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Part No.Description
900-0313R19000313R1Perle Systems Refurbished 9000313R1 IOLan+Rack 16-Port 48v-60v
90-0032-0790003207Alcatel Refurbished 90003207 90-0032-07 - 3600 V.35 DIR Connector CD CLEI DEPMADH6AA
900-0320R19000320R1Perle Systems Refurbished 9000320R1 IOLAN+ 16-Port DB25F
9000342-05900034205Cabletron Systems Refurbished 900034205 ISA ETHERNET NCR 92C902-C 10Base-T RJ45
90-0035-0190003501Alcatel Refurbished 90003501 3600 EXPNDR CD
90-0038-1090003810Alcatel Refurbished 90003810 3600 DSP CD CLEI DEPQB09
90003811Alcatel Refurbished 90003811 90-0038-11 - 3600 Digital Signal Processor CLEI DEPQAAK1AA
900-04023-4312-60A90004023431260ANvidia Corp Refurbished 90004023431260A APPLE Mac G4 Nvidia 32MB AGP VIDEO CARD
900-04023-4312-60E90004023431260ENvidia Corp Refurbished 90004023431260E 32MB AGP VIDEO CARD WITH VGA AND PROPRIETARY OUTPUT
900-04023-4312-60E90004023431260EAti Technologies Refurbished 90004023431260E 32MB AGP VIDEO CARD WITH VGA AND ADC/DVI OUTPUTS FOR MAC
90-0041-0290004102Newbridge Refurbished 90004102 DNIC LINE CARD
9000474-04900047404Cabletron Systems New 900047404 ETHERNET MODULE - MORE AVAILABLE
90005250Xylan Refurbished Assembly HSM-2 BLADE FOR OMNISWITCH
90-0055-000900055000Visioneer Refurbished 900055000 PAPERPORT SCANNER KEYBOARD PS2 AT
9000 64M DDR DVI900064MDDRDVIAti Technologies New 900064MDDRDVI
90-0071-1090007110Alcatel Refurbished 90-0071-10 - 3600 CTR CD Memory MOD CLEI DEPQB101AA
90-0075-02/B90007502BAlcatel Refurbished 90007502B ALCATEL 90-0075-02/B NEWBRIDGE 3600 EXPANDER CARD ALCATEL 90-007
90-0078-0190007801Alcatel Refurbished 90007801 General Facilities Card
90-0078-0490007804Alcatel Refurbished 90007804 3600 GEN FAC CARD CLEI DEPQAAC
900083Visiontek New
900088-0190008801Wyse Refurbished 90008801 TERMINAL WITH SERIAL PORT
90-0090-0590009005Newbridge Refurbished KIT - DUAL SHELF CABLE 8UCS--9-10-2013
90009006Newbridge Refurbished NO CABLE Duplex SHELF Cable. Assembly 2 CARDS ONLY
90009305Alcatel Refurbished NO CABLE Duplex SHELF Cable. Assembly 2 CARDS ONLY CLEI DEPMAA06AA
90-0093-05/B90009305BAlcatel Refurbished ALCATEL/NEWBRIDGE 90-0093-05/B 1.544 MB/S T1 CARD ALCATEL/NEWBRI
90009390-2900093902Hand Held Products Refurbished 900093902 DOLPHIN 7300/74X0 HOMEBASE RS-232 COMPACT 1-SLOT CHARGING.
90009398-2900093982Hand Held Products Refurbished 900093982 Dolphin 7400 Intellibase Home Base Cradle with Power Supply
900098-0190009801Wyse Refurbished 90009801 Tilt Swivel Base for WY-30 Monitor
9000 PRO 64MB RTL9000PRO64MBRTLAti Technologies New 9000PRO64MBRTL Ati 9000-pro-64mb-rtl radeon 9000pro 64mb 128-bit ddr agp 4x/8x video
900-10146-0001-001900101460001001Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900101460001001 64MB AGP VIDEO CARD MAC FX5200 DDR WITH APPLE DVI AND DVI OUTPUT
900102070Konftel Soft Demo/Travel Case
900102087Konftel New Pa Box and Software Upgrade for the KT-300
900102123Konftel New 900102123004
900102125Konftel New AC Adapter 14 V DC
90-0102-1C9001021CHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 9001021C 4-Port etherflex card
900103328Konftel New Extension Cable for Konftel 50 and 60W 10/17
900-10456-0001-200900104560001200Pny Technologies New 900104560001200
900-10656-0100-000900106560100000Dell New 900106560100000
900-10790-0000-001900107900000001Zotac New 900107900000001
900109Visiontek New
900109-3790010937Adaptec Refurbished 90010937 TERMINAL WITH MODEM AUX AND RJ11 PORTS
900110220000000Pny Technologies New
900113140105000Nvidia Corp New 900113140105000
900118Visiontek New Graphics Card - 256MB 128-Bit
900-12000-0100-000900120000100000Dell New 900120000100000
900127Visiontek New
900130Visiontek New
900136Visiontek New
900137Visiontek New
900141Marconi Refurbished MCN70000 PSCU-DS1 SOCUS5OGAA CLEI SOCUS5OGAA
90-0142-1A9001421AChipcon Systems Refurbished 9001421A 10BASE-T CARD
90-0156-0790015607Newbridge Refurbished 90015607 LGS Mod. Dual Voice. FXSPLAR or DPO
90-0156-07/B90015607BNewbridge Refurbished 90015607B LGS MODULE
90-0157-0190015701Alcatel Refurbished Module : Newbridge EM Module for 3630 System CLEI SICTJA03AA
90-0157-1A9001571A3Com Refurbished 9001571A Module
90-0158-0190015801Alcatel Refurbished 90015801 3624 DNIC MOD CLEI SICTJC0
90-0160-0190016001Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-0160-01 NEWBRIDGE DDS MODULE REV B ALCATEL 90-0160-01
90-0161-0290016102Alcatel Refurbished 90016102 CSU-2 MODULE
900164Visiontek New
900165Visiontek New
90-0166-0590016605Alcatel Refurbished 90016605 90-0166-05 CLEI 90-0166-05
900171Visiontek New
900182Visiontek New VisionTek Radeon HD 2600 PRO - Graphics adapter - Radeon HD 2600
900183Dell New
900200Marconi Refurbished MCN7000 8xDS3 SOIFUXKEAA CLEI SOIFUXKEAA
900202Marconi Refurbished MCN7000 DS3/EC1 SOIFVXKEAA
900206Visiontek New
900206070350000HP Hewlett Packard New
900-20607-2200-000900206072200000Nvidia Corp New Nvidia Tesla C1060 900-20607-2200-000 4GB GDDR3 PCI-Express 2.1
900-21030-0100-000900210300100000Nvidia Corp nVidia Tesla C2050 3GB GDDR5 PCI-E x16 GPU Computing Graphics Pr
900-21030-2221-100900210302221100Nvidia Corp New 900210302221100 TESLA GPU C2075 COMPUTE BOARD RETAIL 6GB3.35lbs
900-2180-000090021800000IBM Refurbished 90021800000 288P 501D40100 sPSU
900220Visiontek New
900-22055-0310-000900220550310000HP Hewlett Packard New 900220550310000 HP nVidia Tesla K10 Kepler 8GB GDDR5 PCI-Express 3.0 Workstation
900-22081-0030-000900220810030000Nvidia Corp New 900220810030000 NVIDIA Tesla K20X 6GB GPU Server Accelerator Processing Unit Pa
900-22081-2250-000900220812250000Nvidia Corp New Nvidia Tesla K40 12GB Active Cooling GPU Processing Unit Card
900221/29002212Marconi Refurbished 9002212 MCN7000 OC-3/OC-12 LR1
900222//29002222Marconi Refurbished 9002222 MCN7000 OC-3/12 IR1 SOO1BBBAAA
900225Visiontek New
900226Visiontek New
9002304Rockwell Refurbished ISA SOUND CARD
900242-106900242106Wyse Refurbished 900242106
900252-0190025201Wyse Refurbished 90025201 TERMINAL
900254Visiontek New Graphics Card - ATi Radeon HD 4650 - 512MB DDR2 SDRAM Memory 128-Bit
900260-0690026006Wyse Refurbished 90026006 TERMINAL
900261Visiontek New
900268Visiontek New
900268-0190026801Wyse Refurbished 90026801 WY-50 Amber Terminal Monitor
900285Visiontek New
900286Visiontek New
900287Visiontek New
900297AMD New
900311-0190031101Wyse Refurbished 90031101 MONITOR Assembly AMBER
900311-0790031107Wyse Refurbished 90031107
9-00323-0490032304Dell Refurbished 90032304
900329Visiontek New
900332Visiontek New
900353-0490035304Wyse Refurbished 90035304 WY-185 TERMINAL
900353-0790035307Wyse Refurbished 90035307 MONO TERMINAL
900373-0190037301Wyse Refurbished 90037301
90038Sun Microsystems Refurbished 90038 RACK 900-38 WITH PDU Power Distribution Unit
900383Visiontek 4GB DDR3 Memory PC3-12800 1600MHZ DIMMMEM CL9
900400Marconi Refurbished MCN7000 XCON-20 SOCUVWOGAA
9004-01900401WDC Western Digital Corporation Refurbished 900401 Western Digital WD90C00 JK 16 Bit ISA Video Card 01 2HG 003A
90041Dell Refurbished DELL E6400 160GB 5400 2.5 SATA HD
900410/29004102Marconi New 9004102 MCM7000 XCON 40 CrossJ-MConnect Card 35-.A5 G
90-0411-0390041103Alcatel Refurbished 90041103 3630 91x2R2 E1 20hz 115VZC Basic System
900427-001900427001Memorex Telex Refurbished 900427001 TERMINAL
90043Inmac New BNC T Cable Connector
900431Visiontek New Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Expres
90-0435-0290043502Alcatel Refurbished SHELF: 3600 120VAC Power SHELF
90-0481-0290048102Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL-LUCENT NEWBRIDGE 3600 115V AC POWER SUPPLY
90-0482-1A9004821A3Com Refurbished 9004821A Module
900486Visiontek New
900-50118-1700-000A900501181700000AAti Technologies Refurbished 900501181700000A 64MB AGP VIDEO CARD QUADRO NVS 280 WITH DMS-59 OUTPUT
900-50118-1700-00 A90050118170000ANvidia Corp Refurbished 90050118170000A AGP VIDEO CARD DVI OUTPUT
900-50169-0300-101 A900501690300101ANvidia Corp Refurbished 900501690300101A QUADRO PCI VGA CARD
900-50169-0300-802900501690300802Pny Technologies New 900501690300802
900-50171-0400900501710400IBM Refurbished 900501710400 IBM/ Nvidia QUADRO FX Graphic Card 286W1100z-B18-2C
900-50171-0400-000900501710400000Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900501710400000 256MB AGP VIDEO CARD WITH DUAL DVI OUTPUTS
900-50171-0402-000900501710402000Nvidia Corp New 900501710402000
900-50171-1800900501711800Sun Microsystems New 900501711800
900-50171-1800-000900501711800000Sun Microsystems New 900501711800000
900-50199005019IBM New 9005019
900501920402000Nvidia Corp New 900501920402000
900-50201-0000900502010000Nvidia Corp New 900502010000
900-50201-0000-000900502010000000Nvidia Corp New 900502010000000
900-50201-1800900502011800Nvidia Corp New 900502011800
900-50211-0100-000900502110100000Dell New 900502110100000
900-50211-0100-001900502110100001Dell New 900502110100001
900-50214-0000900502140000Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900502140000 INVIDIA 32MB AGP
900-50231-0350-000900502310350000HP Hewlett Packard New 900502310350000 Quadro NVS 280 64MB DDR PCI Express x16 Workstation Video Card
900-50231-1750-000900502311750000Pny Technologies New 900502311750000
900-50268-0100-000900502680100000Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900502680100000 128MB PCI-E VIDEO CARD QUADRO FX1300 WITH DUAL DVI OUTPUTS
900-50268-0300-001900502680300001Nvidia Corp New 900502680300001
900-50268-0400-001900502680400001Nvidia Corp New 900502680400001
900-50307-0300-000900503070300000HP Hewlett Packard New 900503070300000
900-50307-0300-001900503070300001HP Hewlett Packard New 900503070300001
900-50307-1700-000900503071700000Pny Technologies New 900503071700000 NVIDIA QUADRO NVS 440 256MB PCI-E X16 DUAL DVI DUA
900-5034790050347Nvidia Corp New 90050347
900-50347-0000900503470000Nvidia Corp New 900503470000
900-50347-0600900503470600Nvidia Corp New 900503470600
900-5034890050348Dell New 90050348
900503560100000Dell New
900-50393-0100-000900503930100000Dell New 900503930100000
900-50393-0300900503930300Nvidia Corp New 900503930300
900-50393-0300-000900503930300000Nvidia Corp New 900503930300000
900-50393-0300-000G900503930300000GNvidia Corp New 900503930300000G
900-50393-0300-001900503930300001Nvidia Corp New 900503930300001
900-50455-0150900504550150Nvidia Corp New 900504550150
900-50455-0150-000900504550150000Nvidia Corp New 900504550150000
900-50455-0300-000900504550300000HP Hewlett Packard New NVIDIA QUADRO 1500 PCI EXPRESS 256MB GDDR3 DUAL DVI
900-50498-1700-000900504981700000Pny Technologies New 900504981700000
900-5053890050538Nvidia Corp Refurbished 90050538 QUADRO NVS 290 PCI-E VIDEO CARD 256MB GDDR2 WITH DMS-59 OUTPUT
900-50538-0300900505380300Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900505380300 QUADRO NVS 290 PCI-E VIDEO CARD 256MB GDDR2 WITH DMS-59 OUTPUT
900-50538-0300-000900505380300000Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900505380300000 QUADRO NVS 290 PCI-E VIDEO CARD 256MB GDDR2 WITH DMS-59 OUTPUT
900-50538-0500-102900505380500102Nvidia Corp Refurbished 900505380500102 QUADRO NVS 290 PCI-E VIDEO CARD 256MB GDDR2 WITH DMS-59 OUTPUT
900-50588-0150900505880150Dell New 900505880150
900-50588-0150-000900505880150000Dell New 900505880150000
900-50588-0350900505880350HP Hewlett Packard New 900505880350
900-50588-0350-000900505880350000HP Hewlett Packard New 900505880350000
900-50588-1750900505881750Nvidia Corp New 900505881750
900-50588-1750-000900505881750000Nvidia Corp New 900505881750000
900-5060790050607Pny Technologies New 4GB PNY Quadro FX5800 DDR3 2xDVI PCI Express 900-50607
900-50624-0300900506240300Nvidia Corp New 900506240300
900-50624-0300-000900506240300000Nvidia Corp New 900506240300000
900-50624-0300-001900506240300001Nvidia Corp New 900506240300001
900-50624-1700-000900506241700000Dell New 900506241700000
900-50678-0300900506780300Nvidia Corp
900-50737-0100-000900507370100000Dell New 900507370100000
900-50737-0101-000900507370101000Dell New 900507370101000
900-50737-1700-000900507371700000Pny Technologies New 900507371700000
900-50749005074IBM New 9005074
900-50744-0300-000900507440300000HP Hewlett Packard New 900507440300000
900507880100000Dell New
900-50979005097IBM New 9005097
900-51030-0100-000900510300100000Dell New 900510300100000
900-51031-0300-000900510310300000HP Hewlett Packard New 900510310300000 Quadro 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x1
900-51033-2700-000900510332700000IBM New 900510332700000
900-51039-0300-000900510390300000Pny Technologies New 900510390300000
900-51039-2700-000900510392700000Pny Technologies New 900510392700000 Quadro NVS 300 512MB DDR3 PCI Express x1 Lo
900522Marconi Refurbished MCN 7000 1XOC192LR2 module
900554-0590055405Wyse Refurbished 90055405 TERMINAL MONITOR
90-0555-0190055501Newbridge Refurbished 90055501 AMP CHAMP MALE/FEMALE
90056401Alcatel Refurbished 3600 DUAL T1 CARD - DEP1CF2AAA CLEI DEPMAE06AA
90-0566-0190056601Alcatel Refurbished 90056601 3600 Voice Comp Module 3
90-0566-0490056604Newbridge Refurbished 90056604 VOICE COMPRESSION MOD
90-0567-0190056701Newbridge New 90-0567-01 T1 LIM Module from the T1 Cards
90-0567-0190056701Alcatel Refurbished 90056701 T1 LIM Module from the T1 cards 3600
900574-002900574002Dataproducts New 900574002 PREVENTITIVE MAINENANCE KIT FOR B300
90-0575-0490057504Alcatel Refurbished 90057504 3612 System B11X 115v
90057-5779900575779Spectralogic Refurbished 900575779 CL-GD520A-40PC-E ISA 16BIT WITH 4-Port RGB BNC OUTPUT AND DB15 O
90058Lucent Technologies Refurbished Internal 56K Data/Fax/Voice Modem
900600Sycamore Networks Refurbished LIM 4XOC48STM 16
900610Tandberg Data Refurbished TANDBERG 900610 STORAGELOADER VXA-320 SCSI 1X10 900610 SAME AS
90061610Alcatel New Alcatel omniswitch CSM-AB-DS3-2W List Price $3287 90061610
900627Visiontek New VisionTek 900627 Radeon HD 7990 6GB 384-bit x2 GDDR5 PCI Express
90-0639-0190063901Alcatel Refurbished 90063901 3645 BUS EXTENDER CD CLEI DEPMBH0
90-0639-0390063903Alcatel Refurbished 90063903 90-0639-03 - 3645 BUS EXTENDER CD CLEI 90-0639-03
90-0640-0390064003Alcatel Refurbished 90064003 3645 SWITCH CD CLEI DEPQAA6
900641Visiontek 4GB NB3 12800 DDR3L Low Volta (900641)
900642Visiontek 8GB NB3 12800 DDR3L Low Volta (900642)
90-0661-0190066101Alcatel Refurbished 90066101 90-0661-01 - DOUBLE BAND WITH MODULE CLEI DEPQB031AA
900667Visiontek 8GB DDR3 Memory CL11 1600 Black Label (900667)
90-0667-0190066701Alcatel Refurbished 90066701 3645 System Control 3
90-067-0001900670001Davicom Refurbished 900670001 100BASE-TX/FX ETHERNET CARD
90-067-0002900670002Davicom Refurbished 900670002 100BASE-TX/FX ETHERNET CARD
90-0670-0190067001Alcatel Refurbished 90067001 3600 DA Communications Processor CD CLEI DEPQB11
900679-103900679103Telex Communications Refurbished 900679103 MONITOR
900-68019006801Fujitsu Refurbished 9006801 8.4GB IDE DRIVE DATE 1998-09
9006UDell Refurbished Cable Assembly BKPLN-5HD P2450
900772-0790077207Wyse Refurbished 90077207
90081100Alcatel Refurbished omniswitch ESM 10/100Base-T 12-Port List Price
900-820-0090082000Brooktrout Technology New 90082000 2 channel loop start
900866-0190086601Wyse Refurbished 900866-01 keyboard
9-00885GO900885GOHENDRIX Refurbished 900885GO
9-0088G090088G0DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 90088G0
90-0890-0190089001Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-0890-01 NEWBRIDGE DUAL FAN TRAY ALCATEL 90-0890-01
90089-8940900898940Spectralogic Refurbished 900898940 CL-GD520A-40PC-E ISA 16BIT WITH 4-Port RGB BNC OUTPUT AND DB15 A
900-944-0190094401Brooktrout Technology New 90094401 4-Port ISA faxvoice card 4 channel Loop start
900979-0290097902Wyse Refurbished 90097902
900985-0490098504Wyse Refurbished 90098504
900986-0190098601Wyse Refurbished 90098601 WY185 TERMINAL
900986-0490098604Wyse Refurbished 90098604 WY185 TERMINAL
900986-0790098607Wyse Refurbished 90098607
900ASuttle New DSL alarm filter
900LCCS-50900LCCS50Suttle New 900LCCS50 In-line DSL Filter w/ Splitter
900XGLHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished HP Nvidia Quadro4 900XGL 128MB 4x AGP Video A8064-60520
901C.itoh Refurbished 108 KEY KEYBOARD WITH RJ12 CONNECTOR
901Shugart Refurbished
901-001-14-1V901001141VDialogic New 901001141V 1 YR VPUP
9010019SGI Silicon Graphics Inc Refurbished 64MB RAM for Octane
9010020SGI Silicon Graphics Inc Refurbished 128MB RAM for Octane
901-002-1290100212Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90100212
901-007-1290100712Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90100712 TR1034+E8-8L 8-Channel ANALOG V.34 FAX PCIE PCI-Express [901-007-12
90-101-0001901010001Amp Inc New 901010001 PCI Fiber Fibre OPTIC AND 100 BASE-TX LAN CARD WITH PROCESSOR AM79C972
90-101-0001901010001Sun Microsystems New 901010001 100 BASE-TX PCI LAN CARD
901-012-08-1V901012081VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TRUFAX 250E BRI (2B+D) BOARD
901028-0690102806Wyse New 90102806
90104/6090104603M New 9010460 3M 100 Foot Pleated Foil .050 in. 28 AWG 60 Conductor PVC Shield
901048NOVATION Refurbished A/C Adapter In: 115VAC Out: 9.0VAC 1.3A Male Connector
901048MODEMNOVATION Refurbished A/C Adapter In: 115VAC Out: 9.5VAC 0.75A Male Connector for
901053NOVATION Refurbished Novation 901053-1 Novation Ac Adapter -12v 0.1a +5v 0.8a
901087-0190108701Wyse Refurbished 90108701 WY-670+ COLOR MONITOR OPEN BOX
901087-0290108702Wyse Refurbished 90108702 WY-670ES COLOR MONITOR OPEN BOX
90109HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished PCI MODEM AGERE 1648C-TV3 OR LUCENT 1648T00
90109-2B4901092B4HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 901092B4 56K INTERNAL FAX MODEM
90109-2B4901092B4Eton Corp Refurbished 901092B4 PCI NETWORK CARD
90111110-2-19011111021Hand Held Products Refurbished 9011111021 Works Great! Dolphin 7400 series Batch Handheld Terminal 43-KEY
90-1184-0190118401Alcatel REFURBISHED 2B1Q LINE CARD 6-Port
901189-0190118901AMD Refurbished 90118901 VGA 13INCH YELLOWED CASE DIM
901-22888-009012288800DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 9012288800 7000R HOTPLUG FAN DB
901-22892-009012289200DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 9012289200 SERVER 400-Watts POWER SUPPLY 7000R HP3-4CBDD-51078
90123102Alcatel Refurbished 36XX OCUDP Channel UN2
901251Schlumberger New 901251 SCHLUMBERGER / READER
90135810Alcatel Refurbished omniswitch CSM-U carrier card installed in the Chassis
90135831Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel omniswitch CSM-U carrier card installed in the chassis 9
90139-0690139063Com New 9013906 Superstack Fiber Fibre Trunk Module RI/RO Retail Boxed
90-1414-1A9014141AChipcon Systems Refurbished 9014141A 10BASE-T 1X-12X
90-1452-0190145201Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-1452-01 NEWBRIDGE 4W TO CHAN 3600 REV C ALCATEL 90-14 CLEI DECUE001AA
90150010Diamond Multimedia New
901537-0690153706Wyse Refurbished 90153706 TERMINAL WY-35ES WHITE
90-1548-3190154831Alcatel Refurbished 90154831 3500 WM 120-Volt System
90-1549-0190154901Alcatel Refurbished 90154901 RS422 DCC (4ckt)
901567-0690156706Wyse Refurbished 90156706 TERMINAL WITH COMM1 COMM2 PARALLEL AND RJ11 KB PORTS
901567-0790156707Wyse New WYSE WY-65 901567-07 12 Terminal Monitor w/901865-01+Y184384
901589-001A901589001AMouse Systems Refurbished 901589001A
901589-001B901589001BMouse Systems Refurbished 901589001B
901589-001C901589001CMouse Systems Refurbished 901589001C
9016091Smc Networks Refurbished ISA 8BIT ARCNET CARD COAX SMC COM90C65
90-1625-0290162502Alcatel Refurbished 90162502 90-1625-02 - DUAL T1 1.544Mbps CARD-2 CLEI 90-1625-02
90163710Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90163710 MPM-1GW-56MD-12MF MANAGEMENT PROCESSOR MODULE
90-1638-0390163803Alcatel Refurbished 90163803 Frame Relay Engine
90164510Alcatel Refurbished OMNISTACK 6024 Stacking Module
901703-7290170372Wyse Refurbished 90170372 WY-1570DES COLOR MONITOR OPEN BOX
90-1715-0190171501Alcatel Refurbished 90171501 FDDI MMF
901715-0690171506Wyse New 90171506
901715-3490171534Wyse New 90171534 K/B USBW/PS2IEPC BLACK USPK-6-E2-1C
901716-0190171601Wyse New 90171601 Keyboard USB EPC Keyboard 104 keys - English - US
90-1716-0190171601Alcatel Refurbished 90171601 36150 VIDEO Compressor CD CLEI BALFEE0
901716-0690171606Wyse New 90171606 WYSE KEYBOARD USB W/ PS/2 PORT 104K BLACK
901716-0890171608Wyse New 90171608 Keyboard USB With PS2 EPC Keyboard 104 Keys English USA
901716-08L90171608LWyse New 90171608L K/BUSB W/PS2104KWYSE LOGOUS
90-1722-02/C90172202CAlcatel Refurbished 90172202C 4-Port switch card
90-1722-0390172203Alcatel Refurbished 90172203 4-Port Switch Card 3 36150 kr
90-1724-0290172402Alcatel Refurbished 90172402 100115V AC Power Supply Card 36150 kr
90-1726-0290172602Alcatel Refurbished 90172602 90-1726-02 - 36150 PROG CONTROL CLEI BACCF001AA
901750-1090175010Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 901750-10- POWER SUPPLY FOR OMNI 7800 7700 SP667 SP569-1
90175310Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90175310 OS7800-CMM 050352-43 CHAS MGMT MOD ALCATEL 9017
90-1841-0190184101Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-1841-01 NEWBRIDGE FASTCOMM FDX 2488 V.22 OLD STO
90-1841-0290184102Alcatel Refurbished 90184102 Fastcomm FDX 2488 V.32
9018610010Acer Refurbished ISA SOUND CARD
9018610202Aopen Refurbished Sound cardAW200 99929-1.1 48.18612.01190.18610.202b.12
901861-2690186126Wyse New 90186126 WINTERM KEYBOARD PS/2 104 KEYS
901861-2690186126Wyse Refurbished 90186126 WINTERM KEYBOARD PS/2 104 KEYS
901865-0190186501Wyse Refurbished 90186501 50/55/60/1X0/285/3XX ENHANCED Keyboard
901866Wyse New
901867-0190186701Wyse Refurbished 901867-01 55 16 Function Keys Keyboard
901869-0190186901Wyse Refurbished 90186901
90187901Wyse New Wyse 901879-01 ANSI Terminal Keyboard
90188510Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel OS-6GSM-FM-1 1-port 1000Base-SX MMF Mod. OmniStack 6124 Switch 90188510
901894-1290189412Wyse New 90189412
9019-20901920WDC Western Digital Corporation Refurbished 901920 ISA VIDEO CARD
901932-0190193201Wyse Refurbished 90193201 WINTERM2310SE 901932-01 TERMINAL
901972-0190197201Wyse Refurbished 90197201 Winterm Unit - No Power Supply
901988-1290198812Wyse Refurbished 90198812 WINTERM TERMINAL W/ AC ADAPTER
90-1990-0190199001Alcatel Refurbished 90199001 OC-3 UNINNI Internal Reach card 36150 kr
90-1995-0190199501Alcatel Refurbished 90199501 Control Card 2 36150 kr
901995-1790199517Dell Refurbished 90199517 E200 233Mhz Thin Client Terminal System GXL/32Mb/Windows Ce 2.
9019CDell Refurbished 9019C Floppy Drive CABLE 17.5 34-Pin
902-0009129F9020009129FNcr Refurbished 9020009129F TOKEN RING ADAPTER BOARD ISA 16-Bit DB9
902-0010480D9020010480DNcr Refurbished 9020010480D TOKEN RING ADAPTER BOARD ISA 16-Bit DB9
902-0010611A9020010611ANcr Refurbished 9020010611A TOKEN RING ADAPTER BOARD ISA 16-Bit DB9
90-2002-0190200201Alcatel Refurbished Channel Bank: 3624 Basic System AC Power Each Basic System Inclu
90200222-0331902002220331Intel Corporation Refurbished 902002220331 Pentium III processor at 667MHz SECC2 133MHZ BUS 256K CACHE
90201/2090201203M New 9020120 3M 100 Foot Pleated Foil .025 in. 30 AWG 20 Conductor TPE Shield
902020P20B0081Macase Refurbished 250W 20 PIN ATX POWER SUPPLY
902024-1890202418Wyse Refurbished 90202418 WINTERM Windows CE 2.12 EMBEDDED WITH POWER SUPPLY
90206410Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL. OmniSwitch OS7-GNI-U12 90206410 050408-83 12 port SFP 1
902073-0190207301Wyse Refurbished 90207301
902073-1190207311Wyse Refurbished 90207311
902073-4590207345Wyse Refurbished 90207345 OPEN BOX WINTERM TERMINAL EMBEDDED WINDOWS XP
902073-7090207370Wyse Refurbished 90207370 WINTERM TERMINAL EMBEDDED WINDOWS XP
90208410Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90208410 OS8-GNI2-U24 8800 2nd Generation 24-unpopulated
902094-07L90209407LWyse Refurbished 90209407L
902097-02L90209702LWyse New 90209702L
90-2115-01/ZB90211501ZBNewbridge Refurbished 90211501ZB ATM 19-Inch Rack 12 Twisted Pair Ethernet Port 1 Fiber Fibre Optic P
902130BCumulus Corp Refurbished 8BIT ISA FLOPPY TAPE CONTROLLER
902139-21L90213921LWyse Refurbished 90213921L
902144-19L90214419LWyse Refurbished 90214419L WINTERM V90LE XPE 1.2G
902144-60L90214460LTexas Instruments Refurbished 90214460L
902148-34L90214834LWyse Refurbished 90214834L
902175-02L90217502LWyse Refurbished WYSE C10LE WTOS 1G 128F/512R DVI ES INTL VIA Eden 1 GHz
90-2180-0190218001Alcatel Refurbished 90218001 90-2180-01 - TERMINATION CARD CLEI 90-2180-01
90-2181-0190218101Alcatel Refurbished 90218101 90-2181-01 CLEI 90-2181-01
90-2183-0290218302Alcatel Refurbished 90218302 Newbridge Mainstreet Circuit Pack DRX-1310 2 perrs+hsps
90-2186-0190218601Alcatel Refurbished 90218601
90-2188-01/n90218801nAlcatel Refurbished 90218801n 36170 OC-3 IR BALI1191AA
90-2188-1690218816Alcatel Refurbished 90218816 OC-3-IR ATM UNINNI R3.1
90-2188-2390218823Alcatel Refurbished 90218823
90-2189-0190218901Alcatel Refurbished 90218901 36170 TDS3 card
90-2189-11/06/D9021891106DAlcatel Refurbished 9021891106D DS3 ATM UNINNI R3.1
90-2190-0190219001Alcatel Refurbished 90219001 36170 MAINSTREET XPRESS PERIPHERAL SHELF CLEI 90-2190-01
90222500150Data General Refurbished
90222500150Mouse Systems Refurbished
902245Stancor Refurbished AC ADAPTER 12VDC 1A
90224510Alcatel Refurbished OmniSwitch OS7-ENI2-C24 90224510 24 port 10/100 Fast ethernet mo
90227-019022701Plantronics New 9022701 SHR2376-01 windscreen
90-2271-0190227101Alcatel Refurbished 90227101 Amazon Multi Protocol
90228-019022801Plantronics New 9022801 SHR2376-01 earpad
90-2289-0190228901Alcatel Refurbished 90228901 FILLER PLATE 7PACK CLEI BAPQAHJAAA
90-2290-0290229002Alcatel Refurbished 90229002 HS FIC-1310 FOR OC12-STM-4-1
90-2291-0190229101Alcatel Refurbished 90229101 7470 MSP
90231510Alcatel Refurbished OmniSwitch 90231510 OS7-GNI2-U2 050359-44 REV A 2 port GBIC 1000
90-2319-1090231910Alcatel Refurbished 90231910
90-2322-0290232202Alcatel Refurbished 90232202 90-2322-02 - MAU 6 COAX Adapter CLEI 90-2322-02
90-2352-0190235201Alcatel Refurbished Alcate/Newbridge 90-2352-01 4 Port Ethernet card 36150 Alcate/Ne
90243Dell Refurbished Card Planar ( Motherboard ) P54 Dimension XPS/PXC F
902496-9090249690Alcatel Refurbished 90249690 ALCATEL-LUCENT DC Power. SUP. PS-120W-DC 902496-90 C.C.#849069273
9024-CU24-ST29024CU24ST2Qlogic Refurbished 9024CU24ST2 QLOGIC 24-PORT INFINIBAND EDGE SWITCH
90-2507-0190250701Alcatel Refurbished 90250701 Single Shelf Hub Card NSX
9025-12HBTB902512HBTBJmc Refurbished 902512HBTB FAN 9025-12HBTB DC12V 0.60A F1588 E175589 3-WIRE 92x25mm
90-2517-2190251721Alcatel Refurbished 90251721 T1 CE 8-Port R3.1
90-2517-3190251731Alcatel Refurbished 90251731 T1 CE 8-Port R4.0
90-2517-3290251732Alcatel Refurbished 90251732 E1 CE 120 8-Port R3.1
90-2517-5190251751Alcatel Refurbished 90251751 T1 CE 8-Port CLEI
902520141064Fuji Film New FujiFilm 125M 4mm DDS3 DATA Tape 12GB PK4B#3-10CN
902520198068Fuji Film New FUJIFILM 4mm DATA Tape DDS420/40Gb PK4B#3-B2-10CN
90254202Newbridge Refurbished Alcatel / NEWBRIDGE 90-2542-02 MAU PRI WIRE WRAP 90-2542-02
90-2543-0190254301Alcatel Refurbished 90254301 PRI RJ45 DISTRIBUTION Panel
90-2544-4190254441Alcatel Refurbished 90254441 T1 PRI CFR QUAD R3.1
902548-9090254890Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel OmniSwitch OS6850-48 902548-90 Layer 3 48 PORT Switch OS
902580441609Maxell New Helical Scan CLEAN TAPE all-DDS PK4B#3-B3-3CN
90-2628P-01902628P01DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902628P01
90-2742-0190274201Alcatel Refurbished 90274201 Vivid Token Ring VTP Blue Ridge
90-2752P-01902752P01DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902752P01
9-02799G0902799G0DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902799G0
9-02799GO902799GOHENDRIX Refurbished 902799GO
902833-001902833001Memorex Telex Refurbished 902833001 MONITOR14 Green MON 14 50/60HZ
9-02873G0902873G0DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902873G0
9-02873GO902873GOHENDRIX Refurbished 902873GO
9028HCKToshiba Refurbished 30-Pin SIMM 9 CHIP
90291Printek New 90291 PRINTEK NOSE SHIELD
9029711PW-89029711PW8Jmc New 9029711PW8 DELL PN FAN 12V DC .6A 92MM BY 25MM 3 5/8 BY 1-Inch 10-Inch 3 W
90300031DEC Digital Equipment Corp New PRINTER PART
90-3119-0190311901Alcatel Refurbished 90311901 RAD Terminal Sever
90317400Cray Refurbished CRAY VME NSI CABLE
90318-57690318576Microsoft Refurbished 90318576 MICROSOFT X03-69945 MOUSE 2-BUTTON PS/2 COMPATIBLE ID: 90318-57
90319Printek Refurbished - FP4000/FP4003 Logic PCB
9032-0039032003IBM Refurbished 9032003 Enterprise System CONNCT ESCON DIR
90322Printek Refurbished Fan Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/FP4500_
90324Printek Refurbished PTK 4003/4503 PAPER FEED MOTOR Assembly.
90325Printek Refurbished Gap Motor Head - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/_
90326Printek Refurbished - Serial/Parallel Interface - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP
90328Printek New Dot Matrix Formspro 4000 Series Tractor FormsPro 4000 Series
90328Printek Dot Matrix Refurbished Formspro 4000 Series Tractor FormsPro 4000 Series
90329Printek Refurbished Tractor Bearing Set - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4_
9032AAAToshiba Refurbished 30-Pin SIPP
90-3346-0190334601Alcatel Refurbished 90334601 CONTROL CARD 2/R3.1
90336Printek New Print HD Cable Printek 4xxx
90336Printek Refurbished Print HD Cable Printek 4xxx
90338Printek Refurbished PTK-4003 CARRIAGE STEPPER MOTOR
90344Printek Refurbished SIDE PANEL L 4000 PRINTEK
90348Printek Refurbished TRANSFORMER 120-Volt 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90349Printek Refurbished CCA SHUTTLE Drive 4003 PRINTEK
9034GDTrident Microsystems Refurbished ISA VIDEO CARD WITH VGA OUTPUT
9035-090350Wang Refurbished 90350 WANG 9035-0 MONO ISA VIDEO ADAPTER 9035-0A
90-3553-0190355301Alcatel Refurbished 90355301 DS3 CFR card
90359Printek Refurbished PLATE LATCH SET - 4000 #108
90361Printek New Lid Hinge Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/
90361Printek Refurbished Lid Hinge Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/
90-3625-0190362501Alcatel Refurbished 90362501 T1 CSU card
90-3627-0290362702Alcatel Refurbished 90362702 CTL card Memory 32m
90-3630-0290363002Alcatel Refurbished 90363002 T1 CSU card
90-3633-0290363302Alcatel Refurbished 90363302 T1 CSU card
90-3634-0190363401Alcatel Refurbished 90363401 HEX WAN RS 232
90-3635-0190363501Alcatel Refurbished 90363501 HEX WAN RS 232
90-3640-0290364002Alcatel Refurbished 90364002
90370-10490370104Xilinx Refurbished 90370104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90371Printek Refurbished PRINTEK 4XXX TRACTOR DRIVE GEAR Assembly
90371-10490371104Xilinx Refurbished 90371104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90372-10190372101Xilinx Refurbished 90372101 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90378Printek Refurbished 90378 Printek 4500/4503 Printhead with Sensor
903FD37003Aopen Refurbished 52X/32X/52X CD-ROM DRIVE BEIGE
904-017-0090401700Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90401700 BROOKTROUT 904-017-00- PCI/8LI CARD BROOKTROUT 904-017-00
904-030-3090403030Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90403030 Brooktrout RealBLOCs-24-APT Carrier Board
90417600Cray Refurbished 90417600 CRAY VME VISW CABLE
904200-0C9042000CSycamore Networks Refurbished 9042000C SYCM4000014 904200 OC-192/STM-64 XFP 1310nm SR/I-64.1 Pluggable
90421Printek Refurbished Shuttle Carriage
90422Printek Refurbished CARRIAGE BRACKET
9-04267G904267GDEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 904267G
9-04267GO904267GOHENDRIX Refurbished 904267GO
904284-00009042840000Logitech Inc Refurbished 9042840000 ZILOG CHIP ON SMALL BOARD
90-4441-0190444101Alcatel Refurbished 90444101 90-4441-01 CLEI 90-4441-01
90-4443-0190444301Alcatel Refurbished 90444301 90-4443-01 - UNIVERSAL AC POWER SUPPLY CLEI 90-4443-01
90-4452-01-00-G9044520100GAlcatel Refurbished 9044520100G Control CTL
90-4452-1190445211Alcatel Refurbished 90445211 Control CTL Card BA6IGCOBAD
90-4453-0390445303Alcatel Refurbished 90445303 Hub card BAC6WV6DAA
90-4455-01-009044550100Alcatel Refurbished 9044550100 T1 CE Circuit Emulation
90-4455-0290445502Alcatel Refurbished 90445502 /Newbridge E1 8-Port CE Card
90-4460-0390446003Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-4460-03 NEWBRIDGE REV 00-A 8 PORT E1 75 OHMS INTERFAC CLEI 90-4460-03
90-4461-0190446101Alcatel Refurbished 90446101 T1 Interface 4-Port
90-4461-0390446103Alcatel Refurbished 90446103 T1 Interface 4-Port
90-4462-0390446203Alcatel Refurbished 90446203 Sinlge port OC3STM1 LR IO CARD BAA3UWOAAA
9045Hayes Refurbished 2-Port ISA SERIAL CARD
90452-6904526Comtrol Refurbished 904526 Rocket Octa RS232 Power ISA
90457300Cray Refurbished CRAY VME INTERMEDIATE CABLE
90-4590-0190459001Alcatel Refurbished 90-7041-01 7670 OC48C/STM16C NNI Line Card CLEI 90-4590-01
904622Scm Microsystems New SCM SCR331 USB Smart Card Reader 904622
904623Radware Refurbished RADWARE WEB SERVER DIRECTOR 904623 WSD 2GB+8FE
90-4671-4190467141Alcatel Refurbished 90467141 T1 CR ATM Card R3.1
90472Printek New GEAR SHUTTLE Drive 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90472Printek Refurbished GEAR SHUTTLE Drive 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90472401Alcatel Refurbished 90472401 M/S TRAFFIC SHAPING MDL
90474Printek Refurbished SWITCH COVER CASE OPEN
90483Printek Refurbished - Formspro FP4500 Printer w/Serial & Parallel
9048CDell Refurbished
90-4905-0390490503Alcatel Refurbished 90490503 36170 OC-3 MMF card
90-4905-2390490523Alcatel Refurbished 90490523 OC-3-2 MMF
90-4907-0190490701Alcatel Refurbished 90490701 36170 Peripheral Shelf 2 R3.1 Chassis only
90-4909-16/D90490916DAlcatel Refurbished 90490916D ALCATEL 90-4909-16/D NEWBRIDGE STM1-2M IR MODULE ALCATEL 90-4909
90-4918-0190491801Alcatel Refurbished 90491801 36170 Sinle DS3E3 1:N
90499Printek Refurbished 4XXX RIBBON SENSOR PWA
904AH07S01HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished LAPTOP KEYBOARD REV A2US
905Televideo Refurbished
905-00433-049050043304Cabletron Systems Refurbished 9050043304 905-00433-04 FLOWPOINT 2210 HUB
90502Printek New Printer Ribbon Drive Kit
90502Printek Refurbished Printer Ribbon Drive Kit
90503Printek New CARRIAGE Assembly 4503 PRINTEK
90503Printek Refurbished CARRIAGE Assembly 4503 PRINTEK
9050-365890503658HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 90503658 LT6000 Power supply
90-5037-0190503701Alcatel Refurbished 90503701
90504Printek Refurbished Printhead Cable Assembly. - 4300/FP4300
90505Printek Refurbished 4503 SHUTTLE MOTOR SUB 80921
90507Printek Refurbished - Shuttle PCB - 4300/4500/4503/FP4300/FP4500/FP4503/4XXX
90509Printek Refurbished Latch Adjuster - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/F
9050NHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished HP LaserJet 9050N Network Version Printer
90512Printek New PTK 4500 MAINTENANCE MANUAL
90514Printek Refurbished 4XXX PAPER MOTOR GEAR PLATE
90-5360-0190536001Alcatel Refurbished 90536001 PCB Modem Module Single

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