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Part No.Description
90328-700/1800903287001800Prehkeytec Inc MCI3100 BLACK ALPHA MSR Keyboard KEYBOARD- MCI3100BMU
90329Printek Refurbished Tractor Bearing Set - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4_
90-3290-0190329001Newbridge Refurbished 90329001 DS3 UFR/R2.2
90-3290-01-039032900103Newbridge Refurbished 36170 DS3 UFR CARD CLEI BAL9390CAA
90-3290-3190329031Alcatel Refurbished 90329031 90-3290-31 CLEI 90-3290-31
90-3290-31-03-N9032903103NAlcatel Refurbished 9032903103N 90-3290-31-03-N - 36170 DS3 UFR CD CLEI BA1AW7YEAA
90-3290-41/G90329041GNewbridge Refurbished 36170 DS3 UFR CD
90-3290-41/G90329041GAlcatel Refurbished 90329041G 36170 DS3 UFR CD CLEI BAIA13PAAA
90-3290-51-A90329051AAlcatel Refurbished 90329051A 90-3290-51-A - DS3 UNCHNLZD FR Release CD CLEI BAUIABV
9032-920490329204IBM Refurbished 90329204 SYSTEM CONSOLE
9032AAAToshiba Refurbished 30-Pin SIPP
9032-CONSOLE9032CONSOLECompaq Refurbished 9032CONSOLE PROLINE A - 450 CONSOLE
9033-00903300Vodavi Refurbished 903300 Vodavi V300 SLIB Single Line Board Triad 3
903-31-0003903310003Molex New 903310003
90331-23190331231Coastcom Refurbished 90331231 COASTCOM 90331-231 D/I MUX III PCM TERMINAL SHELF COASTCOM 90331
90334Printek New PTK 4000 GAS SPRING
90334Printek Refurbished PTK 4000 GAS SPRING
90-3346-0190334601Alcatel Refurbished 90334601 CONTROL CARD 2/R3.1
90-3346-0190334601Newbridge Refurbished 90334601 CONTROL 2 CLEI NO HECI
90-3346-01/069033460106Alcatel Refurbished 9033460106 Control Module 2
90-3346-01-03-H9033460103HAlcatel Refurbished 9033460103H 36170 Control CD R3.1 CLEI BAC577M
90-3346-01-03-K9033460103KAlcatel Refurbished 9033460103K 36170 Control CD R3.1 CLEI BAC577Y
90-3346-01-03-Y9033460103YAlcatel Refurbished 9033460103Y 36170 Control CD R3.1 CLEI BAC9PRE
90-3346-1190334611Alcatel Refurbished 90334611 90-3346-11 CLEI 90-3346-11
90-3346-1790334617Alcatel Refurbished 90334617 7470 CONTROL CARD-2 W/EPM R5.0
90-3346-2190334621Alcatel Refurbished 90334621 90-3346-21 CLEI 90-3346-21
90-3346-2790334627Newbridge Refurbished Newbridge 90-3346-27-CONTROL CARD-2 W/EPM
90-3346-2790334627Alcatel Refurbished 90334627 CONTROL CARD-2 W/EPM
90334631Newbridge Refurbished 90334R
90-3346-4190334641Newbridge Refurbished 90334641
90334701Newbridge Refurbished 90334701 STRATUM 3 SSU 2/R3.1
90-3347-01/03B9033470103BAlcatel Refurbished 9033470103B Stratum Card
90-3348-0190334801Alcatel Refurbished 90334801 36170 Control 2 card
90336Printek New Print HD Cable Printek 4xxx
90336Printek Refurbished Print HD Cable Printek 4xxx
90337Printek New FUSE SET 5 FUSES FP-4XXX
90338Printek Refurbished PTK-4003 CARRIAGE STEPPER MOTOR
90-338861-0903388610Nec America New 903388610 32MB SR9-32 SDRAM Memory Video Card NEW 90-338861-0
90-3436-0690343606Alcatel Refurbished 90343606 DS3 UNINNI R2.3
903437-002903437002Dataproducts New 903437002 PALLET Assembly
903437-B02903437B02Dataproducts New 903437B02 PRINTER HOLD DOWN Bracket
90344Printek Refurbished SIDE PANEL L 4000 PRINTEK
90-3445-01-00/A9034450100AAlcatel Refurbished 9034450100A 110240 VAC Power Supply
90345Printek Refurbished Right Side Panel - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300
90347Printek Refurbished Lid - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/FP4500/FP450_
90348Printek Refurbished TRANSFORMER 120-Volt 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90349Printek New 90349 FP4003 SHUTTLE PCB 80734
90349Printek Refurbished CCA SHUTTLE Drive 4003 PRINTEK
9034-951190349511IBM Refurbished 90349511 6 POWER CORD/TWISTLOCK
903-496J51S903496J51SAmphenol New 903496J51S CONNECTOR
9034GDTrident Microsystems Refurbished ISA VIDEO CARD WITH VGA OUTPUT
9035-090350Wang Refurbished 90350 WANG 9035-0 MONO ISA VIDEO ADAPTER 9035-0A
90-3538-2390353823Alcatel Refurbished 90353823 DSC card
90-3553-0190355301Newbridge Refurbished 90355301 DS3 CFR
90-3553-0190355301Alcatel Refurbished 90355301 DS3 CFR card
90-3553-01-03-D9035530103DAlcatel Refurbished 9035530103D 36170 DS3 CFR R3.1 CLEI BAI6X38
90-3553-01-03-F9035530103FAlcatel Refurbished 9035530103F 36170 DS3 CFR R3.1 CLEI BA1IXZ8
90-3553-11-H90355311HAlcatel Refurbished 90355311H 36170 DS3 CFR R4.2 CLEI BAA6V1J
90-3553-2190355321Alcatel Refurbished 90355321 DS3 CHNLZD FR Release CARD CLEI BAUIABWFAA
90-3578-0190357801Newbridge Refurbished 90357801 CABLE for 2801 NTU X.21 DB37M-DB15F 3M `
90-3598-1290359812Alcatel Refurbished 90359812 36170 DUAL ( SWG ) Secure Web Gateway CD R2.1
90-3598-12/C90359812CNewbridge Refurbished 90359812C Mainstreet 36170 DSC
90-3598-12-03-J9035981203JAlcatel Refurbished 9035981203J 36170 DUAL ( SWG ) Secure Web Gateway CD 2.1 CLEI BAI7DF1
90-3598-12-03-L9035981203LAlcatel Refurbished 9035981203L 36170 DUAL ( SWG ) Secure Web Gateway CD 2.1 CLEI BA3IPSP
90-3598-1390359813Alcatel Refurbished 90359813 90-3598-13 CLEI 90-3598-13
90359813Newbridge Refurbished 90359813 DSC-1310/NSX/R2.1
90-3598-13-03-H9035981303HAlcatel Refurbished 9035981303H 36170 DUAL ( SWG ) Secure Web Gateway CD 2.1 CLEI BAI7DG9
90-3598-13-03-K9035981303KAlcatel Refurbished 9035981303K 36170 DUAL ( SWG ) Secure Web Gateway CD 2.1 CLEI BA1ISTW
90-3598-2390359823Alcatel Refurbished 90359823 36170 DSC card
90-3598-2390359823Newbridge Refurbished 90359823 DSC-OPT MSP
90-3598-23/N90359823NAlcatel Refurbished DSC
90-3598-3390359833Newbridge Refurbished 90359833
90-3598-3390359833Alcatel Refurbished 90359833 DSC-1310/NSX R4.2
90-3599-12/03/J9035991203JAlcatel Refurbished DUAL HUB CD
90-3599-12-03-R9035991203RAlcatel Refurbished 9035991203R 36170 DUAL HUB CD 2.1 CLEI BAA7Z4T
9036-0039036003IBM New 9036003
90360800-A290360800A2Cray Refurbished 90360800A2 CRAY VME BOARD DC-6S
90360801Cray Refurbished CRAY VME BOARD SI-3
90360801-A090360801A0Cray Refurbished 90360801A0 CRAY VME BOARD DC-6S
90360802-A090360802A0Cray Refurbished 90360802A0 CRAY VME BOARD DC-6S
90361Printek New Lid Hinge Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/
90361Printek Refurbished Lid Hinge Assembly. - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/
90-3625-0190362501Alcatel Refurbished 90362501 T1 CSU card
90-3627-0290362702Alcatel Refurbished 90362702 CTL card Memory 32m
90-3669-0190366901Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel/Newbridge Power Tray AC
90366901Newbridge Refurbished 90366901 Power TRAY SINGLE 100-200VAC 50/60Hz 5 Amp
90-3669-01/E90366901ENewbridge New 90366901E Mainstreet 36170 MAINSTREET Power Supply
90-3669-01/E90366901ENewbridge Refurbished 90366901E Mainstreet 36170 MAINSTREET Power Supply
90366902Newbridge Refurbished 90366902 Power TRAY DUAL 120VAC
90-3669-02/E90366902ENewbridge Refurbished Power Supply Module
90-3669-0690366906Newbridge Refurbished 90366906 POWER TRAY DUAL 240VAC
90-3669-1290366912Newbridge Refurbished 90366912 Power TRAY DUAL 115V-240VAC FOR 90-9524-01 Power Supply
9037001IBM Refurbished 90374910 HMC ESCD CONSOLE SUPPORT
90370-10490370104Xilinx Refurbished 90370104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90371Printek Refurbished PRINTEK 4XXX TRACTOR DRIVE GEAR Assembly
90371-10490371104Xilinx Refurbished 90371104 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90372-10190372101Xilinx Refurbished 90372101 IPLS INDEXER BOARD
90-3728-0190372801Alcatel Refurbished 90372801 G1 16P Dragonswitch ASM9100
90373489Cisco Systems New Cisco-Linksys WCF12 Wireless-B Network CompactFlash Card Type I
90373489Cisco Systems Refurbished Cisco-Linksys WCF12 Wireless-B Network CompactFlash Card Type I
90378Printek Refurbished PTK 4500/4503 PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLYOLD STYLE
90-3821-0190382101Alcatel Refurbished 90382101 GS Ethernet 16P Con Managed
903930000Raychem New
90394Printek Refurbished Formspro FP4003 Printer
90396Printek Refurbished LID SMALL W/ HEAD SENSOR
903FD37003Aopen Refurbished 52X/32X/52X CD-ROM DRIVE BEIGE
9040Avaya Refurbished 9040 PARTNERDUAL RADIO MODULE
90400013Lenovo New Lenovo LCD Screen
904001001Symmetricom Refurbished DCD-400 CLK INPUT UN
90401400Brooktrout Technology New CIRCUIT BOARD WITH CABLE
904-017-0090401700Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90401700 BROOKTROUT 904-017-00- PCI/8LI CARD BROOKTROUT 904-017-00
90402Printek Refurbished - FP4XXX / FP4XXX Cutter Assy.
904-030-3090403030Brooktrout Technology Refurbished 90403030 Brooktrout RealBLOCs-24-APT Carrier Board
90-4093-0290409302Newbridge New 2753 V.35 DUAL PORT REDUNDANT DTU --9-10-2013
90-4093-0290409302Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel/Newbridge 2753 V.35 Dual Port Redundant
90-4093-0290409302Newbridge Refurbished 2753 V.35 DUAL PORT REDUNDANT DTU --9-10-2013
9040MFPHP Hewlett Packard Refurbished HP LaserJet 9040 MFP Multifunction Printer
90417600Cray Refurbished CRAY VME VISW CABLE
904200-0C9042000CSycamore Networks Refurbished 9042000C SYCM4000014 904200 OC-192/STM-64 XFP 1310nm SR/I-64.1 Pluggable
90421Printek Refurbished Shuttle Carriage
90422Printek Refurbished CARRIAGE BRACKET
90423Printek Refurbished SHUTTLE MOTOR BASE PLATE
90424Printek Refurbished PRINTEK 4XXX CUTTER MAIN BOARD
904284-00009042840000Logitech Inc Refurbished 9042840000 ZILOG CHIP ON SMALL BOARD
90430D3IBM Refurbished
90431Printek Refurbished IMAGER BOARD Assembly - OPT
90-4385-01-00/A9043850100AAlcatel Refurbished 9043850100A ATM Low Move
9043CDell Dell OEM Inspiron 7000 Laptop 9043C Black Palmrest
90441Printek New
90-4414-01-039044140103Alcatel Refurbished 9044140103 36060 CONTROL CARD CLEI BAC4E70
90442Printek Refurbished SHUTTLE DRIVER CABLE
904-435904435Bivar New 904435
90-4441-0190444101Alcatel Refurbished 90444101 90-4441-01 CLEI 90-4441-01
90-4441-01/T90444101TAlcatel Refurbished 90444101T 36177-A Multiservice Concentrator AC Power
90-4441-0290444102Alcatel Refurbished 90444102 90-4441-02 - 36177 8 SLOT AC SYSTEM CLEI 90-4441-02
90-4442-01/G90444201GAlcatel Refurbished 90444201G 7270-A Multiservice Concentrator DC Power
90-4443-0190444301Newbridge Refurbished PSU - POWER SUPPLY Universal Newbridge
90-4443-0190444301Alcatel Refurbished 90444301 90-4443-01 - UNIVERSAL AC POWER SUPPLY CLEI 90-4443-01
90-4452-0190445201Newbridge Refurbished 7270 R1.1 CONTROL CARD--9-10-2013
90-4452-0190445201Alcatel Refurbished 90445201 90-4452-01 CLEI 90-4452-01
90-4452-01-00-G9044520100GAlcatel Refurbished 9044520100G Control CTL
90-4452-01-00-V9044520100VAlcatel Refurbished 9044520100V Control CTL
90-4452-1190445211Alcatel Refurbished 90445211 Control CTL Card BA6IGCOBAD
90445211Newbridge Refurbished 90445211 7270 R2.0 CONTROL CARD
90-4452-11-03-H9044521103HAlcatel Refurbished 9044521103H 36177 CONTROL CARD CLEI BA6IGC0
90-4452-2190445221Newbridge Refurbished 7270 CONTROL CARD R4.2--9-10-2013
90-4452-3190445231Newbridge Refurbished 7270 CONTROL CARD R4.3 CLEI CLEI BA2CMVSCAB
90-4453-0290445302Alcatel Refurbished 90445302 90-4453-02 CLEI 90-4453-02
90445302Newbridge Refurbished 90445302 HUB CARD - 6 SLOT SYSTEMS
90-4453-0390445303Newbridge Refurbished HUB CARD - 6 8 SLOT SYSTEMS--9-10-2013
90-4453-0390445303Alcatel Refurbished 90445303 Hub card BAC6WV6DAA
90-4454-01-00/C9044540100CAlcatel Refurbished 9044540100C T1CFR T1 Channelized Frame Relay
90-4454-0290445402Alcatel Refurbished 90445402 90-4454-02 CLEI 90-4454-02
90-4455-0190445501Newbridge Refurbished 90445501 T1 CE CIRCUIT EMULATION
90-4455-01-009044550100Alcatel Refurbished 9044550100 T1 CE Circuit Emulation
90-4455-0290445502Alcatel Refurbished 90445502 /Newbridge E1 8-Port CE Card
90-4455-02-00/P9044550200PAlcatel Refurbished 9044550200P E1 8-Port CE card
90-4455-2190445521Alcatel Refurbished 90445521 /Newbridge 7270 T1 8-Port CE Card R4.3
90445601Newbridge Refurbished CUTTER CABLE Assembly
90-4456-0190445601Alcatel Refurbished 90445601 90-4456-01 CLEI 90-4456-01
90-4456-01-009044560100Alcatel Refurbished 9044560100 OC3cr Cell Relay 7270 BA6IHVMBAA
90-4456-1190445611Alcatel Refurbished OC3 CR CARD R4.2 CLEI
90-4457-0190445701Alcatel Refurbished 90445701 90-4457-01 CLEI 90-4457-01
90-4457-1190445711Newbridge Refurbished STM1 CR CARD R4.2--9-10-2013
90-4457-1190445711Alcatel Refurbished 90445711 90-4457-11 CLEI 90-4457-11
90-4458-0190445801Newbridge Refurbished DS3 3-PORT CR CARD--9-10-2013
90-4459-0290445902Alcatel Refurbished 90445902 E1 8-Port CR CARD
90-4459-0290445902Newbridge Refurbished 90445902 E1 CR 8-Port CARD
90-4460-01-00-D9044600100DAlcatel Refurbished 9044600100D T1 Interface 8-Port
90-4460-0390446003Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-4460-03 NEWBRIDGE REV 00-A 8 PORT E1 75 OHMS INTERFAC CLEI 90-4460-03
90-4460-0390446003Newbridge Refurbished 90446003 E1 8-Port 75 OHM BNC I/O
90-4461-0190446101Alcatel Refurbished 90446101 T1 Interface 4-Port
90-4461-0390446103Alcatel Refurbished 90446103 T1 Interface 4-Port
90-4461-05-00-A9044610500AAlcatel Refurbished 9044610500A Newbridge card
90-4462-0190446201Newbridge Refurbished OC3/STM1 SR MMF I/O--9-10-2013
90-4462-02-00-C9044620200CAlcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-4462-02-00-C OC3 SMT1 IR INTERFACE CARD TX/RX ALCATEL
90-4462-02-039044620203Alcatel Refurbished 9044620203 90-4462-02-03 - 36177 OC-3 IR I/O CD CLEI BAA3U0V
90-4462-0390446203Alcatel Refurbished 90446203 Sinlge port OC3STM1 LR IO CARD BAA3UWOAAA
90-4462-0390446203Newbridge Refurbished 90446203 OC-3/STM-1 LR I/O CARD
90-4462-04-00-A9044620400AAlcatel Refurbished 9044620400A OC3STM1 XLR Int
90-4463-0190446301Newbridge Refurbished DS3/E3 3P BNC I/O CARD--9-10-2013 CLEI BAA3WZ0AAA
90-4463-01-00-A9044630100AAlcatel Refurbished 90-4463-01-00-A - DS3/E3 INTERFACE CARD CLEI 90-4463-01
90-4463-0490446304Newbridge Refurbished DSE/E3 1P BNC I/O CARD--9-10-2013
9045Hayes Refurbished 2-Port ISA SERIAL CARD
90452-6904526Comtrol Refurbished 904526 Rocket Octa RS232 Power ISA
90457300Cray Refurbished CRAY VME INTERMEDIATE CABLE
90459001Newbridge New 90459001 SWITCH CARD
90-4590-0190459001Alcatel Refurbished 90459001 90-4590-01 CLEI 90-4590-01
90-4590-0190459001Newbridge Refurbished 90459001 SWITCH CARD
90-4590-01-00-E9045900100EAlcatel Refurbished Fabric Interface Card BASIA6WHAB
90-4590-01-03-C9045900103CAlcatel Refurbished 670 RSP-50G SWITCH CD CLEI BASIA60HAB
90-4590-01-03-D9045900103DAlcatel Refurbished 9045900103D 670 RSP-50G SWITCH CD CLEI BASIA6W
90-4590-01-E90459001EAlcatel Refurbished 670 RSP-50G SWITCH CD CLEI BASIA6WHAB
90-4590-0290459002Alcatel Refurbished 7670 RSP Switch Card BAS2TU0AAA
90-4590-02-00-A9045900200AAlcatel Refurbished 7670 RSP Switch Card BAS2TU0AAA
904620Radware Refurbished RADWARE WSD Pro+ 2G+8FE 64MB Web Server Director Application Swi
904622Scm Microsystems New SCM SCR331 USB Smart Card Reader 904622
904622Radware Refurbished WSD-Pro 8-Port
904623Radware Refurbished RADWARE WEB SERVER DIRECTOR 904623 WSD 2GB+8FE
90-4653-0290465302Newbridge Refurbished 90465302 E1 4-Port VOICEBAND VSC
90-4654-0290465402Alcatel Refurbished Alcatel/Newbridge VSC DSP1 TRANSPORT MODULE- G.729A CLEI
90-4654-0290465402Newbridge Refurbished 90465402 VSC DSP1 TRANSPORT MODULE - G.729A
904658Radware Refurbished RADWARE WSD Pro+ 8FE 64M Web Server Director Application Switch
904662Radware Refurbished RADWARE WSD-DS 5G+16FE 128MB Web Server Director Application Swi
904664Radware Refurbished RADWARE WSD-NP 5G+16FE 128MB Web Server Director Application Swi
90-4669-0190466901Newbridge Refurbished 90466901
90-4669-0190466901Alcatel Refurbished 90466901 CTL CARD +SSU
90-4669-0290466902Newbridge Refurbished 90466902 CTL CARD-2 +SSU
90-4669-0290466902Alcatel Refurbished 90466902 CTL CARD +SSU
90-4669-02-G90466902GAlcatel Refurbished 90466902G 7670 Control CD-2 +SSU CLEI BAC8U18
90-4671-1290467112Newbridge Refurbished 90467112 E1 CR 120 ATM CARD R2.2
90-4671-2190467121Alcatel Refurbished 90467121 T1 CR ATM CARD
90-4671-2190467121Newbridge Refurbished 90467121 T1 CR ATM CARD R2.3
90-4671-2290467122Alcatel Refurbished 90467122 36170 CELL Release CD 2.3
90-4671-4190467141Alcatel New 90467141 T1 CR ATM Card R3.1
90-4671-4190467141Alcatel Refurbished 90467141 T1 CR ATM Card R3.1
90467141Newbridge Refurbished 90467141
90-4671-41/F90467141FAlcatel Refurbished 90467141F T1 CR Cell Relay
90-4671-41/K90467141KAlcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-4671-41/K NEWBRIDGE T1 CR CELL RELAY ALCATEL 90-4671-
90-4671-41-03-H9046714103HAlcatel Refurbished 36170 T1 ATM UNI/NNI 36170 CLEI BA5I18WBAA
90-4671-4290467142Newbridge Refurbished E1 CR 120 ATM CARD--9-10-2013
90-4671-4290467142Alcatel Refurbished 90467142 E1 CR 120 ATM CARD
90-4671-4390467143Alcatel Refurbished 90467143 E1 CR 75 ATM CARD
90-4671-5190467151Newbridge Refurbished T1 CR ATM CARD R4.0--1-8-2014
90-4672-0190467201Alcatel Refurbished 90467201 90-4672-01 - T1 ATM INVERSE MULTIPLEXING MODULE CLEI 90-4672-01
90467201Newbridge Refurbished 90467201 IMA MODULE-T1/E1 ATM CR
90-4672-01-03-C9046720103CAlcatel Refurbished 9046720103C 36170 IMA T1/E1 ATM CR
90-4672-01-03-D9046720103DAlcatel Refurbished 9046720103D IMA Module-T1/E1 ATM CR
90-4672-01-F90467201FAlcatel Refurbished 90467201F IMA T1/E1 ATM CR CLEI BA7I505
90471601Newbridge Refurbished ECG/PRESSURE
90-4716-0290471602Alcatel Refurbished 90471602 Power Tray Cable Kit
90472Printek New GEAR SHUTTLE Drive 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90472Printek Refurbished GEAR SHUTTLE Drive 4000 SER. PRINTEK
90-4724-0190472401Newbridge Refurbished 90472401 Mainstreet 36170 M/S TRAFFIC SHAPING MDL
90472401Alcatel Refurbished 90472401 M/S TRAFFIC SHAPING MDL
90-4724-01/J90472401JAlcatel Refurbished 36170 MTSM MOD
90-4724-01/K90472401KAlcatel Refurbished 36170 MTSM MOD
90-4724-01-03-J9047240103JAlcatel Refurbished 9047240103J 36170 MTSM MOD CLEI BAC5GG2
9047240103LAlcatel Refurbished ECG/PRESSURE CLEI BAC5GG9FAB
90474Printek Refurbished SWITCH COVER CASE OPEN
90478Printek New
904790-001904790001Memorex Telex Refurbished 904790001 1783 LOGIC
904790-003904790003Memorex Telex Refurbished 904790003 1783 LOGIC
904811HP Hewlett Packard New 2710 Smart Card Reader SCR3340 Module NEW 904811
90483Printek Refurbished - Formspro FP4500 Printer w/Serial & Parallel
90486Printek Refurbished
90-4905-0190490501Alcatel Refurbished 90490501 OC-3-2 IR UNI/NNI/R2.3
90-4905-01-03-H9049050103HAlcatel Refurbished 9049050103H 36170 OC-3 SIGL MD IR CLEI BAI3S0W
90-4905-01-03-N9049050103NAlcatel Refurbished 9049050103N 36170 OC-3 SIGL MD IR CLEI BAI3S06
90-4905-01-03-R9049050103RAlcatel Refurbished 9049050103R 90-4905-01-03-R - 36170 OC-3 SIGL MD IR CLEI BA2IU1LCAA
90-4905-0390490503Alcatel Refurbished 90490503 36170 OC-3 MMF card
90490503Newbridge Refurbished 90490503 OC-3-2 MMF
90-4905-1690490516Newbridge Refurbished OC3 2M IR Card
90-4905-1890490518Alcatel Refurbished 90490518
90490518Newbridge Refurbished 904900135
90-4905-18/F90490518FAlcatel Refurbished 90490518F 36170 OC-3-2M MMF card
90-4905-2190490521Alcatel Refurbished 90490521 7470 OC-3-2IR CLEI BA5IVYVBAA
90-4905-22-039049052203Alcatel Refurbished 9049052203 90-4905-22-03 - 36170 OC-3-2 LR R3.1 CLEI BA1IEE0BAA
90-4905-22-03-M9049052203MAlcatel Refurbished 9049052203M 36170 OC-3-2 LR R3.1 CLEI BA5IRZV
90-4905-2390490523Alcatel Refurbished 90490523 OC-3-2 MMF
90-4905-2390490523Newbridge Refurbished 90490523 7470 OC-3-2 MMF UNI/NNI R.3.1
90-4905-23/G90490523GAlcatel Refurbished OC3 2MMF
90-4905-23/L90490523LAlcatel Refurbished OC3 2MMF
90-4905-23/N90490523NAlcatel Refurbished 90490523N 36170 OC-3-2 MMF Card
90-4905-23/X90490523XAlcatel Refurbished 90490523X 36170 OC-3-2 MMF Card
90-4905-2690490526Alcatel Refurbished 90490526 OC-3-2M IR W/CPU-2 R4.3
90-4905-26-03-C9049052603CAlcatel Refurbished 9049052603C 90-4905-26-03-C - 7470MSP OC3-2 R4.3 CLEI BA3A7A7
90-4905-2890490528Newbridge Refurbished 90490528 OC-3-2M MMF W/CPU-2 R4.3
90-4905-28-03C9049052803CAlcatel Refurbished 7470MSP OC3-2 R4.0 7470 MSP CLEI BA3A15WAAA
90-4905-3890490538Alcatel Refurbished 90490538 OC-3-2M MMF w/cpu2
90-4905-38-03-A9049053803AAlcatel Refurbished 9049053803A 7470MSP OC-3 MLT MD Fiber Fibre CLEI BA3A10Z
90-4905-3A9049053AAlcatel Refurbished 9049053A OC3-2M IR w/cpu2
90-4905-3C/A9049053CAAlcatel Refurbished 9049053CA 36170 OC-3-MMF card
90-4906-0290490602Alcatel Refurbished 90490602 36170 OC-3 IR card
90-4907-0190490701Alcatel Refurbished 90490701 36170 Peripheral Shelf 2 R3.1 Chassis only
90490701Newbridge Refurbished 90490701 PERIPHERAL SHELF 2 R3.1
90-4907-01-039049070103Newbridge Refurbished 9049070103 36170 PERIPHERAL Shelf CLEI BAM6HY0KRA
90-4907-01-03-K9049070103KAlcatel Refurbished 36170 PERIPHERAL SHELF
9049070103PAlcatel Refurbished 904900135 CLEI BAM6HY0KRA
90-4909-0190490901Alcatel Refurbished 90490901 STM-1-2 IR UNI/NNI/R2.3
90-4909-0590490905Alcatel Refurbished 90490905 90-4909-05 - 36170 STM 1 ATM CD CLEI 90-4909-05
90-4909-2390490923Alcatel Refurbished 90490923 90-4909-23 - 5620 STM-1 UNI/NNI CD CLEI CN7IVSKEAA
90-4909-2390490923Newbridge Refurbished 90490923 STM-1-2 MMF UNI/NNI R3.1
90-4909-2690490926Newbridge Refurbished STM1-2 IR W/CPU-2 R4.3--1-8-2014
90-4909-3A9049093ANewbridge Refurbished STM1-2M IR For 7670 RSP Newbridge
90-4909-3A9049093AAlcatel Refurbished 9049093A STM-1-2M IR w/cpu-2
90-4918-0190491801Alcatel Refurbished 90491801 36170 Sinle DS3E3 1:N
90-4918-0190491801Newbridge Refurbished 90491801
90-4918-01/A90491801AAlcatel Refurbished 90491801A ALCATEL 90-4918-01/A NEWBRIDGE 36170 SINGLE DS3E3 1:N SPANIN
90-4925-0190492501Alcatel Refurbished 90492501 2801 2w 1M HDSL DTU V.35 .V.36/RS449/X.21
90-4925-0190492501Newbridge Refurbished 2801 2W 1M HDSL DTU V.35 / V.36 / RS-449 / X.21
90-4926-0190492601Newbridge Refurbished 2801 4W 2M HDSL DTUV.35 /V.36/RS-449/X.21 --9-10-2013
90-4927-0190492701Newbridge New 28LC LINE CARD 6PT --9-10-2013
90-4927-0190492701Newbridge Refurbished 28LC LINE CARD 6PT --9-10-2013
90-4953-0190495301Alcatel Refurbished ADSL 8 PORT 90 DEG. Cable DB78 TO AMP CHAMP
90-4953-0190495301Newbridge Refurbished 90495301
90495501Newbridge Refurbished Printek Printer Stand
90496Printek Refurbished 4300 EXCHANGE MAIN LOGIC BOARD
90497Printek New CCA MAIN 4503 PRINTEK 80921
90497Printek Refurbished CCA MAIN 4503 PRINTEK 80921
90499Printek Refurbished 4XXX RIBBON SENSOR PWA
904AH07S01HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished LAPTOP KEYBOARD REV A2US
904KRDell Refurbished 2.5x20mm Keyboard screw Palmrest screw
905Televideo Refurbished
90500Printek Refurbished FP4503 Power Supply PCB-
905-00019050001Force 10 Networks Refurbished TRA600/1600 TRANSMUX EDGELINK-STS CLEI SND1V20JAA
905-00069050006Force 10 Networks Refurbished TRA600/1600 OC-3 MOD EDGELINK-STS CLEI SN03HS0GAA
90500113-R90500113RSymbol Technologies New PROTECTOR:SCREEN,FULL
90500116-R90500116RMotorola New 90500116R SPARE MOUNTING BRACKET W/Hardware HANDLES NOT INCLUDED
905-00159050015Force 10 Networks Refurbished TRA600/1600 VT SW EDGELINK-STS CLEI SN4PGU0DAA
905-0015-14905001514Motorola Refurbished 905001514 MOTOROLA 905-0015-14- VT SW2688 REV 05 MOTOROLA 905-0015-14
9050022Tollgrade New DMN CO ACCESSORY KIT
905-00229050022Nortel Refurbished DMN CO ACCESSORY KIT 3 CLEI LMPIAAAAAA
905-00433-049050043304Cabletron Systems Refurbished 9050043304 905-00433-04 FLOWPOINT 2210 HUB
9050044001Cabletron Systems Refurbished 9050044001 SMART SWITCH ROUTER MODEL2500
905-00619050061Planar Systems New MOSAIC INSTALLATION SERVICE
90500898BLACK DECKER Refurbished 90500898 BLACK AND DECKER / 5V AC ADAPTER
90501Anritsu Refurbished 90501 - 9966 PS MOD CLEI DDCPFAA5AA
905-01069050106Ericsson Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI VAPQABBGAA
905-0125-01905012501Force 10 Networks Refurbished DS3/E3
90502Printek New Printer Ribbon Drive Kit
90502Wiltron Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI DDCPFAB5AA
90502Printek Refurbished Printer Ribbon Drive Kit
90-5020-1090502010Datastor New datastorm license
90-5027905027HP Hewlett Packard New EXTRACTOR FOR MOLEX connS 11 03 0044
905-0275-01905027501Ciena Corporation Refurbished GENERAL CONTROL MODULE - GCM CLEI SOUCAHRHTA
90503Printek New CARRIAGE Assembly 4503 PRINTEK
90503Printek Refurbished CARRIAGE Assembly 4503 PRINTEK
90503Anritsu Refurbished 9900 DSAU PS MOD CLEI DDCPFBC5AA
9050-365890503658HP Hewlett Packard Refurbished 90503658 LT6000 Power supply
90-5037905037HP Hewlett Packard New SYRINGE 60CC w/EPDM SEAL LUER LOCK TIP
90-5037-0190503701Alcatel Refurbished 90503701
90-5037-0190503701Newbridge Refurbished 90503701
90-5037-01-00/B9050370100BAlcatel Refurbished 9050370100B Service 2
90-5037-01-03-F9050370103FAlcatel Refurbished 9050370103F CLEI BA4IW2TAAA
90-5037-0390503703Alcatel Refurbished Service 2
90-5037-0390503703Newbridge Refurbished 90503703 Mainstreet 36170 SERVICE 2
90504Printek Refurbished Printhead Cable Assembly. - 4300/FP4300
905047400Cabletron Systems New ETHERNET PORT MODULE
90505Printek New 4503 SHUTTLE MOTOR SUB 80921
90505Printek Refurbished 4503 SHUTTLE MOTOR SUB 80921
90505Anritsu Refurbished CMTS Power Supply MOD CLEI DDPQAAC7AA
90506Printek New Dot Matrix Formspro 4000 Series Transformer 115V
90506101Newbridge Refurbished 4503 SHUTTLE MOTOR SUB 80921
90-5062-0190506201Newbridge Refurbished 90506201 27130 SDSL V.35 FR NTU R1.0
90507Conner Peripherals New QIC DC6250 Conner Branded # 9
90507Printek Refurbished - Shuttle PCB - 4300/4500/4503/FP4300/FP4500/FP4503/4XXX
90508Printek Refurbished REGLTR SOCKET OLD STYLE FP-4XXX
90509Printek Refurbished Latch Adjuster - 4000/4003/4300/4500/4503/FP4000/FP4003/FP4300/F
90511Printek New
90511Wiltron Refurbished CLEI DDCPFAC5AA
90511Anritsu Refurbished 90511 - CONTROLLER CLEI DDCPFAC5AA
90512Wiltron Refurbished CLEI DDCPFBD5AA
90513Printek New
90513Wiltron Refurbished DESCRIPTION CLEI DDPCA2A1AA
90513Anritsu Refurbished 90513 - CONTROLLER CLEI DDPCA2A1AA
905131Anritsu Refurbished 905131 - 9967 HCDTU CONTR MOD CLEI DDPCEXL1AA
90514Printek Refurbished 4XXX PAPER MOTOR GEAR PLATE
90514Anritsu Refurbished 9968 Digital FAC CONTR MOD CLEI DDPQB031AA
90515Anritsu Refurbished CMTS VF/Digital DA TST MOD CLEI SMPIKW01AA
90516Wiltron Refurbished CLEI DDPCAAN1AA
90516Microsoft Refurbished Mouse PS/2 Two Button Port Compatible 2.1A
90516Anritsu Refurbished 90516 - 9900 DS1 TST MOD CLEI DDPCAAN1AA
90516AAnritsu Refurbished 9900 SND/MEAS MOD CLEI DDPCAZN1AA
90518Extreme Networks New EU Req CUST WLS SITE SURVEY
90518Anritsu Refurbished TST Processor MOD CLEI DDPCHK01AA
90519Extreme Networks New EU Req CUST WLS DEPLOYMENT
90520Printek New
90521Wiltron Refurbished CMTS TST ACC DGR MOD CLEI SMPIL001AA
90521Anritsu Refurbished 90521 - TAD INTERFACE CLEI SMPIL001AA
90524Printek New PANEL SIDE RIGHT 4503 PRINTEK
90524Printek Refurbished PANEL SIDE RIGHT 4503 PRINTEK
9052400001Siemens Refurbished 9052477 90524-77 EOS / 9V AC ADAPTER
90525Extreme Networks EXPERT TechnologyICAL LEVEL WORK
90-5294-0190529401Alcatel Refurbished 90529401 PCB AcessOne 10Base-T Assembly 310
90533174IBM Refurbished 3174 MEMORY CARD 2MB
90-5333-0190533301Alcatel Refurbished 90533301 AccessOne Remote Ethernet Router
90534Anritsu Refurbished 90534 - PATCH AND ACCESS CLEI SMPIW111AA
90-5360-0190536001Alcatel Refurbished 90536001 PCB Modem Module Single
90540Printek Refurbished Shuttle Gear Plate - 4003/FP4003/4503/FP4503/400X/FP400X/450X/FP_
90543Anritsu Refurbished 90543 - CMTS Audio Monitor MOD CLEI SMPIMX01AA
90544Printek New
90551Anritsu Refurbished 90551ISSUED MATS+TST Processor MOD CLEI TEDQABDGAA
905-5185-0039055185003Cray Refurbished 9055185003 905-5185-003 - 4202 CARD MODEM CLEI 2D02VD13AA
905-5223-0029055223002Cray Refurbished 9055223002 4212 CARD MODEM CLEI 2D12ULR
905-5243-0019055243001Cray Refurbished 9055243001 Datatel DCP3080E DSU DSU 1xV.35S 1xDB25S Interface Incls Power Supply
90553Printek Refurbished TWINAX I/O UPGRADE Assembly PRINTEK
9055DDell Refurbished Powervault 130t System Board ( Motherboard )
9055XDell Refurbished E5300 2.60 GHX 2MB 775 CPU
90-5625-0190562501Alcatel Refurbished 90562501 PCB Modem Broadband
905-7287-01905728701Cray Refurbished 905728701 905-7287-01 - 4200-SP Power Supply 48VDC CLEI DSPQ02CAAA
905-7451-02905745102Cray Refurbished 905745102 T1CSU/DSUDUALCHANNAL
905-7526-01905752601Cray Refurbished 905752601 Datatel DCP9410 Common Logic Adapter Board for TIE-12 or 24 AC/R
905-7528-01905752801Cray Refurbished 905752801 Datatel DCP9412 Common Logic Interface Board for TIE-12 or 24 AC/R T1
90-5837-0390583703Newbridge Refurbished 90583703 3600 ATM AAL1/5 T1 SERVICES CARD
90-5891-0190589101Alcatel Refurbished 90589101 36170 PNNI DL HUB CARD
90589101Newbridge Refurbished 905857001 Assembly Cable Communications Port 1 to RS-232-Port
90-5891-01/K90589101KAlcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-5891-01/K NEWBRIDGE 7470/36170 1.6G DUAL HUB 2 CARD A
90-5891-01-03-K9058910103KAlcatel Refurbished 9058910103K 36170 PNNI DL HUB R3.1 CLEI BAA2FD2
90-5891-01-03-P9058910103PAlcatel Refurbished 9058910103P 36170 PNNI DL HUB R3.1 CLEI BAA2FD2
90-5891-01-03-RX9058910103RXAlcatel Refurbished 9058910103RX 1.6 Dual Hub 2/R 3.1
90-5891-01-03-U9058910103UAlcatel Refurbished 9058910103U 1.6 Dual Hub 2/R 3.1
90-5891-01-03-W9058910103WAlcatel Refurbished 9058910103W 36170 PNNI DL HUB R3.1 CLEI BAIAKL8
90-5891-01-03-WX9058910103WXAlcatel Refurbished 9058910103WX 1.6 Dual Hub 2/R 3.1
90-5891-01-03-X9058910103XAlcatel Refurbished 9058910103X 36170 PNNI DL HUB R3.1 CLEI BA4AU4P
90-5891-0390589103Newbridge Refurbished 1.6G DUAL HUB 2 CLEI--9-10-2013 CLEI BA9ARPKBAA
90-5891-1190589111Alcatel Refurbished 90589111 1.6G DUAL HUB 2 R4.2
90589111Newbridge Refurbished 905857001 Assembly Cable Communications Port 1 to RS-232-Port
90-5891-11/J90589111JNewbridge Refurbished PNNI DL Hub R4.2
90-5891-11-03-E9058911103EAlcatel Refurbished 9058911103E 36170 PNNI DL HUB R4.2 CLEI BAIAKLK
90-5891-11-03-J9058911103JAlcatel Refurbished 9058911103J 36170 PNNI DL HUB R4.2 CLEI BA4AU4R
90-5892-0190589201Alcatel Refurbished 90589201 Ukon X.25 Frame Relay
90591-ISS-0290591ISS02Anritsu Refurbished 90591ISS02 MATS+ TST Interface MODULE CLEI TEDQAC3GAA
90-5930-0190593001Newbridge Refurbished E1 RJ45 ISDN D.PNL--9-10-2013
90-5935-0190593501Alcatel Refurbished 90593501 DS3-2 ATM UNI/NNI Card
90-5935-01-03-Y9059350103YAlcatel Refurbished 9059350103Y 36170 DS3 ATM Interface R3.1 CLEI BA6IXWS
90-5935-01-03-ZA9059350103ZAAlcatel Refurbished 9059350103ZA 90-5935-01-03-ZA - DS3 ATM Interface R3.1 CARD CLEI BAUIADSFAA
90-5935-1290593512Alcatel Refurbished 90593512 DS3-2 ATM UNI/NNI Card with CPU-2 R4.2 CLEI BA6I8W4BAA
90-5935-12-039059351203Alcatel Refurbished 9059351203 DS3-2 ATM UNI/NNI Card with CPU-2 R4.2
90-5935-1390593513Alcatel Refurbished 90593513 DS3-2 ATM UNI/NNI Card with CPU-2
90-5935-2290593522Alcatel Refurbished 90593522 DS3-2 ATM UNI/NNI Card with CPU-2 R4.3
90593523AAlcatel Refurbished DS3-2 ATM 3PT CD W/CPU
90-5946-0190594601Newbridge Refurbished 90594601 RING Generator PS
90-5947-0190594701Newbridge Refurbished E3-2 ATM UNI/NNI W/CPU-1 R3.1--9-10-2013
90-5977-0690597706Alcatel Refurbished 90597706 TG-CC 2Eth 4 wan
90-5994-11-039059941103Alcatel Refurbished 9059941103 Mainstreet Xpress 36060 CLEI BAM6BA0ARA
905-T201-0001905T2010001Ruckus Wireless New ZF201C - ZoneDirector Installation and Management Level 1 Traini
905-T202-0001905T2020001Ruckus Wireless New ZF202C - ZoneDirector Installation and Management Level 2 Traini
905-T301-0001905T3010001Ruckus Wireless New ZF301C - FlexMaster Installation and Management Training - Class
906002-0290600202Wyse New 90600202 Professional Services SE SUP PER HOUR FEE
90-6002-1390600213Alcatel Refurbished 90600213 OC3MMT COP
90-6014-0290601402Newbridge Refurbished 90601402
906-0143-01906014301Kensington Technology New 906014301 Compatible withPC game using joystick game pad or keyboard
906023-0190602301Wyse New 90602301 Wyse Premium Support Silver - Technical support - phone consulti
906023-0290602302Wyse New 90602302 Wyse Premium Support Gold - Technical support - phone consulting
906023-0690602306Wyse 1 Year Support BRONZE PREMIUM
906023-2290602322Wyse New 90602322 WYSE PREM SUP POCKET CLOUD
90-6028-0190602801Newbridge Refurbished 90602801
90-6029-0290602902Alcatel Refurbished 90602902 ADSL 27020 POTS SPLITTER
90-6029-0290602902Newbridge Refurbished 90602902 ADSL 27020 NTU R1.0 w/o POTS SPLITTER
906-0490604Matrox Graphics Refurbished 90604 G4+MMDHA32/DELL VGA DUAL HEAD V
906-04-A90604AMatrox Graphics Refurbished 90604A MATROX 32MB AGP DUAL HEAD VIDEO CARD G4+MMDHA32/DELL DP/N 00080
906-04-B90604BMatrox Graphics Refurbished 90604B Video Card AGP Matrox 906-04 Rev B Dell P/N 08068R 32MB
906-04-C90604CMatrox Graphics Refurbished 90604C MATROX 32MB AGP DUAL HEAD VIDEO CARD G4+MMDHA32/DELL DP/N 08068
90-6085-0190608501Alcatel Refurbished 90608501 SHUB 2/R3.1 CLEI 90-6085-01
90-6085-0190608501Newbridge Refurbished ENT-9060849 MANUAL Accessory KIT 6H252-17
90-6085-01/L90608501LAlcatel Refurbished 90608501L 36170 HUB Card
90-6085-01/L90608501LNewbridge Refurbished 90608501L HUB
90-6085-01/M90608501MAlcatel Refurbished 90608501M ALCATEL 90-6085-01/M NEWBRIDGE MAINSTREET 36170 HUB Card ALCATE CLEI 90608501M
90-6085-01/R90608501RAlcatel Refurbished 90608501R Hub card
9060850103Newbridge Refurbished ENT-9060849 MANUAL Accessory KIT 6H252-17
90-6085-1190608511Alcatel Refurbished 90608511 90-6085-11 CLEI 90-6085-11
90608511Newbridge Refurbished ENT-9060849 MANUAL Accessory KIT 6H252-17
90-6085-2190608521Alcatel Refurbished 90608521 SHUB-2 CLEI
906111BAnritsu Refurbished DATSPLUS Shelf CONTR CLEI TEDQAC4GAA
90612Anritsu Refurbished 9650 Shelf CONTR MOD CLEI T3ACGR0BAA
9061218GDEC Digital Equipment Corp New Rackmount Accessory Kit for DSRVW-J3R/K3R ROHS Models
9061218GDEC Digital Equipment Corp Refurbished Rackmount Accessory Kit for DSRVW-J3R/K3R ROHS Models
90615Printek Refurbished 90615 Forms cutter Logic Module S/N: HC or HD Only (SB-70B) 08/08/14 KDr
90-6184-0190618401Alcatel Refurbished 36170 ISC CARD
90-6184-01/B90618401BAlcatel Refurbished 90618401B ISC
906209-2190620921Wyse New EU Req KIT TCX WTOS BDL
906212-0190621201Wyse New 90621201 KIT VDA VDI/XENDESKTOP W/Maintenance
906212-0290621202Wyse New 90621202 KIT VDA TERMSERV/XENAP W/Maintenance
906217-0290621702Wyse New 90621702 KIT POCKETCLOUD PRO ANDR-USR W/ Mounting $50 MINIMUM ORDER
90-6226-0190622601Newbridge Refurbished 90622601
90-6226-0190622601Alcatel Refurbished 90622601
90-6226-0790622607Alcatel Refurbished INTEGRATED CONTROL CARD-2 P/PNNI W/ EPM R4.3 CLEI
90-6226-1190622611Newbridge Refurbished 90622611
90-6226-2790622627Alcatel Refurbished 90622627
90-6226-3190622631Alcatel Refurbished 90622631
90623Printek New
90629Newell Rubbermaid Inc New Type A Male USB - Type B Male USB
90-6309-0190630901Alcatel Refurbished 90630901 11S control card
906311Anritsu Refurbished 906311 - DATSPLUS TAP SELR I MODULE CLEI TEDQACTGAA
906312Anritsu Refurbished 906312 - DATSPLUS TAP SELR II CLEI TEDQACUGAA
90633901Newbridge Refurbished DSP5 VOFR
90-6344-0190634401Newbridge Refurbished 90634401 Mainstreet 36170 T1/E1 APS ( Automatic Protection Switching ) PANEL
90-6351-2190635121Alcatel Refurbished ALCATEL 90-6351-21-03-F- 7470MSP T1-2 PRI CR CD
90-6351-3190635131Alcatel Refurbished 90635131 Octal T1-2 PRI CR
90-6351-31-L90635131LAlcatel Refurbished 90635131L 7470 T1 8-PRT CELL Release CLEI BA4ABDY

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