372 WY-1570DES COLOR MONITOR OPEN BOX
90-1715-0190171501Alcatel Refurbished 90171501 FDDI MMF
901715-0690171506Wyse New 90171506
901715-3490171534Wyse New 90171534 K/B USBW/PS2IEPC BLACK USPK-6-E2-1C
901716-0190171601Wyse New 90171601 Keyboard USB EPC Keyboard 104 keys - English - US
90-1716-0190171601Alcatel Refurbished 90171601 36150 VIDEO Compressor CD CLEI BALFEE0
901716-0690171606Wyse New 90171606 WYSE KEYBOARD USB W/ PS/2 PORT 104K BLACK
901716-0890171608Wyse New 90171608 Keyboard USB With PS2 EPC Keyboard 104 Keys English USA
901716-08L90171608LWyse New 90171608L K/BUSB W/PS2104KWYSE LOGOUS
90-1722-02/C90172202CAlcatel Refurbished 90172202C 4-Port switch card
90-1722-0390172203Alcatel Refurbished 90172203 4-Port Switch Card 3 36150 kr
90-1724-0290172402Alcatel Refurbished 90172402 100115V AC Power Supply Card 36150 kr
90-1726-0290172602Alcatel Refurbished 90172602 90-1726-02 - 36150 PROG CONTROL CLEI BACCF001AA
901750-1090175010Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 901750-10- POWER SUPPLY FOR OMNI 7800 7700 SP667 SP569-1
90175310Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90175310 OS7800-CMM 050352-43 CHAS MGMT MOD ALCATEL 9017
90-1841-0190184101Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-1841-01 NEWBRIDGE FASTCOMM FDX 2488 V.22 OLD STO
90-1841-0290184102Alcatel Refurbished 90184102 Fastcomm FDX 2488 V.32
9018610010Acer Refurbished ISA SOUND CARD
9018610202Aopen Refurbished Sound cardAW200 99929-1.1 48.18612.01190.18610.202b.12
901861-2690186126Wyse New 90186126 WINTERM KEYBOARD PS/2 104 KEYS
901861-2690186126Wyse Refurbished 90186126 WINTERM KEYBOARD PS/2 104 KEYS
901865-0190186501Wyse Refurbished 90186501 50/55/60/1X0/285/3XX ENHANCED Keyboard
901866Wyse New
901867-0190186701Wyse Refurbished 901867-01 55 16 Function Keys Keyboard
901869-0190186901Wyse Refurbished 90186901
90187901Wyse New Wyse 901879-01 ANSI Terminal Keyboard
90188510Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel OS-6GSM-FM-1 1-port 1000Base-SX MMF Mod. OmniStack 6124 Switch 90188510
901894-1290189412Wyse New 90189412
9019-20901920WDC Western Digital Corporation Refurbished 901920 ISA VIDEO CARD
901932-0190193201Wyse Refurbished 90193201 WINTERM2310SE 901932-01 TERMINAL
901972-0190197201Wyse Refurbished 90197201 Winterm Unit - No Power Supply
901988-1290198812Wyse Refurbished 90198812 WINTERM TERMINAL W/ AC ADAPTER
90-1990-0190199001Alcatel Refurbished 90199001 OC-3 UNINNI Internal Reach card 36150 kr
90-1995-0190199501Alcatel Refurbished 90199501 Control Card 2 36150 kr
901995-1790199517Dell Refurbished 90199517 E200 233Mhz Thin Client Terminal System GXL/32Mb/Windows Ce 2.
9019CDell Refurbished 9019C Floppy Drive CABLE 17.5 34-Pin
902-0009129F9020009129FNcr Refurbished 9020009129F TOKEN RING ADAPTER BOARD ISA 16-Bit DB9
902-0010480D9020010480DNcr Refurbished 9020010480D TOKEN RING ADAPTER BOARD ISA 16-Bit DB9
902-0010611A9020010611ANcr Refurbished 9020010611A TOKEN RING ADAPTER BOARD ISA 16-Bit DB9
90-2002-0190200201Alcatel Refurbished Channel Bank: 3624 Basic System AC Power Each Basic System Inclu
90200222-0331902002220331Intel Corporation Refurbished 902002220331 Pentium III processor at 667MHz SECC2 133MHZ BUS 256K CACHE
90201/2090201203M New 9020120 3M 100 Foot Pleated Foil .025 in. 30 AWG 20 Conductor TPE Shield
902020P20B0081Macase Refurbished 250W 20 PIN ATX POWER SUPPLY
902024-1890202418Wyse Refurbished 90202418 WINTERM Windows CE 2.12 EMBEDDED WITH POWER SUPPLY
90206410Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL. OmniSwitch OS7-GNI-U12 90206410 050408-83 12 port SFP 1
902073-0190207301Wyse Refurbished 90207301
902073-1190207311Wyse Refurbished 90207311
902073-4590207345Wyse Refurbished 90207345 OPEN BOX WINTERM TERMINAL EMBEDDED WINDOWS XP
902073-7090207370Wyse Refurbished 90207370 WINTERM TERMINAL EMBEDDED WINDOWS XP
90208410Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90208410 OS8-GNI2-U24 8800 2nd Generation 24-unpopulated
902094-07L90209407LWyse Refurbished 90209407L
902097-02L90209702LWyse New 90209702L
90-2115-01/ZB90211501ZBNewbridge Refurbished 90211501ZB ATM 19-Inch Rack 12 Twisted Pair Ethernet Port 1 Fiber Fibre Optic P
902130BCumulus Corp Refurbished 8BIT ISA FLOPPY TAPE CONTROLLER
902139-21L90213921LWyse Refurbished 90213921L
902144-19L90214419LWyse Refurbished 90214419L WINTERM V90LE XPE 1.2G
902144-60L90214460LTexas Instruments Refurbished 90214460L
902148-34L90214834LWyse Refurbished 90214834L
902175-02L90217502LWyse Refurbished WYSE C10LE WTOS 1G 128F/512R DVI ES INTL VIA Eden 1 GHz
90-2180-0190218001Alcatel Refurbished 90218001 90-2180-01 - TERMINATION CARD CLEI 90-2180-01
90-2181-0190218101Alcatel Refurbished 90218101 90-2181-01 CLEI 90-2181-01
90-2183-0290218302Alcatel Refurbished 90218302 Newbridge Mainstreet Circuit Pack DRX-1310 2 perrs+hsps
90-2186-0190218601Alcatel Refurbished 90218601
90-2188-01/n90218801nAlcatel Refurbished 90218801n 36170 OC-3 IR BALI1191AA
90-2188-1690218816Alcatel Refurbished 90218816 OC-3-IR ATM UNINNI R3.1
90-2188-2390218823Alcatel Refurbished 90218823
90-2189-0190218901Alcatel Refurbished 90218901 36170 TDS3 card
90-2189-11/06/D9021891106DAlcatel Refurbished 9021891106D DS3 ATM UNINNI R3.1
90-2190-0190219001Alcatel Refurbished 90219001 36170 MAINSTREET XPRESS PERIPHERAL SHELF CLEI 90-2190-01
90222500150Data General Refurbished
90222500150Mouse Systems Refurbished
902245Stancor Refurbished AC ADAPTER 12VDC 1A
90224510Alcatel Refurbished OmniSwitch OS7-ENI2-C24 90224510 24 port 10/100 Fast ethernet mo
90227-019022701Plantronics New 9022701 SHR2376-01 windscreen
90-2271-0190227101Alcatel Refurbished 90227101 Amazon Multi Protocol
90228-019022801Plantronics New 9022801 SHR2376-01 earpad
90-2289-0190228901Alcatel Refurbished 90228901 FILLER PLATE 7PACK CLEI BAPQAHJAAA
90-2290-0290229002Alcatel Refurbished 90229002 HS FIC-1310 FOR OC12-STM-4-1
90-2291-0190229101Alcatel Refurbished 90229101 7470 MSP
90231510Alcatel Refurbished OmniSwitch 90231510 OS7-GNI2-U2 050359-44 REV A 2 port GBIC 1000
90-2319-1090231910Alcatel Refurbished 90231910
90-2322-0290232202Alcatel Refurbished 90232202 90-2322-02 - MAU 6 COAX Adapter CLEI 90-2322-02
90-2352-0190235201Alcatel Refurbished Alcate/Newbridge 90-2352-01 4 Port Ethernet card 36150 Alcate/Ne
90243Dell Refurbished Card Planar ( Motherboard ) P54 Dimension XPS/PXC F
902496-9090249690Alcatel Refurbished 90249690 ALCATEL-LUCENT DC Power. SUP. PS-120W-DC 902496-90 C.C.#849069273
9024-CU24-ST29024CU24ST2Qlogic Refurbished 9024CU24ST2 QLOGIC 24-PORT INFINIBAND EDGE SWITCH
90-2507-0190250701Alcatel Refurbished 90250701 Single Shelf Hub Card NSX
9025-12HBTB902512HBTBJmc Refurbished 902512HBTB FAN 9025-12HBTB DC12V 0.60A F1588 E175589 3-WIRE 92x25mm
90-2517-2190251721Alcatel Refurbished 90251721 T1 CE 8-Port R3.1
90-2517-3190251731Alcatel Refurbished 90251731 T1 CE 8-Port R4.0
90-2517-3290251732Alcatel Refurbished 90251732 E1 CE 120 8-Port R3.1
90-2517-5190251751Alcatel Refurbished 90251751 T1 CE 8-Port CLEI
902520141064Fuji Film New FujiFilm 125M 4mm DDS3 DATA Tape 12GB PK4B#3-10CN
902520198068Fuji Film New FUJIFILM 4mm DATA Tape DDS420/40Gb PK4B#3-B2-10CN
90254202Newbridge Refurbished Alcatel / NEWBRIDGE 90-2542-02 MAU PRI WIRE WRAP 90-2542-02
90-2543-0190254301Alcatel Refurbished 90254301 PRI RJ45 DISTRIBUTION Panel
90-2544-4190254441Alcatel Refurbished 90254441 T1 PRI CFR QUAD R3.1
902548-9090254890Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel OmniSwitch OS6850-48 902548-90 Layer 3 48 PORT Switch OS
902580441609Maxell New Helical Scan CLEAN TAPE all-DDS PK4B#3-B3-3CN
90-2628P-01902628P01DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902628P01
90-2742-0190274201Alcatel Refurbished 90274201 Vivid Token Ring VTP Blue Ridge
90-2752P-01902752P01DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902752P01
9-02799G0902799G0DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902799G0
9-02799GO902799GOHENDRIX Refurbished 902799GO
902833-001902833001Memorex Telex Refurbished 902833001 MONITOR14 Green MON 14 50/60HZ
9-02873G0902873G0DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902873G0
9-02873GO902873GOHENDRIX Refurbished 902873GO
9028HCKToshiba Refurbished 30-Pin SIMM 9 CHIP
90291Printek New 90291 PRINTEK NOSE SHIELD
9029711PW-89029711PW8Jmc New 9029711PW8 DELL PN FAN 12V DC .6A 92MM BY 25MM 3 5/8 BY 1-Inch 10-Inch 3 W
90300031DEC Digital Equipment Corp New PRINTER PART
90-3119-0190311901Alcatel Refurbished 90311901 RAD Terminal Sever
90317400Cray Refurbished CRAY VME NSI CABLE
90318-57690318576Microsoft Refurbished 90318576 MICROSOFT X03-69945 MOUSE 2-BUTTON PS/2 COMPATIBLE ID: 90318-57
90319Printek Refurbished - FP4000/FP4003 Logic PCB
9032-0039032003IBM Refurbished 9032003 Enterprise System CONNCT ESCON DIR
90322Printek Refurbished Fan Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/FP4500_
90324Printek Refurbished PTK 4003/4503 PAPER FEED MOTOR Assembly.
90325Printek Refurbished Gap Motor Head - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/_
90326Printek Refurbished - Serial/Parallel Interface - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP
90328Printek New Dot Matrix Formspro 4000 Series Tractor FormsPro 4000 Series
90328Printek Dot Matrix Refurbished Formspro 4000 Series Tractor FormsPro 4000 Series
90329Printek Refurbished Tractor Bearing Set - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4_
9032AAAToshiba Refurbished 30-Pin SIPP
90-3346-0190334601Alcatel Refurbished 90334601 CONTROL CARD 2/R3.1
90336Printek New Print HD Cable Printek 4xxx
90336Printek Refurbished Print HD Cable Printek 4xxx
90338Printek Refurbished PTK-4003 CARRIAGE STEPPER MOTOR
90344Printek Refurbished SIDE PANEL L 4000 PRINTEK
90348Printek Refurbished TRANSFORMER 120-Volt 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90349Printek Refurbished CCA SHUTTLE Drive 4003 PRINTEK
9034GDTrident Microsystems Refurbished ISA VIDEO CARD WITH VGA OUTPUT
9035-090350Wang Refurbished 90350 WANG 9035-0 MONO ISA VIDEO ADAPTER 9035-0A
90-3553-0190355301Alcatel Refurbished 90355301 DS3 CFR card
90359Printek Refurbished PLATE LATCH SET - 4000 #108
90361Printek New Lid Hinge Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/
90361Printek Refurbished Lid Hinge Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/
90-3625-0190362501Alcatel Refurbished 90362501 T1 CSU card
90-3627-0290362702Alcatel Refurbished 90362702 CTL card Memory 32m
90-3630-0290363002Alcatel Refurbished 90363002 T1 CSU card
90-3633-0290363302Alcatel Refurbished 90363302 T1 CSU card
90-3634-0190363401Alcatel Refurbished 90363401 HEX WAN RS 232
90-3635-0190363501Alcatel Refurbished 90363501 HEX WAN RS 232
90-3640-0290364002Alcatel Refurbished 90364002
90370-10490370104Xilinx Refurbished 90370104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90371Printek Refurbished PRINTEK 4XXX TRACTOR DRIVE GEAR Assembly
90371-10490371104Xilinx Refurbished 90371104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90372-10190372101Xilinx Refurbished 90372101 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90378Printek Refurbished 90378 Printek 4500/4503 Printhead with Sensor
903FD37003Aopen Refurbished 52X/32X/52X CD-ROM DRIVE BEIGE
904-017-0090401700Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90401700 BROOKTROUT 904-017-00- PCI/8LI CARD BROOKTROUT 904-017-00
904-030-3090403030Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90403030 Brooktrout RealBLOCs-24-APT Carrier Board
90417600Cray Refurbished 90417600 CRAY VME VISW CABLE
904200-0C9042000CSycamore Networks Refurbished 9042000C SYCM4000014 904200 OC-192/STM-64 XFP 1310nm SR/I-64.1 Pluggable
90421Printek Refurbished Shuttle Carriage
90422Printek Refurbished CARRIAGE BRACKET
9-04267G904267GDEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 904267G
9-04267GO904267GOHENDRIX Refurbished 904267GO
904284-00009042840000Logitech Inc Refurbished 9042840000 ZILOG CHIP ON SMALL BOARD
90-4441-0190444101Alcatel Refurbished 90444101 90-4441-01 CLEI 90-4441-01
90-4443-0190444301Alcatel Refurbished 90444301 90-4443-01 - UNIVERSAL AC POWER SUPPLY CLEI 90-4443-01
90-4452-01-00-G9044520100GAlcatel Refurbished 9044520100G Control CTL
90-4452-1190445211Alcatel Refurbished 90445211 Control CTL Card BA6IGCOBAD
90-4453-0390445303Alcatel Refurbished 90445303 Hub card BAC6WV6DAA
90-4455-01-009044550100Alcatel Refurbished 9044550100 T1 CE Circuit Emulation
90-4455-0290445502Alcatel Refurbished 90445502 /Newbridge E1 8-Port CE Card
90-4460-0390446003Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-4460-03 NEWBRIDGE REV 00-A 8 PORT E1 75 OHMS INTERFAC CLEI 90-4460-03
90-4461-0190446101Alcatel Refurbished 90446101 T1 Interface 4-Port
90-4461-0390446103Alcatel Refurbished 90446103 T1 Interface 4-Port
90-4462-0390446203Alcatel Refurbished 90446203 Sinlge port OC3STM1 LR IO CARD BAA3UWOAAA
9045Hayes Refurbished 2-Port ISA SERIAL CARD
90452-6904526Comtrol Refurbished 904526 Rocket Octa RS232 Power ISA
90457300Cray Refurbished CRAY VME INTERMEDIATE CABLE
90-4590-0190459001Alcatel Refurbished 90-7041-01 7670 OC48C/STM16C NNI Line Card CLEI 90-4590-01
904622Scm Microsystems New SCM SCR331 USB Smart Card Reader 904622
904623Radware Refurbished RADWARE WEB SERVER DIRECTOR 904623 WSD 2GB+8FE
90-4671-4190467141Alcatel Refurbished 90467141 T1 CR ATM Card R3.1
90472Printek New GEAR SHUTTLE Drive 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90472Printek Refurbished GEAR SHUTTLE Drive 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90472401Alcatel Refurbished 90472401 M/S TRAFFIC SHAPING MDL
90474Printek Refurbished SWITCH COVER CASE OPEN
90483Printek Refurbished - Formspro FP4500 Printer w/Serial & Parallel
9048CDell Refurbished
90-4905-0390490503Alcatel Refurbished 90490503 36170 OC-3 MMF card
90-4905-2390490523Alcatel Refurbished 90490523 OC-3-2 MMF
90-4907-0190490701Alcatel Refurbished 90490701 36170 Peripheral Shelf 2 R3.1 Chassis only
90-4909-16/D90490916DAlcatel Refurbished 90490916D ALCATEL 90-4909-16/D NEWBRIDGE STM1-2M IR MODULE ALCATEL 90-4909
90-4918-0190491801Alcatel Refurbished 90491801 36170 Sinle DS3E3 1:N
90499Printek Refurbished 4XXX RIBBON SENSOR PWA
904AH07S01HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished LAPTOP KEYBOARD REV A2US
905Televideo Refurbished
905-00433-049050043304Cabletron Systems Refurbished 9050043304 905-00433-04 FLOWPOINT 2210 HUB
90502Printek New Printer Ribbon Drive Kit
90502Printek Refurbished Printer Ribbon Drive Kit
90503Printek New CARRIAGE Assembly 4503 PRINTEK
90503Printek Refurbished CARRIAGE Assembly 4503 PRINTEK
9050-365890503658HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 90503658 LT6000 Power supply
90-5037-0190503701Alcatel Refurbished 90503701
90504Printek Refurbished Printhead Cable Assembly. - 4300/FP4300
90505Printek Refurbished 4503 SHUTTLE MOTOR SUB 80921
90507Printek Refurbished - Shuttle PCB - 4300/4500/4503/FP4300/FP4500/FP4503/4XXX
90509Printek Refurbished Latch Adjuster - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/F
9050NHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished HP LaserJet 9050N Network Version Printer
90512Printek New PTK 4500 MAINTENANCE MANUAL
90514Printek Refurbished 4XXX PAPER MOTOR GEAR PLATE
90-5360-0190536001Alcatel Refurbished 90536001 PCB Modem Module Single
90538Printek Refurbished LEVER GAP 4XXX PRINTEK
90539Printek Refurbished GEAR SEGMENT 4503 PRINTEK
90540Printek Refurbished Shuttle Gear Plate - 4003/FP4003/4503/FP4503/400X/FP400X/450X/FP_
9055DDell Refurbished Powervault 130t System Board ( Motherboard )
905-7451-02905745102Cray Refurbished 905745102 T1CSU/DSUDUALCHANNAL
90-5935-0190593501Alcatel Refurbished 90593501 DS3-2 ATM UNI/NNI Card
90-5977-0690597706Alcatel Refurbished 90597706 TG-CC 2Eth 4 wan
90-6002-1390600213Alcatel Refurbished 90600213 OC3MMT COP
906-0143-01906014301Kensington Technology New 906014301 Compatible withPC game using joystick game pad or keyboard
906-0490604Matrox Graphics Refurbished 90604 G4+MMDHA32/DELL VGA DUAL HEAD V
90615Printek Refurbished 90615 Forms cutter Logic Module S/N: HC or HD Only (SB-70B)
90-6226-0190622601Alcatel Refurbished 90622601
90624Printek New
90-6309-0190630901Alcatel Refurbished 90630901 11S control card
90-6351-2190635121Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-6351-21-03-F- 7470MSP T1-2 PRI CR CD
90-6465-0190646501Alcatel Refurbished 90646501 ASC Dual Quad E1
9065Televideo Refurbished Data Terminal - 14" - 9065 (no keyboard)
90650U2HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished Hard Drive 6.50GB
90-6603-0190660301Alcatel Refurbished 90660301 4-Port 10/100Base-T Module Interface card BA966VAEAA
90664060V901Enermax Refurbished ATX REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY
90-6701-0290670102Alcatel Refurbished 90670102 4P OC-3C/STM1C IR BA8I692HAA CLEI BA8I692HAA
90-6702-01-00-E9067020100EAlcatel Refurbished 9067020100E OC-12 SR STM-4
90-6819-0190681901Alcatel Refurbished 90681901 Newbridge card
90684U2Apple Refurbished 6.8GB 90684U2 02A 12A A1A FA500560 CZCB DG02A;655T0016 655-08
9068-A039068A03IBM Refurbished 9068A03 PRINTER
90-6931-01-009069310100Alcatel Refurbished 9069310100 IVSN 350 NEWBRIDGE chassis with dual DC power
90696Printek Refurbished - Logic PWA/PCB - 8000/8003/FM8000/FM8003/800X/FM800X
90699Printek New 8003 PH NOSE SHIELD
906KUDell Refurbished 512mb PC100 Memory CL2 ECC Registered
90700Printek New - Edge Sensor W/Cable - 8000/8003/FM8000/FM8003/800X/FM80
90704Printek New - Motor, Paper Drive - 8000/8003/FM8000/FM8003/800X/FM800
90705Printek New Sensor Cable Assembly. - 8000/8003/FM8000/FM8003/800X/FM800X
90712Qume Refurbished
90713Printek New Ribbon Lid/Access Cover - 8000/8003/FM8000/FM8003/800X/FM800X- 3_
90718Qume Refurbished
90721Printek New 90721 Tractor Set - 8000/8003/FM8000/FM8003/800X/FM800X
90721Printek Refurbished 90721 Tractor Set - 8000/8003/FM8000/FM8003/800X/FM800X
90725806HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished Legal PAPER TRAY 8.5 X 14
90-7272-0190727201Alcatel Refurbished 90727201 /NEWBRIDGE QUAD/OCTAL T1/E1 ADAPTER CARD
90-7282-0190728201Alcatel Refurbished 90728201 DS3 CCE 3/1/0
90-7336-0190733601Alcatel Refurbished 90733601 OC48c-SR STM16 SR
90-7336-0290733602Alcatel Refurbished 90733602 7750 HSPS OC48c IR STM16 IR Card
90738Printek New BLOCK Printhead MOUNTING
90739Printek New KIT LEVER DOG LEVER
90743Printek New 90743 CARRIAGE CONVERSION KIT
907700GAdaptec Refurbished ISA SCSI Card
90-7714-0190771401Alcatel Refurbished 90771401 Control Card Interconnect Panel IVSN 350
9080-0147-009080014700Symbol Technologies New 9080014700 Cable-330 Standard Keyboard Wedge Cable IBM PS/2 Y-cable 10 Feet for
908-01019080101Redback Networks Refurbished 9080101 XCRP
908-01029080102Redback Networks New Redback Networks SmartEdge 800 SE800 DS3 Board 600-0201 908-0102 CLEI SND1MY0HAA
908-01059080105Redback Networks New 9080105 Redback Networks SE800 OC-12 IR 4-Port Board SN12AJEFAA 908-0105 CLEI SN12AJEFAA
908-03969080396Redback Networks Refurbished Redback 4 X OC-3C/STM-1C ATM SM/IR LC CONNECTOR CLEI SN56R08CAA
90-8181-0190818101Alcatel New 90818101 74707670 1-Port STM-1-2M Adapter Card new
90822214Nortel Refurbished ProST 5.8GHz TDD - 17dBi Vert excluding SDA
90-8396-1190839611Alcatel Refurbished 90839611 7670-ESE CONTROL COMPLEX CARD 90-8396-11
90841615Spectralogic Refurbished Spectra 10000 Library Rackmount Kit st276-F6-1C

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