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Part No.Description
901C.itoh Refurbished 108 KEY KEYBOARD WITH RJ12 CONNECTOR
901Shugart Refurbished
9010Fluke Refurbished
90100Zebra Technologies New TTP 2000 KIOSK PRINTER TTP2030 ACC KIT UNV. ROLL HOLD
901-0000-FME19010000FME1Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus FlexMaster Complete package - 10000 access points - Linux
901-000-30-3V901000303VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P60H-2E1-1N-R BOARD
9010007Printronix Refurbished 90100A1 ZEBRA TTP 2000 KIOSK PRINTER TTP2030 ACC KIT UNV. ROLL HOLD
901-001-1190100111Datalogic New 90100111 24-Port FULL T1 UPCI Ethernet FAX BOARD
901-001-14-1V901001141VDialogic New 901001141V 1 YR VPUP
901-001-18-1V901001181VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P10HG-E1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-18-3V901001183VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P10HG-E1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-19-1V901001191VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P16HG-E1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-19-3V901001193VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P16HG-E1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-20-1V901001201VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P16HG-T1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-20-3V901001203VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P16HG-T1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-21-1V901001211VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P20HG-E1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-21-3V901001213VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P20HG-E1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-22-1V901001221VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P24HG-T1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-22-3V901001223VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P24HG-T1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-23-1V901001231VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P30HG-E1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-23-3V901001233VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P30HG-E1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-24-3V901001243VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P4HG-E1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-25-3V901001253VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P4HG-T1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-26-3V901001263VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P8HG-E1-1N-R BOARD
901-001-27-3V901001273VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P8HG-T1-1N-R BOARD
901001524011Enermax Refurbished ATX REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY
9010019SGI Silicon Graphics Inc Refurbished 64MB RAM for Octane
9010020SGI Silicon Graphics Inc Refurbished 128MB RAM for Octane
901002000Printronix Refurbished 64MB RAM for SGI Octane
901-002-08-3S901002083SDialogic 3 Year Standard PER UNIT PLAN FOR SKU# 901-002-0
901-002-10-3S901002103SDialogic 3 Year Standard PER UNIT PLAN FOR SKU# 901-002-1394
901-002-10-3V901002103VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+P4-4L-R UK BOARD
901-002-1290100212Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90100212
901-002-14-3S901002143SDialogic 3 Year Standard PER UNIT PLAN FOR SKU# 901-002-1394
901-002-14-3V901002143VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN SKU 901-002-14
901-002-17-1S901002171SDialogic 1 Year SILVER PER UNIT PLAN FOR SILV TRUFAX FULL SIZE 100-R UK BOARD
901-002-18-1S901002181SDialogic 1 Year SILVER PER UNIT PLAN FOR SILV TRUFAX FULL SIZE 200-R UK BOARD
901002469Computone New
9010-025090100250HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 90100250 CD AOL 9.0b Fall 05 for AiOs
901-0025-FME09010025FME0Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus FlexMaster Complete package - 25 access points - Linux
901-004-06-3S901004063SDialogic 3 Year Standard PER UNIT PLAN SKU 901-004-06
901-006-08-1S901006081SDialogic New 1YR 901-006-08 Standard UNIT PLAN TR1034+E16H-E1-1N
901-006-17-1V901006171VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E10HG-E1-1N BOARD
901-006-17-3V901006173VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E10HG-E1-1N BOARD
901-006-18-1V901006181VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E16HG-E1-1N BOARD
901-006-18-3V901006183VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E16HG-E1-1N BOARD
901-006-19-1V901006191VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E16HG-T1-1N BOARD
901-006-19-3V901006193VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E16HG-T1-1N BOARD
901-006-20-1V901006201VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E20HG-E1-1N BOARD
901-006-20-3V901006203VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E20HG-E1-1N BOARD
901-006-21-1V901006211VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E24HG-T1-1N BOARD
901-006-21-3V901006213VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E24HG-T1-1N BOARD
901-006-22-1V901006221VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E30HG-E1-1N BOARD
901-006-22-3V901006223VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E30HG-E1-1N BOARD
901-006-23-3V901006233VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E4HG-E1-1N BOARD
901-006-24-3V901006243VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E4HG-T1-1N BOARD
901-006-25-3V901006253VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E8HG-E1-1N BOARD
901-006-26-3V901006263VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E8HG-T1-1N BOARD
901-007-10-3S901007103SDialogic 3 Year SILVER PER UNIT PLAN FOR SILV TR1034+E4-4L UK BOARD
901-007-10-3V901007103VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E4-4L UK BOARD
901-007-1290100712Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90100712 TR1034+E8-8L 8-Channel ANALOG V.34 FAX PCIE PCI-Express [901-007-12
901-007-14-3S901007143SDialogic 1 Year Silver UNIT PLAN FOR TR1034+E8-8L UK
901-007-14-3V901007143VDialogic 3 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TR1034+E8-8L UK BOARD
901008Sun Microsystems Refurbished
90-101-0001901010001Amp Inc New 901010001 PCI Fiber Fibre OPTIC AND 100 BASE-TX LAN CARD WITH PROCESSOR AM79C972
90-101-0001901010001Sun Microsystems New 901010001 100 BASE-TX PCI LAN CARD
901-0100-FME09010100FME0Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus FlexMaster Complete package - 100 access points - Linux
90101-019010101Plantronics New MS50/T30 -2 CONNECTORS ETA:6-8 WKS/NON-RETURN/CANCEL
901012-0490101204Link Technologies Refurbished 90101204 Display unit only; MC5 A/S 901012-04; CRT; 120/240VAC;
901012-0790101207Link Technologies Refurbished 90101207 Display unit only; MC5 A/S 901012-07; CRT; 120/240VAC;
901-012-08-1V901012081VDialogic 1 Year VALUE PER UNIT PLAN FOR Service TRUFAX 250E BRI (2B+D) BOARD
901-013-1090101310Datalogic New 90101310 TRUFAX 200E 2-Port PCIE
901-016-0490101604Dialogic TR1034+ELP24-TE 24CH PCIE PCI-Express T1/E1
90-101749010174DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 9010174
90-10174-00901017400DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 901017400
90-10188-00901018800DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 901018800
901-0250-FME09010250FME0Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus FlexMaster Complete package - 0250 access points - Linux
901027-0190102701Wyse Refurbished 90102701
901028-0690102806Wyse New 90102806
90-102-900-00090102900000Link Technologies Refurbished 90102900000
90-102-900-00190102900001Link Technologies Refurbished 90102900001
901-0301590103015Tally Genicom Refurbished 90103015
90103402Newbridge Refurbished 90103401 901034-01 TONECOMMANDER / 48VDC 0.2A AC ADAPTER
90103403Newbridge Refurbished 90103401 901034-01 TONECOMMANDER / 48VDC 0.2A AC ADAPTER
90-1036-0490103604Newbridge Refurbished 90103604 MEMORY MODULE
901-0372-06901037206Kensington Technology New 901037206 V84942 MicroSaver Security Cable Lock
90-1038-0690103806Newbridge Refurbished 90103806 MEMORY MODULE
90104/6090104603M New 9010460 3M 100 Foot Pleated Foil .050 in. 28 AWG 60 Conductor PVC Shield
9010408-000290104080002Umax Refurbished 90104080002 NEXTREND CPU-BGA-160
90104501Newbridge Refurbished 90104080002 NEXTREND CPU-BGA-160
90-10477-01901047701DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 901047701
901048NOVATION Refurbished A/C Adapter In: 115VAC Out: 9.0VAC 1.3A Male Connector
901048MODEMNOVATION Refurbished A/C Adapter In: 115VAC Out: 9.5VAC 0.75A Male Connector for
90105Zebra Technologies New ZEBRA TTP 7000 KIOSK PRINTER 7030/112 ACC RL HLDR BEHIND
901-0500-FME09010500FME0Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus FlexMaster Complete package - 0500 access points - Linux
901053NOVATION Refurbished Novation 901053-1 Novation Ac Adapter -12v 0.1a +5v 0.8a
901058701Tyco Electronics New PLASTIC WASHER
901063-0090106300Alcatel Refurbished 90106300
90-1066-0190106601Newbridge Refurbished V.35 Distribut. Panel M34fem6/ 3+3cct
90-1066-0290106602Newbridge Refurbished 90106602 V.35 Distribution Panel M34
901085-0190108501Decision Data Refurbished 90108501
90108501Printronix Refurbished 3776 DISPLAY
901085-0390108503Decision Data Refurbished 90108503
901085-0690108506Decision Data Refurbished 90108506
901085-1290108512Decision Data Refurbished 90108512
901087-0190108701Wyse Refurbished 90108701 WY-670+ COLOR MONITOR OPEN BOX
901087-0290108702Wyse Refurbished 90108702 WY-670ES COLOR MONITOR OPEN BOX
90109HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished PCI MODEM AGERE 1648C-TV3 OR LUCENT 1648T00
9010916-000190109160001Umax Refurbished 90109160001 NEXTREND CPU-BGA-160
90109-2B4901092B4HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 901092B4 56K INTERNAL FAX MODEM
90109-2B4901092B4Eton Corp Refurbished 901092B4 PCI NETWORK CARD
901100-0890110008Wyse Refurbished 90110008
901-1000-FME09011000FME0Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus FlexMaster Complete package - 1000 access points - Linux
9011-001090110010Infortrend Technology Inc New NULL MODEM DB9F TO DB9M WIRES SWAPPED
90111110-2-19011111021Hand Held Products Refurbished 9011111021 Works Great! Dolphin 7400 series Batch Handheld Terminal 43-KEY
901-1150-UN009011150UN00Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus ZoneDirector 1150 Network management device - 10Mb LAN 1
901123Wilson Electronics IN WALL PANEL ANTENNA
90-11326-01901132601DEC Digital Equipment Corp New 901132601
9011341-014790113410147HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 90113410147 9011341-0147
901148-1790114817Link Technologies Refurbished 90114817 DATA TERMINAL - 14" - 3-Port - LINK WT6DR 9TERMINAL ONLY)
9011705Overland Data Storage New 250 WATT Power Supply
90-1184-0190118401Alcatel REFURBISHED 2B1Q LINE CARD 6-Port
90-1184-0590118405Newbridge Refurbished 90118405 2B1Q-27LC2 LINE CARD 6 CCT `
901189-0190118901AMD Refurbished 90118901 VGA 13INCH YELLOWED CASE DIM
90119-2109901192109Molex New CRIMP PIN 2.54 MM FOR 90
9012Printronix Refurbished 1200-LPM PRINTER
9012000MIBM Refurbished TA90/TU90 BOARD
90-12-001190120011Amt Datasouth New 90120011
90120-0122901200122Molex New 901200122
901200122Molex Refurbished 901200122
90120-0123901200123Molex New 901200123
90120-0131901200131Molex New 901200131
901200762Molex New AVAILABLE
90120-0763901200763Molex New 901200763 OEM AVAILABILITY
90120-0764901200764Molex New 901200764
90120-0800901200800Molex New 901200800
90-1201-87319012018731Elma Electronics New 9012018731
90121-0768901210768Molex New 901210768 SEC
90122-0125901220125Molex New 901220125
90-1224-0690122406Newbridge Refurbished 90122406 DUAL E-3 CARD E116
90-1228-0190122801Newbridge Refurbished 90122801 LGS CHANNEL UNIT
901-22886-009012288600DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 9012288600 INTER LOCK CABLE Assembly
901-22888-009012288800DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 9012288800 7000R HOTPLUG FAN DB
901-22892-009012289200DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 9012289200 SERVER 400-Watts POWER SUPPLY 7000R HP3-4CBDD-51078
901-22957-009012295700DEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished 9012295700 OPC CABLE Assembly
90-1230-0190123001Alcatel Refurbished CARD: 3600 EM Channel Unit CLEI DECUAAA1AA
90-1230-0190123001Newbridge Refurbished 90123001 EM 2/4W (4-Wire) CHANNEL UNIT
901230508Tyco Electronics New FLAT WASHER3.5M FLAT PLAIN STEEL
90-1231-0190123101Alcatel Refurbished 90123101 3600 OCU-DP Channel UN CLEI DETMFAH
90-1231-0190123101Newbridge Refurbished 90123101 OCU-DP CLEI DETMFAL1AA
90123102Alcatel Refurbished 36XX OCUDP Channel UN2
90123102Newbridge Refurbished 36XX OCUDP Channel UN2 CLEI USEMC
90-1231-02-03-C9012310203CAlcatel Refurbished 9012310203C 36XX OCU-DP Channel UN-2 CLEI DETMFAA
9012310203CNewbridge Refurbished 36XX OCUDP Channel UN2 CLEI DETMFAA1AA
90-1231-02-03-E9012310203EAlcatel Refurbished 9012310203E 90-1231-02-03-E - 36XX OCU-DP Channel UN-2 CLEI DET1EEGAAA
90-1232-01-G90123201GAlcatel Refurbished 90123201G 3600 BRI-U Channel UNIT CLEI DETMB9G
90123301Newbridge Refurbished 90123301 DS0-DP CHANNEL UNIT
90-1236-0190123601Newbridge Refurbished DEFLECTOR TRAY 19 in.--9-10-2013
901237-1090123710Wyse New 90123710
901-2500-FME09012500FME0Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus FlexMaster Complete package - 2500 access points - Linux
901251Schlumberger New 901251 SCHLUMBERGER / READER
901254490Lucent Technologies Refurbished .216-24X1/2 FHP SCREW
90126-K90126KXerox Refurbished 90126K
901271031Lucent Technologies Refurbished Commnet - SCREW TTF-M6X16 M6
90-1272-0290127202Newbridge Refurbished 90127202 3606 R1 X.21/VOICE System 16-25 HZ RG
90127301Newbridge Refurbished 90127301 3606 R1 V.35/NO V/RG System
901278697Lucent Technologies Refurbished M5 X .8 X 10 THRD FRMNG SCREW
901301208Molex New 307286600 X HEAD 8P MS
90130-1224901301224Molex New 901301224 OEM AVAILABILITY
901-3025-UN009013025UN00Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus ZoneDirector 3025 Network management device - 2 ports - 1
90130-3214901303214Molex New 901303214
90-1308-0290130802Newbridge Refurbished 90130802 2B1Q Adapter 36SM 2W/RJ IF 2902
90-1308-0590130805Newbridge Refurbished 90130805 V.35 Adapter- 36SM V.35/DB25M 2902
90131012-5901310125Molex New 901310125
90131-0765901310765Molex New 901310765
90131302Newbridge Refurbished 90131302 36SM Rackmount SHELF Assembly
90131303Newbridge Refurbished 36SM DC POWER STRIP Rackmount
9-01341-0190134101Quantum Refurbished 90134101 Scalar i500 LTO-3 Tape Drive Module Native Fibre Fiber Channel
90135810Alcatel Refurbished omniswitch CSM-U carrier card installed in the Chassis
90135831Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel omniswitch CSM-U carrier card installed in the chassis 9
90-1363-0290136302Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel/Newbridge 3600/45 Install Kit
90137401Newbridge Refurbished SCREW - 8-32X5/16 PHIL FLAT M/S TRI CLEAR ZINC PB FREE
90139-0690139063Com New 9013906 Superstack Fiber Fibre Trunk Module RI/RO Retail Boxed
90-1414-1A9014141AChipcon Systems Refurbished 9014141A 10BASE-T 1X-12X
90142-0018901420018Molex New 901420018 CONNECTORS
90-1452-0190145201Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-1452-01 NEWBRIDGE 4W TO CHAN 3600 REV C ALCATEL 90-14 CLEI DECUE001AA
90-1459-0190145901Alcatel Refurbished 90145901 90-1459-01 - 3600 FR Release SWITCH CLEI DEPQAAJZZZ
90-1459-0190145901Newbridge Refurbished 90145901 FRAME RELAY SWITCH CARD
9-01481-0190148101Adic Refurbished ADIC 800/1.6TB LTO 4 FC IBM w/tray for ADIC Scalar i500
901-5000-FME09015000FME0Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus FlexMaster Complete package - 5000 access points - Linux
90150010Diamond Multimedia New
90151301Newbridge Refurbished VF Cable Assem 3600 sh
90-1518-0190151801Newbridge Refurbished 90151801 DS-3 PASSIVE HUB
901537-0190153701Wyse New 35 TERMINAL
90153701Wyse Refurbished 35 TERMINAL
901537-0490153704Wyse Refurbished 90153704
901537-0690153706Wyse Refurbished 90153706 TERMINAL WY-35ES WHITE
901537-0790153707Wyse Refurbished 90153707
90-1547-01/B90154701BNewbridge Refurbished 90154701B
9015482103Newbridge Refurbished 2 Year 3 Year EXTENDED Warranty BRAVO II Electronic DVD PROVIDE COVERAGE FOR PN
90-1548-3190154831Alcatel Refurbished 90154831 3500 WM 120-Volt System
90-1549-0190154901Newbridge New 2 Year 3 Year EXTENDED Warranty BRAVO II Electronic DVD PROVIDE COVERAGE FOR PN
90-1549-0190154901Alcatel Refurbished 90154901 RS422 DCC (4ckt)
90154901Newbridge Refurbished 2 Year 3 Year EXTENDED Warranty BRAVO II Electronic DVD PROVIDE COVERAGE FOR PN
90156-0144901560144Molex New 901560144 AVAIL-3-5 DAYS.4-PIN HOUSING 2.54mm
90156-0146901560146Molex New 901560146
901561-0190156101Wyse Refurbished 90156101
901561-0490156104Wyse Refurbished 90156104
901561-0690156106Wyse Refurbished 90156106
901561-0790156107Wyse Refurbished 90156107
901561-3190156131Unisys New 90156131
901567-0690156706Wyse Refurbished 90156706 TERMINAL WITH COMM1 COMM2 PARALLEL AND RJ11 KB PORTS
901567-0790156707Wyse New WYSE WY-65 901567-07 12 Terminal Monitor w/901865-01+Y184384
901569000Printronix Refurbished 901564011 14 MONITOR LN14
90-1576-01/E90157601EAlcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-1576-01/E NEWBRIDGE MAINSTREET 3600 CONTROL CARD ALCA
90-1576-0390157603Newbridge Refurbished 90157603 MEMORY MODULE GEN 1115.2
901589-001A901589001AMouse Systems Refurbished 901589001A
901589-001B901589001BMouse Systems Refurbished 901589001B
901589-001C901589001CMouse Systems Refurbished 901589001C
9016091Smc Networks Refurbished ISA 8BIT ARCNET CARD COAX SMC COM90C65
90161001Newbridge Refurbished MULTIPORT AGG EMC 4CCT--9-10-2013
90161002Newbridge Refurbished 90161002 MULTIPORT AGG 4 CCT
90-1615-0190161501Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-1615-01 - UNIVERSAL DISTRIBUTION PANEL ALCATEL 90-161 CLEI 90-1615-01
90161501Newbridge Refurbished PC SERIAL CABLE
90161XQuantum Refurbished i40/80 LTO4 HH SAS MODULE
90-1625-0290162502Alcatel Refurbished 90162502 90-1625-02 - DUAL T1 1.544Mbps CARD-2 CLEI 90-1625-02
90162602Newbridge Refurbished 90162602 DUAL E1-2 75/120 OHM
90162810Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL Omnistack 24 port 10/100 White OS-5024- 90162810
901637-011901637011Wyse Refurbished 901637011
901637-031901637031Wyse Refurbished 901637031
90163710Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90163710 MPM-1GW-56MD-12MF MANAGEMENT PROCESSOR MODULE
90-1638-0190163801Newbridge Refurbished FRAME RELAY ENGINE--9-10-2013
90-1638-0390163803Alcatel Refurbished 90163803 Frame Relay Engine
90163803Newbridge Refurbished FRAME RELAY ENGINE--9-10-2013
90163811Newbridge Refurbished Alcatel omniswitch MPM1GW56MB12MF List Price
90-1638-1590163815Newbridge New FRAME RELAY ENGINE R4 --9-10-2013
90-1638-1590163815Alcatel Refurbished 90163815 90-1638-15 - FRE CARD R4 CLEI 90-1638-15
90-1638-1590163815Newbridge Refurbished FRAME RELAY ENGINE R4 --9-10-2013
90-1642-0490164204Newbridge Refurbished UDP ADAP RS449/V.36DCE--9-10-2013
90-1642-0690164206Newbridge Refurbished V.35DCE Adapter Module M34 Connector
90-1642-0890164208Newbridge Refurbished 90164208 UDP Adapter X.21 DCE
90164510Alcatel Refurbished OMNISTACK 6024 Stacking Module
90165Primera Technology New 2 Year Warranty EXTENDS FACTORY TO 3YRSVCS BRAVO SE CD/DVD
90165010Alcatel Refurbished II
90-1651-0190165101Newbridge Refurbished 90165101 FASTBUS STP CASCADE MODULE
90165201Alcatel Refurbished GRYPHON D130 Gray USB KIT-414 CLEI DEIUD001AA
90165201Newbridge Refurbished GRYPHON D130 Gray USB KIT-414 CLEI DEIUD001AA
90-166-04-C9016604CNewbridge Refurbished 9016604C CONTROL CARD
90167610Alcatel Refurbished OmniAccess 512 w16M
901694-011901694011Wyse Refurbished 901694011
901694-031901694031Link Technologies Refurbished 901694031
901694-091901694091Wyse Refurbished 901694091
9016X2/49016X24Trident Microsystems Refurbished 9016X24 Compatible TRIDENT ISA VIDEO CARD WITH 1MB RAM
901703-7290170372Wyse Refurbished 90170372 WY-1570DES COLOR MONITOR OPEN BOX
90-1715-0190171501Alcatel Refurbished 90171501 FDDI MMF
901715-04L90171504LWyse New 90171504L KYBD UTC USB W/ PS2 PT IEPC FR $50 MINIMUM ORDER
901715-04L90171504LDell New 90171504L USB - QWERTY - 105 Keys - Black - French
901715-0690171506Wyse New 90171506
901715-3490171534Wyse New 90171534 K/B USBW/PS2IEPC BLACK USPK-6-E2-1C
901716-0190171601Wyse New 90171601 Keyboard USB EPC Keyboard 104 keys - English - US
90-1716-0190171601Alcatel Refurbished 90171601 36150 VIDEO Compressor CD CLEI BALFEE0
90-1716-0190171601Newbridge Refurbished 90171601 VIDEO JPEG Adapter CARD
901716-0690171606Wyse New 90171606 WYSE KEYBOARD USB W/ PS/2 PORT 104K BLACK
901716-0890171608Wyse New 90171608 Keyboard USB With PS2 EPC Keyboard 104 Keys English USA
901716-08L90171608LWyse New 90171608L K/BUSB W/PS2104KWYSE LOGOUS
90-1716-21C90171621CAlcatel Refurbished 90171621C NTST JPEG
90-1718-0290171802Newbridge Refurbished 90171802 100Mbps SMF IR INTERFACE
90-1722-02/C90172202CAlcatel Refurbished 90172202C 4-Port switch card
90-1722-0390172203Alcatel Refurbished 90172203 4-Port Switch Card 3 36150 kr
90172302Newbridge Refurbished 90172302 DC POWER SUPPLY CARD
90-1724-0290172402Alcatel Refurbished 90172402 100115V AC Power Supply Card 36150 kr
90-1726-0290172602Alcatel Refurbished 90172602 90-1726-02 - 36150 PROG CONTROL CLEI BACCF001AA
901-7372-US009017372US00Ruckus Wireless New ZONEFLEX 7372 802.11N INDOOR AP 2X2:2, DUAL BAND, 2-PORT
901-7372-US509017372US50Ruckus Wireless New 9017372US50 ZF7372-E-US ZONEFLEX 802.11N INDOOR AP 2X2:2 DUAL BAND EXTERN
901750-1090175010Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 901750-10- POWER SUPPLY FOR OMNI 7800 7700 SP667 SP569-1 04/27/15 SM
90175310Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90175310 OS7800-CMM 050352-43 CHAS MGMT MOD ALCATEL 9017
901-7731-US029017731US02Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus ZoneFlex Bridge - Gigabit LAN - 802.11 a/b/g/n - desktop
901-7731-US329017731US32Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus Wireless - 1 -PR 7731 2 -AT -2401 -DP ANT POE INJ
901-7731-US429017731US42Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus Wireless - 1 -PR 77312 -AT -2401 -DP ANT -POE INJ
901-7762-US019017762US01Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus ZoneFlex 7762 Wireless access point - 802.11 a/b/g/n - Mu
901-7762-US039017762US03Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus Wireless - ZONEFLEX 7762 -AC 802.11N OUTDOOR WIRELESS ACC
901-7762-US519017762US51Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus ZoneFlex 7762 -S Wireless access point - 802.11 a/b/g/n -
901-7762-US919017762US91Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus ZoneFlex 7762 -T Wireless access point - 802.11 a/b/g/n -
901-7782-US019017782US01Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus ZoneFlex 7782 Wireless access point - 802.11 a/b/g/n - Mu
901-7782-US519017782US51Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus ZoneFlex 7782 -S Wireless access point - 802.11 a/b/g/n -
901-7782-US819017782US81Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus Wireless - EXTERNAL ANTENNA :: ZF7782 -E
901815-0190181501Wyse Refurbished 90181501
901817-011901817011Wyse Refurbished 901817011
901817-021901817021Wyse Refurbished 901817021 14 Terminal - Winterm 2500-TP
901820-001901820001Dataproducts Refurbished 901820001 CENTRONICS INTERFACE KIT
90183201Newbridge Refurbished 90183201 36120 FASTBUS STP MOD CLEI DEIUBB0
90-1832-0190183201Alcatel Refurbished 90183201 36120 FASTBUS STP MOD
901838-011901838011Wyse Refurbished 901838011
901838-021901838021Wyse Refurbished 901838021
90-1841-0190184101Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-1841-01 NEWBRIDGE FASTCOMM FDX 2488 V.22 OLD STO
90-1841-0290184102Alcatel Refurbished 90184102 Fastcomm FDX 2488 V.32
90185-039018503Plantronics New Replacement Headband for the SHR2083-01 (02/07)
9018610010Acer Refurbished ISA SOUND CARD
901861-0190186101Wyse New 90186101 WHITE KEYBOARD CONDITION MODEL NUMBER E06100USWY-C
9018610202Aopen Refurbished Sound cardAW200 99929-1.1 48.18612.01190.18610.202b.12
901861-2690186126Wyse New 90186126 WINTERM KEYBOARD PS/2 104 KEYS
901861-2690186126Wyse Refurbished 90186126 WINTERM KEYBOARD PS/2 104 KEYS
901861-6090186160Wyse Refurbished 90186160
901865-0190186501Wyse Refurbished 90186501 50/55/60/1X0/285/3XX ENHANCED Keyboard
901866Wyse New
901867-0190186701Wyse Refurbished 90186701 901867-01 55 16 FUNCTION KEYS KEYBOARD
901869-0190186901Wyse Refurbished 90186901
901869-0290186902Wyse Refurbished 90186902
901869-0490186904Wyse Refurbished 90186904
901869-1690186916Wyse Refurbished 90186916
90187901Wyse New 90186916
90188210Alcatel Refurbished II OMNISTACK 6024
90188510Alcatel Refurbished II
90189Fellowes New Fellowes Stowaway XT Keyboard HP IPAQ 90189
90189Fellowes Refurbished Fellowes Stowaway XT Keyboard HP IPAQ 90189
901892-0290189202Wyse Refurbished 90189202
901894-0290189402Wyse New 90189402
901894-1290189412Wyse New 90189412
901895-0190189501Wyse Refurbished 90189501
901898-011901898011Wyse Refurbished 901898011
901899-0190189901Wyse Refurbished 90189901
9019-20901920WDC Western Digital Corporation Refurbished 901920 ISA VIDEO CARD
901-9209-A9019209AAmphenol Refurbished 9019209A
901932-0190193201Wyse Refurbished 90193201 WINTERM2310SE 901932-01 TERMINAL
901936-021901936021Wyse Refurbished 901936021
90-1948-02/M90194802MAlcatel Refurbished 90194802M 36150 Mainstreet chassis kr
901950-011901950011Unisys Refurbished 901950011
90195010Alcatel Refurbished OmniSwitch 90195010 050359-43 REV A 7700 CHAS MGMT MOD OmniSwitc
901960Wyse Refurbished
901963001Decision Data Refurbished 901963001 Solenoid Route Separator Paper Exit #1
901967-021901967021Wyse Refurbished 901967021
901967-092901967092Unisys Refurbished 901967092
901968-021901968021Wyse Refurbished 901968021
90197Primera Technology New EXTENDED WARRANTY LX900 COLOR
90-1970-0190197001Newbridge Refurbished 90197001 36150 MAIN STREET HUB CLEI BAM61G0ARA
901971-0190197101Wyse Refurbished 90197101
901971-1190197111Wyse Refurbished 90197111
901971-1290197112Wyse Refurbished 90197112
901972-0190197201Wyse Refurbished 90197201 Winterm Unit - No Power Supply
901973-0190197301Wyse New 90197301
901973-1890197318Wyse New 90197318
901975-0190197501Wyse New 90197501
901975-1690197516Wyse New 90197516
901985-0390198503Wyse Refurbished 90198503
901985-0590198505Wyse Refurbished 90198505
901985-0690198506Wyse Refurbished 90198506
901987-1190198711Wyse Refurbished 90198711
901988-1290198812Wyse Refurbished 90198812 WINTERM TERMINAL W/ AC ADAPTER
901989-0190198901Wyse Refurbished 90198901
90-1989-0290198902Newbridge Refurbished 90198902 T3 UNI/NNI-3
901989-1190198911Wyse Refurbished 90198911 WINTERM TERMINAL WT3320SE
90-1990-0190199001Alcatel Refurbished 90199001 OC-3 UNINNI Internal Reach card 36150 kr
90-1995-0190199501Alcatel Refurbished 90199501 Control Card 2 36150 kr
90199501Newbridge Refurbished 90199501 CONTROL CARD 2
901995-1790199517Dell Refurbished 90199517 E200 233Mhz Thin Client Terminal System GXL/32Mb/Windows Ce 2.
901996-0190199601Wyse Refurbished 90199601
901996-2190199621Wyse Refurbished 90199621
901998-0190199801WINTERNALS SOFTWARE Refurbished Wise Thin Client Terminal no Power Adapter
901998-5190199851Wyse Refurbished 90199851
9019CDell Refurbished 9019C Floppy Drive CABLE 17.5 34-Pin
901X-002901X002IBM Refurbished 901X002 3380-MD2 901X-002 Maintenance Device
90-200005-009020000500Motorola Refurbished 9020000500 QB5000 System CONTR CD CLEI BVCUDFA
902-0002-0009020002000Xi3 Corporation X5A XI3 Gray DC/1.8Ghz 2GB DDR2 32GB Solid State Drive
902-0003-0009020003000Xi3 Corporation X5A XI3 Gray DC/1.8-Inch 2GB DDR2 64GB Solid State Drive
902-0004-0009020004000Xi3 Corporation Xi3 X5A 128GB Win7Pro (9020004001)
902-0009129F9020009129FNcr Refurbished 9020009129F TOKEN RING ADAPTER BOARD ISA 16-Bit DB9
902-0010480D9020010480DNcr Refurbished 9020010480D TOKEN RING ADAPTER BOARD ISA 16-Bit DB9
902-0010611A9020010611ANcr Refurbished 9020010611A TOKEN RING ADAPTER BOARD ISA 16-Bit DB9
90-2002-0190200201Alcatel Refurbished Channel Bank: 3624 Basic System AC Power Each Basic System Inclu
90-2002-0190200201Newbridge Refurbished 90200201 3624 WM 110-240VAC 20HZ System
902002-0190200201Wyse Refurbished 90200201
90200222-0331902002220331Intel Corporation Refurbished 902002220331 Pentium III processor at 667MHz SECC2 133MHZ BUS 256K CACHE
90-2003-0190200301Newbridge Refurbished 90200301 48 DC WALL MOUNT CHASSIS
90-2003-0290200302Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel/Newbridge 3624 48V BSYS 20HZ RG
90-2003-0290200302Newbridge Refurbished 90200302 3624 48V Rackmount BSYS20 HZ RG
90-2004-0290200402Newbridge Refurbished 90200402 MEMORY MOD
90-2004-1290200412Newbridge Refurbished 90200412 3623 R12 MEMORY MODULE `
90-2004-3290200432Newbridge Refurbished 90200432 3624 R12 MEMORY MODULE
90200457Lenovo Refurbished LENOVO G580/G585 DC-IN CABLE
902006-1590200615Wyse Refurbished 90200615
902006-2990200629Wyse Refurbished 90200629
90200640Lenovo New TOP CASE
90200643Lenovo New LCD BACK COVER
90200644Lenovo New LCD FRONT BEZEL
90200891Lenovo Refurbished MIDDLE COVER W/O HWTVB54 M:57310058
90200990Lenovo Refurbished LENOVO G580 HINGE BRACKET LEFT RIGHT
90200997Lenovo Refurbished
90201Fellowes New The top-selling PDA accessories in the world WriteRights are cl
90201/2090201203M New 9020120 3M 100 Foot Pleated Foil .025 in. 30 AWG 20 Conductor TPE Shield
902-0101-000090201010000Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus Wireless - MOUNTING KIT AERIAL STRAND -UNIVERSAL KIT FOR
90201030Lenovo New LENOVO IDEAPAD N580/N581 PALMREST L
902-0103-000090201030000Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus Wireless - ZF7761 -CM ACCESSORY CABLE 12VDC INPUT MANU
902-0165-000090201650000Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus Network device outdoor mounting kit - for ZoneFlex 7762
902-0175-DC009020175DC00Ruckus Wireless New Ruckus Wireless - SPARE DC POWER SUPPLY FOR ZD5000
902-0200-000090202000000Ruckus Wireless New Weather -tight Fiber Optic Enclosure Gray Field Installable Ac
902-0201-000090202010000Ruckus Wireless New Managed Industrial Media Converter SFP fiber optic slot12 -48V
902-0202-000090202020000Ruckus Wireless New EPON Optical Network Terminal SFP Optic Module 20km reach sin
902-0202-100090202021000Ruckus Wireless New Fiber Node, EPON/DPoE, SM, 20Km, gray. Includes enclosure, media adapter, SFP optics, cables, fiber patch cord/wall
902-0203-000090202030000Ruckus Wireless New 1000Base -LX SFP mini -GBIC Optic Module Single Mode 10km NETWORK TRANCEIVER MODULE
902-0203-100090202031000Ruckus Wireless FibererR NODE, 1000BASE-LX,SM,10KM, GRAY. INCLUDES Enclosure, MEDIA Adapter
902020P20B0081Macase Refurbished 250W 20 PIN ATX POWER SUPPLY
90202118Lenovo Refurbished LENOVO VIWZ2 DC-IN CABLE
90202120Lenovo Refurbished LENOVO BASE COVER IDEAPAD P500 SERIES
90202130Lenovo Refurbished
902024-1890202418Wyse Refurbished 90202418 WINTERM Windows CE 2.12 EMBEDDED WITH POWER SUPPLY
902-0300690203006Tally Genicom Refurbished 90203006 POWER SUPPLY PCBA
902-03006-009020300600Tally Genicom Refurbished 9020300600
902-03006-EE90203006EETally Genicom Refurbished 90203006EE POWER SUPPLY PCBA
902-03015-039020301503Tally Genicom Refurbished 9020301503
902034-1790203417Wyse Refurbished 90203417
90-2036-0190203601Alcatel Refurbished 90203601 ACS 4500 ENETWAN Card
902048-0490204804Wyse New 90204804
902048-0690204806Wyse New 90204806
90204806Wyse Refurbished 90204806
902048-0990204809Wyse New 90204809 WYSE WT9450XE
90204809Wyse Refurbished 90204809 WYSE WT9450XE
902048-1890204818Wyse New 90204818
90206410Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL. OmniSwitch OS7-GNI-U12 90206410 050408-83 12 port SFP 1
90207Primera Technology New 1YR-2YR TOTAL BRAVOPRO XI2 Services BLU-RAY 2DRIVE UNIT 110-Volt
902073-0190207301Wyse Refurbished 90207301
902073-1190207311Wyse Refurbished 90207311
902073-1290207312Wyse Refurbished 90207312
902073-2990207329Wyse Refurbished 90207329
902073-3790207337Wyse Refurbished 90207337
902073-4590207345Wyse Refurbished 90207345 OPEN BOX WINTERM TERMINAL EMBEDDED WINDOWS XP
902073-7090207370Wyse Refurbished 90207370 WINTERM TERMINAL EMBEDDED WINDOWS XP
90208410Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90208410 OS8-GNI2-U24 8800 2nd Generation 24-unpopulated
902094-07L90209407LWyse Refurbished 90209407L
90-2095-1290209512Newbridge Refurbished 90209512 CPSS ATM SBUS NIC ( Network Interface Card )
90-2096-1290209612Newbridge Refurbished 90209612 VIVID EISA NIC ( Network Interface Card ) OC-3C
902097-02L90209702LWyse New 90209702L
902099-0590209905Wyse Refurbished THINCLIENT TERMINAL - WIN XP - 256R/512F WINTERM S90 NO STAND
9020BUHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished HP9000 Model 20 with 98780B Monitor
9020-FA9020FASavin Refurbished 9020FA REF - SAVIN 9020 Copier ALSO - RICOH Models Includes........ 1
9021Tellabs Refurbished FUSE MODULE
90210510Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90210510 OS-6148 OMNISTACK 48-PORT 10/100 SWITCH W/ MANA
902110-0190211001Wyse Refurbished 90211001
902110-0290211002Wyse Refurbished 90211002
90-2115-01/ZB90211501ZBNewbridge Refurbished 90211501ZB ATM 19-Inch Rack 12 Twisted Pair Ethernet Port 1 Fiber Fibre Optic P
902116-0990211609Wyse New 90211609 NA OPT 1 Year SILVERCHOICE X-CLAS
902116-4190211641Wyse New EU Req OPT 5YR GOLDCHOICE CX0LE
902116-4990211649Wyse New 90211649 3YR Warranty W/ ADV Replacement P CLASS $50 MINIMUM ORDER
902116-5490211654Wyse PS Advanced EX Z-CLASS 5 Year
902116-5590211655Wyse New 90211655 Wyse WyseChoice Warranty Program SilverChoice - Extended service
902116-5690211656Wyse PS Advanced EX Z-CLASS 1 Year External
902116-5890211658Wyse New 90211658 Wyse WyseChoice Warranty Program BronzeChoice - Extended service
902116-5990211659Wyse New 90211659 OPT 2YR BRONZECHOICE Z CLASS $50 MINIMUM ORDER
902116-6090211660Wyse PS Advanced EX T-CLASS 5 Year
902116-6190211661Wyse PS Advanced EX T-CLASS 3 Year
902116-6290211662Wyse PS Advanced EX T-CLASS 1 Year External
902116-6590211665Wyse New 90211665 BASIC RTD PARTS T-CLASS 2YR EXT
902116-8090211680Wyse BASIC Hardware Service BUSINESS HRS 5X10 RETURN TO DEPOT D CLASS 1 Year External
902116-8190211681Wyse BASIC Hardware Service BUSINESS HRS 5X10 RETURN TO DEPOT D CLASS 2 Year External
902124-04L90212404LWyse Refurbished WYSE V90L 800MHZ 512/512
90-2129-0190212901Newbridge Refurbished 90212901 3620 120-Volt WM BS 20HZ
90-2130-0290213002Newbridge Refurbished 90213002 3620 DESKTOP MULTIPLEXER 48V
902130BCumulus Corp Refurbished 8BIT ISA FLOPPY TAPE CONTROLLER
902131-006-A902131006AMicro Focus Micro Focus RUMBA UNIX
902131-006-B902131006BMicro Focus Micro Focus RUMBA UNIX
902131-006-C902131006CMicro Focus Micro Focus RUMBA UNIX
90-2131-3290213132Newbridge Refurbished 90213132 3620 R3 U203 MEMORY Module ULE
90-2132-0190213201Newbridge Refurbished 90213201 3620 WM CONTROL CARD 1
902132-0190213201Wyse Refurbished 90213201
90-2132-0290213202Newbridge Refurbished 90213202 3620 WM CONTROL CARD
902138-01L90213801LBrocade Refurbished V10 WITH 800MHZ 128MB FL/1GB RAM
902139-21L90213921LWyse Refurbished 90213921L
90-2143-3090214330Newbridge Refurbished 90214330 3620 R3 FLASH MM
902144-19L90214419LWyse Refurbished 90214419L WINTERM V90LE XPE 1.2G
902144-60L90214460LTexas Instruments Refurbished 90214460L
902148-34L90214834LWyse Refurbished 90214834L
902166-04L90216604LWyse Refurbished 90216604L
902166-34L90216634LWyse Refurbished 90216634L
902167-21L90216721LWyse Refurbished 90216721L DTS - 1 x C7 1Ghz ULV - RAM 1GB - no Hard Drive - Chrome9 HCM - Gigab
90-2168-31/B90216831BAlcatel Refurbished 90216831B 36170 TDS3 Module
902171-01L90217101LDell New 90217101L Thin Clients 902171-01L Dell Wyse C50LE Thin Client - DTS - 1 x C7
902174-02L90217402LWyse Refurbished 90217402L C10LE 128F/512R DVI IW ES INTL
902175-02L90217502LWyse Refurbished C10LE 512MB/128FL
902175-91L90217591LWyse Refurbished 90217591L C10LE 128F/512R DVI DAIW US JABIL ONLY
90-2180-0190218001Alcatel Refurbished 90218001 90-2180-01 - TERMINATION CARD CLEI 90-2180-01
90218001Newbridge Refurbished TENSIONED EXECUTIVE ELECTROL - VIDEO FORMAT 69 X 92 H
90-2180-01/E90218001ENewbridge Refurbished 90218001E Termination - Mainstreet Circuit Pack in Xpress Shelf

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