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Part No.Description
90-2188-0390218803Alcatel Refurbished 90218803
90218803Newbridge Refurbished 90218803 OC-3 MMF ATM CARD R1.3
90-2188-1190218811Alcatel Refurbished 90218811 36170 OC-3 IR
90-2188-1190218811Newbridge Refurbished 90218811 Mainstreet 36170 OC-3 IR ATM
90-2188-1290218812Newbridge Refurbished 90218812 Mainstreet 36170 OC-3 LR
90-2188-12/D90218812DAlcatel Refurbished 90218812D Newbridge card
90-2188-12/E90218812EAlcatel Refurbished 90218812E OC3-LR
90-2188-1690218816Alcatel Refurbished 90218816 OC-3-IR ATM UNINNI R3.1
90-2188-1690218816Newbridge Refurbished 90218816 OC-3 IR ATM UNI/NNI R.2.2
90-2188-1890218818Newbridge Refurbished 90218818 OC-3 MMF ATM R.2.2
90-2188-2190218821Newbridge Refurbished 90218821
90-2188-2390218823Alcatel Refurbished 90218823
90-2188-2390218823Newbridge Refurbished 90218823 OC-3 MMF ATM R2.3
90-2189-0190218901Alcatel Refurbished 90218901 36170 TDS3 card
90-2189-1190218911Alcatel Refurbished 90218911 DS3 ATM UNINNI R3.1
90-2189-11/06/D9021891106DAlcatel Refurbished 9021891106D DS3 ATM UNINNI R3.1
90-2189-3190218931Alcatel Refurbished 90218931 36170 TDS3 card
90-2189-3190218931Newbridge Refurbished 90218931 36170 DS-3 ATM UNI/NNI
90-2189-31-03-E9021893103EAlcatel Refurbished 9021893103E 36170 DS3 ATM UNI/NNI CLEI BAI4BB2
90-2189-31-03-F9021893103FAlcatel Refurbished 9021893103F 36170 DS3 ATM UNI/NNI CLEI BAI4BB5
90-2189-31-03-G9021893103GAlcatel Refurbished 9021893103G 36170 DS3 ATM UNI/NNI CLEI BAI4BB8
90-2189-31-03-J9021893103JAlcatel Refurbished 9021893103J 36170 DS3 ATM UNI/NNI CLEI BAI8127
90-2190-0190219001Alcatel Refurbished 90219001 36170 MAINSTREET XPRESS PERIPHERAL SHELF CLEI 90-2190-01
90-2193-0190219301Newbridge Refurbished 90219301 FLASH MEMORY
90-2193-1290219312Newbridge Refurbished 90219312 FLASH Memory 620 C
902196-05L90219605LDell New 90219605L 512 MB RAM - 128 MB Flash - DVI
902198-01L90219801LDell New 90219801L 2 GB RAM - 4 GB Flash - Genuine Windows 7 Embedded - DVI
902198-05L90219805LDell New 90219805L 2 GB RAM - 4 GB Flash - Windows Embedded Standard 7 - DisplayPor
902199-01L90219901LDell New 90219901L 2 GB RAM - 4 GB Flash - Genuine Windows 7 Embedded - Wireless LA
90-2199-31-06/B9021993106BAlcatel Refurbished 9021993106B DS3UNINNI R2.3
90220Primera Technology New 2YR EXTENDED Warranty BRAVO 4101 Services
902204-02L90220402LWyse KIT V30LE 128F/512R 3 Year WDM N-GM DB
90221Primera Technology New EXTENDED WARRANTY BRAVO 4102
90222Primera Technology New EXTENDED WARRANTY BRAVO 4102
90222500150Data General Refurbished
90222500150Mouse Systems Refurbished
90-2234-0190223401Alcatel Refurbished 90223401 3624 90-2234-01 T1 Module
90224Primera Technology New EXTENDED WARRANTY BRAVO 4100
902245Stancor Refurbished AC ADAPTER 12VDC 1A
90-22450-12U902245012UDallas Semiconductor New 902245012U LUCENT SPAS 14786
90224510Alcatel Refurbished OmniSwitch OS7-ENI2-C24 90224510 24 port 10/100 Fast ethernet mo
90224710Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL OS7-GNI2-U12 90224710 Omniswitch 12-PORT SFP 1000B MINI
90225Primera Technology New EXTENDED WARRANTY BRAVO 4101
90225401Newbridge Refurbished 9022501 Lithium Ion Li-IonAmplifier Battery
90225501Newbridge Refurbished 9022501 Lithium Ion Li-IonAmplifier Battery
90-2256-0190225601Newbridge Refurbished 3612/24 DISTRIBUTION PANEL--9-10-2013
90-2256-0390225603Newbridge Refurbished 90225603 3612/3624 MAINSTREET Distribution. PANEL
90-2258-0190225801Newbridge Refurbished 36SM V.24/RS-232 DCE UDP--1-8-2014
90225802Newbridge Refurbished 902258000 PAPER FEED MOTOR Assembly
90225803Newbridge Refurbished 902258000 PAPER FEED MOTOR Assembly
90-2258-0490225804Newbridge Refurbished 90225804 36SM V.35/M34 DCE UDP
90225805Newbridge Refurbished 902258000 PAPER FEED MOTOR Assembly
90-2258-05-03-C9022580503CAlcatel Refurbished 9022580503C 3624 VOC Distribution 4-PRT CLEI SIC4KS0
90225809Newbridge Refurbished 902258000 PAPER FEED MOTOR Assembly
90-2258-1090225810Newbridge Refurbished 90225810 3620/24 TRIB T1-RJ45
90-2258-1090225810Alcatel Refurbished 90225810
902266-000902266000Printronix New 902266000 Left TRACTOR Assembly W/PMD BASIC FOUR
902266-000902266000Printronix Refurbished 902266000 Left TRACTOR Assembly W/PMD BASIC FOUR
902268-000902268000Printronix Refurbished 902268000 PMD SENSOR CABLE Assembly
90227Primera Technology New EXTENDED WARRANTY BRAVO 4102
90227-019022701Plantronics New 9022701 SHR2376-01 windscreen
90-2271-0190227101Alcatel Refurbished 90227101 Amazon Multi Protocol
90228Primera Technology New EXTENDED WARRANTY BRAVO 4102
90228-019022801Plantronics New 9022801 SHR2376-01 earpad
90-2289-0190228901Alcatel Refurbished 90228901 FILLER PLATE 7PACK CLEI BAPQAHJAAA
90228901Newbridge Refurbished 90228601 WYSE WINTERM 3150SE THINCLIENT TERMINAL - 32F/128R - KIT
90-2289-01/E90228901EAlcatel Refurbished BLANK newbridge 7470 / 36170
90-2289-01/E90228901ENewbridge Refurbished 90228901E BLANK
90-2290-0290229002Alcatel Refurbished 90229002 HS FIC-1310 FOR OC12-STM-4-1
90229002Newbridge Refurbished 90229002 HS FIC-1310 FOR OC12-STM-4-1
90-2290-02/F90229002FAlcatel Refurbished CIRCUIT PACK FIC
90-2291-0190229101Alcatel Refurbished 90229101 7470 MSP
90-2291-01/G90229101GNewbridge Refurbished 90229101G Mainstreet 36170 High Speed Peripheral Shelf
90-2291-01/H90229101HNewbridge Refurbished 90229101H
90-2293-0190229301Alcatel Refurbished 90229301 UCS Filler Plate
90-2293-0190229301Newbridge Refurbished 90229301 Mainstreet 36170 BLANKS
90-2295-0190229501Alcatel Refurbished 90229501 36170 Control CD INTCONN
90-2295-01/E90229501EAlcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-2295-01/E NEWBRIDGE CONTROL CARD INTERCONNECT PANEL A
90-2295-01/E90229501ENewbridge Refurbished 90229501E Mainstreet 36170 Circuit
90229501CNewbridge Refurbished FRAME WITH CABLES
90-2295-0290229502Alcatel Refurbished 90229502 CTL CARD I/O PN
90-2295-0290229502Newbridge Refurbished 90229502 CTL CARD I/O Panel INTERNATIONAL
90-2296-0390229603Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel/Newbridge CTL Card I/O Panel US Tel
90-2296-0390229603Newbridge Refurbished 90229603 ISL 3M-DUPLEX CABLE
90-2296-0490229604Alcatel Refurbished 90229604 90-2296-04 - ISL 10M-DUPLEX CABLE CLEI 90-2296-04
90-2296-0490229604Newbridge Refurbished 90229604
90-2296-0590229605Newbridge Refurbished 90229605
90229701Newbridge Refurbished 90229701 HUB FILLER PLATE
90-2298-0190229801Alcatel Refurbished Card: FILLER PLATE 7PACK CLEI BAPQAHKAAA
90-2298-0190229801Newbridge Refurbished 90229801 Mainstreet 36170 BLANKS
90-2298-01/E90229801EAlcatel Refurbished MAINSTREET 36170 BLA CLEI 90229801E
90-2298-01/E90229801ENewbridge Refurbished 90229801E Mainstreet Circuit Pack in Xpress Shelf 36170
90229801ENewbridge New 90229801E Mainstreet Circuit Pack in Xpress Shelf 36170
902301030Wincor Nixdorf Refurbished DATALOGIC SCANNING
90231510Alcatel Refurbished OmniSwitch 90231510 OS7-GNI2-U2 050359-44 REV A 2 port GBIC 1000
90-2319-1090231910Alcatel Refurbished 90231910
90-2322-0290232202Alcatel Refurbished 90232202 90-2322-02 - MAU 6 COAX Adapter CLEI 90-2322-02
90-2322-0290232202Newbridge Refurbished TENSIONED HORIZON ELECTROL 1.33:1 NTSC NATIVE ASPECT
90-2330-0390233003Alcatel Refurbished 90233003 Nile T STDRD Multi-protocol BDGRT
90234Primera Technology 2 Year Extended Warranty BRAVO 4102 XRP Service
90-2340-0290234002Newbridge Refurbished 90234002 DS-3 Interface CARD-2 H116.1
90-2340-0390234003Newbridge Refurbished DS-3 I/F CARD-2 H117.0--9-10-2013
90-2341-0190234101Newbridge Refurbished 90234101 36SM UDP N-EMC Cable 1.5M
90-2349-01-03/G9023490103GAlcatel Refurbished 9023490103G T1 UNI
90-2352-0190235201Alcatel Refurbished 90235201 4-Port Ethernet card 36150 kr
90-2352-01-00/L9023520100LAlcatel Refurbished 9023520100L 4-Port Ethernet
90236790Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90236790- OS9000 24-10/100/1000BaseT/TX RJ45 ports OS9-G
90236901Newbridge Refurbished DMM GEN 1116.0
90-2369-0190236901Alcatel Refurbished 90236901 3600 Control Card 90-2369-01
90-2369-01-039023690103Alcatel Refurbished 3600 DMM GEN 1116.0 3600 CLEI DEPUPU0CAA
90-2369-0290236902Newbridge Refurbished 90236902 DMM GEN 1116.1 / GEN 1116-1H-20 `
90-2378-0190237801Alcatel Refurbished NEWBRIDGE 36LG 87/264VAC POWER SUPPLY
90237801Newbridge Refurbished 90237660 Connector. UNSHROUDED RAILWAY HEADER.1
90238Primera Technology EXTD Warranty BRAVO 4102 XRP BLU Service Hot-Swap
90242Primera Technology New Bravo 4051 BLU Additional Yr
90-2420-06-03/F9024200603FAlcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-2420-06-03/F 36120 NEWBRIGE FRATM INTERNETWORKING UNI
90243Dell Refurbished Card Planar ( Motherboard ) P54 Dimension XPS/PXC F
90-2430-01/99/A9024300199AAlcatel Refurbished 9024300199A T3 CE Card
90-2430-01-00/D9024300100DAlcatel Refurbished 9024300100D T3 CE Card
90-2435-01/C90243501CAlcatel Refurbished 90243501C Amazon Hex Wan IF Card V.35
9-02462-0190246201Quantum SAS INTERFACE Y-CABLE, 2 X SFF Small Form Factor-8088-TO-1 X SFF Small Form Factor-8088, 6.5-Inch FT (2
902496-9090249690Alcatel Refurbished 90249690 ALCATEL-LUCENT DC Power. SUP. PS-120W-DC 902496-90 C.C.#849069273
9024-CU24-ST29024CU24ST2Qlogic Refurbished 9024CU24ST2 QLOGIC 24-PORT INFINIBAND EDGE SWITCH
90-2507-0190250701Alcatel Refurbished 90250701 Single Shelf Hub Card NSX
90-2507-1290250712Alcatel Refurbished 90250712 90-2507-12 CLEI 90-2507-12
90-2507-1290250712Newbridge Refurbished 90250712 Mainstreet 36170 HUB
9025-12HBTB902512HBTBJmc Refurbished 902512HBTB FAN 9025-12HBTB DC12V 0.60A F1588 E175589 3-WIRE 92x25mm
90-2517-2190251721Alcatel Refurbished 90251721 T1 CE 8-Port R3.1
90-2517-21/M90251721MAlcatel Refurbished 90251721M T1CE module
90-2517-3190251731Alcatel Refurbished 90251731 T1 CE 8-Port R4.0
90-2517-3290251732Newbridge Refurbished E1 CE 120 8 PORT R3.1--9-10-2013
90-2517-3290251732Alcatel Refurbished 90251732 E1 CE 120 8-Port R3.1
90-2517-3390251733Newbridge Refurbished E1 CE 75 8 PORT R3.1--9-10-2013
90-2517-3390251733Alcatel Refurbished 90251733 E1 CE 75 8-Port R3.1
90-2517-5190251751Newbridge Refurbished T1 CE 8 PORT--9-10-2013
90-2517-5190251751Alcatel Refurbished 90251751 T1 CE 8-Port CLEI
90-2517-51/H90251751HAlcatel Refurbished 90251751H T1 CE
90-2517-5290251752Newbridge Refurbished E1 CE 120 8 PORT R4.2--9-10-2013
90-2517-5290251752Alcatel Refurbished 90251752 E1 CE 120 8-Port R4.2
90-2517-6190251761Alcatel Refurbished 90251761 8-Port T1 Circuit Emulation Card
90-2517-6290251762Alcatel Refurbished 90251762 E1 CE 120 8-Port
90-2517-62/H90251762HAlcatel Refurbished 90251762H 8-Port E1 Circuit Emulation Card
902520141064Fuji Film New FujiFilm 125M 4mm DDS3 DATA Tape 12GB PK4B#3-10CN
902520198068Fuji Film New FUJIFILM 4mm DATA Tape DDS420/40Gb PK4B#3-B2-10CN
90-2541-0190254101Alcatel Refurbished 90254101 36170 T1FR card
90-2541-0390254103Alcatel Refurbished 90254103 E1 75 PRI UFR OCT R2.1
90-2541-11-03-F9025411103FAlcatel Refurbished 9025411103F 36170 T1 PRI CD 2.2 CLEI BAI7CPF
90-2541-2190254121Newbridge Refurbished 90254121 T1FR
90254141Newbridge Refurbished DA-SNAP - VIDEO FORMAT 120 X 160 HIGH CONTRAST CINEMA
90-2541-42/J90254142JAlcatel Refurbished 90254142J E1 FR
9025420100BAlcatel Refurbished DA-SNAP - VIDEO FORMAT 120 X 160 HIGH CONTRAST CINEMA
90254301Newbridge New 90254301 PRI RJ45 Distribution. PANEL
90-2543-0190254301Alcatel Refurbished 90254301 PRI RJ45 DISTRIBUTION Panel
90-2543-0190254301Newbridge Refurbished 90254301 PRI RJ45 Distribution. PANEL
90-2543-01/C90254301CAlcatel Refurbished 90254301C Distribution panel PRI
90-2543-01/D90254301DNewbridge Refurbished MAINSTREET EXPRESS 36170 PRI RJ45 DIST PANEL
90-2543-01/D90254301DAlcatel Refurbished 90254301D PRI RJ45 panel
90254301DNewbridge New PRI RJ45 DISTRIBUTION PANEL EMPTY 8-Port - 19
90-2544-01-03-X9025440103XNewbridge Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI BAI2AL8CAA
90-2544-1190254411Newbridge Refurbished 90254411 T1 PRI CFR QUAD R2.2
90-2544-1390254413Alcatel Refurbished 90254413 90-2544-13 - 36170-E1 75 PRI CFR CLEI 90-2544-13
90254421Newbridge Refurbished DISTRIBUTION PANEL PRIRJ45
90-2544-2390254423Alcatel Refurbished 90254423 90-2544-23 - 36170 E1 75 PRI CFR CLEI 90-2544-23
90254441Newbridge Refurbished DISTRIBUTION PANEL PRIRJ45
90-2544-4190254441Alcatel Refurbished 90254441 T1 PRI CFR QUAD R3.1
90-2544-41-03/K9025444103KAlcatel Refurbished 9025444103K PCB T1 PRI CFR Quad R3.1
90-2544-41-03-J9025444103JNewbridge Refurbished 9025444103J 36170 T1 PRI CFR CD CLEI BA4IGFZAAA
90-2544-41-03-W9025444103WAlcatel Refurbished 9025444103W T1 PRI CFR CARD CLEI BA3AWWS
90-2544-4290254442Alcatel Refurbished 90254442 E1 120 PRI CFR QUAD 3.1
90-2544-4390254443Alcatel Refurbished 90254443 E1 75 PRI CFR QUAD R3.1
90-2544-51/C90254451CAlcatel Refurbished 90254451C T1FR
90-2544-61-03-G9025446103GAlcatel Refurbished 9025446103G 36170 T1 PRI CFR CD CLEI BA4I8F0
90-2544-61-03-K9025446103KAlcatel Refurbished 9025446103K 36170 TI PRI CFR CD CLEI BA1A4A5
90-2544-6290254462Alcatel Refurbished 90254462 /Newbridge QUAD E1 CFR 120 OHM R4.2
90-2544-6390254463Alcatel Refurbished 90254463 QUAD E1 CFR 75 OHM R4.2
902545-9090254590Alcatel Refurbished 90254590 ALCATEL/LUCENT 902545-90 OS6850-48L OS 6850 902545-90 OmniSwitc
902548-9090254890Alcatel Refurbished 90254890 ALCATEL-LUCENT 902548-90 OmniSwitch 6850-48 - Switch - 48-Ports
902580441609Maxell New Helical Scan CLEAN TAPE all-DDS PK4B#3-B3-3CN
90-2628P-01902628P01DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902628P01
90-2660-0190266001Newbridge Refurbished 90266001 3600+ SYSTEM CONTROL CARD
90-2660-0290266002Newbridge Refurbished 90266002 3600+ SYSTEM CONTROL CARD R7.1
90-2660-0390266003Newbridge Refurbished 90266003 3600+ SYSTEM CONTROL CARD/MEM-2 MOD R8.0
90-2661-0190266101Newbridge Refurbished 90266101 TIMING CARD
90-2668-0290266802Newbridge Refurbished 90266802 16-Port TU-12 MAPPER CARD
90-2669-0190266901Newbridge Refurbished 90266901 SW MOD BBAND 4X4
90-2670-0190267001Newbridge Refurbished 90267001 SW MOD NBAND 8KX8K
90-2671-0190267101Newbridge Refurbished 90267101 16 UCS SHELF19
90-2671-0290267102Newbridge Refurbished 3600+ SHELF 19--9-10-2013
902680-9090268090Alcatel Refurbished 90268090 ALCATEL-LUCENT 902680-90 PS-126W-AC - power supply - hot-plug /
90-2742-0190274201Alcatel Refurbished 90274201 Vivid Token Ring VTP Blue Ridge
90-2752P-01902752P01DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902752P01
9-02799G0902799G0DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902799G0
9-02799GO902799GOHENDRIX Refurbished 902799GO
90-2807-0190280701Newbridge Refurbished 3600+ FAN TRAY 19 INCH--9-10-2013
902833-001902833001Memorex Telex Refurbished 902833001 MONITOR14 Green MON 14 50/60HZ
902833-002902833002Memorex Telex Refurbished 902833002 1482-A DISPLAY ONLY AMBER
9-02873G0902873G0DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 902873G0
9-02873GO902873GOHENDRIX Refurbished 902873GO
9028HCKToshiba Refurbished 30-Pin SIMM 9 CHIP
90291Printek New Printek 4XXX Ribbon Shield
90291Printek Refurbished SHIELD NOSE 4503 PRINTEK
90-2912-0290291202Alcatel Refurbished 90291202 Motorolla Modemsurfr 28.9
90-2913-01-00/A9029130100AAlcatel Refurbished 9029130100A PCB AccessOne 10Base-T CON ASM310
90-2962-03-00-C9029620300CAlcatel Refurbished 9029620300C ATM MPEG Comp Video card
90-2962-03-00-E9029620300EAlcatel Refurbished 9029620300E ATM MPEG Comp conf ENDE Video
90-2968-01-00/B9029680100BAlcatel Refurbished 9029680100B 256 KBS HREF Modem
9029711PW-89029711PW8Jmc New 9029711PW8 DELL PN FAN 12V DC .6A 92MM BY 25MM 3 5/8 BY 1-Inch 10-Inch 3 W
903Cables To Go New Category 6 for Network Device - 7 ft - 1 x RJ-45 Male Network -
903000-000903000000Printronix Refurbished 903000000 HAMMER DRIVER PCBA - B4
90300031DEC Digital Equipment Corp New PRINTER PART
90-3002-11-00/A9030021100AAlcatel Refurbished 9030021100A ATM Low Move
903006-000903006000Printronix Refurbished 903006000 B4 LOGIC PCBA BASIC FOUR
903032-000903032000Printronix Refurbished 903032000 CONTROL PANEL PCBA - B/4
903056-0190305601Genicom New 90305601
903071-002-A903071002AMicro Focus Micro Focus RUMBA OFFICE for Citrix and Terminal Server
903071-002-B903071002BMicro Focus Micro Focus RUMBA OFFICE for Citrix and Terminal Server
903071-002-C903071002CMicro Focus Micro Focus RUMBA OFFICE for Citrix and Terminal Server
90-3081-0190308101Newbridge Refurbished 90308101 DMM GEN 1117.0
90-3081-0290308102Newbridge Refurbished 90308102 DMM GEN 1117.1 `
9030816Cabletron Systems New EPIM-T ADAPTER
90308201Newbridge Refurbished DMM GEN C117.1
90-3082-0290308202Newbridge Refurbished 90308202 DMM GEN C117.1 `
90308301Newbridge Refurbished EPIM-T ADAPTER
90-3083-0290308302Newbridge New DMM GEN D117.1 --9-10-2013
90-3083-0290308302Newbridge Refurbished DMM GEN D117.1 --9-10-2013
90309-3PK903093PKOriginal Power 3-Pack PowerLine PowerCup 200W 2-Outlet Mobile Power Inverter
90-3098-1290309812Newbridge Refurbished 90309812 Mainstreet 36170 DSC
903-10010-00090310010000SVEC New 90310010000 16-bit ISA NIC with BNC connector NE2100 Compatable
90-3116-31-03/P9031163103PAlcatel Refurbished 9031163103P 36170 DS3 CES Single PR CLEI BA4AT2MAAA
90-3119-0190311901Alcatel Refurbished 90311901 RAD Terminal Sever
90-3162-1290316212Newbridge Refurbished 90316212 800M ISL HUB R3.1
90317400Cray Refurbished CRAY VME NSI CABLE
90318-57690318576Microsoft Refurbished 90318576 MICROSOFT X03-69945 MOUSE 2-BUTTON PS/2 COMPATIBLE ID: 90318-57
90319Printek Refurbished PTK 4000 MAIN LOGIC BOARD
90-3199-01-00/A9031990100AAlcatel Refurbished 9031990100A TE Netreach Digroup Module 64544MS
90-3200-0190320001Newbridge Refurbished 90320001 T1 SCULPTURED SOUND AUXILLIARY CARD
9032-0039032003IBM Refurbished 9032003 Enterprise System CONNCT ESCON DIR
90320-604/1800903206041800Prehkeytec Inc MC147 ALPHA WITH MSR 1+2+3 BLACK, USB
903211-001903211001Dataproducts New 903211001 TOP COVER LATCH SPACER
90322Printek Refurbished Fan Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/FP4500_
90324Printek New PTK 4003/4503 PAPER FEED MOTOR Assembly.
90324-021/0000903240210000Prehkeytec Inc Refurbished 903240210000 MONITOR AND STAND
903241-001903241001Memorex Telex Refurbished 903241001
9032-470090324700IBM Refurbished 90324700 Power supply
90325Printek New Gap Motor Head - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/_
90325Printek Refurbished Gap Motor Head - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/_
90325-0004903250004Molex New 903250004
90325-0006903250006Molex New 903250006
90325-0008903250008Molex New 903250008 Connector HDR 8 MALE THT 250V 1.2A UL94V0
90325-0010903250010Molex New 903250010
903250014Molex New CO 90325-0014 PF-50 HEADER 14P PICOFLEX
90325-0020903250020Molex New 903250020 OEM AVAILABILITY
90325260IBM Refurbished 90325260 Ficon bridge card
9032-580090325800IBM Refurbished 90325800 Token Ring
90325900IBM Refurbished ENT-9032555-03 HSIM-FE6 USERS GUIDE
90326Printek Refurbished PTK 4503 INTERFACE Assembly. SERIAL/PARALLEL
90327-0306903270306Molex New 903270306
90327-0308903270308Molex New 903270308
90327-0310903270310Molex New 903270310
90327-0312903270312Molex New 903270312
903270316Molex New AVAILABLE
90-3273-01-00/C9032730100CAlcatel Refurbished 9032730100C 8-Port Switching Card
90-3273-01-00/D9032730100DAlcatel Refurbished 9032730100D 8-Port Switching Card
90327-3318903273318Molex New 903273318
90-3274-01-00/E9032740100EAlcatel Refurbished 9032740100E Control Card-3 R4
90328Printek New Dot Matrix Formspro 4000 Series Tractor FormsPro 4000 Series
90328Printek Dot Matrix Refurbished Formspro 4000 Series Tractor FormsPro 4000 Series
90328-302/1800903283021800Prehkeytec Inc MCI84 White ROW & COLUMN Keyboard KEYBOARD NO-MSR- MCI84U
90328-303/1800903283031800Prehkeytec Inc New 903283031800 PREH MCI 84 - KEYBOARD - 84 KEYS - PS/2 USB - BLACK
90328-600/1800903286001800Prehkeytec Inc MCI 128 White, USB PS/2 ADAPTER INCLUDED
90328-606/1800903286061800Prehkeytec Inc MCI128 BLACK ROW & COLUMN Keyboard KEYBOARD NO-MSR- MCI128BU
90328-614/1800903286141800Prehkeytec Inc MCI 128 BLACK, USB W/MSR PS/2 ADAPTER INCLUDED
90328-700/1800903287001800Prehkeytec Inc MCI3100 BLACK ALPHA MSR Keyboard KEYBOARD- MCI3100BMU
90329Printek Refurbished Tractor Bearing Set - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4_
90-3290-0190329001Newbridge Refurbished 90329001 DS3 UFR/R2.2
90-3290-01-039032900103Newbridge Refurbished 36170 DS3 UFR CARD CLEI BAL9390CAA
90-3290-3190329031Alcatel Refurbished 90329031 90-3290-31 CLEI 90-3290-31
90-3290-31-03-N9032903103NAlcatel Refurbished 9032903103N 90-3290-31-03-N - 36170 DS3 UFR CD CLEI BA1AW7YEAA
90-3290-41/G90329041GNewbridge Refurbished 36170 DS3 UFR CD
90-3290-41/G90329041GAlcatel Refurbished 90329041G 36170 DS3 UFR CD CLEI BAIA13PAAA
90-3290-51-A90329051AAlcatel Refurbished 90329051A 90-3290-51-A - DS3 UNCHNLZD FR Release CD CLEI BAUIABV
9032-920490329204IBM Refurbished 90329204 SYSTEM CONSOLE
9032AAAToshiba Refurbished 30-Pin SIPP
9032-CONSOLE9032CONSOLECompaq Refurbished 9032CONSOLE PROLINE A - 450 CONSOLE
903-31-0003903310003Molex New 903310003
90331-23190331231Coastcom Refurbished 90331231 COASTCOM 90331-231 D/I MUX III PCM TERMINAL SHELF COASTCOM 90331
90334Printek New PTK 4000 GAS SPRING
90334Printek Refurbished PTK 4000 GAS SPRING
90-3346-0190334601Alcatel Refurbished 90334601 CONTROL CARD 2/R3.1
90-3346-0190334601Newbridge Refurbished 90334601 CONTROL 2 CLEI NO HECI
90-3346-01/069033460106Alcatel Refurbished 9033460106 Control Module 2
90-3346-01-03-H9033460103HAlcatel Refurbished 9033460103H 36170 Control CD R3.1 CLEI BAC577M
90-3346-01-03-K9033460103KAlcatel Refurbished 9033460103K 36170 Control CD R3.1 CLEI BAC577Y
90-3346-01-03-Y9033460103YAlcatel Refurbished 9033460103Y 36170 Control CD R3.1 CLEI BAC9PRE
90-3346-1190334611Alcatel Refurbished 90334611 90-3346-11 CLEI 90-3346-11
90-3346-1790334617Alcatel Refurbished 90334617 7470 CONTROL CARD-2 W/EPM R5.0
90-3346-2190334621Alcatel Refurbished 90334621 90-3346-21 CLEI 90-3346-21
90-3346-2790334627Newbridge Refurbished Newbridge 90-3346-27-CONTROL CARD-2 W/EPM
90-3346-2790334627Alcatel Refurbished 90334627 CONTROL CARD-2 W/EPM
90334631Newbridge Refurbished 90334R
90-3346-4190334641Newbridge Refurbished 90334641
90334701Newbridge Refurbished 90334701 STRATUM 3 SSU 2/R3.1
90-3347-01/03B9033470103BAlcatel Refurbished 9033470103B Stratum Card
90-3348-0190334801Alcatel Refurbished 90334801 36170 Control 2 card
90336Printek New Print HD Cable Printek 4xxx
90336Printek Refurbished Print HD Cable Printek 4xxx
90338Printek Refurbished PTK-4003 CARRIAGE STEPPER MOTOR
90-338861-0903388610Nec America New 903388610 32MB SR9-32 SDRAM Memory Video Card NEW 90-338861-0
90-3436-0690343606Alcatel Refurbished 90343606 DS3 UNINNI R2.3
90344Printek Refurbished SIDE PANEL L 4000 PRINTEK
90-3445-01-00/A9034450100AAlcatel Refurbished 9034450100A 110240 VAC Power Supply
90348Printek Refurbished TRANSFORMER 120-Volt 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90349Printek New 90349 FP4003 SHUTTLE PCB 80734
90349Printek Refurbished CCA SHUTTLE Drive 4003 PRINTEK
9034-951190349511IBM Refurbished 90349511 6 POWER CORD/TWISTLOCK
903-496J51S903496J51SAmphenol New 903496J51S CONNECTOR
9034GDTrident Microsystems Refurbished ISA VIDEO CARD WITH VGA OUTPUT
9035-090350Wang Refurbished 90350 WANG 9035-0 MONO ISA VIDEO ADAPTER 9035-0A
90-3538-2390353823Alcatel Refurbished 90353823 DSC card
90-3553-0190355301Newbridge Refurbished 90355301 DS3 CFR
90-3553-0190355301Alcatel Refurbished 90355301 DS3 CFR card
90-3553-01-03-D9035530103DAlcatel Refurbished 9035530103D 36170 DS3 CFR R3.1 CLEI BAI6X38
90-3553-01-03-F9035530103FAlcatel Refurbished 9035530103F 36170 DS3 CFR R3.1 CLEI BA1IXZ8
90-3553-11-H90355311HAlcatel Refurbished 90355311H 36170 DS3 CFR R4.2 CLEI BAA6V1J
90359Printek Refurbished
90-3598-1290359812Alcatel Refurbished 90359812 36170 DUAL ( SWG ) Secure Web Gateway CD R2.1
90-3598-12/C90359812CNewbridge Refurbished 90359812C Mainstreet 36170 DSC
90-3598-12-03-J9035981203JAlcatel Refurbished 9035981203J 36170 DUAL ( SWG ) Secure Web Gateway CD 2.1 CLEI BAI7DF1
90-3598-12-03-L9035981203LAlcatel Refurbished 9035981203L 36170 DUAL ( SWG ) Secure Web Gateway CD 2.1 CLEI BA3IPSP
90-3598-1390359813Alcatel Refurbished 90359813 90-3598-13 CLEI 90-3598-13
90359813Newbridge Refurbished 90359813 DSC-1310/NSX/R2.1
90-3598-13-03-K9035981303KAlcatel Refurbished 9035981303K 36170 DUAL ( SWG ) Secure Web Gateway CD 2.1 CLEI BA1ISTW
90-3598-2390359823Alcatel Refurbished 90359823 36170 DSC card
90-3598-2390359823Newbridge Refurbished 90359823 DSC-OPT MSP
90-3598-23/N90359823NAlcatel Refurbished DSC
90-3598-3390359833Newbridge Refurbished 90359833
90-3598-3390359833Alcatel Refurbished 90359833 DSC-1310/NSX R4.2
90-3599-12/03/J9035991203JAlcatel Refurbished DUAL HUB CD
90-3599-12/H90359912HAlcatel Refurbished 90359912H Hub card
9036-0039036003IBM New 9036003
90361Printek New Lid Hinge Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/
90361Printek Refurbished Lid Hinge Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/
90-3625-0190362501Alcatel Refurbished 90362501 T1 CSU card
90-3627-0290362702Alcatel Refurbished 90362702 CTL card Memory 32m
90-3630-0290363002Alcatel Refurbished 90363002 T1 CSU card
90-3633-0290363302Alcatel Refurbished 90363302 T1 CSU card
90-3634-0190363401Alcatel Refurbished 90363401 HEX WAN RS 232
90-3635-0190363501Alcatel Refurbished 90363501 HEX WAN RS 232
90-3636-0390363603Alcatel Refurbished 90363603 Newbridge card
90-3640-0290364002Alcatel Refurbished 90364002
90-3669-0190366901Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel/Newbridge Power Tray AC
90366901Newbridge Refurbished 90366901 Power TRAY SINGLE 100-200VAC 50/60Hz 5 Amp
90-3669-01/E90366901ENewbridge New 90366901E Mainstreet 36170 MAINSTREET Power Supply
90-3669-01/E90366901ENewbridge Refurbished 90366901E Mainstreet 36170 MAINSTREET Power Supply
90366902Newbridge Refurbished 90366902 Power TRAY DUAL 120VAC
90-3669-02/E90366902ENewbridge Refurbished Power Supply Module
90370-10490370104Xilinx Refurbished 90370104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90371Printek Refurbished PRINTEK 4XXX TRACTOR DRIVE GEAR Assembly
90371-10490371104Xilinx Refurbished 90371104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90372-10190372101Xilinx Refurbished 90372101 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90-3728-0190372801Alcatel Refurbished 90372801 G1 16P Dragonswitch ASM9100
90373489Cisco Systems New Cisco-Linksys WCF12 Wireless-B Network CompactFlash Card Type I
90373489Cisco Systems Refurbished Cisco-Linksys WCF12 Wireless-B Network CompactFlash Card Type I
90378Printek Refurbished PTK 4500/4503 PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLYOLD STYLE
90-3821-0190382101Alcatel Refurbished 90382101 GS Ethernet 16P Con Managed
903930000Raychem New
90394Printek Refurbished Formspro FP4003 Printer
90396Printek Refurbished LID SMALL W/ HEAD SENSOR
903FD37003Aopen Refurbished 52X/32X/52X CD-ROM DRIVE BEIGE
9040Avaya Refurbished 9040 PARTNERDUAL RADIO MODULE
90400013Lenovo New Lenovo LCD Screen
904001001Symmetricom Refurbished DCD-400 CLK INPUT UN
90401400Brooktrout Technology New CIRCUIT BOARD WITH CABLE
904-017-0090401700Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90401700 BROOKTROUT 904-017-00- PCI/8LI CARD BROOKTROUT 904-017-00
90402Printek Refurbished FP4XXX / FP4XXX Cutter Assembly.
904-030-3090403030Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90403030 Brooktrout RealBLOCs-24-APT Carrier Board
90-4093-0290409302Newbridge New 2753 V.35 DUAL PORT REDUNDANT DTU --9-10-2013
90-4093-0290409302Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel/Newbridge 2753 V.35 Dual Port Redundant
90-4093-0290409302Newbridge Refurbished 2753 V.35 DUAL PORT REDUNDANT DTU --9-10-2013
9040MFPHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished HP LaserJet 9040 MFP Multifunction Printer
90417600Cray Refurbished CRAY VME VISW CABLE
904200-0C9042000CSycamore Networks Refurbished 9042000C SYCM4000014 904200 OC-192/STM-64 XFP 1310nm SR/I-64.1 Pluggable
90421Printek Refurbished Shuttle Carriage
90422Printek Refurbished CARRIAGE BRACKET
90423Printek Refurbished SHUTTLE MOTOR BASE PLATE
90424Printek Refurbished PRINTEK 4XXX CUTTER MAIN BOARD
9-04267G904267GDEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 904267G
9-04267GO904267GOHENDRIX Refurbished 904267GO
904284-00009042840000Logitech Inc Refurbished 9042840000 ZILOG CHIP ON SMALL BOARD
90430D3IBM Refurbished
90-4385-01-00/A9043850100AAlcatel Refurbished 9043850100A ATM Low Move
9043CDell Dell OEM Inspiron 7000 Laptop 9043C Black Palmrest
90441Printek New
90-4414-01-039044140103Alcatel Refurbished 9044140103 36060 CONTROL CARD CLEI BAC4E70
90442Printek Refurbished SHUTTLE DRIVER CABLE
90-4441-01/T90444101TAlcatel Refurbished 90444101T 36177-A Multiservice Concentrator AC Power
90-4442-01/G90444201GAlcatel Refurbished 90444201G 7270-A Multiservice Concentrator DC Power
90-4452-0190445201Newbridge Refurbished 7270 R1.1 CONTROL CARD--9-10-2013
90-4452-0190445201Alcatel Refurbished 90445201 90-4452-01 CLEI 90-4452-01
90-4452-01-00-G9044520100GAlcatel Refurbished 9044520100G Control CTL
90-4452-01-00-V9044520100VAlcatel Refurbished 9044520100V Control CTL
90-4452-1190445211Alcatel Refurbished 90445211 Control CTL Card BA6IGCOBAD
90445211Newbridge Refurbished 90445211 7270 R2.0 CONTROL CARD
90-4452-11-03-H9044521103HAlcatel Refurbished 9044521103H 36177 CONTROL CARD CLEI BA6IGC0
90-4452-2190445221Newbridge Refurbished 7270 CONTROL CARD R4.2--9-10-2013
90-4452-3190445231Newbridge Refurbished 7270 CONTROL CARD R4.3 CLEI CLEI BA2CMVSCAB
90-4453-0290445302Alcatel Refurbished 90445302 90-4453-02 CLEI 90-4453-02
90445302Newbridge Refurbished 90445302 HUB CARD - 6 SLOT SYSTEMS
90-4453-02-00/A9044530200AAlcatel Refurbished 9044530200A Hub
90-4453-0390445303Newbridge Refurbished HUB CARD - 6 8 SLOT SYSTEMS--9-10-2013
90-4453-0390445303Alcatel Refurbished 90445303 Hub card BAC6WV6DAA
90-4454-01-00/C9044540100CAlcatel Refurbished 9044540100C T1CFR T1 Channelized Frame Relay
90-4455-01-009044550100Alcatel Refurbished 9044550100 T1 CE Circuit Emulation
90-4455-0290445502Alcatel Refurbished 90445502 /Newbridge E1 8-Port CE Card
90-4455-02-00/P9044550200PAlcatel Refurbished 9044550200P E1 8-Port CE card
90-4455-2190445521Alcatel Refurbished 90445521 /Newbridge 7270 T1 8-Port CE Card R4.3
90-4456-01-009044560100Alcatel Refurbished 9044560100 OC3cr Cell Relay 7270 BA6IHVMBAA
90-4460-01-00-D9044600100DAlcatel Refurbished 9044600100D T1 Interface 8-Port
90-4461-0190446101Alcatel Refurbished 90446101 T1 Interface 4-Port
90-4461-0390446103Alcatel Refurbished 90446103 T1 Interface 4-Port
90-4461-05-00-A9044610500AAlcatel Refurbished 9044610500A Newbridge card
90-4462-02-039044620203Alcatel Refurbished 9044620203 90-4462-02-03 - 36177 OC-3 IR I/O CD CLEI BAA3U0V
90-4462-0390446203Alcatel Refurbished 90446203 Sinlge port OC3STM1 LR IO CARD BAA3UWOAAA
90-4462-04-00-A9044620400AAlcatel Refurbished 9044620400A OC3STM1 XLR Int
90-4463-0190446301Newbridge Refurbished DS3/E3 3P BNC I/O CARD--9-10-2013 CLEI BAA3WZ0AAA
9045Hayes Refurbished 2-Port ISA SERIAL CARD
90452-6904526Comtrol Refurbished 904526 Rocket Octa RS232 Power ISA
90457300Cray Refurbished CRAY VME INTERMEDIATE CABLE
90459001Newbridge New 90459001 SWITCH CARD
90-4590-0190459001Alcatel Refurbished 90459001 90-4590-01 CLEI 90-4590-01
90-4590-0190459001Newbridge Refurbished 90459001 SWITCH CARD
90-4590-01-00-E9045900100EAlcatel Refurbished Fabric Interface Card BASIA6WHAB
90-4590-01-03-C9045900103CAlcatel Refurbished 670 RSP-50G SWITCH CD CLEI BASIA60HAB
90-4590-01-03-D9045900103DAlcatel Refurbished 9045900103D 670 RSP-50G SWITCH CD CLEI BASIA6W
90-4590-01-E90459001EAlcatel Refurbished 670 RSP-50G SWITCH CD CLEI BASIA6WHAB
90-4590-0290459002Alcatel Refurbished 7670 RSP Switch Card BAS2TU0AAA
90-4590-02-00-A9045900200AAlcatel Refurbished 7670 RSP Switch Card BAS2TU0AAA
904600-40B90460040BTadiran Refurbished 90460040B
904600-4DPB9046004DPBTadiran Refurbished 9046004DPB
904620Radware Refurbished RADWARE WSD Pro+ 2G+8FE 64MB Web Server Director Application Swi
904622Scm Microsystems New USB SMART CARD READER
904622Radware Refurbished WSD-Pro 8-Port
904623Radware Refurbished RADWARE WEB SERVER DIRECTOR 904623 WSD 2GB+8FE
904658Radware Refurbished RADWARE WSD Pro+ 8FE 64M Web Server Director Application Switch
904662Radware Refurbished RADWARE WSD-DS 5G+16FE 128MB Web Server Director Application Swi
904664Radware Refurbished RADWARE WSD-NP 5G+16FE 128MB Web Server Director Application Swi
90-4669-0190466901Newbridge Refurbished 90466901
90-4669-0190466901Alcatel Refurbished 90466901 CTL CARD +SSU
90-4669-0290466902Newbridge Refurbished 90466902 CTL CARD-2 +SSU
90-4669-0290466902Alcatel Refurbished 90466902 CTL CARD +SSU
90-4669-02-G90466902GAlcatel Refurbished 90466902G 7670 Control CD-2 +SSU CLEI BAC8U18
90-4671-2190467121Alcatel Refurbished 90467121 T1 CR ATM CARD
90-4671-2190467121Newbridge Refurbished 90467121 T1 CR ATM CARD R2.3
90-4671-22/D90467122DAlcatel Refurbished 90467122D ALCATEL-LUCENT NEWBRIDGE 7470 CELL REL CD 2.3
90-4671-4190467141Alcatel New 90467141 T1 CR ATM Card R3.1
90-4671-4190467141Alcatel Refurbished 90467141 T1 CR ATM Card R3.1
90467141Newbridge Refurbished 90467141
90-4671-41/F90467141FAlcatel Refurbished 90467141F T1 CR Cell Relay
90-4671-41/K90467141KAlcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-4671-41/K NEWBRIDGE T1 CR CELL RELAY ALCATEL 90-4671-
90-4671-41-03-H9046714103HAlcatel Refurbished 36170 T1 ATM UNI/NNI 36170 CLEI BA5I18WBAA
90-4671-5190467151Newbridge Refurbished T1 CR ATM CARD R4.0--1-8-2014
90-4672-0190467201Alcatel Refurbished 90467201 90-4672-01 - T1 ATM INVERSE MULTIPLEXING MODULE CLEI 90-4672-01
90467201Newbridge Refurbished 90467201 IMA MODULE-T1/E1 ATM CR
90-4672-01-03-C9046720103CAlcatel Refurbished 9046720103C 36170 IMA T1/E1 ATM CR
90-4672-01-03-D9046720103DAlcatel Refurbished 9046720103D IMA Module-T1/E1 ATM CR
90-4672-01-F90467201FAlcatel Refurbished 90467201F IMA T1/E1 ATM CR CLEI BA7I505
90-4716-0290471602Alcatel Refurbished 90471602 Power Tray Cable Kit
90472Printek New GEAR SHUTTLE Drive 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90-4724-0190472401Newbridge Refurbished 90472401 Mainstreet 36170 M/S TRAFFIC SHAPING MDL
90472401Alcatel Refurbished 90472401 M/S TRAFFIC SHAPING MDL
90-4724-01/J90472401JAlcatel Refurbished 36170 MTSM MOD
90-4724-01/K90472401KAlcatel Refurbished 36170 MTSM MOD
90-4724-01-03-J9047240103JAlcatel Refurbished 9047240103J 36170 MTSM MOD CLEI BAC5GG2
9047240103LAlcatel Refurbished ECG/PRESSURE CLEI BAC5GG9FAB
90474Printek Refurbished SWITCH COVER CASE OPEN
904790-001904790001Memorex Telex Refurbished 904790001 1783 LOGIC
904790-003904790003Memorex Telex Refurbished 904790003 1783 LOGIC
90480Compaq Refurbished MICRO MEMORY MMV11-C 32KB CORE Memory
904811HP Hewlett Packard New 2710 Smart Card Reader SCR3340 Module NEW 904811
90483Printek Dot Matrix Refurbished Formspro 4500 PRINTER
9048CDell Refurbished
90-4905-0190490501Alcatel Refurbished 90490501 OC-3-2 IR UNI/NNI/R2.3
90-4905-01/C90490501CAlcatel Refurbished 90490501C ALCATEL-LUCENT NEWBRIDGE 7470 OC3 SM IR
90-4905-01-03-H9049050103HAlcatel Refurbished 9049050103H 36170 OC-3 SIGL MD IR CLEI BAI3S0W
90-4905-01-03-N9049050103NAlcatel Refurbished 9049050103N 36170 OC-3 SIGL MD IR CLEI BAI3S06
90-4905-01-03-R9049050103RAlcatel Refurbished 9049050103R 90-4905-01-03-R - 36170 OC-3 SIGL MD IR CLEI BA2IU1LCAA

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