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Tape Drives, Optical Drives & Printer Repairs     
      18 Years of Experience

We will beat any advertised tape or optical drive repair price by 5%.
  To take advantage of this offer order your tape or optical drive repairs online via our Order Repairs Online form. In the comments section in our form mention 
  our competitor and the location of their ad showing the repair price that we need to beat by 5%. Once you submit our online form we will reply with an email 
  within 48 hours authorizing your repair and the discounted rate.

1 Week or Less Turnaround     48 Hour Expedite Service     6 Month Warranty
  Order Repairs Online  
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  Tape Drives, Autoloaders, & Libraries


  Optical Drives & Jukeboxes 
HP Optical


  DLT              SDLT              Quantum DLT             HP DLT         Magneto (MO) Optical Drives   Computer Printers
  LTO             4MM DAT        TEAC Data Cassette    
  WORM Optical Drives
  AIT               9-Track           3480, 3490, 3490E         

  8MM DAT     VXA                SLR Data Cartridge