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 Product Updates

Firmware Software & Patches
PC Firmware PC Software
UNIX Firmware MAC Software
JUKEBOX Firmware Windows Drivers

File Name Description      Firmware Upgrades for PC
r5510j01(1).exe Firmware upgrade for RCD-4x12
5040151.exe Firmware upgrade for RCD-5040 to Firmware 1.51
P650-240.exe PMO-650 Firmware Upgrade to 2.40
RCD235.exe RCD-1000 Firmware Upgrade to 2.35
Siera252.exe Sierra 1.3 GB Firmware Upgrade to 2.52
Vert221.exe Vertex 2.6 GB Firmware Upgrade to 2.21
Apex231.exe Apex 4.6 GB Firmware Upgrade to 2.31
4x42C.exe RCD-4x4 Firmware upgrade to 2.0C

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Tracer Technical Support Firmware Upgrades for UNIX        The UNIX download utility is provided by Tracer Technologies

For instructions on how to use the utility, or if you need the download utility for another platform, see the Tracer Technical Support page for further information.

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File Name Description      Firmware Upgrades for Jukeboxes
Alta134.exe ALTA-20 GB without side window. Firmware 1.34 + Inquiry String
Alta218.exe ALTA-20 GB with side window. Firmware 2.18 + Inquiry String
Alta.exe Alta-40/75 firmware 3.06 and Inquiry String
Aspen.exe Aspen-40 GB Firmware 6.16 + Inquiry String
Incline.exe Incline-80/160/200 and 150/300/350 firmware dp43 and Inquiry String
Alpine1.exe Alpine-600/1100 firmware sp44 and Inquiry String

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File Name Description      Software Upgrades & Patches for PC
EZ SCSI 4.0 Lite EZ SCSI Software.
Adaptec 2904 Drivers Adaptec 2904 Drivers.
Aspi32.exe from Adaptec ASPI layer for Windows 95 and Windows NT. This includes updates to the following files: WINASPI.DLL, WNASPI32.DLL, APIX.VXD, ASPIENUM.VXD, ASPI32.SYS, and WOWPOST.EXE.
Cdr4up.exe from Adaptec This Adaptec CD-Recordable Type 4 driver allows you to use Type 4 CD-R as a standard CD-ROM drive under Windows 95. This is only for Easy CD PRO 95 software
ezcdpmi.exe Update for Easy CD Pro 2.0. This will allow the program to recognize our CD-R drives as recorders.
rcdpcmm3.exe RCD PC MM 3.0. Recording software for Windows 3.1. Works with RCD-200, 202, 1000, 5020.
da97.exe Disc Archive 97. Backup utility for Windows 95. Works with removable, CD-R (ours), and hard drives.
scsislct.exe SCSI Select. Configuration utility for use with Adaptec AHA-1535 SCSI card. NOTE: Make a bootable disk, then extract this file to that disk.
PMOS.exe PMO.sys v1.46 and PMOSETUP.EXE partitioning software
PVFS146.exe PVFS v1.46 for Netware all versions. ASPI & CAM compatible
PVFS20.exe PVFS v2.0 for Netware
Xtreme.exe Pinnacle Micro's 10Xtreme drivers disk for DOS
EZAudio.exe EZAudio application for the Pinnacle Micro Explorer
FMTPncl.exe Formatting utility for the PMO drives & FastMode(proprietary) for the Sierra 1.3 GB

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File Name Description   Software Upgrades & Patches for MAC
CDB21.hqx CDBurner Software 2.1 for RCD-1000/5020/5040
Not compatible with MAC OS 7.6.1, 8.x, and 9.x we recommend you use Adaptec Toast v4.01 Software.
CDB221.hqx CDBurner Software 2.21 for RCD-1000/5020/5040/4X4
Not compatible with MAC OS 7.6.1, 8.x, and 9.x we recommend you use Adaptec Toast v4.01 Software.
PMO33.hqx Formatting and Init files for all Pinnacle optical drives
Not compatible with MAC OS 8.x, we recommend you use FWB hard disk tool kit, for MAC OS 9.x contact FWB for revision requirments.
RCD158.hqx Software and Init files for RCD-202 for System 7.0 & 7.1
PVFS134.hqx Software for Optical Archive Library Alta 20 & Aspen 40
PINNACLERCD4X4.hqx Software used with Adaptec's Toast 3.0.5 or below to interface with the Pinnacle RCD-4X4 drive. Place in the Toast folder.

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